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Newest Syrian Chemical Weapons False Flag Attack: Why The Claims About Syria And Chemical Weapons Are Bullshit!

I am continuing my efforts to have this race to war against the innocent nation of Syria stopped in its tracks before it is too late.... But it may already be too late, because the newest news coming out of Syria shows a massive United States forces buildup around Syria itself.... And we find continuing reports about American forces already in Syria, via Jordan, that entered a full 4 days BEFORE this fraudulent chemical weapons attack.    I am hoping that people can truly see this newest chemical weapons attack for what it truly is... A provocation by the criminals running the American government, as well as their sick masters in Tel Aviv to get Syria destroyed...

I want to present an absolutely fabulous article from Mike Rivero, who of course runs the website, What Really Happened, at  It absolutely cuts to the chase and calls this chemical weapons attack in Syria for what they are, and shows the evidence that the Assad regime did absolutely NOT launch this latest attack on his own people, period.... The article is entitled: "Why The Claims About Syria And Chemical Weapons Are Bullshit!"  and I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


The official story is that the White House is certain that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against women and children near Damascus on August 21st. The White House is very certain of this, just as certain as they were that Saddam Hussein has nuclear weapons.

And because the White House is certain that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against women and children near Damascus, this grants the United States a right to invade Syria.
I wouldn't be too sure.

On February 28, 1993, the BATF raided the church of the Branch Davideans in Waco Texas. This led to an embarrassing sand of which ended when the FBI gassed the church, filled with women and children, with CS gas. CS gas is actually illegal to use on enemy troops in time of war. but the US Government authorized its use against that church. Even worse, the CS gas was mixed with a chemical dispersant, methylene chloride. Methylene chloride is highly toxic. It's the chemical used to melt plexiglas so that it can be bent into shapes such as the shields over salad bars. And, of course, it also melts lung tissue. 

The official story is that the Branch Davideans set fire to their church (even though blinded and gasping for breath from the CS and burned themselves alive rather than surrendering. However none of the autopsied remains showed any signs of smoke inhalation in the lungs, meaning they were already dead when the fire started.

The women and children inside that church were gassed to death with a poison gas that is illegal to use on enemy troops.

Does that give any other nation the right to invade and bomb our country?

Of course not, yet this is exactly the reasoning offered by the White House. Assad is accused of gassing women and children near Damascus, and the US claims a right to invade Syria (and as I type these words, the US Navy has been ordered into position along the coast to launch a massive cruise missile attack into Syria, which will kill far more Syrian people than are claimed to have died in that chemical weapon attack.

So did Assad gas his own people with a chemical weapon? The answer is obviously that he did not. What does he gain from doing so? Unlike the women and children of Waco, who were proving to be a huge embarrassment to the FBI and BATF (not to mention the White House), the women and children supposedly gassed near Damascus were not a threat to Assad. Had assad really decided to use chemical weapons, he would have targeted the hired mercenary army trying to oust him.

Back in January, emails leaked from a British defense company, Britam, revealed a plan already in place and approved by the White House to give chemical weapons to the hired mercenaries, to use on civilians, in order to frame Assad and thus justify a direct US intervention, as the covert attempt at an overthrow was, after nearly three years, starting to lose badly. So we knowthis plan was in process months ago.

Here is the final point. Assad had been requesting, for months, for a special United Nations Chemical Weapons investigation team to come to Syria to check out earlier allegations that his government had used chemical weapons. The United Nations finally agreed. So why would Assad be so stupid as to carry out a chemical weapons attack on women and children the very day the UN chemical weapons inspectors arrive, just miles from where they are staying? and the answer is, Assad would not be that stupid. This chemical attack was carried out by the hired mercenaries to frame on Assad, and women and children were targeted to maximize the shock value for propaganda purposes.

The US government has decided to conquer Syria. and this lie about chemical weapons is just a repeat of the lies told about Saddam's nuclear weapons, to cover over naked aggression with a thin veneer of "Hey, we are going in to help those people." But again, by launching a war into Syria, the US will murder far more Syrians (and young Americans) than this chemical weapon was reported to have done.

I am ashamed to be an American today.

And so should you be.

NTS Notes:  I do have my differences at times with Mike Rivero, especially when he continues to call the madmen out for world domination "money junkies" instead of calling them what they truly are.. Jews... But this article is absolutely truthful and dynamite and a must see by everyone.

Bashar al-Assad did absolutely not launch this chemical weapons attack on his own people.  That is fact, and it is important for everyone to get that truthful message out to everyone and stop this newest psychotic rush to war against another innocent country before it is launched.   And time is indeed running short, because the psychotic President of the United States may actually start war on Syria within the next few days based on nothing more than lies, and more innocent American lives will again be sacrificed only for the glorious and insane state of Israel!

Please take this article and pass it around to everyone... Again, it is important for people to see the truth and not be inundated by the lies put forward by the liars in our Jewish run press, and our Jewish run governments.

More to come


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