Sunday, July 14, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, July 14th, 2013

I am on vacation... Enjoying the hot sun and sand..... I have not had a chance to look over everything that has been happening over the last week.  My better half asked that I take a break from doing this blog and surfing the net just to give myself a breather!

However, I have noticed the Zimmerman trial verdict, and to me, that is both a tragedy and PLANNED by the criminals in charge of the US Government that desperately needs anything now to divert attention from from their other terrible acts against the American public.  They are willing to consider having open revolt and rage, but luckily from what I have seen by now, that has not happened.  For that I truly thank the African-American people for restraint and not falling for the scam of going out in the streets and rioting... Rioting would only give the Soetoro regime their much needed excuse to crack down on the American people and impose their much desired martial law!

I also saw reports about how the so called "rebels" in Syria have now turned on each other.  This makes the entire Syrian civil war a total fiasco for the criminals in the US Government, and for the criminals in Israel that so desire unrest in Syria as their pretext for open invasion.   This also means that the good guys, the Syrian government forces, now have their chance to take out what is left of this "resistance" and restore order to Syria.   The scary part is now that the "rebels" are in disarray, the criminals in both the US and Israel may accelerate their plans for an open invasion of Syria itself... Thank goodness the Russians have not swallowed the Syrian bull crap and are firmly standing behind their Syrian ally!

And what about this Israeli attack on a Russian built weapons bunker in Syria just a few days ago?  It is amazing that the entire Jew run media around the world has avoided any reporting on this act of open war by Israel against Syria.   The criminal Israelis are claiming that the attack was to destroy the S-300 batteries that they considered as a threat to Israel itself... But like I said in previous articles, S-300 batteries are DEFENSIVE weapons only, and the only "threat" will be to Israeli aircraft that will be flying over Syrian airspace!   Israel wants these batteries removed so that they will not interfere while Israeli aircraft bomb Syrian targets at will.... Such is the sickness of Israel itself....Thank goodness the Syrians have not retaliated and launched attacks on Israel for their act of aggression.  That would play into the US/Israel criminals hands and give them their excuse for invasion of Syria itself.

I also see where Edward Snowden is still in Russia, and is seeking asylum there or to a Latin American nation.   As I stated before, this man is absolutely a hero for having the conscience in taking aim at the criminal US NSA and their horrific spying on the American public.   What he knows could end the criminal Soetoro regime in Washington DC, and rightfully so....  I just hope that my American readers can see how the Jew run media is falsely portraying this man as a traitor, and firmly support Snowden in his efforts to bring down a truly evil government.

Well... I guess that is enough for now.... I said before that I would keep these short and sweet until I get back from a much needed vacation..... But in closing, I will end with a few last minute tidbits.... I see that there is a new report that just came out saying that not only CO2 is absolutely not a greenhouse gas as the swindlers behind the Global Warming scam have portrayed, but is in fact much needed over the next few decades to ensure our very existence on this planet.  Simple logic dictates that plants require CO2 for their very livelihood, and their byproduct of O2 is necessary for our own existence.  Again, it is time to put the Global Warming scam out of its misery.....I saw a report of elevated levels of radioactivity have been occurring around the failed Fukushima facility in Japan.  Why are nations still concentrating on wars for Israel, when this life threatening situation is still going on in Japan?......I see that Israel has just conducted tests of Intercontinental ballistic missiles.  Again, why are people not in arms, especially in the United States, over their own government allowing these sick maniacs to have the capability to incinerate American cities?  Are the American people this ignorant?..... And finally, I will give the Kardashians one weeks' grace from my attacking them.  Sorry to disappoint everyone.  Don't worry though, because America's favorite skanks and trollops are still on my radar......I will be back in one week, so again in the meantime, take a look at postings by friends of mine, who I consider the finest bloggers that I have ever known!

More to come



Anonymous said...

Threre is a campaign underway to impeach King Obama. Long, long overdue I would say.

The weather in Boston has been brutal. It's been well over 90 degrees (F) in the shade with very high humidity for many weeks staright. I'm about the same age as NTS. It wasn't like this in the 60's or 70's or even the 80's. Myself, I believe man is destoying the atmosphere. No one has tried getting at my wallet. You can believe Israel are satanic bastards and that Washington are a bunch of criminals and slaves to parasite Israel, and that the MSM is corrupt, and know as much as any layman would about Fukushima, and still believe global warming is real and a true threat. The weather here has been akin to something out of a science fiction movie. Hellish.


Signifier said...

Speaking of Jews, a new website exposing these Masters of Deception is up and it's Zander C. Fuerza's website with updated revisions on his (new) book, "Masters of Deception," about 9/11.

Signifier said...

Speaking of Jews, a new website exposing these Masters of Deception is up and it's Zander C. Fuerza's website with updated revisions on his (new) book, "Masters of Deception," about 9/11.