Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Works For Israel- Why Am I Not Surprised?

When the latest uprising in Egypt occurred just last month, I knew something did not seem right... We had the reports of Morsi forced to step down by the Egyptian military and news that he would be replaced by someone out of the "Muslim Brotherhood".... But for the longest time, I had a nagging feeling that the so called Muslim Brotherhood was absolutely not as they seemed.... I had warned in previous articles and rants that it seems that this group had a hidden agenda of tearing Egypt apart, which was exactly what the criminal and terrorist state of Israel has long desired!

Well, lo and behold, according to this article from the great website "Aangirfan", at www.aangirfan.blogspot.com, it appears that the Muslim Brotherhood is absolutely not as they seem, and in fact they are indeed working for the criminal Israelis with the agenda of having Egypt broken up into tiny fiefdoms that would be ripe for the picking for the criminal state of Israel!   I have that article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and of course some additional comments to follow:

Monday, July 22, 2013


The Muslim Brotherhood has been working to implement the Israeli plan to break up Egypt.

Nabil Naim is a former leader of the Islamic Jihadist movement in Egypt.

He was once close companion of the current al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

In a TV interview, Nabil Naim says that the Muslim Brotherhood announced the formation of a 'Free Egyptian Army' in Egypt, similar to the Free Syrian Army.

He states that the goal is to break up Egypt and weaken it as part of an Israeli plan.
He also says that the current head of the Free Syrian Army Salim Idriss was in Israel a few days ago.

Source: al-Balad (Egypt)

NTS Notes:  Why am I not surprised?   People need to read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, where it states clearly the Jewish agenda of controlling BOTH sides in any conflict, or BOTH sides of any opposition!

In previous rants and articles I showed how the ultimate aim of the criminal state of Israel has always been to shatter every Arab nation into tiny little entities that would be easy to conquer and control by Israel itself.   This is why this new evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood are only lackeys for Israel and had plans to tear Egypt apart should be absolutely no surprise to anyone...

So, in Egypt we have the criminal El Baradei, and the entire Muslim Brotherhood vying for control of the entire country... With the ultimate aim of breaking the entire nation apart....It is still my hope that the Egyptian people take a third option and select someone in upcoming Presidential elections that is absolutely not an Israeli/American stooge.....

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