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Important Question: WHY Does Canada Support Israel Right Or Wrong?

Canada is Israeli occupied territory.  It is so sad for me to make that statement, because it is absolutely true.  When it comes to supporting the criminal and terrorist state of Israel, no matter how evil and sinister its actions may be, there is no more a staunch supporter of that horrible state than my country, Canada!

I have long wondered about how this country, Canada, that used to, at one time, pride itself on being possibly the most peace loving and honest country on the face of planet Earth has now turned into nothing more than a Jewish controlled sock puppet that bends over backwards in its full support of the terrorist state of Israel?   To help answer this very important question, I want to turn to the following article from the Redress Information & Analysis website, at, that asks: "Why Does Canada Support Israel Right Or Wrong?" that I have right here in its entirety for everyone to view for themselves.   I have my own thoughts on this important question to follow:

Why does Canada support Israel right or wrong?

Why is Canada “so unstintingly supportive of the policies of Israel’s government”, more so than even the United States?

We asked an occasional contributor to our website – a Canadian pro-Palestinian activist – if he could point us in the right direction, but to no avail.

On 28 November 2012 Canada was one of the nine states that voted against the Palestinian statehood bid at the United Nations General Assembly. The other eight were the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Panama, Palau, the Czech Republic, the United States and, of course, Israel itself. A total of 138 nations voted in favour and 41 abstained.

As the Times of Israel put it?
Canada has always been a friend of the Jewish state, but in recent years – especially since the [Stephen] Harper government came to power in 2006 – Ottawa has redefined what it means to be staunchly pro-Israel…
In 2008, Canada was the first country to boycott the Durban Review Conference against racism [anticipating that it would class Zionism as a form of racism]…
When Jerusalem punished the Palestinians for the statehood bid by announcing to build homes in the controversial E1 corridor east of Jerusalem, the whole world forcefully condemned the plans. Except the Canadians: the government merely noted that such steps aren’t “helpful”…
[April 2012], however, marked a high point in Canada’s pro-Israel (and ostensibly anti-Palestinian) moves, when Foreign Minister John Baird visited Israel’s justice minister, Tzipi Livni, in her East Jerusalem office. Since the international community doesn’t accept Israel’s annexation of the eastern part of the city, foreign diplomats usually refuse to meet Israeli officials there lest it be interpreted as a tacit recognition of Israeli sovereignty…
Support for Israel is bipartisan. The Conservative Party has been “more sustained in its declaratory approach and more unequivocal in its rhetorical expression,” yet the actual policy positions of the Conservatives and the Liberals aren’t far apart, [Irwin] Cotler [a Canadian MP from the Liberal Party and former justice minister] said…
The next elections in Canada will take place in 2015, and the latest polls currently predict a loss for the ruling Conservatives. Will a different, more left-oriented government match that level of support for Jerusalem?
Most Canadians don’t think too much about their government’s policy vis-à-vis the Middle East, and so Israel is unlikely to become a wedge-issue in the elections, several observers agreed.
“No government can move substantially beyond where its constituency is for very long. Therefore, we have to conclude that a majority of Canadians are indeed comfortable with the positions articulated by this government, and by-and-large supported by the opposition parties,” said [Shimon] Fogel [the chief executive of the Toronto-based] Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. “While nobody can predict the future, there is a general consensus of support towards Israel in all the parties, and among Canadians in general.”
Rightly or wrongly, in Britain at least Canadians are viewed as fair-minded folk, but that isn’t borne out by Canada’s policy towards Israel and the Palestinians. Perhaps the fair-mindedness is only relative, and is only true when Canadians are compared to their neighbours in the United States. But even that can’t be a sufficient explanation: as the Times of Israel notes, Ottawa’s unstinting support of Israel is even greater than that of the US. As for the Times of Israel’s own explanation, i.e. that Canada can afford to unconditionally pimp for Israel because it isn’t dependent on Arab oil, that isn’t very convincing either.

Maybe you can help us find the missing jigsaw? Reasonable submissions (500-1,000 words) would be very welcome.

NTS Notes:  Now for a true reality check.... The reason WHY Canada fully supports the criminal state of Israel in spite of its heinous crimes against humanity is simple... It has to do with Jewish MONEY and the absolute power of Jews right here in Canada!

Canada has long been under the control of criminal Jewish interests, and its most powerful families that control most of Canada's businesses are Jews such as the Bronfmann family in Toronto, and even the Asper crime family based out of Winnipeg.   There are other just as power criminal Jewish crime families that are in total control of other provinces as well.

With corporate control of most Canadian businesses resting in Jewish hands, they will of course exert that control when it comes to politicians.  We see the US Congress totally controlled by Jewish groups that will absolutely demand these bought and paid for slaves swear their undying allegiance to the criminal state of Israel.  It is absolutely the same here in Canada, where all the politicians that sit in Parliament in Ottawa have to also swear their allegiance to Jewish interests and their evil state of Israel as well....

It is a fact that Canadian politicians, much like those in the United States, are driven by MONEY and pure greed.  It is Jewish groups that select who is to run in Canadian elections, and they throw money at those candidates that are more pro-Israel, which of course helps these greedy selfish candidates get "elected" but at the same time become slaves to these Jewish money lenders.   The net result is a Parliament that is nothing more than sniveling Yes Men who answer only to their masters, the Jewish power brokers.

The result is a Canada that now grovels openly to Jews and to their evil entity called Israel.   It shows on the world stage now where Canada is no longer pictured as a nation built on freedoms and peace, but one that does nothing more than kiss Israel's ass!

So what is the solution?  Other than an awakening by Canadians en mass to the Jewish criminality, and their subjugation of this nation, there is not much that can be done.   The Harper regime will continue to show its true colors and do anything to appease their Jewish masters.... Jew money indeed talks!

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