Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day From The Northerntruthseeker

Yes, it is Canada Day.... On this date, 146 years ago, the Dominion of Canada was given official recognition by the British Parliament in London England.  

Even though Canada was officially created as a separate "entity" back in 1867, it remained basically part of the British Empire until the British Commonwealth of nations was created in 1931.  With that, the "Empire" supposedly ended, and the "Commonwealth" began.  However, most nations after 1931 remained under British control until well after the end of the second World War which cost the United Kingdom dearly with the end of their empire.

Yes, our Constitution was "repatriated" in 1982 and now resides in Canada itself, but Canada is still part of the British "Commonwealth" and is still much controlled by the British Parliament and the phonies who sit on the British throne in that foreign nation, the United Kingdom, to this day...Canada even still retains a "Governor General" who although mostly now a figurehead, is still that phony and evil Queen's representative in Ottawa.

I have long believed that this nation should break the shackles of control by the fraud British "crown" and end all references to that phony, pedophilic, murderous, and very vile creature that sits on the British throne, Elizabeth May Battenberg as its "head of state", and declare itself fully independent of ALL British control once and for all.  The problem has always been those Canadians that blindly have stayed "loyal" to their British roots and the British crown.  But that time of colonialism is long gone, and Canada should be asserting itself on the world scene as a proudly independent nation.

Yes, I have long been proud to be a Canadian, and I do see this nation as something to stand up for.  But with the recent actions of the criminal Harper regime, and its undying loyalty to criminal Jewish enterprises and their wicked entity on Earth known as Israel, I know that the fight for true freedom and liberty in this nation must continue, much like the fight the United States itself faces today.

Therefore my fellow Canadians, happy Canada Day, and always remember that for this nation to remain free, we must stand up and fight against the tyranny that wants our enslavement.   This great nation, and future generations of Canadians, are worth the effort....

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