Saturday, July 6, 2013

Are The Egyptian People Being Played As Suckers? US (And Israel) Are Playing BOTH Sides Of Egypt Coup!

I have been watching the events unfold in Egypt over the last week, and I do not like what I am seeing... In fact, I do smell a rat....  There is absolutely no way in hell that the criminals in both the United States, and the criminal terrorist state of Israel would ever allow Egypt to slip from their grip.... It is a fact that these criminals replaced one puppet Hosi Mubarak a few years back in the last Egyptian "Arab Spring" revolt with another puppet, Morsi....  And now we see after two years of corruption in Egypt that the Egyptian people have had enough of another US/Israel bought and paid for puppet, and are back in the streets in open revolt.   The reports have been that the Army has had enough of Morsi's horrible policies and definitely want a change of government and absolutely NOT another US/Israeli puppet figurehead.  But from what I see... That may not ever happen!

To help show that what we are seeing in Egypt is not as it seems, and that the Egyptian people are again being played as suckers... I want to present the following very important video from Press TV at, where Michael Chossudovsky is flat out saying that this revolt in Egypt is definitely not as people believe, and in fact the US is playing and controlling both sides of Egypt coup!   Here is that video, and I have some of my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Again, it is not only the US that is playing the Egyptian people as suckers, but we must not forget that the criminal state of Israel controls the US government and is definitely the masterminds behind this entire fiasco...

We must not also forget the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and how it states clearly in their Protocols for world domination the need to control BOTH sides of any conflict... This Egyptian "coup" and uprising is definitely following those blueprints...

And just today, I found out that the US/Israeli stooge that these criminals have always wanted to be in power in Egypt, Dr. Muhamed El Baradei has just been "selected" to be Egypt's "interim" Prime Minister.  This El Baradei clown has always been a US/Israeli stooge and puppet, and has always been the evil Jewish Rothschild's choice for Egypt to remain under their control!    The Egyptian people were right to not have him selected to replace Mubarak back in 2011, and now two years later, the criminal Jews have finally put him into power. 

The Egyptian people must definitely do everything to get this El Baradei puppet out of the office of President immediately, and throw off all US/Israel control over their nation.  Egypt must be for the Egyptians, and must finally be free of foreign control....

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