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Why Peace In Palestine-Israel Is Unattainable

It has been a while since I did an article that focuses in on the ongoing Palestinian conflict.  I do have a bit of catching up to do....

I have said many times in previous articles that true peace is absolutely unattainable in Palestine with the parasitic alien Jews that are illegally occupying the land, and there has been absolutely NOTHING that I have seen since that time that has changed.... Israel is still swallowing up what is left of Palestine at breakneck speed, and very soon there will be absolutely nothing left for the true people of that region, the Palestinians themselves, for a nation!

To help understand why peace is impossible in Palestine, I want to turn to a new article, that comes from the Redress Information & Analysis website, at  It is entitled: "Why Peace In Palestine-Israel Is Unattainable" and contains some key points that show why true peace in the region is indeed unattainable... I have some of my own thoughts and comments to follow:

June 27, 2013

Why peace in Palestine-Israel is unattainable

US funding of Israel By Jamal Kanj

But for the chap from Khan Younis refugee camp in Gaza who emerged earlier this week as the winner of the Arab Idol, the news from Palestine is grim.

The newly appointed Palestinian prime minister resigned and Israel still insists it should be able to negotiate over dividing the pie while it continues to eat it.

By the end of April, US Secretary of State John Kerry succeeded in tailoring another peace plan to entice Israel. Arab ministers supposedly agreed to amend a decade-old peace plan to satisfy Israeli demand for legalizing major illegal Jewish colonies in the West Bank.

In May 2009, Israel responded to the US-mediated overture by issuing permits to build 296 illegal new homes in the Jews-only colony of Beit El near Ramallah. This week the secretary of state was scheduled to arrive on his fifth visit since February in an attempt to restart the Palestinian and Israeli negotiation.

Instead of addressing Israel’s inflexibility, the US is appeasing it with an economic package worth 4 billion US dollars of private American and European investment.

The visit seems to be on hold to give time to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to consider a new US economic peace plan and for Israel to give Abbas a face-saving cover to return to the negotiation table.

Israel is already sending mixed messages.

According to news reports that have appeared in Israeli daily Ma’ariv, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is considering a token gesture of releasing a small number of Palestinian prisoners and to issue a temporary freeze “outside the settlement blocks” in the West Bank.

The deceptive “freeze” may force Abbas to succumb to American pressure while Netanyahu can claim – and rightly so – it is irrelevant as building inside the Jews-only “settlement blocks” will continue.

Affirming its real intention and to pre-empt Kerry’s renewed efforts – in what is becoming traditional embarrassment for visiting US officials – the Israeli government issued earlier this month plans to build more than 1,000 new Jews-only homes in two West Bank colonies.

Instead of addressing Israel’s inflexibility, the US is appeasing it with an economic package worth 4 billion US dollars of private American and European investment.

In fact the new American “economic peace” is a repackaged Netanyahu plan from the 1990s, which was intended to dodge tackling the most pressing issues in the peace talk.

In theory, the proposal would expand the Palestinian economy by 50 per cent over three years while granting Israel more time to finish eating the “pie”.

But in reality, past investments were undermined by Israeli closures and military checkpoints or even destroyed, as happened with Gaza’s air and sea ports, leaving Palestinians with false promises and the only measurable expansion was in the size of Jewish colonies.

…past investments were undermined by Israeli closures and military checkpoints or even destroyed, as happened with Gaza’s air and sea ports, leaving Palestinians with false promises and the only measurable expansion was in the size of Jewish colonies.

To bolster Israel’s arrogance, two weeks ago the US House of Representatives passed the National Defence Authorization Act in which it delegated, for the first time in US history, the power to wage war to a foreign entity when it committed the US to avail “diplomatic, military, and economic support” to Israel should it decide to strike Iran.

Along with that vote, and at a time when both sides of the isle wrangled over how much more to cut from the defence budget, the US Congress was united in tripling President Barack Obama’s request to finance Israeli missile defence from 96 million to 284 million dollars.

It is indisputable that this unqualified and subservient US support is directly responsible for Israel’s intransigence and the failure of the peace process. This was exemplified last week when Polish descendent and Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett – a multi-millionaire who renounced his US citizenship – declared on 17 June the death of the Palestinian state idea, adding that he isn’t an occupier and that the West Bank is his “home”.

Also rejecting the Palestinian state idea, Danny Danon, the Israel’s deputy defence minister, was quoted in the Times of Israel as saying: “The international community can say whatever they want, and we can do whatever we want.” Israeli leaders can’t be more explicit in their rejection of a viable Palestinian state, making the talk about a settlement “freeze” meaningless and peace unattainable.

A version of this article was first published by the Gulf Daily News. The version here is published by permission of Jamal Kanj.

NTS Notes: What is missing in this article is the absolute key issue that I have said that makes true peace in Palestine impossible, and that is the true and very sick nature of "Zionism" itself...

People must understand that these Khazar false Jew invaders have the phantom belief that the land of Palestine has been granted to them by their "God"... Many of their ultra-religious zealots believe this lie to be fact, and they are the ones who presently run the Israeli government itself....

Under the sick and twisted ideas of "Zionism" that drives the criminal state of Israel, there is absolutely NO room for the Palestinian people, period... They have been fooling the world and the gullible Gentiles for decades now that they are in pursuit of "Peace" when in fact, they laughingly talk of "Peace" while they accelerate their illegal settlement building in Palestinian territory...

The fact is that right now, there is not enough territory left in "Palestine" to make a tenable state of Palestine even viable any more... It is basically too late now as the Israelis have stolen so much territory and have positioned their settlers in such a manner that the Palestinians have no hope for their own state...This is why I have said that the only choice now left for the Palestinian people is to resist their criminal oppressors and land thieves or vanish from the face of the planet....

And of course with the total control of America by these parasitic criminals, Israel will continue to steal land with impunity, knowing that they can call on their sucker slaves in the United States to watch their backs....

Peace in Palestine?  Not as long as the criminals that run Israel continue their sick dream of Zionism...

More to come


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Anonymous said...

NTS, hitting the nail on the head yet again. One of the weapons which the Zio-Khazars use is the Bible itself, a 'tweaked' version, given to each Congresscritter and used in many services held for them (in what is supposed to be a state separated from religion.....hmmmmm), namely the Scofield Reference Bible.

Given the general illiteracy of those folks, it's easy to manipulate them with sentences like, "[2] AND I WILL MAKE OF THEE A GREAT NATION, AND I WILL BLESS THEE, AND MAKE THY NAME GREAT; AND THOU SHALL BE A BLESSING:"


Jeff Rense has a superb explanation here:

Add John Hagee and the Christians United For Israel fanatics to the mix, and you have Zio-induced voodoo politics run amok.

Ask yourself a simple question. How many enemies did the US have in the M. East before 'israel' self-declared? A few, of their own making. How many since? A whole truck load, of 'israel's' making, that's how many! The same is true for Canada since Harpy et al held their coup. And the world has not seen a single day of peace ever since 1948 because of that event, al Nakba. And it won't until it is resolved.

As always, NTS, great work!

A Canuck in exile.