Saturday, June 22, 2013

The US And Israel Want Syria Destroyed: New UN Report Rejects US Claim On Syria Chemical Weapons!

Lets be brutally honest here... The US Barry Soetoro administration are LIARS, plain and simple.. They are still continuing to harp about the absolutely false claim that the Syrian government under Assad has used chemical weapons on its people, when all of the evidence shows that it has been the US/Israeli bought and paid for mercenary "rebels" that have used US produced chemical weapons on Syrian civilians!   The US Government is basically doing exactly what their Jewish masters demand in making false accusations against Assad, and using those lies as their entire basis now for establishing a "No Fly Zone" over Syria as a prelude to open invasion of that innocent nation.... It is disgusting that most Americans are falling for this sick trick much the same way they were lied to about Iraq using chemical weapons as the argument for invading and destroying that innocent country in 2003...

But there seems to be a few voices of sanity and truth that have now surfaced to combat the lies promoted by the criminals in the US and Israel... According to this report from Press TV, at, it appears that the United Nations on Friday announced their rejection of the US claim of the Syrian government using chemical weapons on its own civilians!  This is very good news, and I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves...Of course I have additional thoughts and comments to follow:

UN rejects US claim on Syria chemical weapons
Paulo Pinheiro, chairman of the UN human rights investigation committee on Syria
Paulo Pinheiro, chairman of the UN human rights investigation committee on Syria

Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:36PM GMT

UN experts say they do not confirm the claims by the United States, France and Britain that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against the militants.

"We are not able to say who has used chemical agents or chemical weapons,” said Paulo Pinheiro, chairman of the United Nations human rights investigation committee on Syria, on Friday.

Speaking to reporters after an informal meeting with UN Security Council ambassadors, Pinheiro said he would not comment on evidence, including multiple blood, tissue and soil samples, that the US, Britain and France have sent to the UN about the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria.

The technical data presented by the three countries is of limited value to the UN which, according to its rules, can pass a final judgment on the situation only after its own inspectors personally collect evidence.

Based on the unsubstantiated claim that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against the militants, President Barack Obama ordered the CIA last week to provide arms to the anti-Syrian groups, saying the government of President Bashar al-Assad had crossed Washington’s red lines.

In an article on the Washington Post on Friday, Colum Lynch and Joby Warrick write that the US move “rests on unverifiable claims” that lack transparency.

Weapons experts say Obama’s declaration of Washington’s red line in terms of more involvement in Syria “handed the Syrian opposition a powerful incentive to fabricate evidence” against the Assad government regarding the chemical arms use, the article said.

“If you are the opposition and you hear” that the White House has drawn a red line on the use of nerve agents, then “you have an interest in giving the impression that some chemical weapons have been used,” said Rolf Ekeus, a Swedish scientist who headed UN weapons inspections in Iraq during the 1990s, the article read. 

NTS Notes:  This report shows that the Barry Soetoro administration and his Jewish masters in Tel Aviv are indeed liars and hypocrites... This report does not specifically say WHO has used chemical weapons in Syria....But all we have to do is turn back to the original UN report back in March 2013, that showed the chemical weapons used in villages near Hons, Syria were by the criminal rebels and absolutely not the Syrian government forces...

This statement by the United Nations may not put an end to the US attempts to lie about Syrian government chemical weapons, because the US and Israel will simply ignore this UN finding just like the one back in March.

What we see happening now in Syria are the criminals in the US and Israel accelerating their build up of forces around Syria.... And they have stepped up their arming and re-arming of the so called "rebels"primarily due to the fact that Assad's forces have been beating these mercenaries in every major engagement lately...

The bottom line is this.. The US government officials, and the criminal Jews in Israel, are indeed liars.  They will continue their push forward with their lust for war on Syria... The only major obstacle now left that stands in the way of the total destruction of that innocent nation is Russia...... And I can guarantee that the Russians will not sit idly by while their ally, Syria is destroyed....

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Dublin said...

The U.N. may be signaling they wish to tone it down a a bit for now anyway. Make no mistake the U.N. represents the London bank, Pentagon and Vatican, two city states with their own laws and the various western puppet governments who are run by cousins of the queen. I think realize Putin is serious and will probably try and kill him yet again. Cameron is the 5th cousin of Liz II.

The U.N. however as an instrument of global slavery has to at least try and present an image of fairness to the brain dead around the world.

Things are not going well, Turkey now realizes that Erdogan is an Israeli, same in Brazil. There is an attempt to call it a color revolution in Brazil. I doubt it. They are not going to come out and say we didn't think Putin draw a line, Turks and Brzilians would revolt this fast.

polls show that the anti-Erdogan movement has gained traction for one main reason: Erdogan is viewed as authoritarian and dictatorial.

Down in Rio Dilma Rousseff running into a few problems. It seems that Dilma's daddy a Jew named Rusev (changed names) was a big time communist revolutionary in Bulgaria, the type that kill people for the good of social order. He fled Bulgaria with Dilma and never experienced the glory days of Stalin's terror in Bulgaria. Dilma was quoted recently as saying the best way to prevent another holocaust is to remember it. She has abandoned her marxist roots now in Brazil and cut government jobs now giving bids out to contract workers. Marxist terror becomes a free trader all the way. Dilma is a jew and is on record as saying she wanted a Marxist dictatorship in Brazil, her father was revolutionary in Bulgaria and his boys blew up a Christian church killing 150 and injuring 400 before they split to France. He married a jew in Brazil also then they converted to catholicism. Dilma refused to meet with amendinejad, is backing away from China and establishing holocaust training centers in Brazil. That of course does not mean she is not moving fast enough and they feel her opposition would speed it up.

Yeah what could possibly be going wrong in Brazil? The media has done a very good job of obscuring her real background.

Anonymous said...

Irish member of parliament (called a TD, not an MP) Clare Daly has gonads that we can only dream about in the Z.O.G.of C. Listen to her as she tears the Irish PM (called An Taoiseach) a new one, and calls Obama a war criminal on record:

We need people in Ottawa who have even 1% of Ms. Daly's backbone!

Anonymous said...

NTS, another interesting video for you and your readers. Tens of THOUSANDS of Orthodox Jews protesting on the streets of New York.....AGAINST the so-called 'state-of-israel', calling it 'an abomination against God!' A must see: We can hardly call those folks "anti-Semitic" now, can we? (Whatever that empty epithet means!)

If it's good enough for those Rabbis, then it's good enough for me. Why is it not good enough for Harper, Kenney and mad-dog ( John Baird?

mary sullivan said...


Anonymous said...

"Death Ray For The Enemies Of Israel"

Interesting article -- especially a very interesting commentary thread that follows -- Over At :

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

Nice website, lots of truth and sincere. I think one point is missing, forgive me if I missed it that is the cancer of racial mixing by the white nations.

The Jews have ensured the growth of the anti racism culture and brainwashing of white youth.
Rabbi Rabinovitch in his 1952 speech spoke of destroying the white race by enforced racial mixing and cross breeding.
He refered to Jews ruling over a nation of dark (brown I suppose) dumbed down by asian/negro genes.

Contrary to popular belief we are not all the same, the white nations have higher levels of intelligence and human qualities such as caring nature, kindness etc these are white traits.

If one studies into history you will see that the white nations are the 10 tribes of true Israel.

The Jews are not Israel and Israel was never a country it was a peoples comprised of 10 tribes.

In the area doday known as palestine or Israel there lived the 12 tribes two in the soutn were Benjamin and Judah and in the north the 10 tribes of Israel.

We get the word Jews from the Judeans who lived in that southern area of what is today Israel.
About 80% of the people who call themselvess Jews today are not descended of these Judeans but are actually Khazars who converted in 740AD under King Bulan.

Even the original Jews are not Israel, the Rothschild family who created "Israel" stole this name and confused the issue stealing the identity of the white nations of Europe.
Jesus was not a Jew, Israel is not Jews.
The thing Jews fear the most in the world today is not Nazis but Christian Identity CI, if the white nations realise their true identity in Christ and the Adamic nations of Israel the Jews are in trouble.
In returning to white Christian identity, racial separation, honouring our father God in Jesus will give us the opportunity to defeat the Jews and restore us.
See Scripures for America and the videos of pastor Peter J Peters on Youtube and his Church website.
See also videos of Pastor Bertrand Comparet on Youtube very valuable for the white nation.
Keep up the good work.