Sunday, June 2, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

It is Sunday, June 2nd, and it is indeed time for my weekly ranting and raving....

I do not know why I continue to do it, but I do again feel that I need to apologize to my readers for not putting up more articles at this blog recently.... I have been extremely busy the last while taking care of personal and family needs and issues, and this blog has fallen by the wayside.... I have been able to get the odd article fired off here and there the last few weeks when I have found the time....  Yes, I do have a life outside of blogging, and that does take precedence...

Well onto pressing matters.... First and foremost, I have had many people take issue with my stand by finally taking the gloves off and calling the criminals that are out to destroy humanity, the Jews... Lets not kid ourselves here.... Many have fallen for the trap of not naming the criminals by name, and that could be done out of fear of reprisal... But considering the damage that this tribe has been doing and are continuing to do, we should not run away and cower in fear any more!

I have been sick of all the people hiding and cowering in fear of naming the criminals by name... John Kaminski has had the guts for years to call the criminals JEWS.... He has had many people turn their backs on him for his stance, and for what?   Speaking his mind and telling the truth???  This man has been an inspiration to me for the last few years, and thanks to him and others, I will not back down now in saying the word JEW!!!  

Lets face it once and for all..... We should quit using false names and call them who they are.....

They are NOT the "New World Order"................. They are Jews!
They are NOT the "German Death Cult".................They are Jews!
They are NOT the "Hidden Hand"..........................They are Jews!
They are NOT just the "Zionists".............................They are Jews!
They are NOT "Luciferians"................................... They are Jews!
They are NOT "Satanists"..................................... .They are Jews!
They are absolutely NOT a "distinct race"...............They are Jews!
They are NOT just "The Tribe"...............................They are Jews!
They are more than "Vampires"...............................They are Jews!
They are NOT "International Bankers"................... They are Jews!
They are NOT "Money Junkies"............................ They are Jews!
The majority are absolutely NOT Semitic................They are Jews!
They are NOT a "Chosen People"..........................They are Jews!
They are the nation wreckers..................................They are Jews!
They have ruined nations through Usury banking......They are Jews!
They are behind the impending economic collapse....They are Jews!
They want to see the rest of mankind enslaved.........They are Jews!
They want the best of Gentiles killed........................They are Jews!
They want to see their "enemies" all dead.................They are Jews!

This list can go on and on.... And readers can send me a few extra superlatives in comments....

Lets face it... The JEWS themselves call themselves "Jews", so why can not everyone else???  Oh, yes, we have the fear of the false term "anti-semitism" that these criminals quickly try to use to label anyone who calls them out... But again that term is a falsehood, because the majority of these criminals are NOT even Semites... I dare to call them out all the time for them to prove they are Semites, and everyone should do that as well.....

Well enough of that, and on to other matters......The war in Syria is continuing to heat up this last week,and now Israel has again threatened to launch major attacks on Syria because of the Syrian government now obtaining S-300 defensive missile batteries..... What is troubling is that the US State Department has claimed that the obtaining of these missiles is suddenly a "game changer".... Game changer for what?  The Syrians have absolutely every right under international law to obtain these defensive missiles to protect their air space, and the idea that these missiles are suddenly a "danger" comes from the fact that these missiles will shoot down any US or Israeli aircraft that violates Syria's air space.....Once these missiles are fully deployed, the possibility of the criminals in both the US and Israel getting their "no fly zone" as a prelude to open invasion of Syria itself will become an impossibility....It is no wonder the Jewish controlled media is now trying to call these missiles a "game changer"..... They will even the odds against the criminals themselves....

One thing that I found disturbing this last week was the criminal US Senator, John McCain having the audacity to go and travel to Syria to meet with the "Al Qaeda rebels" that are fighting against the popular Syrian Government forces.... It is shocking that this buffoon went and met with murderous criminals, and that the US government supports him for going..... I wonder why the hell the American people are not up in arms about this, and have this idiot thrown out of office and taken to court on charges of outright treason....

One other note about this meeting between the idiot "reverse ace" (Yes the man lost 5 combat aircraft under his control when he was a US air force pilot) John McCain and "Al Qaeda" that I am puzzled about.... Was it NOT "Al Qaeda" that attacked the US on 9-11?  How is it that suddenly 11 1/2 years after that attack by "Al Qaeda" that the US is suddenly "allying" themselves with these "murderers" of US citizens???  WHY have not more Americans come out and asked this question?   Or is it not obvious to everyone by now that "Al Qaeda" is a fraud and that they had nothing to do with 9-11?   Wake up, America! 

I have noticed one thing these last few weeks that I find puzzling... Many people have jumped on the bandwagon and are saying that the only hope left to save the world from a catastrophic world war is Russia, and Vladamir Putin himself.... But people do not realize that the Jewish Obligarchs that have controlled Russia since the time of the so called "Cold War" have NEVER left Russia and are very much still in control there!   There are also many questions about Vladamir Putin himself, especially the fact that he is Ex-KGB, and therefore possibly still very much under Jewish control.... We also have the recent passage of a bill in Russia that makes Jewish "Holocaust" investigation in Russia now impossible..... Personally, I do suspect that Putin is indeed very much in the back pocket of the Jews,and therefore will do exactly as they command.....This means that everyone's hopes that Russia will be the last hope for humanity against the Jews and a way of averting a horrible world war, may have their hopes dashed.... The solution definitely still lies with a drastic awakening of everyone, and soon....

With the ramp up towards war on Syria, we must not forget that the ultimate target of US/Israeli aggression is the peaceful nation of Iran.... The Jewish media is still periodically doing their part in putting out garbage reports about the "Iranian Nuclear Weapons Threat", which hopefully people are seeing for the falsehood it truly is... But now the US has upped the stakes again against Iran by this last week adding Iranian petroleum products to their list of "sanctions" against that innocent nation..... This Petroleum product sanction was also done just before the US invaded Iraq in 2003, which means the question is no longer if the US will do as their Israeli masters command and attack Iran, but when..... The clock is now definitely ticking...

While the buildup for war in the Middle East has been going now into overdrive, there is still important news elsewhere.... The Woolwich beheading fraud in London, UK, went over as expected, with the UK government now pushing through their latest assault on personal freedoms, the so called "Snooper" bill....Of course we had this phony "Islamic Black Extremist" assault to thank for putting fear into the British people of those "darn evil Muslims" and not even attempting to stop that horrific bill from passing through their House of Commons....Just like in the US and Canada where phony "terrorist" attacks were used to strip freedom from people, now the UK is suffering the consequences...

And while the American people have had their heads filled with the usual fluff and nonsense this last week thanks to the Jewish media, their criminal President, Barry Soetoro, is about to sign off,.supposedly TOMORROW, on the UN Gun Control bill that does not even have the approval of the American public.....Where is the outcry from the American people on this?   This is the same bill that the criminal US government signed off on last year, and I suppose the phony shootings and killings in America (Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombing), as well as the recent "Benghazi fiasco" were and are being done to cloud the American minds so that this legislation can pass without a hitch.....I have said many times to my American readers... Absolutely do NOT surrender your last hope for freedom, which is your guns!

I just put up an article that again takes a shot at the Global Warming fraud, and YES, there was a poll conducted sometime ago that states that nearly 60% of those who answered the poll question about whether Global Warming was real said yes...... It is too bad that with all of the evidence now clearly showing that Global Warming is a fraud, as well as just going outdoors and realizing the planet is definitely cooling, that people are still being played as suckers by the con men behind the Global Warming swindle.... Why do I always keep thinking of the famous PT Barnum quote: "There is a sucker born every minute?" when it comes to people and the Global Warming fraud?

I could spend the next few paragraphs going over the troubled economic situation world wide....But why bother?  People everywhere must know by now that the world economy is teetering on total collapse, but few are still wanting to finger the culprits behind this disaster... The JEWS themselves.... I said before and I will say it again... The only way people will finally wake the hell up to this horrible disaster will be the day after the collapse happens and they start asking... "What the hell just happened?"... But then it will be too late!  I and others can only be the messengers and to ask people to prepare...After that, it is up to you...

This last week has seen a real downturn in the world wide price of Gold... But again as I stated before, that is by design to get people to suddenly be afraid and to sell off their physical gold assets.... Once that gold is taken away from the public and scooped up by the criminal Jews who have been purposely deflating the Gold price, they will allow the price to again skyrocket knowing they have all the physical Gold themselves!   If you have physical Gold in your possession right now, do NOT fall for this trap and do NOT sell it, period.....

I see that my friend, Whitewraithe, has decided to make a come back and has restarted her Pragmatic Witness website, but under a different link.... Her site can be found at   She has indeed asked me to put up some articles there from time to time, and I hope to find the time soon to oblige her..... It is good to have her back.....

Well, I figure that is enough for now.....But as usual, I will close this article with my last few tidbits.... There was a disturbing report that just came out last week about fish caught off the Californian coast  that are contaminated by Fukushima radiation.  I wonder why this report is not headline news?  I guess wars for Israel are still more important...... The Harper Regime in Ottawa, here in Canada, was found guilty this last week of attempting to rig the 2011 Federal Election.  Much to my utter lack of shock, here has been almost no reports of this important news item anywhere in the Canadian Jewish controlled media. This figures, because Harper is definitely what his Jewish masters demand, and leading Canada on the road to ruin..... US news headlines have been filled again this week with the reports on the Benghazi fiasco of 2012.   But I will state it here that Barry Soetoro will not be thrown out of office for his part in that operation.  And Hillary Rodham Clinton will come out of this as well smelling like a rose, while she continues her plans for the US presidency in 2016.  Another sad day for America indeed.....Has anyone else noticed that while the world wide media continues with their fluff and other news, Israel has again begun their accelerated program of "settlement building" on stolen Palestinian territory?.   Shows the true nature of these criminals, as well as exactly who controls the media.....Congratulations to our favorite shill, Alex Jones, for finally coming out and at least calling the criminals "Zionist Jews".  This is still only 1/2 way to naming the criminals by name, but it is a start.......More tornadoes in Oklahoma and the southern US states this last week are definitely signs of changing weather patterns.  But not towards "Global Warming" but towards Global Cooling.  That or as some claim, the US government has suddenly been testing HAARP again on their own people?......And finally, what everyone has been waiting for, the news on America's greatest family, the Kardashians!  My favorite dirt bag skank Kim Kardashian has been prancing around showing off her ever increasing pregnant belly girth, and pictures of the ever enlarging Kim have been making headline news everywhere.  In just a few months this trollop will be giving birth, and I can guarantee the so called news will stop all other reports and concentrate on this huge Earth shattering event. My, how far America has indeed fallen!

More to come



Anonymous said...

A few years back, there was an article online about the few hundred thousand McCain and his family have received fron Social Security over the years. I think the seeds hamster McCain keeps in his pouches are rotting and poisoning his brain.

I must mention and give credit to Brother Nathanael. Don't reject him because he is not particularly handsome and was born a Jew. Brother Nathanael calls out the Jews loud and clear! He is a bright and brave man who makes great videos and publishes great articles.

Here is one story on no-good, butt-kissing John McCain and Social Security. Too bad the article I read earlier was removed:


Anonymous said...


As you might already know, I have long linked to your site on my TruthfulSites page.

It is now very much a greater pleasure to link to your site as you are now saying in utter clarity and accuracy, "They are JEWS."

I admire your ability to learn and to boldly state what you have learned. Many other webwriters seem unable to learn. Or is it that their job is to not learn about the jews?

High regards,
James Laffrey