Sunday, June 30, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 30th, 2013

It is now Sunday, June 30th, 2013, and it is time for my weekly rant of what I see is wrong and sometimes right in this world...

First things first... I want to wish all of my fellow Canadians a Happy Canada Day tomorrow, July 1st, 2013.   It is supposed to be a day to celebrate being Canadian... But considering what I have seen from the criminal Harper regime in Ottawa over the last while, there is little here to be truly happy about...

Yes, the province of Alberta has just endured one of the worse floods in their history, with much of Calgary and surrounding communities inundated and destroyed by flood waters.  But what just came across the news the last few days definitely raised my own eye brows... It does appear that while the waters in the community of High River, Alberta were receding, the criminal Harper federal government sent in their Royal Canadian Mounted Police (thugs) RCMP officials to go illegally into High River homes, and illegally and without warrants seize any firearms they came across.... This is not only illegal search and seizure, but shows that the Harper government is indeed working on confiscating Canadian firearms just as badly as the Soetoro administration in Washington is.  Sadly, most Canadians are unaware of this criminal action by their own government, while they sit back and try to enjoy this long weekend...

So, again, Happy Canada Day, my fellow Canadians... Enjoy your barbeques, your beaches, your cottages, while this once free nation goes to hell along the same path that the once great United States is taking...

I have indeed been watching the news reports over the last while about this Edward Snowden character and how he has valuable information about the illegal activities of the criminal NSA in America.   It does appear that he is continuing to be on the run as the US is indeed doing a global search for him to have him "captured" (most probably killed) for his knowledge and to be brought back to America to face trial....

I do wonder what Edward Snowden does know that he is so wanted by the criminal Soetoro administration?  And I am troubled by one important fact that many have overlooked... If this man has indeed information that could damage or destroy the Soetoro administration and bring down the criminal NSA as well... Then why the HELL has he not already come forward to any news organization on this planet and spilled his guts about what he knows... It would not only be one of the biggest news reports of the century, but would also clear his conscience of his involvement.... But we have instead his continuing run from US officials, and his unwillingness to clear his soul... That does give credibility to those who think that he is nothing more than a diversion and is being used by these criminals as just another cog in their ongoing war against humanity through their art of deception... If it was me, and I knew everything that Snowden supposedly knows, I would be telling EVERYONE in a heartbeat....

Of course the bigger issue is still the NSA itself, and its continuing spying on the American public with impunity.  I am deeply troubled that more Americans are not up in arms about this serious criminality against their freedoms and liberties.... But of course we have a United States now that is nothing more than a ghost of its previous greatness, where most of the public has been heavily drugged and chemicalized to where their minds are nothing more than mush now... And of course just as in my last article, they have allowed their nation to be run by psychotic thugs, murderers, and lunatics.....It is shocking to see how far the mighty have now fallen...

Of course the NSA scandal is just one diversion of the American public's attention while the Soetoro regime continues criminal actions all over the world.... One major action by the Soetoro regime is of course their continuing buildup to war against the innocent nation of Syria on behalf of their criminal masters in Tel Aviv.... Few have noticed this week as the US has begun to send a contingency of US troops to Egypt, and has continued to ship more men and equipment to nations bordering Syria, and primarily Jordan under the recent fake "military exercise"... It will only be a matter of time now before these criminals try to impose their "no fly zone" over the innocent nation of Syria, before they openly invade that nation which could happen as soon as this August.

Of course the US and Israel are trying to speed up their plans for an attack on Syria, because the good guys, which are the Syrian government forces under Assad, have been winning their war against the murderous US/Israeli bought and paid for mercenaries, and are at the point now that so called "rebel" resistance in Syria itself has been basically wiped out... The Syrian government forces have now cleaned out major centers such as Homs, and Aleppo, of these criminal and psychotic murderers and are definitely on their way to making Syria "rebel" free.... The US and Israel now have to act fast, or their criminal operations with these thugs will vanish....

Another issue that has happened this last week that had little fanfare was the Soetoro regime pushing their Carbon Tax legislation under the phony Global Warming scam, on the American public.  I read a report where Soetoro himself is now passing himself off as a magician, claiming that his Global Warming scam push can somehow control the world's temperatures.... This is such a laugher, and yet the American people that have already been so dumbed down and drugged up will probably swallow this BS without much opposition.....

I need not state again that man made Global Warming is pure bunk.... This planet's climate is not affected by man made pollutants as these criminals behind the scam claim... And it is time for people to wake the hell up and realize that Carbon Dioxide is NOT this horrific "Greenhouse Gas" as the scam artists continue to claim... Carbon Dioxide is in fact a coolant, and a necessity for life on this planet.   The more CO2, the more plant life on this planet thrives... And considering the damage we have done to forrests and to plants already, a little more CO2 is not a bad thing at all!

Of course while world attention has been purposely diverted elsewhere by the Jew controlled media, we see the new reports of new Israeli "settlements" being built at an even more accelerated and alarming rate than ever before.... The facts are clear and people need to understand this clearly... Israel does not want peace with the Palestinians, because they want ALL of Palestine for themselves... People may not like my saying that the Palestinians have no choice now other than to fight, or be wiped out completely.... It is either resist the evil Israeli oppressors, or be exterminated... If I had that kind of choice to make, I know what my decision would definitely be!

And we see the continuing collapse of the US economy that has been also put on the sidelines with the continuing Snowden scandal.... It is absolutely sickening to see a supposedly rich nation, such as America, have so many people living on the streets and some 50+ million now living exclusively on food stamps just to survive.... It has been absolutely sad to watch during my last trips to the United States how much poverty there is, and I do wonder how the American public can continue to allow parasitic thieves and criminals that constitute some 2% of their population continue to control over 95% of the nation's wealth, and allow so many Americans to suffer horribly.   Again, I put the blame on the brainwashing and drugging up of the American people... The question is always how long they will allow this travesty to continue before some positive action is taken .....

And of course we have been watching the collapse of Gold and Silver prices all over the planet... But this is by design and is being used to strike fear into people to sell off their physical metals.... Again, I do say that people should not give into these false fears, because the criminals themselves have long manipulated these markets and that they have some diabolical plans behind this Gold/Silver price implosion... Hang on to your metals, and do not give into unwarranted fear....

Yes, I have been very busy these last few weeks, trying to take care of personal business, family concerns, and other important issues... The result has been to allow this blog and my reports to slide a bit.....And on top of that, I will be taking a vacation break very soon, but will inform everyone when that happens..... People must understand that I am not giving up on doing this blog at all... I look at this as being my outlet for letting my feelings about what I see is wrong in this world come out, rather than keeping them bottled up.....

Well, I guess that is it for right now... I will of course close with a few parting tidbits..... With everything going so wrong in America right now, I wonder why the hell the people have not tried to have Soetoro impeached or put up on charges for his actions against US citizens?  Are the American people that much of a lost cause?.....I see there is a call for replacement of the failing Euro as a currency for the failed European Union.  I say the heck with that, and that all nations must dissolve that failed Rothschild experiment and go their own ways....No new reports from Fukushima Japan, which does indeed worry me.  Again, do the wars for Israel and NSA corruption matter more than people dying?.....My friend, Whitewraithe who writes Pragmatic Witness is still out there and kicking, and will be on Deanna Spingola's show on Republic Broadcasting ( this Friday, July 5th, at 11am CDT.  I would like everyone to tune in because it will be a great show.  Maybe someday, Deanna will have me on as well.  Someday...... NHL Hockey season is now over, finally, and I am going through withdrawals now as a hockey loving Canadian.   Just 3 more months before it starts all over again.  Some people say all professional sports are fixed, but we all need an outlet...... And finally, news about everyone's favorite American skank family and distraction from all that ails America, the Kardashians!  It does appear that princess and primary skank Kim has named her baby "North", making her daughter's full name "North West".  How original, and to me an insult to anyone living in the Northwestern United States and Canada.  I can guarantee that her next child (heaven forbid) will be named "South", and will give everyone in the southwestern United States something definite they can be proud of.... Yes, maybe its time for me to stop taking shots at the Kardashians and instead look at other American crap reality families... Nahhhhhh....

More to come


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Great Article By Kevin Barrett Via Lasha Darkmoon: Snowden's Revelations Are Just Tip Of NSA Spy Scandal Iceberg!

I have indeed been following the continuing story of Edward Snowden, who supposedly has fled America for his very life... And has very valuable information that could blow the entire criminal NSA organization in America to heck..... We have seen reports of his whereabouts in Russia, with revelations that Ecuador is willing to grant him asylum.... We also see the threats from the criminal Soetoro regime in Washington towards any nation willing to "harbor this fugitive"....There has even been speculation that the US has indeed been working hard on getting hit squads out to have Snowden killed, due to the fact that his information could indeed topple the entire US government!

Today, I came across a very important article from Lasha Darkmoon's site ( that was originally posted by Kevin Barrett from the Press Tv website (, that I definitely want to share here with my own readers... It is entitled: "Snowden's Revelations Are Just Tip Of NSA Spy Scandal Iceberg" and is a must read by everyone, and especially those who live in what used to be the free United States of America.... I have that article here, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Snowden’s revelations are just tip of NSA spy scandal iceberg, by Kevin Barrett

Pictures, captions, and an extended endnote by Lasha Darkmoon
Snowden’s revelations are relatively tame, says Dr Kevin Barrett. We’ve seen nothing yet. There are far greater skeletons in the NSA’s cupboard.


“The truth is much worse than Edward Snowden is telling us. Our rulers are not just criminals – they are madmen, psychopathic liars and mass murderers of the worst imaginable sort.”  — Kevin Barrett

Like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden is a media-trumpeted whistleblower hero. Like Assange, Snowden has striking, TV-star good looks. Like Assange, Snowden is involved in a dramatic TV-style chase across countries and continents.

It’s almost like Assange and Snowden are starring in their own reality-TV shows.

With all the hoopla about Snowden (and before him, Assange), it’s easy to forget all of the other whistleblowers who have revealed even more explosive information.

Consider two other NSA whistleblowers: Russ Tice and James Bamford.

Russ Tice is a former NSA intelligence analyst who has also worked for the US Air Force, the Office of Naval Intelligence, and the Defense Intelligence Agency. He was a real US intelligence insider, many pay grades above rookie contractor Edward Snowden.

In 2005, Tice blew the whistle on the NSA’s illegal spying on Americans. Tice and other NSA sources revealed that the NSA’s computerized spy program ECHELON was reading and filtering over 100,000 emails and phone calls per second. That is an even worse abuse of Americans’ Constitutional rights than the programs that Snowden has revealed, which store copies of emails and phone calls but (allegedly) do not read them except when legally authorized to do so.

Worse yet, Tice’s revelations raise even more troubling issues.

Tice and his NSA whistleblower colleagues revealed that the NSA’s massive, illegal spy-on-Americans program began in February, 2001 – seven months BEFORE the 9/11 attacks!

As Andrew Harris reported for Bloomberg in July, 2006:
The US National Security Agency asked AT&T Inc. to help it set up a domestic call monitoring site seven months before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, lawyers claimed June 23 in court papers filed in New York federal court… ‘The Bush Administration asserted this became necessary after 9/11,’ plaintiff’s lawyer Carl Mayer said in a telephone interview. ‘This undermines that assertion.’
The illegal NSA spy-on-Americans program apparently “became necessary” several months before 9/11, not after 9/11. Why?

In an interview entitled “NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice Alleges NSA Wiretapped Barack Obama as Senate Candidate” Russ Tice recently explained to FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds the real purpose of the NSA’s illegal spying on Americans: To collect blackmail material and other information that can be used to control influential citizens.

In short: The whole purpose of the NSA spy program was to enable 9/11, protect the perpetrators, and maintain the 9/11-triggered covert dictatorship.

Before 9/11, the neoconservatives of the Bush-Cheney Administration needed to ensure that no influential Americans would dare to stand up against the coming coup d’état.

So they directed the NSA to begin wiretapping the American people.

From the billions of intercepted communications, the 9/11 plotters focused on those of extremely influential Americans: Politicians, wealthy people, military and intelligence officers, media figures, and other well-connected individuals. All of these people were profiled: Were they likely to resist the coming 9/11 operation? If so, how could they be stopped?

In some cases, blackmail material was collected. In others, more intensive surveillance was instituted.
Two “actionable threats” to the 9/11 coup were Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy. After 9/11, they received US government anthrax in the mail. Frightened, Daschle and Leahy quickly stopped questioning 9/11 and opposing the Constitution-shredding USA Patriot Act.

If any influential Americans wanted to expose 9/11, and could not be blackmailed or controlled, they would have to be assassinated. The most illustrious victim was Senator Paul Wellstone, who was murdered, along with his family members and campaign staff, on October 25th, 2002, shortly after being threatened by then-Vice President Dick Cheney.

Senator Paul Wellstone and his family, all wiped out after the Senator began asking awkward questions about 9/11…

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) spoke out against the murder of Senator Wellstone, calling it “a message to us all.” She added that if quoted, she would deny her statement. Apparently she was not anxious to get anthrax in the mail, or to have herself and her family members murdered.

Another Senator from Minnesota, Mark Dayton, was also threatened by the 9/11 perpetrators. Senator Dayton fled Washington, DC and evacuated his entire staff to Minnesota in August 2004 – then announced his retirement from national politics – after receiving death threats due to his speech on the Senate floor attacking the 9/11 Commission Report as a pack of lies.

So as far back as 2005, Russ Tice and his colleagues revealed that the NSA spy program was used to murder almost 3,000 Americans in an act of bloody treason, and to kill or terrorize anyone who stood in the way. Compared to that, Edward Snowden’s revelations are relatively tame.

Another NSA whistleblower is James Bamford, the Agency’s quasi-official biographer. Bamford alerted Americans back in 2001 to a plot called Operation Northwoods. Like 9/11, Operation Northwoods was a fake “attack on America” designed to brainwash Americans into marching off to war. And like 9/11, it involved the murder of large numbers of Americans.

Operation Northwoods was designed to trigger war against Cuba and Russia in 1962. It called for US forces to bomb American cities and sink American ships. The CIA-controlled “Operation Mockingbird” mainstream media would blame Cuba for these murders.

Operation Northwoods was planned by Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Every member of the Joint Chiefs signed off on the proposal. It was one month away from happening, when President John F. Kennedy and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara vetoed it.

In his book Mary’s Mosaic, author Peter Janney discusses evidence that the Operation Northwoods plan was not just aimed at Cuba. Its deeper purpose was to trigger a pre-emptive US nuclear strike against the Soviet Union. Such a strike would have led to tens of millions of Russian and American deaths.

Every member of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962 wanted to murder thousands of Americans in a false-flag operation designed to trigger a war that would have killed millions.

In 2001, it finally happened.

“Sorry, I don’t want to kill thousands of innocent Americans . . . “
Lasha Darkmoon comments:

Twenty months after vetoing Operation Northwoods, Kennedy was dead. The exact reason for his assassination remains a matter of speculation. Maybe it had something to do with his firm opposition to Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion’s plans to acquire nuclear weapons and subject the rest of mankind to nuclear blackmail (the so-called  “Samson Option”), but it was also probably due to the fact that he had said “NO” to Operation Northwoods.

By vetoing Operation Northwoods, Kennedy had antagonized the powerful criminal syndicate that wanted to kill thousands of innocent Americans in cold blood and then start a catastrophic World War involving the death of tens of millions of Russians.

It is to be noted that this same criminal syndicate, having killed almost 3000 innocent Americans on 9/11, and murdered over a million innocent Iraqis in consequence, are now spoiling for a fight with Russia and China. The Snowden affair is an obvious attempt to manufacture a casus belli against Russia and China for refusing to hand over the “evil” whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Kevin Barrett concludes:

So the truth is much worse than Edward Snowden is telling us. Our rulers are not just criminals – they are madmen, psychopathic liars and mass murderers of the worst imaginable sort.

If the mainstream media publicized the most dangerous whistleblowers, the American National Security State would come crashing down.

Let us hope and pray that Edward Snowden’s example will inspire other whistleblowers to come forward … and that the most powerful and dangerous truths will finally be revealed.

About Montecristo 

John Scott Montecristo is the editor of this website. He is Lasha Darkmoon's cousin.

NTS Notes:  There are a few inconsistencies that I definitely need to point out from this article...

First, we know that Wikileaks and Julian Assange are not as they seem, and that Assange is most probably a Mossad operative... I also showed in previous articles that "Wikileaks" cannot be trusted, because of its misleading information... I smelled disinformation platform from the start..

Second, we also know that the Israelis were most definitely involved in the attacks of 9-11.  But there is some validity in this article's idea that the NSA was involved as well.... The Israelis could not have pulled off their murderous attack without the help of their suckers and slaves in America, and the NSA definitely fit the bill.... Sadly, many key US politicians were silenced for questioning 9-11 itself, and those murderers definitely silenced others from coming forward...

Yes, I have been aware of Operation Northwoods and how the US was willing to murder Americans to get into a shooting war against Cuba and possibly the then USSR..... They failed to get America into war then, but succeeded beyond their wildest dreams with the Israeli Mossad 9-11 attacks that got America into a fraud "war on terror" forever!

It does make me wonder what information this Edward Snowden does have, and if he can get that information out before these maniacs try to kill him.... It is also sad to see how far America has truly fallen, and how as Kevin Barrett states, is now run by madmen, psychopathic liars, and murderers... We are indeed watching a great nation built on the concepts of freedom and liberty finally disintegrate into a cesspool of tyranny and despair....

More to come


Getting Back To My Roots: Exposing The Fraud Of Project Apollo

I have been tackling political and science issues for such a long time that I have not touched on the one subject that started me on the road to the truth... And that of course was finding out over 3 decades ago that Project Apollo and the United States putting a man on the moon was a fraud.   

It is a fact that once you do realize that NASA LIED their asses off and fooled the entire world with the fraud of Project Apollo, that you begin to see other aspects of our so called "history" in a completely different light... If they can lie about Project Apollo, then they can lie about EVERYTHING else that we have been taught as being factual!

Common sense seems to be lacking in people even today when you tell them that NASA fooled the world into the false assumption that they landed men on the moon.... NASA today cannot possibly duplicate the so called "moon landings" today with superior technology, which leads to the fact that if they cannot do it now, then obviously they could not do it then with the antiquated technology of the 1960's.   

I have already covered the fraud of Project Apollo in many previous articles.  I pointed out the severe inconsistencies of the audio time delays in the transmissions to and from the moon, the fraudulent pictures that were much too perfect and done with obvious studio lighting, and the fact that no man can survive the intense radiation of both the Van Allen Radiation Belts and that of both interstellar space and even standing on the unshielded lunar surface..... But it does seem that there are still those out there that stick to the lies of NASA and will not even look at the evidence..... Sadly, the American government performed a great brainwashing of the public into the false belief of America's greatness in being the first to land a man on the moon, and that intense belief prevents many from ever admitting the fraud.  

I have been in conversations with a friend of mine, Greg Kalina, who has been a true ally and friend in our Apollo Hoax exposure group.   Recently, Greg again asked me to look again at the Apollo 11 News Conference that was conducted about 2 weeks after Apollo 11 "returned" to Earth.   For those who have never seen this news conference, I have the Youtube video of that conference right here for your viewing:

One thing that definitely is shocking from watching this news conference with these three LIARS is the body language of Edwin Aldrin, Michael Collins, and Neil Armstrong.   Common sense should dictate that these three men, if they actually did go to the moon, would be in a much more jovial and more enthusiastic mood.  But you see three individuals here that are fidgety, uneasy, and look absolutely solemn.  

What is also noted that I pointed out to Greg and others is the actions of Michael Collins while the others are speaking... He is constantly looking off the set, almost like he is looking for instructions from someone that is standing off in the sidelines who is giving Collins signals on how to act.... That, and when Neil Armstrong is asked about seeing stars on the lunar surface, and saying that he could not see any without the aid of optics, Collins states that he "didn't see any".... That is remarkable, considering Collins was NOT on the lunar surface, but was (supposedly) orbiting the moon in Apollo 11 Service/Command module!    THAT indicates that Collins was doing his job of helping to convince the audience of the authenticity of Neil's comment.  Few even realized at the time that what Collins was stating was clearly a ... LIE!

Psychologically, the knowledge of knowing that they were part of a huge lie weighed heavily on most of these men.... Neil Armstrong became basically a recluse after his "man on the moon" mission, while Collins disappeared into obscurity.... Aldrin on the other hand has still been out and about suckering people into attending his speaking engagements about him being on the "moon" and even selling his "memorabilia" of being on the "moon".... That makes Aldrin not only a liar and a cheat, but a swindler as well.....

I truly ask all of my readers to just take the time to look at the video of this news conference and watch the body language of these three liars..... There can be little doubt that these men reluctantly attended this conference and were coached heavily before hand on what to say and how to react to questions.   But knowing that they were to lie and perpetuate the fraud definitely weighed heavily on their hearts and especially their minds, and it showed......

As I have said many times.. I have known about this fraud for over 30 years, and originally it was rough for me to accept that fact that man's "greatest achievement" was a fraud...... But once you realize the truth and your eyes are wide open, it definitely gives you an entirely different perspective on the world we live in, and about how much we have been lied to all our lives....

Man has never landed on the moon.... It is time for people to live with that reality....

More to come


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Peace In Palestine-Israel Is Unattainable

It has been a while since I did an article that focuses in on the ongoing Palestinian conflict.  I do have a bit of catching up to do....

I have said many times in previous articles that true peace is absolutely unattainable in Palestine with the parasitic alien Jews that are illegally occupying the land, and there has been absolutely NOTHING that I have seen since that time that has changed.... Israel is still swallowing up what is left of Palestine at breakneck speed, and very soon there will be absolutely nothing left for the true people of that region, the Palestinians themselves, for a nation!

To help understand why peace is impossible in Palestine, I want to turn to a new article, that comes from the Redress Information & Analysis website, at  It is entitled: "Why Peace In Palestine-Israel Is Unattainable" and contains some key points that show why true peace in the region is indeed unattainable... I have some of my own thoughts and comments to follow:

June 27, 2013

Why peace in Palestine-Israel is unattainable

US funding of Israel By Jamal Kanj

But for the chap from Khan Younis refugee camp in Gaza who emerged earlier this week as the winner of the Arab Idol, the news from Palestine is grim.

The newly appointed Palestinian prime minister resigned and Israel still insists it should be able to negotiate over dividing the pie while it continues to eat it.

By the end of April, US Secretary of State John Kerry succeeded in tailoring another peace plan to entice Israel. Arab ministers supposedly agreed to amend a decade-old peace plan to satisfy Israeli demand for legalizing major illegal Jewish colonies in the West Bank.

In May 2009, Israel responded to the US-mediated overture by issuing permits to build 296 illegal new homes in the Jews-only colony of Beit El near Ramallah. This week the secretary of state was scheduled to arrive on his fifth visit since February in an attempt to restart the Palestinian and Israeli negotiation.

Instead of addressing Israel’s inflexibility, the US is appeasing it with an economic package worth 4 billion US dollars of private American and European investment.

The visit seems to be on hold to give time to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to consider a new US economic peace plan and for Israel to give Abbas a face-saving cover to return to the negotiation table.

Israel is already sending mixed messages.

According to news reports that have appeared in Israeli daily Ma’ariv, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is considering a token gesture of releasing a small number of Palestinian prisoners and to issue a temporary freeze “outside the settlement blocks” in the West Bank.

The deceptive “freeze” may force Abbas to succumb to American pressure while Netanyahu can claim – and rightly so – it is irrelevant as building inside the Jews-only “settlement blocks” will continue.

Affirming its real intention and to pre-empt Kerry’s renewed efforts – in what is becoming traditional embarrassment for visiting US officials – the Israeli government issued earlier this month plans to build more than 1,000 new Jews-only homes in two West Bank colonies.

Instead of addressing Israel’s inflexibility, the US is appeasing it with an economic package worth 4 billion US dollars of private American and European investment.

In fact the new American “economic peace” is a repackaged Netanyahu plan from the 1990s, which was intended to dodge tackling the most pressing issues in the peace talk.

In theory, the proposal would expand the Palestinian economy by 50 per cent over three years while granting Israel more time to finish eating the “pie”.

But in reality, past investments were undermined by Israeli closures and military checkpoints or even destroyed, as happened with Gaza’s air and sea ports, leaving Palestinians with false promises and the only measurable expansion was in the size of Jewish colonies.

…past investments were undermined by Israeli closures and military checkpoints or even destroyed, as happened with Gaza’s air and sea ports, leaving Palestinians with false promises and the only measurable expansion was in the size of Jewish colonies.

To bolster Israel’s arrogance, two weeks ago the US House of Representatives passed the National Defence Authorization Act in which it delegated, for the first time in US history, the power to wage war to a foreign entity when it committed the US to avail “diplomatic, military, and economic support” to Israel should it decide to strike Iran.

Along with that vote, and at a time when both sides of the isle wrangled over how much more to cut from the defence budget, the US Congress was united in tripling President Barack Obama’s request to finance Israeli missile defence from 96 million to 284 million dollars.

It is indisputable that this unqualified and subservient US support is directly responsible for Israel’s intransigence and the failure of the peace process. This was exemplified last week when Polish descendent and Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett – a multi-millionaire who renounced his US citizenship – declared on 17 June the death of the Palestinian state idea, adding that he isn’t an occupier and that the West Bank is his “home”.

Also rejecting the Palestinian state idea, Danny Danon, the Israel’s deputy defence minister, was quoted in the Times of Israel as saying: “The international community can say whatever they want, and we can do whatever we want.” Israeli leaders can’t be more explicit in their rejection of a viable Palestinian state, making the talk about a settlement “freeze” meaningless and peace unattainable.

A version of this article was first published by the Gulf Daily News. The version here is published by permission of Jamal Kanj.

NTS Notes: What is missing in this article is the absolute key issue that I have said that makes true peace in Palestine impossible, and that is the true and very sick nature of "Zionism" itself...

People must understand that these Khazar false Jew invaders have the phantom belief that the land of Palestine has been granted to them by their "God"... Many of their ultra-religious zealots believe this lie to be fact, and they are the ones who presently run the Israeli government itself....

Under the sick and twisted ideas of "Zionism" that drives the criminal state of Israel, there is absolutely NO room for the Palestinian people, period... They have been fooling the world and the gullible Gentiles for decades now that they are in pursuit of "Peace" when in fact, they laughingly talk of "Peace" while they accelerate their illegal settlement building in Palestinian territory...

The fact is that right now, there is not enough territory left in "Palestine" to make a tenable state of Palestine even viable any more... It is basically too late now as the Israelis have stolen so much territory and have positioned their settlers in such a manner that the Palestinians have no hope for their own state...This is why I have said that the only choice now left for the Palestinian people is to resist their criminal oppressors and land thieves or vanish from the face of the planet....

And of course with the total control of America by these parasitic criminals, Israel will continue to steal land with impunity, knowing that they can call on their sucker slaves in the United States to watch their backs....

Peace in Palestine?  Not as long as the criminals that run Israel continue their sick dream of Zionism...

More to come


Jewish Controlled Hollywood Spewing More Garbage: "World War Z" And Another Zionist False Flag Operation Exposed!

I have been reading and watching all the recent articles about the latest Jew spew out of "Jew"-lywood, entitled "World War Z"..... What I have found out about this movie is that it is a very pathetic attempt by the criminal Jews to cast their horrible and psychotic state of Israel in a positive light... The fact that part of this spew that is passed off as a movie centers around the criminal state of Israel and how that nation somehow saves itself from "zombies" shows again how badly these criminals are now at a state of desperation to somehow claiming how "great" Israel is... It is enough to make anyone puke!

Just today, I read a very interesting article from a fellow real truth seeker that paints this pathetic movie in a very interesting light.... According to this article from Greg Bacon, who writes the great site, Goon Squad, at, it appears that the entire making of this horrible movie may have been a cover for a real false flag operation in Hungary!   Read this interesting article here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Another Zionist False Flag Op Exposed

It involves the Yid propaganda movie called 'World War Z.'

Seems like someone tried to ship a large number of assault rifles, sniper rifles and handguns into Budapest, Hungary that were supposed to be movie props, but were the real thing.
The filmmakers initially intended to film a climactic battle scene set in Russia, and the crew moved to Budapest to film it there for 17 days. Filming in Budapest commenced on the evening of October 10, 2011. That morning, the Hungarian Counter Terrorism Centre raided the warehouse where guns had been delivered for use as filming props. The 85 assault rifles, sniper rifles, and handguns had been flown into Budapest overnight on a private aircraft, but the film's producers had failed to clear the delivery with Hungarian authorities, and while the import documentation indicated that the weapons had been disabled, all were found to be fully functional. On February 10, 2012, the charges were dropped after investigators were unable to identify exactly which "organization or person" had "ownership rights"; therefore they could not "establish which party was criminally liable".
Now who would want to smuggle into Hungary a large stash of deadly weaponry? The same bunch of sadists that are known for setting off False Flags around the world, like the one on 9/11.
And which group of land thieves always seem to get a pass when it comes to committing crimes?

BTW, Budapest has the world's 2nd largest synagogue. And is a financial hub of Europe, which attracts zombies of another kind.

Budapest is also called 'Judapest.'

If you know who owns Hollywood, then you'll know who was smuggling in these weapons.

But here's the funny part: while the bureau couldn't figure out who the owner was so they could press charges, officials there did contradictorily acknowledge to returning the firearms to "their owner."

'WWZ' is a thinly veiled attempt at hasbara, with Israel being portrayed in a kind, benevolent light that welcomes people of all nations, creeds, color, religions, etc, as long as they're not bitten by the Zombie bug.
Before the viewer can process whether the film is about to go down some post-9/11 Jewish conspiracy path, Gerry is landing in the Holy Land fortress-state to the site of slowly fluttering Israeli flag close-ups, triumphant marshal music, and confident IDF soldiers speaking in Hebrew, rushing around, smiling in soft filtered light close-ups. It's the first glimpse of order, military control, and calm since the disaster has started, and its so overtly pro-military that its reminiscent of the armed forces segments in Transformers, looking almost like a commercial shot by the media wing of the armed services.

He [Brad Pitt playing Gerry Lane] questions the Mossad chief on how he knew the threat was coming, and gets a lesson in revisionist Zionist history, starting with the legitimate failure to take the threat in 30s Germany seriously, and then the same failure from similar or greater threat in 1973, when “we were almost washed into the sea,” and at the 1978 Olypmics, both of which “we did not see coming.” It's the classic, and academically disproven myth that Israel was always on the defense in its wars, and also the conflation of Palestinians and Arabs with Nazis, as ever-present existential threats to peace-loving Jews.

At a clearing in front of the large barrier wall, near a refugee processing military checkpoint, is a spectacle of pure multicultural fantasy, in which Hassidic and secular Jews, and Palestinians sing and dance in praise of the savior state. I think I caught a Palestinian woman singing a patriotic song in Hebrew, after she grabs the mike in the celebratory frenzy. It’s a very brazen rewrite of the violence and exclusion of Israel’s hundreds of check-points, which are turned completely on their head in the film. Talking over the din of this utopian spectacle, Jurgen explains that they are letting in every human being, in a kind of equalized Right of Return for all, because every living human is one less undead to deal with later.
The "Times of Israel" is beside itself, heaping praise on this hasbara brainwashing.

Want to watch a short clip of how these inglorious bastards deal with Palestinians...uhh, I mean Zombies?

"World War Z" Zombies Climbing up Wall

NTS Notes:  Gee... Using the filming of a movie as a cover for a false flag operation?   Only the criminal Jews would consider such a scenario....Thank goodness the nation of Hungary was able to seize these weapons before they were possibly put into use against their citizens...

And on the subject of this crap movie called "World War Z"... You could not pay me to watch this trash... It is indeed a piece of Hasbara propaganda to somehow make the illegal separation wall that the cirminal Israelis are building around the innocent people of Palestine look good, when in fact it is a horrific attempt by these criminals to basically lock the Palestinian people in what is nothing more than an open air prison!

I have not seen ANY decent movies out of "Jew"-lywood for quite sometime now, and it does appear that their attempts to spew propaganda and brainwashing of the masses continues..... Save your money and do not go and see this piece of trash, period...

More to come


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ideas For Saving Ourselves From Total Economic Collapse: An 11 Point Program To Stop This Depression And End The War Against Us!

The World economies are indeed teetering right now on total collapse... It is so sad that nations that have foolishly adopted the criminal Jewish Usury debt system have not learned from history, which clearly shows that any nation that bases its financial system on Usury has always collapsed!   What we have right now is history repeating itself... This time on a world wide basis....It does appear again that we have not learned from history and we will be paying dearly for that folly as a result....

I have been in a constant search for any solutions for getting us out of this economic mess.....And I do turn to the work of fellow bloggers for any ideas on saving ourselves from economic destruction... I just found an excellent article from "Horse237" who writes Video Rebel's Blog, at that has a list of 11 great ideas for both getting us out of our present economic Depression, as well as ending the war against us...... I have that Video Rebel article right here in its entirety for everyone to view for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

An 11 Point Program to Stop This Depression And End The War Against Us

We are already in World War III and in a Global Depression. The US government admits to sending American troops as either combatants or advisers in 74 countries. Comments from Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Stenny Hoyer and Republicans John Boehner and Peter King calling Edward Snowden a traitor reveals the nature of this war.

The war is against you because by declaring Snowden a traitor they are admitting that anyone defending the public is siding with the enemy of the government at a time when war is being waged against us.

We are in a Depression. The currency, oil, commodity, gold, silver, Credit Default Swaps, interest rates markets are all rigged to make the economy look good. Similarly, the G8 meeting in Ireland included a Potemkin village. It seems the villagers at their demonstration small Irish town do not have enough cash income to maintain a main street butcher’s shop. The G8 solution was to create a picture of food and put it in store windows.

The Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich studied 40,000 international corporations. They found 1.319 to be significant. And of these there were 147 that ran the world economy. That study also revealed that these 147 companies had interlocking Boards of Directors so in reality we are talking about one corporate entity that runs the world economy, the media and all of our governments.

The key to understanding when these rigged markets will collapse so this current Global Depression can no longer be denied is interest rates. They are going up and this means the ability of the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank to rig our markets will soon crash along with the dollar, the yen, the pound and the euro. When the dollar no longer serves as the world reserve currency, prices will double and America will have to cut spending by a trillion or two dollars a year by savaging benefits.

The following describes an eleven point program to undo what has been done to us by design.
I will begin by asking what a Depression is. Most answers from your friends will describe the effects, such as, unemployment, starvation and bankruptcies. But Depressions are solved by cancellation of debts either through discharge in bankruptcy court or by inflation devaluing the real value of the burden of debt.

We need to cancel debts to get the economy running. The first step will require a few enabling points to make it clear how this can be done.

1) I would offer $20,000 in debt cancellation to every adult citizen who is not institutionalized. This should be an international effort for people in monetary economies so people in foreign countries will get equivalent amounts in pounds, euros and other local currencies. This be financed by seizing the assets of what I would call war criminals in Lichtenstein, the Cayman Islands and other such offshore money laundering centers. We need to get the assets of the private banks and the account numbers of all the corporations and the trusts the criminals who declared war against us. Only this will stop both World War III and this Depression.

2) Seize the assets of war criminals. A lot of assets have been converted into real estate. In America we also have problems with mortgages. To evade taxes and to intentionally create clouded titles to homes the war criminals created the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS). I would suggest that MERS be made illegal and require all mortgages be registered at a reduced rate at the local county courthouse. I would give everyone 90 days to at register for a clear title.

I would also challenge the title to every property to show that it did not belong to a war criminal or a corporation or trust fund held by one. For example, if a shopping mall is owned by a corporation, the actual people who own the shares must identify themselves.

The World bank did a study of 213 banking scandals and found that 150 were traced bank to offshore trusts linked either to drug cartels or to the 30 or so families whose wealth has been fully invested in slave trading, drug smuggling and other crimes against humanity for centuries. All of these assets need to be seized so we can cancel debts and get the economy moving again. We also need to take away their assets not just because they were stolen from us but to reduce their ability to wage war against us to zero.

We can take the seized real estate and sell it at low interest rates over a 20 year term. All of the principal and interest from these sales should be used to fund Social Security.

The seized stock and bond assets should also be used to fund public and private pensions and to cancel government debts. I would also use the tens of trillions of dollars in government agency assets listed at to cancel debts and fund pensions.

3) All government debt should be made illegal. President Lincoln issued Greenbacks which bore no interest. The Greenbacks eliminated the need for bonds to be issued.

4) I would issue a non-interest bearing currency in America and require the same of any foreign country that would want our assistance to cancel their government and personal debts. It was the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 that allowed bankers to create money out of nothing and charge us interest. That interest was designed to transfer all wealth from us to the bankers. It created Unpayable Debts which grow at exponential rates due to the law of compound interest.

Since prices are a ratio of the Money Supply to goods and services for sale, if we increase both at the same rate, we would have price stability. We could at current rates spend 535 billion dollars a year into circulation. We could create 535 billion dollars and spend it without raising taxes to pay for it. If we increased the GDP and the Money Supply to twice our current levels, then we could spend a trillion dollars a year into circulation while maintaining stable prices.

5) I would spend 200 billion dollars a year to repair America’s infrastructure. We have spent too much money on foreign wars so our infrastructure is collapsing. I would divide up 100 billion dollars a year amongst the 50 states on a proportional basis so a state with 2% of the US population would get 2 billion dollars to spend on bridges, roads, dams, levees, sewers and school buildings. This would be matched by 100 billion dollars in federal infrastructure repair.

6) I would make pensions illegal. A pension is a promise to pay you something in 20 or 30 years. These pension funds currently attract maggots seeking to feed on your retirement funds. I would pass a law saying that your employer must pay you this year for any money that was intended to be set aside for your retirement. This money would go into a retirement account in your name at a local cooperative trust.

7) Use those cooperative trusts to over shadow the power of Wall Street and the City of London. Allow them to offer low interest credit cards and consumer loans. Let them issue simple life, fire and auto insurance. Plow the profits back into retirement funds. Commercial banks would be geared to small businesses.

8) To boost the economy release all of the secret government technology to new corporations that would receive the patents and a 5 billion dollar gift to bring cheap and abundant energy and other advances onto the market. If needed, they could trade patent rights for regions overseas in exchange for the machinery needed to produce products in America. Shares should be issued to American citizens who are too young to expect Social Security payments as that program will be discontinued in 30 or so years. If a stock valued at $50 splits 6 times in 20 years, then it will be worth $3,200 and ten shares would be valued at $32,000.

Young people would no longer contribute to Social Security. Their employer would pay into their retirement account at their cooperative trust but they would pay nothing to Social Security.

If a married couple making no more than the minimum wage were able to set aside everything they paid into Social Security into a mutual fund, they would retire at age 65 with a million dollars. That had to be said for the benefit of those who do not understand money.

9) Make fractional reserve banking illegal. In 1348 the people of Venice were on a gold standard. If you deposited one gold coin, the banker could loan 50 certificates said to be equal to 50 gold coins. The banker was allowed to collect interest on that paper note as if it were 50 gold coins. This system collapsed even though the people had a gold standard. Bankers pay people to spread false doctrines about the gold standard. The bankers have stolen most of the gold  and would love a return to the gold standard. But to function as money the medium of exchange must be plentiful enough so everyone can buy and sell. The only way a gold standard could work is if we allowed bankers to loan out 100 or more paper certificates in exchange for each gold coin. That will impoverish us with interest payments on money they created out of nothing. Sound familiar?

10) Make property taxes on a primary residence illegal. A home should be one of the primary savings plans for retirement. Taxing homes harms taxpayers. It should no longer be policy of the government to do harm to us. Property tax revenues will be more than balanced by the cancellation of state and local debts and 100 billion dollars a year in federal capital grants. And all those new workers will be paying taxes.

11) Establish an incomes policy. My goal is self-determination for the working class. The current government is breaking small businesses and the middle class while encouraging welfare dependency.

I would make the first $30,000  a year on a single person tax free or $60,000 for a married couples. I would give either the mother or the custodial father in cases of divorce $600 a month for the first child and $400 a month for the second child. Nothing for additional children except in cases of twins and triplets.

I would also change the name of the IRS to Internal Revenue and Benefits Services. I would also take away their armed agents and their police powers. A separate police force would be responsible for arresting tax cheats. The IRS has killed too many innocent Americans for them to survive without a serious overhaul.

I would also pass a negative income tax. Under this system a person making $8.50 an hour would be paid $1.50 an hour by the employer from federal sources. Under this plan a married couple both working 40 hours a week would earn a guaranteed $40,160 a year tax free. If they had 2 children, they would receive $1,000 a month or $12,000 a year for a total of  $52,160 tax free.

I would pay for this in part by ending the wars and the surveillance state. Someone said we spent 7 trillion dollars on wars we did not need after we allowed Israel to blow up the World Trade Center. I also would no longer allow bankers to steal more than 3 billion dollars a week from unaudited federal spending.

I would also eliminate a lot of federal, state and local employees and even entire departments. And I would eliminate almost all tax deductions. I would trade your interest rate deduction on a home mortgage for the elimination of property taxes on a principal residence. And I would trade your tax exemptions for children by paying you $12,000  a year for the first two children. Eliminating tax deductions would pay for a great part of the reforms we need. Any deduction that gives you a thousand dollars gives others $100,000 in tax breaks. An oil man once paid $17.95 in federal income tax on an income of $75,000,000. That was when tax rates were higher but deductions still shifted the burden to the middle class. By giving married couples $12,000 for children, we will make the flat rate tax fair for the middle class.

Author’s Notes:

Updated 2013 Bilderberg Annotated Members List

Being Employed Today Vs 1970

Confirming Matt Taibbi: The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right

How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World

NTS Notes:  These points presented by Horse237 are indeed something to contemplate for solving this economic mess..... But one key issue is missing from this list, and that is the necessity to BAN all JEWS from positions of both government and finance,  possibly forever....

The fact is that many of these points can be done immediately and in doing so it could alleviate our present economic situation within a period of a few weeks.... However, again with the total control of the Jews over both our financial system AND our governments, that may never happen....

I cannot see any changes happening to fix our economies right now short of a revolution... But people must remember that a violent revolution against our criminal governments would only give them their much needed excuse to impose martial law and take away what is left of our freedoms forever.... Therefore the only possible solution at present is for an awakening of the masses with the hope that many stand firm against the machinations of these criminals and take a stand by simply refusing to take part in their criminal financial system as well as participating in their criminal wars....Wars for Israel must end immediately!

If anyone has any other ideas for solving our present economic crisis, I am always all ears... My comment section is always open for thoughts and opinions!

More to come


Monday, June 24, 2013

Do YOU Want The Truth About Syria? Watch This Video That Exposes What The So Called "Rebels" Are Really All About!

I am deeply shocked at the American public doing absolutely nothing while the criminals that run their government rush towards war against another innocent nation, Syria, on behalf of their Jewish masters in Tel Aviv.... The nation of Syria has done absolutely nothing against the United States or the entire international community, so I must ask why the hell we are about to support an attack that will the murder of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians?

Some very important questions about this so called "civil war" in Syria have always been: "Who exactly are these so called "rebels"? ....and.... Are they truly fighting for "freedom" in Syria?"... .To answer this question, I want to present the following very graphic video that shows EXACTLY what these so called "rebels" are all about.... It is entitled: "Rebels killing innocent civilians in many ways, including beheading, shooting, and slaughtering" and is a must see by everyone... Again, it is quite graphic, and absolutely not for the faint of heart..... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  This is absolutely one of the most sickening videos that I have ever watched... And YES, this is exactly what the so called "rebels" in Syria are really all about!

The facts presented in this video, and many articles, show that these mercenaries are indeed murderous thugs that have done horrific crimes against the Syrian civilian population, including ...CANNIBALISM!    How any nation of true decency can support these monsters is absolutely beyond me...

We are now watching the US/Israel and their slave nations around the world now pushing for a "no fly zone" as a prelude to open invasion of Syria to support these murderers in their quest to overthrow the popular Assad government... There is still time to prevent this act of mass murder against the innocent people of Syria....Please take this video, and pass it around for everyone to see for themselves the monsters that our governments are supporting!

More to come


The Biggest Ponzi Scheme In The History Of The World!

The once great United States of America is now a shadow of its past glory... Wrecked from the inside by criminal Jews who have destroyed that nation's economy through their diabolical Usury debt system, it is now teetering on full economic collapse that will have every American wake up very shortly destitute and asking what the hell just happened... By then though, it will be too late and America will become a third world country (possibly much worse) overnight...

To help explain the demise of the United States through the criminal Jewish Usury debt system, I want to present the following very important article that comes from The Economic Collapse blog, at, entitled: "The Biggest Ponzi Scheme In The History Of The World".   It gives a great short history of what has gone wrong with America that has put it in the dire predicament it faces today.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The Biggest Ponzi Scheme In The History Of The World

America Is Broke 
Did you know that you are involved in the most massive Ponzi scheme that has ever existed?  To illustrate my point, allow me to tell you a little story.  Once upon a time, there was a man named Sam.  When he was younger, he had been a very principled young man that had worked incredibly hard and that had built a large number of tremendously successful businesses.  He became fabulously wealthy and he accumulated far more gold than anyone else on the planet.  But when he started to get a little older he forgot the values of his youth.  He started making really bad decisions and some of his relatives started to take advantage of him.  One particularly devious relative was a nephew named Fred.  One day Fred approached his uncle Sam with a scheme that his friends the bankers had come up with.  What happened next would change the course of Sam's life forever.

Even though Sam was the wealthiest man in the world by far, Fred convinced Sam that he could have an even higher standard of living by going into a little bit of debt.  In exchange for IOUs issued by his uncle Sam, Fred would give him paper notes that he printed off on his printing press.  Since the paper notes would be backed by the gold that Sam was holding, everyone would consider them to be valuable.  Sam could take those paper notes and spend them on whatever his heart desired.  Uncle Sam started to do this, and he started to become addicted to all of the nice things that those paper notes would buy him.

Fred took the IOUs that he received from his uncle and he auctioned them off to the bankers.  But there was a problem.  The IOUs issued by Uncle Sam had to be paid back with interest.  When the time came to pay back the IOUs, Uncle Sam could not afford to pay back the debts, pay the interest on those debts, and buy all of the nice things that he wanted.  So Uncle Sam issued even more IOUs than before so that he could get enough notes to pay off his debts.  As time rolled on, this pattern just kept on repeating.  Uncle Sam repeatedly paid off his old debts by taking out even larger new debts.

Meanwhile, since the notes that Uncle Sam was using were backed by gold, everyone else in the world decided to start using them to trade with one another.  This was greatly beneficial to Uncle Sam, because the rest of the world was glad to send him oil, home electronics, plastic trinkets and anything else that Uncle Sam wanted in exchange for his gold-backed notes.

Eventually, however, the rest of the world started to suspect that the number of gold-backed notes that Uncle Sam was issuing far exceeded the amount of gold that Uncle Sam actually had.  So the rest of the world started to trade in their notes for gold.

And by that time Uncle Sam definitely did not have enough gold to back up his notes.  Realizing that the scheme was starting to collapse, one day Uncle Sam announced that his notes would no longer be backed by gold.  But he insisted that the rest of the world should continue using his notes because he was the wealthiest man on the planet and everyone should just trust him.

And the rest of the world did continue to trust him, although it wasn't the same as before.

As Uncle Sam got greedier and greedier, he started to issue IOUs and spend notes at a rate that nobody ever dreamed possible.  The great businesses that Uncle Sam had built when he was younger were starting to decline, and Uncle Sam started buying far more stuff from the rest of the world than they bought from him.  The rest of the world was still glad to take Uncle Sam's notes because they used them to trade with one another, but they started accumulating far more notes than they actually needed.

Not sure exactly what to do with mountains of these notes, the rest of the world started to loan them back to Uncle Sam.  It eventually got to the point where Uncle Sam owed the rest of the world trillions of these notes.  Even though the notes were losing value at a rate of close to 10 percent a year, Uncle Sam somehow convinced the rest of the world to loan him notes at an average rate of interest of less than 3 percent a year.

One day Uncle Sam woke up and realized that the amount of debt that he owed was now more than 5000 times larger than it was when Fred had first approached him with this ill-fated scheme.  Uncle Sam now owed more than 16 trillion notes to his creditors, and Uncle Sam had already made future financial commitments of 202 trillion notes that he would never be able to pay.  Meanwhile, the notes that Fred had been printing up for Uncle Sam were now worth less than 5 percent of their original value.  Uncle Sam was becoming concerned because some of his other relatives were warning that this whole scheme was about to collapse.

Sadly, Uncle Sam did not listen to them.  Uncle Sam knew that if he admitted how fraudulent the financial scheme was, the rest of the world would quit sending him all of the things that he needed in exchange for his notes and they would quit lending his notes back to him at super low interest rates.

And if the rest of the world lost confidence in his notes and quit using them, Uncle Sam knew that his standard of living would go way, way down.  That was something that Uncle Sam could not bear to have happen.

When a financial crisis almost caused the scheme to crash in 2008, a desperate Uncle Sam went to Fred and asked for help.  In response, Fred started printing up far more notes than ever before and started directly buying up large amounts of IOUs from Uncle Sam with the notes that he was creating out of thin air.  Fred hoped that the rest of the world would not notice what he was doing.

It seemed to work for a little while, but then an even worse financial crisis came along.  Once again, Uncle Sam started issuing massive amounts of new IOUs and Fred started printing up giant mountains of new notes to try to fix things, but their desperate attempts to keep the system going were to no avail.  The rest of the world started to realize that they had been sucked into a massive Ponzi scheme, and they lost confidence in the notes that Uncle Sam was using.  Suddenly nobody wanted to lend notes to Uncle Sam at super low interest rates anymore, and people started asking for far more notes in exchange for the things that Uncle Sam wanted.

Uncle Sam's standard of living dropped dramatically.  Since he could no longer flood the world with his notes, Uncle Sam could not continue to consume far, far more wealth than he produced.  Uncle Sam sunk into a deep depression as he watched the scheme fall apart all around him.

Uncle Sam had once been the wealthiest man on the entire planet, but now he was a broke, tired old man that was absolutely drowning in debt.  Unfortunately, once he was down on his luck the rest of the world did not have any compassion for him.  In fact, much of the rest of the world celebrated the downfall of Uncle Sam.

All of this could have been avoided if Uncle Sam had never agreed to Fred's crazy scheme.  And once Uncle Sam made the decision to stop backing his notes with gold, it was only a matter of time before the scheme was going to collapse.

Does this little story sound crazy to you?  It shouldn't.  The truth is that you are involved in such a scheme right now.  In case you haven't figured it out, "Uncle Sam" is the United States, the "notes" are U.S. dollars, and "Fred" is the Federal Reserve.

Please share this story with as many people as you can.  Our country is headed for complete and total financial disaster, and we need to get people educated about this while there is still time.

NTS Notes:  I have been been saying exactly the same things that are in this article for years.... Sadly too few people have listened, and now it may be too late to save the US from economic disaster...

It is a fact that throughout history, every nation that has adopted the criminals Jewish financial system of Usury debt has collapsed.   What we see happening in the United States right now is just history repeating itself, and the fact that few in America have heeded this important history lesson!

I know that people will say the usual... What can be done to fix this mess? .... I used to say that the fix was simple... End the debt immediately, disband the Federal Reserve, outlaw Jewish Usury permanently, and have the government itself print money interest free..... But considering the total control of the US government by these parasitic Jews, that will definitely not happen now or any time soon....

More to come


Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Video By Snordelhans: USA, The Disposable People!

I am truly shocked by what I see happening in America right now... Most Americans are truly nothing more than sheep that are being led to the slaughter by Jewish criminals in charge of their own government.  It will only be a matter of time now before the United States collapses like a house of cards due to these criminals destroying it from the inside.....

I want to present the following video, that comes from Patrick Willis himself, aka.. Snordelhans... It is entitled: "USA: The Disposable People", and just as I have long said, does not paint a pretty picture of what America truly is today.... Here is that important video, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Like I have said many times before... Most Americans today are nothing more than brain dead zombies, or as some say...mutton chomping sheep.... This is due to their never ending diet of chemicals, vaccines, and prescription drugs, as well as the brainwashing effect of the Jewish controlled media... All these have turned their minds into pure mush...

It is shocking to see the criminals in the US government care little about human life itself, especially not only the lives of their own citizens....It is terrible to know that the American people do not even have a proper health care system,  and are treated as nothing more than guinea pigs by big Pharmaceutical industries that now have some 70% of the American public hopelessly addicted to their so called "prescription drugs" that are nothing more than pure poisons!

And now we have the criminal Barry Soetoro administration that will have the American sheep embroiled into another conflict all for their glorious Jewish masters in Tel Aviv...This time against the innocent nation of Syria.....

Honestly, the time for American people to wake up from this madness is long past, and we are indeed watching a once truly great nation being destroyed both inside and out....

The people interviewed in this video do not come out and say it, but I will.... America is now a disposable people for criminal Jewish interests....It is so sad to see how far the mighty have truly fallen...

More to come


Shocking Video: When Israel Is Mighty!

I have long had problems understanding the mindset of the Jews, and how they can be so truly evil and barbaric.   It still shocks me to this day how this group can possibly co-exist with the rest of mankind considering their twisted teachings and logic that they are somehow superior over the rest of mankind. It is troubling that this "tribe" of criminals truly does picture the rest of us as nothing more than subhuman and to be their slaves if and when they ever attain their sick goals of world domination...

Ever so often though, videos do surface where this sick "tribe" does come out and reveal their plans for world control, and exactly how they view the rest of us.... I want to present one such video, that surfaced thanks to the Incogman, over at, that is entitled: "When Israel Is Mighty" and is a must see by everyone... Please pay particular attention to what this sicko states after the 6:00 mark in this video....... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Well, there it is in a tribe member's own words... It does appear that according to the sick Jewish Zionist logic that when Israel gets to be mighty, they do believe it is their duty to destroy their enemies, primarily all of Christianity!

I cannot emphasize more that we are indeed dealing with a very sick insane group of people that are now armed to the teeth with weapons that WILL be used against the rest of us....

Please take this video and pass it around for everyone to see for themselves.... The truth about these criminals must be told..

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

It is now Sunday, and it is time again for my weekly rant...

Yes, I have been semi- "Missing In Action" the last while.... I have been spending more time lately taking care of personal and family business, and working at getting myself into better shape..  I have long been a proponent of the idea that a "Healthy body makes for a healthy mind"... With that, this blog has fallen a bit by the wayside, and there have been fewer articles lately... But like I have said before, I am not quitting... I have never been a quitter, and I will continue to be around for quite some time to come....

Yesterday, I spent an hour talking to my good friend and colleague, Whitewraithe, who of course writes the Pragmatic Witness blog (, and I figured I would let her fans know here that she is very much alive and kicking... She has been suffering from a lot of stress and depression the last while, which has led to her having severe health issues.  She has not posted an article at her blog for a while as a result.... I have again asked her not to quit, and she has informed me that she does not want to quit, but wants to take her blog in a different direction.   I will always support her in her endeavors, and I do hope for the best for her....

When I look at the diabolical people behind what ails this planet right now, I have always been asking myself... How can anyone of good conscience do such horrible things to their fellow human beings?   I have long been puzzled by the mentality of these monstrous criminals, due to the fact that I have long believed that human beings are wired basically for good, and then I started thinking.. Maybe I have been wrong all along and human beings are not wired for good at all...It does appear that many are actually wired for personal selfishness, greed, and immorality..... Is this the true nature of the human psyche?

When I look upon the Jewish problem, and see that the majority are involved directly or indirectly in the crimes against the rest of humanity, I am indeed troubled.... How can anyone go through an entire lifetime with such hatred for their fellow man?  How is it that these people can somehow consider themselves as superior to others?   To me, we are all human beings, flesh and blood, and with our physical and mental weaknesses.  I have long said that the key to humanity is for each to work towards the benefit of everyone, and not towards the selfishness of the few...This is why I do look at Judaism, which teaches selfishness, greed, and immorality as a whole, as a detriment of all mankind, and should rightfully find itself in the trashcans of history!

This last week, I saw some very interesting articles that I never covered in previous articles, but I will discuss a few here in this rant.... For example, a commentator asked me to look into the article that was out this week about several Jews in upstate New York who were working on an "X-ray gun" to take out the people who were against the criminal state of Israel.   When I read the article, I thought about how these guys could even possibly build such a device and from what I do know about X-ray machines, and how they operate...I laughed... The energy requirements for such a gun, and the makeup of such a device, would make it as deadly to the operator as to its intended victim.     The bottom line is that if such a device were built, it would irradiate the operator as badly as its intended target.   Maybe sometime in the future such a device could be built, but at present it is still out of the present scientific realm...... This is why I do not give much credence to this article at all....

Then there was a new article released last week about a Jewish man named Joe Corry who has suddenly had memories of his "exploits" in World War II, and has been writing them in his new "memoirs".... I read the article about this clown, and I wondered why anyone could possibly believe his shoddy lies... This guy claims he watched the British landings on D-day from houses along the beach.... That alone was an impossibility, considering the Germans rightfully moved all the tenants of these homes out months before the D-Day landings, and these homes were then occupied with German soldiers...Then there was his outlandish claims that he met and RESCUED (!) Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the scientists behind the Manhattan Project, in Holland when the British pushed into that country in 1945.... That alone was a laugher considering that Dr. Oppenheimer was in the United States at the time working on the Manhattan Project, and absolutely nowhere near Holland.... Then there are other absolutely ridiculous claims that he assassinated a Nazi Scientist using a "crossbow", and even attached limpet mines to U-boats.... But the real kicker was his "seeing experimental Nazi extermination camps" during his time in Holland.... What we have here is another Jewish LIAR who is out to try to sucker money out of the "Goyim".... But what troubles me is how in the hell the Jewish community itself can actually condone this clown's outright lies!.... But we already know that the Jews are all for suckering the Goyim with their lies... We have seen the Elie Wiesel lies already for too long.....

Now for the story of the week... The assassination of Journalist, Michael Hastings, on an interstate highway just outside of Los Angeles... And yes, lets stop kidding ourselves here... That was an assassination..... Michael Hastings was already exposing the criminality of the US Government and was going to reveal even more when Government agents took him out......I for one have never ever seen a Mercedes Benz explode the way his vehicle did, and to find engine parts a few hundred feet away from the explosion is the tell tale sign of a preplanned and prepositioned explosive charge on his vehicle... In my discussion with Whitewraithe yesterday, I said to her that I can guarantee Hastings was already dead, but they needed to create the "accident" to get rid of the body..... Remote controlled vehicles are easily done, and having it hit a tree at 100MPH and then explode conveniently gets rid of the body....This should be a warning to anyone who wants to turn whistle-blower to watch their steps very carefully....

Of course we have the continuing exposure of the United States NSA operation of surveillance of every American citizen.... I have already said in previous rants that they have been doing it now for decades, and that every computer program in existence today has a built in back door that allows agents to view what we are watching, listening to, and even posting in articles such as this.    I was indeed startled this last week when several Government officials said that they saw no problem with people being watched if there is nothing for them to hide.... That is just sick and not the point... True freedom means that individuals can make decisions and do what they want without the watchful eye of "big brother".... To watch peoples' every action is just another form of a tyrannical dictatorship.

Of course, this illegal surveillance is indeed going on here in Canada as well.... The criminal Harper government can deny it all they want, but Canadians are not that stupid (at least I hope), and are well aware that what is happening in America is reflected here in Canada as well.....I will state it again, any unwarranted surveillance of people is pure tyranny and criminality.   People have to wake the hell up and put a stop to it immediately.

I am truly troubled by the American people sitting idly by and just watching as their government moves arms, and men, to the borders of Syria for their planned attack on that innocent nation.   We are indeed watching Iraq 2003 all over again, and using the same lies now as then.... But the evidence is clear that the Syrian government has not or will never use chemical weapons on its own citizens.   Common sense, everyone.... Assad has the love and support of his people, so why in the hell would he even think about turning such weapons on them?

We all know by now that the US and Israel that have been funding the so called "rebels" are the perpetrators of this chemical weapon scheme.   The facts are clear that Assad's Government forces are wiping out these criminals and murderers in every battle across Syria, and that the "rebel resistance" is rapidly disappearing now.   The only way to save these criminals is for direct US/Israeli intervention, and the criminals in the US government and the criminal state of Israel are wanting that intervention via the lie of chemical weapons...... Again, people have to wake the hell up and put a stop to it immediately...

I did put out an important article just a few days ago that should finally put the fraud of the need for seasonal "flu shots" out of its misery.    I have had an uphill fight for the last few years in trying to tell people who I see lined up at Pharmacies to receive their "free flu shots" to stop what they are doing... I have suffered from ridicule and even outright threats of harm in trying to convey the message that "flu shots" absolutely do NOT work......  I only ask people to look at all of the evidence that I and others have presented to show the proof of the fraud of vaccinations.... That article from Activist Post that I posted just vindicates my actions and my efforts..... I again ask everyone to absolutely refuse to take any vaccinations, period.... You are far better off by eating properly, getting proper rest, exercise, and taking supplements.... These can boost your immune system far better than poisoning it through the fraud of vaccines...

I saw an article the other day that shows how the Rothschilds and their cronies have been manipulating the Gold Markets and have been behind the wild fluctuations in Gold pricing the last while.... I really need to ask why nobody sees the obvious here... These criminal Jews have indeed been manipulating the price of Gold for their own benefit.... Their plans have always been to fully control every ounce of Gold in the world, and once they reach that phase of their plans...Destroy the world economies.... Once those economies are ruined, they will of course offer their "solution" which will be a Gold based currency.... But of course, since they control all the Gold that this new currency will be based upon, they will attain their sick twisted goal of being masters of all humanity...Control the Gold and they will control the world!

I see that many writers in the alternative media are focusing in on the TWA flight 800 disaster of July 17th, 1996 saying that government officials are lying about the cause of the crash being an electrical fault... Here it is in a nutshell... TWA flight 800 was indeed shot down by an Aegis cruiser launched surface to air heat seeking missile..... The US government has been lying its ass off for close to 17 years now and have been unwilling to accept the fact that they are fully responsible for this shoot down.   What should happen after all these years is for the US Government to finally admit their mistake, compensate the victims' families for that mistake, and suffer the consequences of losing the trust of the people.  Their avoidance of telling the truth now will only make it much worse for them in the future....

I was reading an interesting article (link) by Stephen Lendman the other day about a "secret" US military base being built in Israel that turns out to be an ICBM missile base.... I am puzzled by this action by the US government in helping the Israelis develop intercontinental ballistic missiles, simply because these criminally insane Jews would indeed use these missile on American cities if they were ever in crisis according to their insane "Sampson Option".... Does anyone else see the madness here in helping these lunatics build ICBMs that will be used on American cities????   Am I missing something here?  Is the American government really this stupid or are they just showing how much the Jews are in total control?

Well, I guess that is it for the major stuff today... But in closing, I will fire off a few last minute tidbits.... I see that the criminals behind the Global Warming fraud are definitely not giving up, and in fact the Barry Soetoro regime will announce its Global Warming plans as early as this coming Tuesday.  I sure hope people in America are ready for new fraud Carbon taxation!......And speaking of the fraud of global warming, this is turning out to be one of the coldest and wettest summers here in decades.   It has indeed been raining heavily here, but not as bad as what just hit Calgary Alberta!  All this rain and flooding are signs of definite Global Cooling which I and others have predicted for years....There have been a few reports trickling out of Japan over the last few weeks about the long term damage from the Fukushima disaster.  It appears that thousands are now definitely dying from radiation exposure, but the world is not paying any attention to this horrible disaster against humanity.  Again, wars for Israel come first!...Another report surfaced this last week about Jewish organ trafficking, this time in Costa Rica.  These ghouls never seem to quit their lust for Gentile organs, do they?.....If anyone has any doubts that professional sports are fixed, then they need to look at the NBA finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs as a prime example.   Jewish owners and Jewish commissioners fixing sports for money? Who would have thought?.....And finally, the part a lot have been waiting for; My weekly love of America's sweethearts, the Kardashians!  I have received some complaints that I have been coming down too hard on these trollop skank whores, and that I should look at other examples of American lowlife such as Madonna.  Yes, Madonna is one scary looking skeleton, and she is a warped thinking Kaballist. But her heyday of skankiness was decades ago.....Until America wakes up and turns off the mind warping of these so called "reality shows", then my shots at this sheer stupidity will continue....And for those who do not like what I have to say, you can always turn to crap sites such as Infowars for more mind numbing entertainment.....

More to come