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Great Article By John Friend: London "Beheading" - Responding To Critics!

I have known John Friend now for several years now, and I have watched his work at his blog: "John Friend's Blog" at, grow by leaps and bounds over that time.... Recently however, I have watched as John has been associating more with the so called "Christian Identity" crowd who also can sometimes be labeled as "White Supremacists".... I had warned John before to be careful of these groups and his association with them.... He understands that we have our differences in opinions when it comes to what they stand for.  But in spite of these differences,  I have said that I would still support his work as a friend, and would be there for support if and when he needs it.  

I came across his latest work, and I wanted to share that article here for my own readers to view for themselves... It is entitled: "London "Beheading" - Responding To Critics",  and I have it here for all to see, with my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

London "beheading" - Responding to critics

I have received some criticism after publishing a brief blog post the other day contending that the London "beheading" may have been yet another hoax or fake event, similar to Sandy Hook and the recent Boston "bombing." Let me say for the record that at this point, I am 100% convinced the London "beheading" was indeed another hoax, a fake event portrayed in the mass media as real which is being used to perpetuate the fraudulent "Global War on Terror" meme and the idea of "lone-wolf Islamic terrorists," in addition to justifying the crackdown on the internet and expanding governmental authority to spy on the private communications of citizens in the United Kingdom.

The official narrative of this event is literally absurd and quite ridiculous for all sorts of reasons. I have posted numerous articles highlighting this on my Facebook page, as many alternative writers on the internet have thoroughly exposed this event as being a total hoax.  I highly recommend reading the Clues Forum thread entitled Woolwich 'Terror Attack' - SE London. See also Eyre International's post London's false flag even more pathetic than the Boston Bombing and the London Beheading Hoax Confirmed? post over at The Truthseeker.  The always interesting blog aangirfan recently posted an article entitled Woolwich: False Flag: Inside Job: Fake which is worth reading as well.  This entire story reeks of fakery and PSYOPS.

Andre from Total Fascism wrote a rather lengthy piece entitled Regarding the "UK Beheading was a Crisis Actor PSYOP" Insanity taking to task those of us contending this "beheading" in London was a hoax, and Scott Roberts from The Forbidden Truth has also doubted my claims about this event on my Facebook page and in an article he wrote on his forum.  I have no problem with either of these fine gentlemen, and consider them good friends and allies.  But I think they are very mistaken in their outlook on this event, and I'll explain why.

First of all, anyone that believes the murder and "beheading" of a British soldier by "Islamic extremists" in London was a real event is agreeing with the official story, outlined here by British newspaper the Daily Mail:
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Folks, this is simply absurd, as I said above.  How could anyone swallow this silliness? Apparently Andre and Scott have.  Since they believe the official narrative of this event, it follows they believe this, too.  Again, from the Daily Mail [notes from me in brackets and bold font]:

A mother and daughter dubbed the 'Angels of Woolwich' because they bravely risked their own lives by comforting a soldier left dying in the street stepped forward 'because no man should die alone'.

Gemini Donnelly-Martin, 20, and her mother Amanda Donnelly, confronted the suspected killers and asked the attackers if they could be by Drummer Lee Rigby's side.

Their refusal to be cowed by the terrorists won praise from all quarters, including Downing Street.

Although other bystanders watched in horror and police waited helplessly for armed officers to arrive, Gemini modestly insisted her and her mother were not heroes and had done what anyone else would do.

Amanda's son Simeon, 22, said the two women acted out of love.

He said: 'My mother was just driving past and she saw something and wanted to try and help. 'She just showed a bit of motherly love. She just did what any mother would have done. [Ed note: PSYOPS always have these very emotional sob stories.  Major red flag.]

'She felt that could have been me lying down there in the street. She just felt for the poor guy.

'No man should have to die like that in the street with no-one around him.

'She came home afterwards and she just sat down and had a cup of coffee. But she doesn't want to talk about it. She did what she did and wants to get on with her life again.

'Of course she is upset, it was a gory thing for anyone to see. But she just wants to get on with things.'

Gemini said that they had simply done what they thought was right.

She told the Daily Mirror: 'We did what anyone would do. We just wanted to take care of the man. It wasn't brave. Anyone would have done it. It had to be done.They (the killers) said women could pass.'

'The only thing people need to worry about is that poor man's mum. We are grateful, though, for what people are saying about us.'

When it became apparent Drummer Lee Rigby was beyond their help, they shielded his body from further desecration by his savage attackers.

Amanda, 44, insisted she be allowed to pray for the dead man even when confronted by one of the killer. Kneeling at his side, she cradled him gently, seemingly unfazed by his horrific wounds.

Yesterday Gemini was back searching for work at a local job fair while her mother did not want to talk about what happened.

At the same time, Ingrid Loyau-Kennett remonstrated with the fanatics, despite her fears they would attack again.

The Cub Scout leader and mother of two asked them to hand over their bloodstained weapons and listened to their hate-filled tirade about wanting to ignite ‘war in London’.

She selflessly tried to draw the men’s attention, later saying: ‘Better me than a child.’

Yesterday Mrs Loyau-Kennett, 48, denied suggestions she was a hero, saying: ‘That’s too much. I don’t think I have done anything really extraordinary. I just talked to a guy.’

But there were calls for her as well as Amanda and Gemini to receive honours for their courage.

David Cameron said Miss Loyau-Kennett’s bravery showed how ordinary people could unite to defy extremists.

The Prime Minister said: ‘When told by the attacker he wanted to start a war in London, she replied “You’re going to lose. It’s only you versus many”. She spoke for us all.’

The women’s intervention was made all the more remarkable by the scene of horror they faced.

A pool of blood lay where Drummer Rigby was attacked, and his assailants were covered with gore and still clutching their cleavers and knives[Ed note: Where is all the blood?  Where are the photos of "gore" on the alleged assailants?]

But witnesses said the first woman, thought to be a highly religious mother in her 50s, did not flinch.

An eyewitness told the Guardian that one of the 'Angels of Woolwich' courageously persuaded the suspected killers to allow her to tend to the wounded.

'This lady whom I met talking with them went on trying to persuade them, and they finally allowed her to attend to the victim,' the eyewitness identified only as Abecham told the newspaper.

'She walked to him (the soldier), touched him, and said: "You have killed him," then sat beside him and was rubbing her hand on the victim's back while still saying: "You have killed him".'

Joe Tallant, 20, said: ‘She was so brave, she didn’t care what happened to her – she knelt down by his side and comforted him.

‘She held his hand and put her other hand on his chest. I think she might have been praying.’ [...]

‘I trained as a first aider when I was a Brownie leader, so I asked someone to watch my bag and then got off to see if I could help.

‘I went over to the body where there was a lady sitting there and she said he was dead.

‘She had comforted him by putting something under his back and a jacket over his head. I took his pulse and there was none.’

The language teacher, a former ‘snowy owl’ leader with the Brownie Guides, said she became aware of a man standing over them, armed with a gun and a knife.

She said she acted on instinct and began to talk to him, trying to save others from violence[Ed note: How could anyone believe this nonsense? The "radical Islamic terrorists" who committed this crime allegedly said they were going to target average British citizens - why didn't they proceed to butcher this woman?]

In interviews with newspapers and broadcasters, she pieced together the vital few moments when she was face to face with the suspect.

She said: ‘My instincts were just to talk to him, he looked like a normal guy, he wasn’t drunk, he wasn’t high on drugs. ‘He said, “Don’t touch, I killed him”. I said, “Why?” He said, “He’s a British soldier. He killed people. He killed Muslim people in Muslim countries”.

‘I tried to make him talk about how he felt. He said [about] all the bombs dropping and blindly killing women, children.

‘I wanted him to concentrate on me and make sure he doesn’t have a funny idea. There were more and more mothers with children stopping around, so it was even more important I was talking to him and asking him what he wanted.’

Asked if she was scared, she replied simply: ‘No – better me than a child.’ 

Miss Loyau-Kennett, who is half French, said the man had towered over her, so close he was almost touching her.

She said: ‘I was shocked, I asked him, “Why? What’s the point?” He said, “War in London, there’s war in my country”. He said it was war and if the police were coming, he was going to kill them.’

The Cub Scout leader said the attacker seemed to be ‘in full control of his decisions and ready to do everything he wanted to do’.

Her courage was shown by broadcasters and newspapers around the world,winning her international praise.

Miss Loyau-Kennett was in London for the 23rd birthday of her librarian son Basil Baradaran.

He said: ‘My first thought was for her safety but I could see she was completely intact. I couldn’t believe what she was telling me.

‘I don’t know what was going through her mind or how she found the strength to do what she did but I’m totally awestruck. I’m about as proud as a son could be.’

He said his mother raised him and his sister Pawony, 24, as a single parent after their father returned to France when they were young. He added: ‘She’s caring, loyal and very, very protective.

‘Her incredible maternal instinct must have kicked in when she saw that defenceless man lying there. She could have walked away or stayed on that bus but she was determined to help. She has a real passion for helping people.

‘As amazed as I am by what she did, it’s actually what I’ve come to expect from her.’

Mrs Loyau-Kennett’s actions were praised by the Scout Association.

Wayne Bulpitt, UK Chief Commissioner, said last night: ‘We are very proud of Scout volunteer Ingrid Loyau-Kennett for her calm and measured actions in very difficult circumstances.

‘We are looking to make an award of bravery to her in the fullness of time to recognise her actions.

‘At this time our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victim of this terrible crime.’
I apologize for the extended excerpt of from the Daily Mail article cited above, but I want readers to understand exactly what guys like Andre and Scott Roberts believe happened.  This is the official narrative of the event, and they apparently buy it.  And I'm the one being called "pathologically insane" for rejecting this ridiculous nonsense?

To be clear here, Muslims and Blacks in Europe do in fact commit all sorts of outrageous and violent crimes, including rape, murder, and robbery, especially against Whites.  But what they don't do is commit terrorist acts and behead British soldiers in public, and then get "counseled" by nice British ladies afterwards while waiting for over 20 minutes for police to arrive.  In fact, all the "Islamic terrorism" we're told is perpetrated by Muslim radicals, including 9/11, 7/7, and the wide array of other "foiled terrorist plots," is actually staged or manufactured by criminal elements of the intelligence services and the media.  There is no "radical Islamic terrorism" folks, at least not the kind endlessly discussed and hyped in the Jewish mainstream media.

The Jewish mainstream media downplays and covers up all the hideous crimes committed by Muslims and Blacks in Europe - the rapes, the murders, the drug dealing, you name it.  Very rarely is anything presented in the mainstream media that does not advance the international Jewish agenda - so we have to ask ourselves why this particular event is being discussed and highlighted in the mass media, especially in the United Kingdom.  What agenda is being promoted here?  Why is the media covering this alleged violent crime, but failing to cover the litany of horrendous rapes, murders, and other violent crimes committed by Muslims and Blacks in Europe (and America)?

The reason is that this event does advance Jewish interests and the overall tyrannical agenda of international Jewry and their puppets.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, it perpetuates the idea that there are indeed "radical Islamic terrorists" willing and capable of attacking innocent Westerners.  Events like this advance and perpetuate the "Global War on Terror" meme, which is largely based around the fraudulent idea that there is a genuine threat from "radical Islamic terrorists."  Mainstream British news sources are even claiming that the London "beheading" is "straight out of al-Qaeda's terror manual,"if you can believe it.

Again, there are very real problems resulting from Muslim and Black immigration into Europe and America - but terrorism is not one of them.  There really is no "Islamic terrorism" or "al-Qaeda" - at least the way it's portrayed in the Jewish media. It's all either fake or manufactured by criminal elements in the intelligence services and media.

Also, this event has advanced the notion that "Islamic extremists" are "radicalized" on the internet, therefore the government needs to crack down on free speech and monitor the internet and private communications. British politicians and elite media personalities are arguing that this event proves the country needs to pass the "communications data bill" which would essentially allow the government to spy on the online communications of individuals in an effort to "thwart terrorism."

Scott and Andre have argued that it is much easier for the intelligence agencies to actually carry out attacks like this, rather than stage them. And I totally disagree.  It is in fact much easier and more efficient for them to fake events like this, and present them as real via the mass media to the gullible and often traumatized public.  There is all sorts of evidence for this, and I've explained it in detail here and here.  Please read those posts.

Of course, events like this "beheading" hoax and other PSYOPS are very difficult to figure out specifically how they are carried out.  And I'm not claiming to have all the answers - I just know that the official narrative of this event stinks to high heaven and is totally absurd.  We also know that the official story is advancing a particular agenda that just so happens to serve the interests of the Jews and their puppets controlling the United Kingdom specifically, and international Jewry generally.

Media fakery and PSYOPS are the primary tactics used by the Jews and their puppets to advance their tyrannical "New World Order" agenda. They target our emotions and psychology, and it seems to work every time. But now, the events they are staging and faking in the media are so obvious, more and more people are seeing through it and recognizing that things just don't add up.  That is why it's important to expose these fake events. The artificial reality manufactured and perpetuated by the Jewish media and political establishment is breaking down, and I am doing everything in my power to expose this fact and destroy the artificial reality that psychologically enslaves millions of people in America and the Western world.  

NTS Notes:  I am in agreement with John in that this "London Beheading" is a massive con job... It has been done for the purposes of  both creating PURE HATRED of both Blacks and Muslims in the UK,  fomented solely by the Jewish interests that want a racial war to break out to tear English society completely apart.....AND as John states, to bring in that latest legislation for the criminals in the UK government to legally spy on the private communications of all the citizens of the UK!

The bottom line, readers, is that we are indeed looking at another psy-op that reads this time like a very bad "B" grade movie.... It now appears like I stated in previous articles that the criminal Jewish elite are putting out laughable "false flag attacks" knowing that the majority of people will swallow them with few questions asked!  To me, this is pathetic....

I also want to thank John for using true critical thinking and rationality in seeing this attack as not done by some "Crazed Islamic Black Terrorist" as has been harped on by the Jewish controlled media, but instead being a massive Jewish criminal created HOAX to both create racial tension, and to take more of our freedoms away.

More to come



Anonymous said...

""What agenda is being promoted here? Why is the media covering this alleged violent crime, but failing to cover the litany of horrendous rapes, murders, and other violent crimes committed by Muslims and Blacks in Europe (and America)?""

Of late Cameron's cabal has gathered together a special group heard by a French Psychologist , along with Cameron interst in Saul Alinsky (Rules For Radicals) , to ''nudge'' people' i.e psychologically manipulate the British Public to 'get in line'' and Do what the LiblabCon /Eu Wat them to do..(Whilt the media ever distract from the mass Genocide being perpetrated on them by Mass Immigration, and general social econmic and cultural attack aided an abetted by media/academia etal

Given the general economic (intended) collapse , government ''failures'' etal, this ''incident'' is a perfect means to 'get people to ''come together''(Locally, Globally) (mis direct people thoughst and feelings away from the perpetrators of aggressive war in the middele east /resource and geopolitical grab /control) and the course of the destruction, collapse,transformation and general decline of the West

and what no better way to do it than yet another tragedy.... and ''te**or attack''

Meanwhile barbarity unfolds in Syria assisted by Cameron Hague LiblabCon... Maybe the caring loving Mother etal ought to lavish some attention on the mass killings of children, women, men, torture and heart eating USEUKISaudi backed te""r squads in Syria

Northerntruthseeker said...

The agenda is obvious... Create racial strife in the UK, and fracture and weaken English society..

Have you not been reading your Protocols?

Noor al Haqiqa said...

The kid grew up in an affluent very religious Christian home. Go figger.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Noor.....And the critics can not see this for what it is?

Again, it now seems that they can conjure up any type of phony false flag and sell it to the gullible goyim instantly.... pathetic...