Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Coincidental: Canada's Foiled "Terrorist Attempt" Coincides With Debate Of Intrusive Anti-Terrorism Bill

I have been watching the local Canadian BS Jewish controlled mainstream media news over the last few days about the absolutely ridiculous and almost laughable "terrorism attempt" here in Canada where two Muslims (of course) were caught attempting a "bombing" of a VIA rail passenger train.... When I first heard about this Canadian "terrorist" attack, I began to wonder if there was something going on here in Canada that they would roll out this fraud "terrorist attack" at just this time....

Well, it does seem that the timing of this "terrorist attack" here in Canada was absolutely not a coincidence at all.. According to this report from the Daily Sheeple online news site, at, it does appear that this "terrorist" attack comes at exactly the same time the criminal Harper regime in Ottawa was beginning debates on passing a horrible "Anti-Terrorism" bill that would strip most Canadians of their rights and freedoms.   Here is that report, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Canada’s Foiled Terror Attempt Coincides with Debate of Intrusive Anti-Terrorism Bill

Kimberly Paxton
April 25th, 2013

Via Rail train

In a well-timed coincidence, Canadian officials arrested 2 men that were allegedly plotting a terror attack on a Via-Rail train near Toronto, while the Parliament was debating Bill S-7, the Combating Terrorism Act.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper had cleared the legislative schedule after the Boston Bombings in order to conduct readings and speed up the bill that has been proceeding rather slowly up until this point.
At issue is S-7, the Combating Terrorism Act, which would authorize police to pre-emptively detain Canadians and hold them for up to three days without charging them.
The bill would also allow authorities to imprison a Canadian for up to 12 months if the person refuses to testify in front of a judge at an investigative hearing.
The legislation would also make it a federal crime to leave or try to leave Canada for the purpose of committing terrorism or attending a terrorist training camp. (source)
Candice Bergen, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Public Safety, said, “We must ensure – it’s so important – that Canada has the necessary laws and tools to prevent such a heinous attack. We have to ensure that the evildoers are met with the justice that they deserve otherwise we as parliamentarians have failed our most basic duty: that is to protect Canadians.”

Bill S-7 specifically targets Canadian citizens. The men arrested, Chiheb Esseghaier, from Montreal, and Raed Jaser, from Toronto, were charged with conspiring to carry out an attack and commit murder at the direction of or in association with a terrorist group. They were not Canadian, and officials have refused to comment about where they are from originally or why they were living in the country.

Opposers of the bill point out that the attempt was foiled without the need for additional intrusions on civil liberties. NDP (New Democratic Party) foreign affairs critic, Paul Dewar said, ““The key question that needs to be asked is this: is S-7 necessary or are our current laws sufficient? Today’s arrests show that our police force can fight terrorism with existing tools.”
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NTS Notes: It is so obvious now that just as the latest fraud bombing in Boston Massachusetts will most probably scare the American public into surrendering more of their freedoms, this fraud "terrorist attack" here in Canada will do the same to the Canadian public as well...

I knew right away when this fraud terrorist attack was going down here in Canada that there was more than met the eye.. Now we know.... Having this bill in Parliament at the same time as this fraud terrorist attack is absolutely NO coincidence.

I used to say that the American public severely needs to wake the hell up... Now it is time for the Canadian public to wake up from their slumber as well!

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Greg Bacon said...

BOMB SUSPECT HAS THROAT WOUND may never speak again.

Boston Bomb suspect is being treated by Israeli doctor. Apparently our own American doctors aren't capable. Tsarnaev came down with Chronic Patsy Syndrome (CPS) which is only treatable by removing your larynx.