Tuesday, April 2, 2013

CNN Exposed: Former CNN Reporter, Amber Lyon, Comes Forward Showing How Network Is Totally Biased And Untrustworthy!

I and others in the so called real truth movement have said for over a decade now that every major media outlet on this planet is totally controlled by criminal (usually Jewish) interests, and has absolutely no interest of ever getting any truthful information out to the public....Instead, they continue to put up pure garbage, lies, and completely biased reports, that they try to pass off as "news".

To show how one of the major "News" networks, CNN, is in itself nothing more than a totally biased, controlled, and untrustworthy news reporting network, I want to present the following video, where a former CNN news reporter, Amber Lyon, comes forward and exposes CNN itself for the lying bunch of shills it truly is.... First here is that video, and I do have some of my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Honestly, I cannot understand how anyone actually watches that garbage network, CNN, at all.   It has been caught so many times in lies and totally biased information, and yet it still claims to reach a very large, mostly American, audience....

Many people also forget about how CNN was caught before in Gulf War I, lying its ass off to the public with false reports by one of their reporters, Charles Jaco, claiming that these reports were being telecasted from Saudi Arabia, when in fact they were done from their own Atlanta news studio in the United States.  For a refresher, here is a video that exposes that Charles Jaco fraud from over 20 years ago:

Again, it is time to turn off ALL of the lying media that is telecasted over Talmudvision.... The real truths about what is really happening around the world is readily available unbiased and uncensored via blogs, including this one!

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Greg Bacon said...

I watch ZNN and FAUX several times a day, but only for a few minutes at a time, to get a feel for their latest BS propaganda slop.

Another 'conspriracy' proven true, that the MSM is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Zionists and Neocons.

Just like they control the State Department, Treasury, the Pentagon...etc.

Would it be a 'conspriracy' to say that there are more Zionist Jew in control of those agencies than Neocons?
Or would telling the truth get one in trouble?


Anonymous said...

Well let's get in some trouble ... F them !

Anonymous said...

RT isn't any better, they've been promoting holohoax and "dangers of neo-nazism" countless times in their jew channel.