Sunday, March 31, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 31st, 2013

It is Sunday, and yes, I am back from vacation, and as promised, I am doing my usual Sunday rant...

I just spent the last 5 days in the United States on a short vacation.  I had decided about a month ago to go and take my son for Canadian Spring Break and go and see a few NBA basketball games in Minneapolis. My son has always wanted to see a live NBA game, and I figured this was the one trip that I would be able to grant his wish... It also provided my better half with a much needed break from her work to go and not only have some rest and relaxation, but for her to go and do some shopping....

This trip to the United States went over without much fan fare compared to when I went to Florida last year.  Minnesota is much like where I am from.  The people are extremely friendly and we had few troubles or issues....The only hassle was waiting for almost 1 hour in our vehicle to cross into the United States.   And, the questions asked by the border officials were a bit startling... The first one: "Where do you work?" seemed normal enough, but the second one: "When was the last time you were arrested?", I found was a bit startling... I of course have never been arrested or have ever spent any time in court, period.   After that, it was smooth sailing right through to Minneapolis and to our hotel.   But I have been troubled by the fact that the US is making crossing the border from Canada a tremendous hassle considering that they dearly want Canadians to come on down and spend our money there....

We did our usual trip to the Mall of America the day after our arrival to Minneapolis, and it was there, and later on that evening in a local lounge, that I was able to talk to a few Americans about what has been happening to their nation.  Many that I talked to are aware that their nation is in chaos and economic uncertainty is definitely coming....Many also did not agree with the actions of their own government, but were still blinded by the "America is the greatest nation" mentality.   I was able to talk openly to one person about how Iran is not the threat that the American media has been leading the public falsely, and believe it or not, he also was in line with the fact that the Arabs did NOT do the attacks of 9-11.   I did give him the facts about the Israeli connection, and gave him a list of websites to read to further his knowledge.... It does appear that I was able to get at least one more convert to the truth during this trip!

I have spent the last few hours finally doing some catching up on the real news that is going on in the world, and I see that not much has changed since last week's rant.... First, I must say that for anyone to still thinks that the trouble makers who are out to wreck our world are "Bankers" to give their heads a shake.... It is NOT "Bankers" but the JEWS..... Lets get the facts straight right here... The entire Federal Reserve System of the United States of America is run by JEWISH interests, and is headed by JEWISH bankers.   Common sense can tell anyone that Benjamin SHALOM Bernanke is NOT an Irishman, but he is 100% Khazar Jew.   And anyone can see by digging into who is behind the European banks that they are also 100% Jewish... The main culprits in Europe being the Rothschilds themselves, who are absolutely Jewish!   All this recent talk about "Money Junkies" or "International Bankers" is a false title, and we should rip away all the facades and call them what they are... Jews!

I have long been sick and tired of those who call me "racist" or a "hater" for exposing the criminality of the Jews... I have long pointed out that if there are so called "Good Jews" out there, they are almost non-existent.   It does seem that if you look at the entire history of that criminal "tribe" and their so called "religion", you can see clearly the evil that we are dealing with.    It is not by accident that throughout history, they have been expelled again and again from nations... Their expulsions have not been due to hatred of their false "race", their twisted religion, or because of their personal idiosyncrasies, but entirely due to their ACTIONS against the rest of mankind.  It has long troubled me that we have here a "tribe" that actually calls for the death and extermination of all non-Jews, and yet we are supposed to allow them to be part of all humanity as a whole?  I say to them that if they truly want to be part of the human race to end their evil idealisms and evil actions against the rest of humanity.

I see that the Cypriots have surrendered to the evil Rothschild led European Union and will accept criminal austerity measures that will basically enslave Cyprus for the end of time, or until the Cypriots finally rise up in revolution and throw the Jewish bankers out of their island nation.   I for one can not believe that a proud people, like the Cypriots with a truly long and great history, would suddenly accept enslavement.  I said before that the best thing would have been for them to tell the EU to shove their planned austerity measures up their asses, and go the way of Iceland.  I do wonder what kind of bribery, or threats, were sent to the Cyprus government for them to surrender....

Now that Cyprus has fallen, much like Greece and Ireland before it, I wonder what nation in Europe is next to teeter on total collapse....I again say to the Europeans to dissolve the criminal European Union and go your own way as nations.   The European Union is a fraud and a failure, and the sooner nations break it up the better.   That "union" was the first major attempt by the Jews for their long sought dream of a one world government, and it has turned into a disaster.

I came across some startling information, thanks to John Kaminski, that most Canadians are not even aware of....It does seem that the recent Canadian "budget" put out by the criminal Harper administration in Ottawa, has a provision that has not been discussed at all by the criminal Canadian Jewish run media that calls for the same type of austerity measures here in Canada, that have been agreed to in Cyprus, if and when economic collapse comes here to Canada!   These provisions, as laid out on pages 144 and 145 of this so called "Canadian Economic Action Plan 2013" calls for automatic banking "bail-ins" and the seizure of Canadian civilian assets and bank accounts, if a major bank teeters on collapse, to be used to prop up that financial institution in an attempt to keep said bank "viable".   According to the wording of these provisions, the banks are said to be a "Source Of Strength For The Canadian Economy", which is one of the biggest lies of all time.... All Jewish banks are driven by Usury and debt enslavement of its borrowers!   I am shocked that the vast majority of Canadians have been made unaware of this horrible measure in this 2013 budget!   Even more shocking is that this provision is even in place and written into the 2013 Canadian "budget", meaning that the Canadian government is fully aware that something very terrible is about to happen to the entire world economies very soon.

I see that Barry Soetoro has finished his visit to his cherished criminal state of Israel, and has done his part in bowing to his Jewish masters....He did as his masters demanded, and again pledged the United States to the state of Israel first and foremost.... It is sickening to realize that leaders of nations must bow and grovel before these psychos.   And people actually elect them to office?

Things are indeed heating up in the far east... We have the states of North and South Korea about to go to war over ridiculous issues.   It does appear that this latest rush to war is being pushed by the same criminals who have long wanted a war against Iran.... With the entire world about to collapse economically, these Jewish banking monsters know that one of the ways out of this horrible dilemma that they themselves have created is through war.   They know that a regional war in Asia could solve the present world wide dilemma, and at the same time be profitable and see the deaths of millions of Gentiles to boot..... I surely hope that cooler heads do prevail, because that war between North and South Korea would indeed quickly escalate into a conflict between China and the United States, and I can guarantee that US is ill prepared for such a horrendous conflict!

I see that things have not changed in Syria, with both the US and their masters in Israel, attempting any excuse to invade that innocent and peaceful nation....It does appear now that the US, NATO, and Israel are all openly supporting their criminal paid mercenaries that have been murdering innocent Syrian civilians, while at the same time vilifying at ever chance the popular Assad government.   It is sad that much of the world does not see the true picture of what is happening in Syria due to the power of the Jewish controlled media!

As I said in my last rant, we have seen the last of the Oracle Broadcasting Network over the internet, and the end of the Truth Hertz show hosted by Charles Giuliani.   Charles himself has decided to do podcasts until he is possibly picked up by another network.   His podcasts can be heard by everyone at   I will post up these podcasts at this site as they become available....

Well, I guess that is enough for now.... I will be posting up regular material starting this week at this blog.  In the meantime, I will close with my usual last minute tidbits...... I see that Global Warming is going just as the nuts behind that fraud expected.  Record cold temperatures this spring should be enough to convince everyone finally that they have indeed been played as suckers.... The nuts behind the Global Warming fraud are not giving up without a fight, for it seems that they are calling for a brand new $1.40 a gallon tax to be imposed on gasoline used by the American public.  I wonder how the American public will react to this latest new attempt at a blatant tax grab?.....It is Easter, and Jewish Passover, and honestly, I do not care.  I look at all religion as a fraud, and I will never change that stance.....Still having periodic attacks by those who do not like it when I refuse to consider the Jews as a distinctive "race".  Too bad, because that issue has been used by these same criminals to split our efforts against these criminals.  Simple common sense can see that these frauds are absolutely not a distinctive "race"!...Hey, its my 2500th article at this blog!  Fitting that this milestone is reached by one of my usual rants.....And finally, the most important news:  It seems that everyone in America is abuzz about Kim Kardashian's pregnancy.  Who needs economic hardship, and impending war, when you can have your entire world revolve around what happens with this skank.  It is no wonder America is such a mess.....

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Sunday and yes, I am on vacation, but as promised I would do my weekly rant.... I will also be doing the rant for Sunday March 31st, after a much needed break. 

I have been under so much stress the last while that I decided to take a break for a week....Work has been atrociously busy, and with all the troubles with personal issues especially with the recent illness of my mother, I decided to take a break to avoid burn out.

I am still under fire for my stance that the Jews are absolutely NOT a distinctive race.  There has been nothing that I have seen over the last few weeks that has swayed me from that stance, and in fact the more I research into the Jew racial fraud, the more I see that, yes it is a massive fraud concocted mostly by the Jews themselves.  But that is common sense, simply because if these phonies were able to somehow convince the world that they are all of the same "race", they would use that lie as one of their many lies to somehow claim a right to Palestine.  But knowing full well that the vast majority of these phonies are not Semites, but actually Indo-Turkish Asiatic Khazars, there is NO WAY that these frauds have a right to Palestine, period.

I see that the US Presidential criminal, Barry Soetoro, is in his cherished state of Israel,and making some absolutely atrocious statements such as "The US has no better friend than in Israel".   Gee, it is amazing that this "friend" has gotten away with murdering Americans outright over all these years.... Lets not forget the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty back in 1967 that killed 34 innocent American sailors... And of course we cannot forget the Israeli designed and Mossad led attacks of 9-11 that killed some 3000 more American citizens.  This is a "friend"?   With friends like Israel, then who needs enemies???

I also see that President Soetoro brokered an Israeli "apology" to Turkey for their brutal assault on the Mavi Marmara almost 3 years ago that killed 9 innocent Turks, and 1 American citizen.   I do wonder what kind of concessions the US made to Turkey for them to accept this bogus "apology"?   I can guarantee that the US has given a lot, because they need Turkey for their upcoming and well planned out assault on the innocent nation of Syria...

And we have the US Israeli butt kissing President going to the West Bank, primarily for show, and trying to somehow ask for the Palestinians to return to the "bargaining table" with the criminal Israelis... This is a laugh and a farce... Israel does not want peace with Palestine, period.. They want territory!  What has been overlooked with the US President sitting in the most evil country on planet Earth is the fact that the Israelis have not only stopped any West Bank "freeze" on settlements, but they have been accelerating those developments, in spite of the fact that they are absolutely illegal.... Again, what a farce!

One other factor that has been overlooked with criminal Barry sitting in Israel, is the fact that the government in neighboring Lebanon has completely resigned, throwing that helpless nation into turmoil.   I can guarantee that the Israelis have not overlooked this latest development and may yet use this window of opportunity to march back into southern Lebanon to secure the waters of the Litani River.   Watch over the next while as these murderous criminals up the ante by threatening their own creation, Hezbollah, as their excuse to march into Lebanon.

Of course, we have the continuing war in Syria between the popular government of Assad, against the invading and murderous mercenaries, the so called "rebels".    We have seen this last week where these murderous mercenaries unleashed their first of many planned chemical weapon attacks on the Syrian civilian population.  This is by design and the much needed false flag to give the US, NATO, and the criminal state of Israel, their excuse to invade Syria outright.   I do believe that the only reason for the moment that invasion has not occurred is due to the fact that Syria's ally, Russia, has already warned these nations of the dire consequences of any such invasion... I doubt if the US is prepared for a war against Russia....

Yes, I have been watching the situation in Cyprus unfold... But I have long warned this would happen.... The European Union was a farce from the beginning, and was basically the evil Rothschild's first attempt at a true one world government.   But the nations of Europe have never ever been able to coexist economically, and right now with the huge crushing fraud debts imposed on many by the evil Jewish bankers, they would all be better to go it alone.   We must not forget that throughout history any nation that has fallen victim to the criminal Jewish Usury monetary system has collapsed due to the crushing debt imposed... Cyprus is just the latest of the dominoes to fall..... Spain, Italy, France, and even the UK, may soon be next.... It is again time for all nations to tell these criminals to take their debt and shove it up their asses....Iceland did that, and many are not aware that it is doing just fine right now!

The Cypriots themselves have been given until tomorrow to accept the horrific "austerity"measures that the EU wants them to swallow.   These proud people with a long history should absolutely do exactly what Iceland did, and refuse any austerity... Austerity means debt slavery, and that slavery may mean the entire nation enslaved to these criminal Jewish bankers forever!

I have been asked to give my assessment of a video, produced by Mike Rivero, called "All Wars Are Banker Wars".... I will say that it is very good and very revealing... But it does not go far enough in calling the criminal Bankers exactly what they are... JEWS!    The title of that video should have been properly called "All Wars Are Jewish Banker Wars"....

I really have to laugh at anyone who still believes in the "Global Warming" fraud.   It is right now the coldest spring on record here in central Canada, with warm weather no where in sight.... I see this week that the master criminal behind the Global Warming fraud, Al Gore himself, has come out of hiding, and is promoting the false need for Carbon Taxes to prevent his fraudulent "Global Warming".  You have to admit that this guy has balls!   But it is equally amazing that he still attracts a crowd where he goes... But I have heard that the hecklers do come out in full force to attack him for his ridiculous Global Warming stance and supposedly the number of hecklers continues to increase.   The fact is that nobody is fooled any more, and it would be time for those still promoting the Global Warming lie to simply disappear....

I was asked recently to give my stance on "Chem-Trails".   Yes, something is indeed going on, and I am perplexed by exactly what these criminals are trying to obtain by spraying metal and other chemicals into our atmosphere....I recently watched one cold evening here on a semi cloudy day, where a multitude of high flying jet aircraft left long trails in a checkerboard pattern in the sky, and I honestly thought about the pilots of these aircraft themselves.... Do these clowns even know what they are spraying?  Honestly, how could any human being even consider piloting an aircraft knowing it is pouring out deadly chemicals into our atmosphere?   The criminals must be doing one great job of brainwashing these people into the false belief that what they are doing is for the betterment of mankind,..That or many are unaware of the deadly poisons their aircraft are presently polluting our atmosphere .....And yes, the chemicals that are in Chemtrails are indeed deadly to mankind and in fact to all life on this planet.   I have had to conclude recently that the use of "Chemtrails" is just another of the evil methods to have some 90% of the world population wiped out.  And yes, there is a definitive plan to wipe out 90% of all mankind as originally outlined in the UN 1974 agreements on world population control...

I heard at the beginning of this last week that Oracle Broadcasting is shutting down its operations as of April 1st.  And with that, the end of absolutely great internet radio shows such as Charles Giuliani's show "Truth Hertz".  Charles himself is searching for a new network for him to resume his program.   I sure hope that he will find a network where they will not attempt to censor his work, because he truly has been one of the best and most truthful people I know in the alternative media.  Once Charles resurfaces at a new network, I will let everyone know...

Well, I guess that is enough for now.... I do need to get on with some rest and relaxation... But I will close out with my usual last tidbits.....There have been very few reports about the situation at Fukushima, now over two years since the initial disaster.  There was a recent startling report about power outages at the failed reactors, but thankfully they were able to restore power before the spent fuel pools overheated and blew.  It is still amazing that the entire planet still hinges on keeping these pools of deadly radioactive spent fuel rods cool.....I see that in spite of the impending economic doom in Europe, the fraud financial markets here are still trying to convince people to invest their money.  Lets be serious here.  How in the hell can anyone invest money in stocks knowing that they are about to collapse, and with that all investment money vanishing? You really have to love the audacity of Investment brokers...... I see that North Korea basically has ended its ceasefire with South Korea that has been in place since 1953.  But North Korea is not insane enough to actually go to full war against the south.  Are they?   With all the sabre rattling between China and Japan over a couple of mineral rich islands, I do wonder if we could still see a large Asian regional war, with both the US and China directly involved.....Is it not amazing that even with all the economic woes the US is presently suffering from, the NCAA March Madness Basketball tournament is in full swing as just another distraction for the American sheep.  More bread and circuses while that nation crumbles..... And finally, I received the most important news of all:  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have broken up primarily due to Kanye's unhappiness at Kim's pregnancy.  I guess all America is now in mourning about this latest development.  You really have got to hand it to the American media for convincing the brainwashed American people that this is important news while the nation goes to hell....

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Northerntruthseeker On A Much Needed Vacation

I will be taking all of next week off for a much needed vacation break...

I will still post up tomorrow's Weekly Rant... But I will most probably not be putting up any new articles at all for the entire week....

In my absence, I do recommend that everyone take the time to look at all the fine articles put up by those who I believe are some of the best real truth seekers around.  They are listed in the left hand column of this blog....

Thanks to everyone for supporting my work, and I will be back by March 31st to post up my weekly rant on that date as well...

And as usual..

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Syrian Chemical Attack Was Definitely Done By The Criminal Mercenary "Rebels": Syrian Terrorists Blamed For Chemical Attacks

When the news first came out a few days ago about a chemical attack launched against a small village outside the Syrian city of Aleppo, I instantly smelled a rat.... We all know by now that the Syrian criminal murderous mercenaries, aka "Rebels" have been losing the war against the Syrian government and its army, and is now desperate to get their American, NATO, and Israeli benefactors, directly involved in the war.   We also know that the criminal US President, Barry Soetoro, has already said that the so called "red line" to direct US involvement, aka, an invasion by US/NATO forces would be when the Syrian government would begin attacking its own civilians with either chemical or biological weapons....Therefore it does not take a rocket scientist to see that this chemical attack was the murderous mercenaries attempt to have that "red line" crossed!

As further proof that this Syrian chemical attack was indeed done by the criminal and murderous mercenary invaders of that peaceful nation, I want to present the following article from Pravda, at, entitled: "Syrian Terrorists Blamed For Chemical Weapons Attack".   In this article, you will see for yourselves that this chemical attack was not done by Syrian government forces at all, but was carefully planned so that the US/NATO, and the criminal state of Israel, will all have their excuse to invade Syria outright.... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Syrian terrorists blamed for chemical weapons attack

Syrian terrorists blamed for chemical weapons attack. 49681.jpeg
The strong smell of chlorine reported by eye witnesses was the first alert that chemical weapons had been used in Khan al-Assal, Aleppo today, killing around 25 people and injuring a further 86, according to the Syrian Information Minister, as the Russian Foreign Ministry states it is seriously concerned that chemical weapons are in the possession of Islamist terrorists. This is hotly denied by the terrorist forces themselves, which blame the Syrian Armed Forces.

Let us investigate the history behind this attack, the modus operandi of the backers of the Syrian terrorists, the terrorists' own history with chemical weapons, testing on live animals and making threats to use them and the facts which arise from a first analysis of the event.

The history

In this column, several times, information has been divulged about alleged false flag attempts by the Syrian terrorist groups and their western backers to deploy chemical weaponry, blame the Syrian government and therefore create an excuse to invade. Remember Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction? Remember the accusations that Colonel Gaddafi was bombing his own people, then when Saif al-Islam al-Qathafi asked SKY News to show him where the bombs had fallen, they couldn't?

As it happened, the event in Syria did not as yet take place, either because the terrorists and their handlers in the west knew that the ploy had been outed, or else they had not yet got their hands on chemical weapons. Today, in the likely event that chemical weaponry has been deployed, we have a potential game changer.

The USA is ready to scream blue murder but forgets its own past with horrific acts of nuclear and chemical terrorist attacks against civilians, while its FUKUS allies France and the UK are still smarting from the humiliation they have suffered at the hands of the international Media (not the "bought" media they control) after their war crimes in Libya, documented below (*).

While Washington, Paris and London deny any involvement or blame in this attack, let us remember their modus operandi in previous conflicts. After all, who strafed the Iraqi electricity supply and infrastructures with military hardware, who destroyed Libya's water supply "to break their backs"? Who targeted the grand-children of Muammar al-Qathafi as military targets?
Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoabi has blamed Turkey and Qatar for "legal, moral and political responsibility" in the dangerous escalation of the conflict. Both Turkey and the terrorist forces operating in Syria deny having any connection with today's attack, blaming instead the Government forces.

SANA News Agency (back online after cyber terrorist activity from western backed agents provocateurs) reported this morning that a chemical warhead on a surface-to-surface missile had been fired into an area where Syrian soldiers and civilians were present. Eye witnesses reported the strong smell of chlorine (a substance used in chemical weapons) and breathing problems among the victims, some of whom suffocated. Most of the victims were women and children, targets elsewhere of Syria's terrorist forces backed by the west.
The sheer cruelty of the Syrian terrorists has been increasing in recent months. Amnesty International recently accused anti-Government western-backed terrorist forcers of committing summary executions and torture "with a chilling sense of impunity...the death toll continues to rise as more towns and villages come under the control of armed opposition groups" and the organization denounced the existence of war crimes by this scourge.

We remember the murder, illegal detention, humiliation, sodomy, torture, sleep deprivation, simulated drowning, setting down on people and urinating in food, forcing Moslems to eat pork in Abu Ghraib prison, Iraq, crimes perpetrated by Americans. We remember the same dreadful treatment meted out to Libyan citizens by the terrorist filth unleashed there in 2011 by the FUKUS Axis - France, the UK and the US.

The facts

While both sides blame each other, the Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed its serious concern that it was the Syrian terrorist forces which deployed chemical weaponry in the Province of Aleppo this morning, strafing a civilian area in which Syrian armed forces were present. After all, why would the Syrian government fire on its own forces, and people, who it has been protecting from the terrorist scourge backed by the West and its lackeys Qatar and Turkey?

A telling piece of evidence: A Syrian girl photographed entering hospital with a Syrian flag (the real one, not the terrorist emblem) wrapped around her wrist like an armband. If she had been among Syrian terrorist forces wearing that flag, her arm would have been cut off before her throat was slit, so it points towards her being in an area of patriots loyal to their Government, meaning they would have been targets of terrorist forces.

Last year videos were released on You Tube showing Syrian terrorist forces with Tekkim chemicals. Others showed them testing the chemicals on live rabbits and others showing terrorists threatening to use chemicals against Government forces.

In this video: +18 Al Qaeda FSA Carries Out Another Chemical Experiment on Drinking Water the title speaks for itself.

In conclusion, given NATO's past modus operandi, supporting fundamentalist terrorists, murderers, arsonists, thieves, rapists, looters and torturers to topple governments unfriendly to Washington and its poodle states, given the fact that the FUKUS Axis supports the Syrian terrorists, given the FUKUS Axis' own evil record of terrorist activities, given the video evidence leading up to this, given the fact that what appears to have been attacked is a pro-Assad region in provincial Aleppo, let us not be surprised if a proper investigation points the finger at Syria's FSA. As I have said all along, they are a motley collection of wannabes, dreamers of the fringes of Syrian society, and bloodthirsty terrorists.


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

NTS Notes: Again, is it not obvious that this was not done by Assad's forces at all, but was a "false flag" to convince the world falsely that Syria must be invaded!

Again, we must not be fooled by the lies by the Jewish controlled media outlets that have been going absolutely ballistic in their wrongful vilification of Assad for this attack.  The most obvious factor in this chemical attack is the fact that it was aimed at Syrian government forces.  There is no way in hell that Assad would launch a chemical attack against his own army!

Take this information and pass it around.  The US and Israel are looking for their excuse to have Syria destroyed, and we must make sure that their lies are exposed for everyone to see.

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Great Video: The Truth Is 'Anti-Semitic"

We all know by now that the criminals responsible for the mess that the world is presently in are Jewish fraud bankers with their criminal Usury debt based monetary systems.   We have seen the result of the entire planet's folly of allowing these sick criminals to impose their fraud monetary system on us all that has done nothing more than crush entire countries and leave entire populations destitute.  It does seem to me that these monsters have never cared about the rest of humanity, and it is time that we removed them from our lives, or we will see the end of our civilization as we know it....

For this article, I want to present the latest video by Patrick Willis, aka "Snordelhans".. aka.."Snordster" that is a narration of an important article, entitled: "Welcome To The Age Of Corporate Tyranny"  from the website: "Tyrants "R" Us" at  The video is entitled: "The Truth Is Anti-Semitic",  and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments, of course, to follow:

NTS Notes:  I want to present the entire original article that this important video is based upon right here for everyone to read:

Welcome to the age of corporate tyranny

"We shall have a [Jewish] world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest." - James Warburg, Jewish Merchant Banker

Our ruling crime families are not dumb. In fact, they are getting smarter and faster. They know it's the endgame. They know, it's either us or them. It took them a while to work out that it is cheaper to go from A to B riding their horse to death and replacing it with a new one, than watering, feeding and giving it a rest when it gets tired. So they replaced feudalism and open slavery with capitalism. Then they figured that it is more profitable to groom the smartest and most ambitious kids on the block and entice them with a privileged life style in return for their help with outsmarting their fellow-men with trickery and evil scams. So they gave us the soft-spoken psychopaths and mild-mannered mass-murderers that roam corporate boardrooms.

The most ruthless of those smart kids end up with multibillion dollar fortunes, not for them to use at their sole discretion, but to put to 'good use' in the stealth enslavement of mankind. Those Bill Gates, George Soroses, Eric Schmitts and Mark Zuckerbergs know all too well that their fortunes will be wiped out overnight, if they don't do as they are being told. That's why every copy of MS Windows and the MacOS has a back door to Mossad and the NSA. That's why Bill Gates donates billions to mass sterilisation programmes disguised as vaccinations and invests heavily in Monsanto and chemtrails. That's why George Soros spends hundreds of millions on campaigns to help disarm the American people and overthrow governments that refuse to follow the orders of the ruling parasites. That's why Eric Schmitt has transformed his search engine into a corporate 'Big Brother' and Mark Zuckerberg his social networking application into a spying tool that knows everything about you, your family, your friends, your likes and dislikes, even your most private thoughts.

The truth is anti-Semitic

It is no coincidence that most of those smartest kids on the block who sold their sole to the devil are Jewish. Not only does the Jewish mindset uniquely enable them to do the most horrible things to their fellow-men without having a bad conscience, provided they are not Jewish, their Jewishness also provides them with a highly effective armor: the Judeo-Bolshevik narrative of the Jewish Holocaust. Anybody disclosing the truth about their evil doings is immediately suspected of being motivated by evil irrational 'anti-Semitism'. Never mind that 97% of Jews are no Semites but the descendants of converted Moroccan Berbers and Mongolian-Turk Huns and their Andalusian respectively Germanic rape victims.

As if maliciously accusing someone of criminally insane racial hatred, just for telling the truth, wasn't bad enough, our ruling parasites and their Jewish minions systematically use the label of anti-Semitism to silence anyone who criticises their wrong-doings. Usually they hide behind some wishy-washy 'community standards', which magically always seem to kick in when someone says anything less than flattering about Jews. Comments, videos and articles are deleted, writers banned, accounts suspended, online payment services cancelled, you name it.

Outsourcing tyranny

All of this is obviously in breach of freedom of expression, which in most countries is guaranteed by law. But that's how tyranny works, doesn't it? If the government cannot perform an act of tyranny because of legal restrictions, it just outsources it to a private corporation, and nobody who could do anything about it seems to care. If congress doesn't allow stationing troops in a foreign country or is too difficult about what those troops are allowed to do, the government simply outsources the job to private 'security contractors', the preferred euphemism for mercenaries. If the government can't lock you up for telling the truth or extradite you to a country where they have 'hate laws' suspending freedom of expression, they just make your boss fire you and get you blacklisted by recruitment companies and HR departments of major firms. In such climate, most people no longer dare to be seen talking to, leave alone being friendly with anyone capable of critical thinking, for fear of being suspected of harboring similar thoughts. If the government has legal restrictions of how far it can go with spying on its citizens, it just gets the likes of Microsoft, Google and Facebook to do it for them.

Indeed, our ruling crime families are getting smarter and faster, but so are we. They know this is the endgame, but so do we. We might only have started to awake up to the lethal threat corporations in cahoots with tyrannic governments are posing to us, but we are 8 billion. They are a few hundred monsters and their low-life minions. They have decided that there is no room on this planet for all of us. It's up to us to decide who is going to survive.

I want to make sure that everyone takes this video and makes copies of it for themselves... Youtube, which is controlled by Jewish interests, has made it a hobby recently to delete any videos that expose the Jewish criminals, using underhanded tactics....

These criminals do indeed want a world of their own, and they care not about the rest of humanity.  It is again time that everyone realize this bitter truth and do their part in spreading the message to others that we must stop them before they both gain their sick lust for world dominion and attempt to exterminate us all!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why Is The World Economy Doomed? The Global Financial Pyramid Scheme By The Numbers!

I have been like everyone else the last few days in watching what is unfolding in Cyprus right now.  It is in my honest opinion that the Cypriots should absolutely NOT accept any criminal IMF or Euro-Bank imposed "austerity" that calls for a levy on every single bank account held by the Cypriots themselves.  They should say absolutely NO to the criminal actions by the evil Jewish bankers and their own government, and do exactly what Iceland did, and tell the fraud Jewish bankers to take their demands and shove it up their asses!  Debt enslavement is absolutely not the way to go, and will only lead to never ending servitude by the Cypriot people for the rest of their lives.

Lets face it, this problem goes way beyond the situation in Cyprus (and Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, France, and even Great Britain, to boot).   We have allowed these criminal fraudster bankers to take hold of all nations and impose their fraud Usury debt based monetary system on us all.   I must repeat again what I have learned by studying true history... Every single nation that has ever imposed a Usury debt based monetary system on its citizens has eventually collapsed.   What we have here is history repeating itself, and mankind still has never learned.

To help understand the true extent of this world wide financial mess we are in right now, I want to bring forward the following article from the website: Investment Watch, at, entitled: "Why Is The World Economy Doomed? The Global Financial Pyramid Scheme By The Numbers", for everyone to see for themselves.   It is very important reading and does present some very scary figures of exactly how huge this mess truly is.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Why Is The World Economy Doomed? The Global Financial Pyramid Scheme By The Numbers

by Michael
Why Is The World Economy Doomed? The Global Financial Pyramid Scheme By The Numbers
Why is the global economy in so much trouble?  How can so many people be so absolutely certain that the world financial system is going to crash?  Well, the truth is that when you take a look at the cold, hard numbers it is not difficult to see why the global financial pyramid scheme is destined to fail.  In the United States today, there is approximately 56 trillion dollars of total debt in our financial system, but there is only about 9 trillion dollars in our bank accounts.  So you could take every single penny out of the banks, multiply it by six, and you still would not have enough money to pay off all of our debts.  Overall, there is about 190 trillion dollars of total debt on the planet.  But global GDP is only about 70 trillion dollars.  And the total notional value of all derivatives around the globe is somewhere between 600 trillion and 1500 trillion dollars.
So we have a gigantic problem on our hands.  The global financial system is a very shaky house of cards that has been constructed on a foundation of debt, leverage and incredibly risky derivatives.  We are living in the greatest financial bubble in world history, and it isn’t going to take much to topple the entire thing.  And when it falls, it is going to be the largest financial disaster in the history of the planet.

The global financial system is more interconnected today than ever before, and a crisis at one major bank or in one area of the world can spread at lightning speed.  As I wrote about yesterday, the entire European banking system is leveraged 26 to 1 at this point.  A decline in asset values of just 4 percent would totally wipe out the equity of many of those banks, and once a financial panic begins we could potentially see major financial institutions start to go down like dominoes.

We got a small taste of what that is like back in 2008, and it is inevitable that it will happen again.

Anyone that would tell you that the current global financial system is sustainable does not know what they are talking about.  Just look at the numbers that I have posted below.

The following is the global financial pyramid scheme by the numbers…

-$9,283,000,000,000 - The total amount of all bank deposits in the United States.  The FDIC has just 25 billion dollars in the deposit insurance fund that is supposed to “guarantee” those deposits.  In other words, the ratio of total bank deposits to insurance fund money is more than 371 to 1.

-$10,012,800,000,000 - The total amount of mortgage debt in the United States.  As you can see, you could take every penny out of every bank account in America and it still would not cover it.

-$10,409,500,000,000 - The M2 money supply in the United States.  This is probably the most commonly used measure of the total amount of money in the U.S. economy.

-$15,094,000,000,000 - U.S. GDP.  It is a measure of all economic activity in the United States for a single year.

-$16,749,269,587,407.53 - The size of the U.S. national debt.  It has grown by more than 10 trillion dollars over the past ten years.

-$32,000,000,000,000 - The total amount of money that the global elite have stashed in offshore banks (that we know about).

-$50,230,844,000,000 - The total amount of government debt in the world.
-$56,280,790,000,000 - The total amount of debt (government, corporate, consumer, etc.) in the U.S. financial system.

-$61,000,000,000,000 - The combined total assets of the 50 largest banks in the world.

-$70,000,000,000,000 - The approximate size of total world GDP.

-$190,000,000,000,000 - The approximate size of the total amount of debt in the entire world.  It has nearly doubled in size over the past decade.

-$212,525,587,000,000 - According to the U.S. government, this is the notional value of the derivatives that are being held by the top 25 banks in the United States.  But those banks only have total assets of about 8.9 trillion dollars combined.  In other words, the exposure of our largest banks to derivatives outweighs their total assets by a ratio of about 24 to 1.

-$600,000,000,000,000 to $1,500,000,000,000,000 - The estimates of the total notional value of all global derivatives generally fall within this range.  At the high end of the range, the ratio of derivatives to global GDP is more than 21 to 1.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Every single day, the total amount of debt will continue to grow faster than the total amount of money until the day that this bubble bursts.

What we witnessed back in 2008 was just a little “hiccup” in the system.  It caused the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, but global financial authorities were able to get things stabilized.
Next time it won’t be so easy.

The next wave of the economic collapse is quickly approaching.  A full-blown economic depression has already started in southern Europe.  Unemployment is at record highs and economic activity is contracting rapidly.

The major offshore banking centers in Cyprus are on the verge of collapsing.  It was just announced that they will now be closed until Tuesday, but nobody really knows for sure when they will be allowed to reopen. 

And there is already talk that when they do reopen that there will be strict limits on how much money people can take out.

And now the IMF is warning that the three biggest banks in Slovenia are failing and that a billion euros will be needed to bail them out.

The dominoes are starting to tumble, and the United States won’t be immune.  In fact, the greatest financial problems that the United States has ever seen are on the horizon.

But you can just have faith that Ben Bernanke, Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress know exactly what they are doing and will be able to save us from the coming financial collapse if you want.

The mainstream media will provide you with all of the positive economic news that you could possibly want.  They are giddy about the fact that the Dow keeps hitting all-time highs and they would have us all believe that we are in the midst of a robust economic recovery.  You can listen to them if you want to.

But when you are tempted to believe that everything is going to be “okay” somehow, just go back and look at the numbers there were posted above one more time.

There is no way that the global financial pyramid scheme is going to be able to hold up for too much longer.  At some point it is going to totally collapse.  When that happens, will you be ready?

The New World Order Is Coming
NTS Notes:   I read this article twice, and all I can do is just shake my head.   I point the fault straight at those who have profited from this horrible situation through their own pursuit of greed and power.   It is remarkable that most of our nations still allow these criminals to continue their evil deeds, when in fact they should all be in jail!

I have long said that the only solution is to immediately cancel ALL DEBTS and basically take the present financial and monetary systems, tear them up, and throw them out like yesterday's trash.... It is time to discard the present mess and start from scratch, producing all currencies around the globe absolutely debt and interest free.   Another important action to take is to outlaw the crime of Usury,and to make sure that the criminals that are behind this horrible crime are never allowed to recreate the same mess ever again.

I also wonder why the hell the people here in North America are almost totally unaware of the horrible situation happening in Europe right now... It does seem that the criminal Jewish controlled media has done its dirty work in keeping most people here completely in the dark about their impending demise... When the failures in Europe spread here to Canada and the United States, and yes, when Europe comes crashing down, it will spread here....The result will see most people here left penniless and destitute, and only then will they be asking: What the hell just happened?   By that point it will be too late....

I really do not like being the purveyor of doom and gloom, but I and others have long predicted that a real world wide collapse of the entire criminal financial system is coming... It looks now that it will happen sooner than later...

More to come


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 Minutes Until America Hits A Brick Wall

I have been busy the last few weeks taking care of everything from personal business, family business, and just generally trying to avoid burning out from everything that has been happening in my life.  It does feel good to be back blogging, and right now I do have a lot of catching up to do! I have spent the last few days at every chance, reading a lot of reports out there and trying to make sense of what is happening in the world right now.

For this article, I want to present the latest work by a great writer and fellow truth seeker, "Horse 237" who writes the blog: Video Rebel's Blog, at  It is entitled: "5 Minutes Until America Hits A Brick Wall" and as usual, Horse 237 does a pretty good summation of exactly what is really happening in our world right now...... I have that article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and of course my own comments to follow:

5 Minutes Until America Hits A Brick Wall

The American Teleprompter Reader in Chief said Iran could get a nuclear bomb next year and we have to stop them. The Israelis and their American sock puppets have been saying that since at least 1983. Some time ago an Iranian general said America and Israel would have attacked Iran if they had the power to do it. This is all theater designed to make American and Israeli voters think that their nations are still world powers. Dr Michael Hudson wrote Super Imperialism in 1973 to explain how the US funded its wars by printing the international reserve currency and using these monetary profits to occupy the same nations we were exploiting. When a general  realized what Hudson was saying at his Pentagon  lecture, he said, “Wow. We’re ripping people off.”

Clearly, these wars have not been going well for America. I think we can safely conclude that the dollar and the Empire will collapse sooner rather than later.

So what is happening in the Real World? It is hard to see through the clouds of the fog of financial wars.
The Shadow Banking system (Money Market funds, Hedge funds and Structured Investment Vehicles and Sovereign Wealth funds) has at least 120 trillion dollars looking for a fast return but the entire world GDP is only half that. And lurking in the background is 700 trillion dollars in Credit Default Swaps. Corporations like Johnson and Johnson no longer primarily producing household products. Their focus now seems to be on currency speculation. They recently lost 100  million dollars when Venezuela devalued their currency. They are mere pikers when compared to General Electric and Apple have more than a hundred billion dollars parked offshore in tax havens. These are companies that produce products overseas and rely on labels to accumulate profits on which they pay no taxes while demanding higher taxes on those struggling to survive in the Real World.

Mervyn King the outgoing Governor of the Bank of England just recently said something as dumb as anything Bernanke or Geithner ever said. He has been devaluing the pound by printing money. This brought the pound down 10 cents vs the dollar from $1.61 to $1.51.  King said he had brought the pound down far enough to solve the country’s economic woes. Equally stupid is David Cameron who brought in Mark Carney the former Goldman Sachs VP to print enough money to juice the economy so the Tories can win an election in 2015. These men are as insane as the American Senators and congressmen who are falling over themselves to rush to vote for a law that would give Netanyahu the right to declare war on behalf of the US. Last year a Senator seemed to object when Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the Congress no longer had the right to declare war. But this far more serious. These criminals in Washington are selling the right to start world War III to a lunatic.

The question for financial and military experts is this: Which crashes first. the dollar or the American military. I think the dollar will go a few months before Wall Street and the City of London are no longer able to occupy half the world with American troops.

As I have said before, neither the US economy nor its military will survive an attack on Iran. People who think the US can win such a war are mentally deficient. The Iranians have mach 3 speed Russian missiles and 130 mile range rocket artillery. If America attacked Iran, the Iranians could easily sink the entire US Persian Gulf fleet and destroy all 35 nearby US military bases. Iran could also cut off the oil coming out of the Gulf which would send the the price of crude oil to $400 a barrel and drop the dollar down close to the level of  the Mexican peso. On the Syrian front neither the US nor Israel dares to directly invade Syria. The Syrians, Hezbollah and Iran could fire 150,000 missiles at Israel. Hezbollah alone has the ability to turn Tel Aviv and Haifa into piles of rubble and take down the Israeli power grid for several months. They could also blow up that Israeli nuclear reactor at Dimona which would make for one gigantic dirty bomb.

That is why both the US and Israeli professional soldiers oppose war, And that is why there has been no war yet.

The dollar will collapse before the US suffers a military disaster. The US supposedly intends to spend 3.8 trillion dollars in 2013. They do not bother with budgets any more in Washington. They were incapable of cutting 85 billion dollars. I recently noted that the real deficit is not just a trillion plus dollars a year. I did say that the budget deficit will reach 2 trillion dollars this year because I expect everything to go under in the near future. I also said that 2,000 local cities, counties and school and utility districts will default on their bonds. 

American local governments owe more than 4 trillion dollars to bondholders and even more to their pensioners.

But the most shocking figure is that of the federal government was required to use Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP) as do corporations, then we would gave a total of 222 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. We added 11 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities last year. 11 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities is more than 916 billion dollars a month.

The US federal government is accumulating almost 30 billion dollars a day in unfunded liabilities. America will soon run out of people willing to pay for Israel’s wars, the insanity of Washington politicians and the greed of Wall Street.  China and Russia can join together and say No.

In 2013 China imported more gold than Japan has in its vaults. China mines more gold than South Africa. I estimate that China has between 4 and 5,000 metric tons of gold. Any day China could announce the formation gold backed currency that would trade at a fixed rate of exchange with a Russian backed currency. The Chinese are melting down all of their 100 and 400 ounce bars of gold into one kilogram bars which Westerners call jeweler’s bricks. This would double Chinese wages and cut American wages in half over night. But I do not think that will happen in less than a year unless China is provoked by American military adventurism.

I think America’s most immediate threat is its other deficit which is its crumbling infrastructure. I have written about collapsing bridges and levees threatening the lives and well being of millions of Americans. But the most critical issue is a 9 1/2 acre sinkhole in Assumption Parish (county) Louisiana. As I have said before, the sinkhole is located near a salt cavern used to store toxic radioactive waste. There are three adjacent salt caverns with a total of 18.8 million barrels of butane and propane stored there for the Department of Energy’s energy reserves. Seismographs have indicated that the cavern walls are crumbling. A natural gas field has been found on the other side of the sinkhole. Oil is seeping into the  cavern and even rising to the top of the surface water. Butane had been flared off for awhile until hydrogen sulfide had been detected. The actual explosive impact of these caverns  filled with oil, butane, propane and hydrogen sulfide blowing up could be in excess of 2 megatons. This will produce the equivalent shock of a 6.0 plus earthquake. This will not be a natural disaster. It is man made. It will only do serious harm to thousands of working people because Washington is too busy bailing out bankers and sending our money to Israel. This is in addition to the BP oil disaster of April 20, 2010. It was case of pathological indifference compounded by the use of the toxic chemical Corexit in the alleged clean up that will harm the health of 50 million Americans.

I feel compelled to go out on a limb and connect the five dots of the elite’s planned events to do us all in. The first was the BP Horizon oil spill of April 20, 2010. The second was the attack on Fukushima. The third will be the Louisiana sinkhole.  The first two events made the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean toxic. The fourth and events will be covered in two days on this blog. These involve the Pacific Ocean and the New Madrid fault.

The explosion at that sinkhole will so anger the people who can see the government stealing their paychecks and pensions while giving it to Wall Street and Israel.

The Game will soon be over. And so will the American occupation of half of the world. The life span of this government is measured in months not years.

Related Articles: I have been writing about the sinkhole since November.

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Signs The Bankers Are Prepping You For World War Z

How Gun Grabber Feinstein Stole $100s Of Billions In Gold

NTS Notes:  Horse237 has many of the financial figures right... The Credit Default Swap figure of some 700 Trillion Dollars is pretty accurate, but does not give the total value of all Derivatives as a whole, which is rapidly approaching some 2 QUADRILLION dollars even as I type this.... If that ever collapses, it will definitely be curtains for the entire world economies, and very possibly full financial armageddon.

I have not covered much of anything on that massive sinkhole in Louisiana that is still expanding and as Horse237 explains could explode with the force equivalent of a 2 Megaton nuclear bomb.  It is alarming that there have been almost zero reports out of the Jewish controlled media here in North America about that impending disaster!

It does definitely appear that with what is happening in Europe right now, and especially Cyprus, the veritable shit is about to really hit the fan....All I can say is that everyone must do what every preparations possible for the strong possibility of major changes occurring in their lives very shortly!

More to come


Syrian Detour: US Rejects Syrian Claim That Rebels Used Chemical Weapons (Which Means They Did!)

I have been following the so called war in Syria now for quite some time, and now it does seem that the Syrian Government forces have the full upper hand over the criminal US/NATO/Israeli bought and paid for mercenaries ("Rebels").   The fact is, readers, that the US has been absolutely dying to get into Syria by any excuse necessary, because they know full well that the innocent and peaceful nation of Syria has a mutual defense pact with neighboring Iran.   They had always hoped that by invading Syria, it would trigger their long desired conflict with Iran.   Such is the sickness of the American administration as well as their Jewish masters in Israel these days....

President Soetoro has long said that the "red line" for conflict with Syria is if and when the Syrian government would use chemical or biological weapons on its own people.   And voila, just the other day, we see reports of the use of chemical weapons on Syrian civilians south of the Syrian city of Aleppo.   But I can guarantee that it was not the Syrian government that launched that chemical attack, but the criminal mercenaries themselves.   The Syrian government rightfully automatically accused the true culprits, the "rebels" almost instantly after this attack, but according to the following article, from CBC news online right here out of Canada, at, the US is rejecting the claim that it was the Syrian "rebels" that launched this chemical attack.   I have that article right here in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

U.S. rejects Syrian claim that rebels used chemical weapons

Syria's foreign minister says 31 killed by missile

Posted: Mar 19, 2013 6:35 AM ET

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2013 6:32 PM ET

Medics move a Syrian Army soldier wounded in what government officials are calling a chemical weapon attack near Aleppo.  
Medics move a Syrian Army soldier wounded in what government officials are calling a chemical weapon attack near Aleppo. (George Ourfalian/Reuters)

 Both sides in Syria's civil war accused the other of using chemical weapons during an attack Tuesday on a northern village near Aleppo 
Reported chemical attack in Syria3:53

Syria's government and rebels traded accusations Tuesday of a chemical attack on a northern village for the first time in the civil war, although the U.S. said there was no evidence it had happened. 

The use of such weapons would be a nightmare scenario in the two-year-old conflict that has killed an estimated 70,000 people, and the competing claims showed awillingness by both sides to go to new levels to seek support from world powers.

One of the international community's biggest concerns is that Syria's arsenal of chemical weapons could be used by one side or the other, or could fall into the hands of foreign jihadi fighters among the rebels or the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, which is allied with the regime of President Bashar Assad.

U.S. President Barack Obama has declared the use, deployment or transfer of the weapons would be a "red line" for possible military intervention by the U.S. in the Syrian conflict.

The accusations emerged only a few hours after the Syrian opposition elected a prime minister to head an interim government that would rule areas seized by rebel forces from the Assad regime.

31 killed in attack, Syrian official says

The state-run SANA news agency said "a missile containing a chemical substance" was fired at the village of Khan al-Assal in Aleppo province by "terrorists" — the term it uses for rebels. Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal Mekdad said 31 people were killed. 

SANA added that more than 100 others were wounded, some of them critically, and it published pictures showing casualties, including children, on stretchers in what appears to be a hospital ward. None showed signs of physical injuries.

"It is another crime to be added to the record of armed terrorist groups that are supported by some Arab countries and Western countries," Mekdad told reporters in Damascus.

To back up its claims of a chemical attack by the rebels, SANA pointed to videos posted on YouTube several months ago that purported to show regime opponents experimenting with poisons on mice and rabbits. The origin of the videos was not known.

The rebels quickly denied using chemical weapons and accused regime forces of doing so.

Maj. Gen. Adnan Sillu, who was previously among those in charge of Syria's chemical weapons training program before he defected to Turkey last year, accused the Assad government of firing a chemical weapon. 

"Only the regime has long range missiles capable of handling chemical agents," he said in comments to Arab broadcaster Al Arabiya.

The head of Syria's main opposition group, the Syrian National Council, said the group was still investigating the attack.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which relies on a network of activists in the country, said a rocket attack on Khan al-Assal killed at least 26 people. The group's director, Rami Abdul-Rahman, said he had no information that chemical weapons were involved and said the rocket landed near a military installation. 

The village lies just west of the city of Aleppo and had seen fierce fighting for weeks before rebels took over a sprawling government complex there last month. The facility included several military posts and a police academy that Assad's forces have turned into a military base that regularly shells nearby villages.

The Aleppo Media Center, affiliated with the rebels, said there were cases of "suffocation and poison" among civilians in Khan al-Assal after a missile was fired at the area. It said in a statement the cases were "most likely" caused by regime forces' use of "poisonous gases." 

Mohammed al-Khatib, an activist in Aleppo, said regime forces meant to target rebels but the missile landed in a government-controlled area of Khan al-Assal instead.

"It caused a huge explosion, like a Scud missile does," he said. "Everyone knows rebels only have primitive rockets. Claims that opposition fighters were behind the attack are laughable."

U.S. 'deeply skeptical' of Assad regime's claims

A U.S. official said there was no evidence either side had used chemical weapons. 

The origin of the attack is still unclear, the official said, adding that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons also was reporting no independent information of chemical weapons use. The official wasn't authorized to speak publicly on the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The White House and the State Department rejected only the Assad regime's charge.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said the U.S. is looking carefully at all allegations, but said the Obama administration is "deeply skeptical" of any claims by the Assad regime. 

"This is an issue that has been made very clear by the president to be of great concern to us," Carney said, adding that if the Syrian regime does use such weapons, "there will be consequences."

Russia, which has steadfastly supported Assad, backed the Syrian government's assertion. The Russian Foreign Ministry said the rebels detonated munitions containing an unidentified chemical agent, but didn't give further details, and added that it was an "extremely dangerous" development. 

Ahmet Uzumcu, director general of the OPCW, said he is "deeply concerned" about allegations of chemical weapons use and that the group will continue to monitor the situation closely. 

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who spoke to Uzumcu, "remains convinced that the use of chemical weapons by any party under any circumstances would constitute an outrageous crime," U.N. spokesman Martin Nesirky said. 

The Syrian regime is believed to possess substantial stockpiles of mustard gas and a range of nerve agents, including sarin, a highly toxic substance that can suffocate its victims by paralyzing muscles around their lungs.

Syria's policy has been not to confirm or deny if it has chemical weapons. But in July, then-Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi told a news conference that Syria would only use chemical or biological weapons in case of foreign attack, not against its own people. The ministry then tried to blur the issue, saying it had never acknowledged having such weapons.

The Assad regime has not said that rebels have been able to seize any chemical weapons, "so we assume that the opposition does not possess such weapons," said Mustafa Alani, an analyst with the Gulf Research center in Geneva. 

"I would not rule out that the military would use chemical weapons and try to pin it on the rebels," Alani said.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said recently that the longer the war goes on, the greater the danger of its institutions collapsing and extremists getting their hands on chemical weapons. 

In Damascus, meanwhile, residents and the SANA news agency said several mortar shells landed in a park behind the Saudi Embassy in the upscale Abu Rummaneh district. SANA said three people were killed and 13 were wounded by the attack that damaged several apartments, cars and shops. 

Earlier Tuesday, Syria's opposition coalition elected Ghassan Hitto, a little-known American-educated technology manager to head an interim government to administer areas seized by rebels from Assad's troops. 

Syria's provisional prime minister Ghassan Hitto, chosen by opposition leaders, condemned the alleged chemical weapons attack during a March 19 news conference in Istanbul, Turkey. 
Syria's provisional prime minister Ghassan Hitto, chosen by opposition leaders, condemned the alleged chemical weapons attack during a March 19 news conference in Istanbul, Turkey. (Osman Orsal/Reuters)
 In his first speech after his election, Hitto ruled out dialogue with the regime. 

"We confirm to our people that there is no place for dialogue with the Assad regime," he told members of the opposition Syrian National Coalition in Istanbul. 

He said the interim government will be headquartered in rebel-held territories in northern Syria and urged international recognition for the new entity.

Mouaz al-Khatib, head of the Syrian National Coalition, said in Istanbul that the prime minister would develop his own program, first by trying to organize the revolutionary local councils established inside Syria.

He acknowledged that the new government faced challenges, adding that "the country has collapsed."

"The Syrian people have reached a stage of oppression, humiliation and destruction of infrastructure, so any positive effort now will present very positive steps," he said.

NTS Notes:  I am sorry to say to my American readers, but your government are openly showing themselves here to be a bunch of liars and criminals...

I am a bit troubled by the open bias of this report that does as much as possible to vilify the Assad government in Syria.  But sadly, CBC news is indeed owned by Jewish interests, so lies and false propaganda are the new rule of the day when it comes to any "mainstream" media.

There is absolutely NO WAY that President Assad would ever launch a chemical attack on his own people.  He is not that stupid, and the facts are coming out crystal clear that he has the full support of his own people.

What we have here is a most apparent false flag attack by these bought and paid for mercenaries using American supplied chemical weapons on Syrian civilians.   The US and Israel know that they have been losing this war against Syria, so they are pulling out their trump card and going to use this "chemical attack" as their excuse to now have Syria invaded and conquered.

Watch carefully everyone over the next few days as the snakes in the Jewish controlled media go absolutely ballistic about this "chemical attack" and not only blame Assad falsely, but openly call for the invasion of Syria to "protect the civilians" from the "evil Assad regime".   And the people will be gullible enough to  fall for this latest charade!  The result will be Syria invaded and conquered sometime this spring.... And another domino in Israel's sick quest for middle eastern domination to fall!

More to come


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Yes, it is Sunday again.... And of course time for my weekly rant where I try to piss off as many people as I possibly can....

First, it is St. Patrick's Day, and I want to say Happy St. Patrick's Day to all those of Irish descent.... I discovered several years back that I  myself am of Irish descent... My mother 's grandfather was an Irish minister that came over to Canada after the Irish Potato Famine in the late 19th century and he settled down with a French Canadian woman...and had something like 14 children (Got to love the Catholics). One of these children being of course my grandmother... And after she married a French Canadian, and of course  my mother marrying a crazy German.... That makes me 1/8th Irish!!!   Maybe that explains why I only tend to drink one eighth of the time?

One thing that I want to clear up right now.... I am NOT a so called "White Supremist"  as some clowns the alternative movement have been trying to falsely label me.... Nor am I suddenly against the entire "White Race" for my stance using logic that the Jews are absolutely not a distinct race of mankind!    I am for the absolute truth and am not clouding my better judgment by the false notion that this is a battle between the "White Race" and a fraud "Jewish Race"....Sorry to disappoint you Christian Identity nuts as well, but this is a war not based on "religion", but on stopping a group of criminals that follow a fraudulent and very evil "religion" and are clearly hell bent on obtaining world dominion.  I  have made it clear many times that the criminal Jews want us to fight amongst each other over frivolous and ridiculous racial and religious issues, while they sit back and laugh themselves silly about how stupid the Gentiles are!  Therefore, I want to ask those who have fallen for this trap to wake up and realize they they are being played as suckers!

Well... Getting beyond the constant squabbling going on in the alternative press over Jews a race or not, there is a lot of things happening in the world right now... I see that yesterday was of course the 10th anniversary of the Israeli murder of Rachel Corrie.   It is astounding to see that even after 10 years, there has been no justice for this brave and wonderful human being who's only crime was to stand up against tyranny.  Few people know that it was Rachel's murder that first got me into blogging over at "Myspace".... I closed that Myspace account a few years later after realizing I was not reaching any audience, and opened up this site at Blogger.....

I see that the usual false rhetoric is continuing over Iran, and its nonexistent nuclear weapons program... There was a new report that I saw the other day that said that US "intelligence" is now saying that Iran is a good one year away from building a nuclear weapon... But again, they have been saying the exact same thing for over 20 YEARS now!   It is my hope that after all this time and all the lies about Iran, that everyone will finally see what is truly afoot, especially with the criminally insane state of Israel wanting to have Iran destroyed so that they can achieve their sick demented dream of total hegemony over the Middle East.... But of course these Jewish monsters have their controlled media filling American minds with crap about Iran being a "danger to world peace".   I hope that it is not too late to convince the American public that they are again being used as pawns by these Jewish criminals....

The European Union is falling to pieces just as I and others have long predicted... But why are there no reports in the Jewish controlled media here at home about the problems in Europe?  Obviously someone or a group of criminals wants to keep much of the world in the dark about how Jewish Usury Debt and their criminal European banking system has been a dismal failure, and of course their first experiment at a one world government through their "European Union" is a sham and a disaster... This may be done while they fleece North American markets and the people here at home of what little wealth is left, before they pull the plug and let the entire facade come crashing down....

I also see how well that "Global Warming" fraud and scam has been going, especially here in Canada where we are now going through an almost record cold spell.... Spring is supposed to be 4 days away ,and temperatures here on the prairies in Canada are at least 10C below seasonal normals, with more winter storms still on their way.... Lets face it, everyone... If there are still a few suckers that believe Al Gore and his criminal entourage with their lies that this planet is heating up, then they really are a lost cause.... Even the media can no longer continue to promote the Global Warming fraud now without their reporters looking like laughing stocks!.... I must repeat it again that there is absolutely NO man made Global Warming going on, period... This planet is totally dependent on the solar radiation output from our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol, and right now, Sol is pouring out solar radiation at a much reduced level.   There are recent statements that state that our Sun, Sol, is reaching what is called a "Maunder Minimum" of reduced solar radiation output that is similar to the same Maunder Minimum that this planet experienced back in the 16th-17th century... The result of that Maunder Minimum was a long period of colder temperatures known as the "mini Ice Age" that plagued this planet for over 200 years.... Bottom line is this:  We are entering a period of Global Cooling, and it will not make a difference no matter how much so called "Greenhouse Gases" we pour into our atmosphere, things will be getting a lot colder over the next few years at least!

I have been reading a lot of John Kaminski's works lately, and have listened to his radio interviews, and I am indeed intrigued by the Electric Universe theories as much as he is... .Being from a scientific background, I have long thought that that thief and poor patent clerk, Albert Einstein, and his Relativity theories have been full of holes, and that the general understanding of the Universe as a whole as taught to us for a century at least are absolutely wrong.... I hold little faith in the so called "Big Bang Theory" as well as other claims and theories about our present Universe as claimed in our so called "science books"... There are way too many holes in our classic understanding of space, our solar system, and how the Universe itself ticks.... This is where some of the ideas brought forward through the "Electric Universe" theories actually fit in nicely, and actually make sense.... I do recommend that a lot more people take the time to look into the theories about the "Electric Universe" for themselves, and feel free to tell me what they think.....My comment sections are always open to free and honest opinions...There have already been many comments thrown my way over the last few years asking me to cover the subject of the Electric Universe at this blog, and I may actually get around to doing a few articles about that important subject very soon...

I see that there have been more reports coming out now about the dangers of Fluoride and other poisons that we have been ingesting in our food and water.  I have always been pushing hard through articles in this blog about the importance of not drinking any water that has been "fluoridated" and to avoid a multitude of poisons in foods such as Aspartame, and Sucralose.  I am now proud to see that more and more people are finally taking action and have been going after these criminals for purposely poisoning us all!   I hope that we are not too late, because we can clearly see the damage already done to people though these insidious poisons....

Recently, a friend of my better half reported that her own daughter was getting ill at a day care center, and even experienced what appeared to be a seizure!...She said to me that her daughter had never experienced this type of illness before, and she is puzzled about what has suddenly changed that could cause a seizure in her daughter... I asked her if her daughter's day care did some renovations lately, to which she answered Yes.... I then asked if those renovations included changing out the lights in the day care center from standard incandescent lights to Compact Fluorescent lighting... She finally got back to me about a week ago, and answered Yes.... I informed her immediately that the cause of her daughter's problems could be associated with the dangerous light that these insidious CFL lights produce.  I asked her to check with the day care, and to find out if any other children have been suffering the same type of illness or side effects from these lights.....I am presently waiting for an answer, and I will inform everyone about the results in a future article... It will be interesting to see, considering what has already been discovered about how these CFL lights have long been linked to serious health issues thanks to the horrible light they produce!  Again, if other readers of this blog have seen much the same thing happen, I am all ears....

One question that comes my way all the time is... What makes me tick, and why do I continue doing this blog?   I sometimes ask myself the same question.... I do not do this for wealth, fame, or power... I found out a long time ago that there are many things wrong around us and on this planet as a whole, and I decided to do some research, do some writing about what I discovered, and what must be done to fix the problems....I try to stay honest and sincere, and as I have always said.. I will never allow myself to be subverted or bought off....Sorry to again inform you agents of Isra-Hell!

On the one touchy subject that I am not supposed to research here in Canada, the Jewish "Holocaust" of World War II, I am intrigued these days... There was a recent report of some 42,500 (!) new "death camps" suddenly discovered in Germany (OK... Where have all these "camps" been hiding all these years?), as well as an increase of the victims from some "6 Million" to between "15-20 Million".... This is shocking considering that there were NOT 15-20 million Jews on the entire planet in 1939!   This reminds me of the fish story that gets bigger and bigger with each telling...... But, again, I live in Canada, and questioning the Holocaust is indeed taboo.....Again, when will people ever learn, and why do I keep thinking of that famous PT Barnum quote?

Well, I guess that is it for now... But I have to close this rant with my usual last minute tidbits.... I see that Barry Soetoro is flying to Israel this coming week.  Well whoopie ding, who really cares?  That clown who calls himself US President will go and smooch up to his Jewish masters and even spend an evening with the black Miss Israel.  He will also go to get his marching orders on Iran from his gods.  I hope America is ready, because war on Iran is coming.....Hey, the Catholic Church just selected the new Pope, and I really don't give a damn.  Just trying to rush past this tidbit......The funeral of Hugo Chavez just happened in Venezuela, and of course we see the western media vilify this great man again and again.  I guess freeing the
Venezuelan people from the clutches of Jewish bankers does not sit well with the Jewish run media!....Is it just me, or has the media been avoiding the Sandy Hook fraud and criminal operation now like the plague?  I guess they know that the days of spinning that lie are now over.  But another operation will indeed be done on the American suckers very soon, I can guarantee it.......And sadly, I have nothing to report about America's first family, the Kardashians.  And thankfully, does anyone care?

More to come