Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Upcoming War On Iran: President Soetoro To Inform Israeli Prime Minister Milikowsky Of Plans For Summer Iran War!

The war against the innocent nation of Iran is definitely still on.  The Israelis realized that they could not go to war against Iran alone, so for the last while they have been working feverishly in trying to find any excuses to have their slave puppets in the United States attack and destroy Iran for them. 

Well, lo and behold, it does appear that Israel may get their wish after all.  According to this new article, from Jason Ditz who writes the website, Antiwar, at www.antiwar.com, it appears that when President Soetoro (Obama) visits Prime Minister Milikowsky (Netanyahu) shortly, he will indeed not only get his marching orders, but he will inform the psychotic Israeli Prime Minister of his plans for a summer time war against Iran launched by the US itself!   First here is that important article, and I do have some of my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Obama to Inform Netanyahu of Plans for Summer Iran War

Will Urge Israel to 'Sit Tight' And Let US Start War

by Jason Ditz, February 25, 2013
According to unnamed officials quoted by Israel’s Channel 10, President Obama is planning to inform Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of his intention to attack Iran this summer, with June beginning the “window of opportunity” for his next war.

Secretary of State John Kerry said in a press conference earlier today that time is “running out” for diplomacy, and it seems that the next P5+1 talks are being set up as the “last chance” for Iran to give in to assorted US demands before being attacked.

President Obama will reportedly inform Israel of this decision during his upcoming visit next month, and will ask Netanyahu to “sit tight” and stop talking up the war for a few months until the US can get it off the ground unilaterally.
The US has been setting the stage for a June war since last year, when Obama had likewise reassured Israel in the lead-up to elections that a US war would be launched by June 2013, an effort to keep Israel from starting the war ahead of the US vote.
It should be noted that a June war would be extremely problematic on a number of levels, including Iran having a June 14 presidential election to replace outgoing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Moreover, previous reports of a “war date” being set by the administration have not panned out.

Netanyahu has been making much of the “red line” of Iran’s civilian enrichment program growing more efficient, despite the UN confirming that Iran keeps diverting the civilian uranium to civilian uses and the stockpile is not getting considerably larger than its been. He has presented summer as a likely time to start a war, and any US pledge might be designed more to placate him than around any intention to actually go through with it.

Most of Iran’s uranium is enriched to 3.5 percent, for the Bushehr electricity plant, while a small fraction is further enriched to 20 percent, the level needed for the US-built Tehran Research Reactor, which makes medical isotopes.

Indeed, US intelligence agencies have repeatedly conceded in “threat assessments” that Iran’s program is purely civilian and that there is “no decision” by Iran to even attempt to make a nuclear weapon. A recent poll has shown that an overwhelming majority of Americans have been convinced by politicians that Iran’s program is a “threat” to American interests, though polls have generally shown a strong opposition to starting a war over the matter.

NTS Notes:  This is truly sickening... While the US crumbles into economic oblivion, its communist criminal President is laying the groundwork for an American attack on Iran to be launched sometime this summer, most probably in mid to late June!

As I have always said... This criminal does NOT answer to the American public, period.  He is going to Israel to not only grovel to his Jewish masters, but to inform them of his sinister plans to have the innocent nation of Iran destroyed.  And where the hell will the American public be in all of this????

It does definitely appear that the war on Iran is back on and we will see the United States fighting and dying for their lords and masters in Israel by sometime this summer. 

And we all must be warned... The criminal state of Israel will most probably launch a false flag attack on the United States sometime this spring to have it blamed on Iran.  In doing so, the Jewish media will work on convincing the skeptical American people that Iran did the "terrorist attack" and that nation must be destroyed.  If and when these criminals do carry out this sinister act of murder, lets make sure that everyone is made fully aware instantly that it is the Israelis and not the Iranians that did the act!

Be prepared everyone...

More to come


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Anonymous said...

And it never occurs to anyone in a position of power that Iran is a signatory to the NNPT, is entitled to do what they're doing, is entitled to receive assistance from other nuclear nations (Art. 4 NNPT), and is threatening nobody. Only 'israel' and the Excited States do that. Where is the absolute outrage? Why are these rogue nations above the law? Truly the world has been ensnared by the Synagogue of Satan!