Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Real History Revealed: The "6 Million" Infamous Number Was Pushed On The Public A Multitude Of Times Between 1915-1938!

Being a Canadian, I am absolutely limited in any research into the so called Jewish "Holocaust" of World War II, and the "6 Million" number that has been perpetually harped as being the number of victims of that un-researchable event.  However, I can definitely look at other periods of history and allegations of "6 Million" being persecuted and/or dying during said periods of history, because it does not call into question my stance on the history of the "Holocaust" of World War II at all....

I came across a must see video recently, that brings forward some very interesting facts that the Jews were attempting to sell to the world the idea of "6 Million" of their number being persecuted and/or dying during the period of 1915-1938.   I have that important video right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It definitely does appear that the Jewish media was working hard in the period before the First and the Second World Wars, on selling the "6 Million" number to the public.   It is so amazing that figure of "6 Million" is exactly the number that eventually suffered in the Second World War allegedly by Nazi Germany....Amazing how all these publications had a mystic premonition of things to come....

Again, I cannot say here what had happened during the Second World War in the so called "Holocaust" simply because the Canadian government does not allow research into that touchy subject, and if I attempted, I could be brought up on the ridiculous charges of "Denial"!   I again ask why there is a necessity in having laws in place to prevent research into the "Holocaust" unless there is something that the criminals do not want the public to see.. Such as the truth?

I again leave it up to the readers to judge for themselves as to what exactly happened during that infamous period of history and to draw their own conclusions.  The day may yet come when the stupid draconian "Hate Crime" laws in this once proud nation called Canada are repealed, and full freedom of information and research is open for debate and scrutiny.   That day is long overdue!

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Anonymous said...

Well done, great Northern Truthseeker! The truth needs no law to support it!

Greg Bacon said...

Since I don't live in Canada and can comment on the holicau%t, can I say that it is one of the biggest con jobs in history?

Or will that get you in trouble, and if it does, go ahead and delete my comment.

No use giving Abe FARTMAN any fodder.

"There's no business like Shoah Business...."