Sunday, February 17, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, February 17th, 2013

First, I want to inform everyone that has been asking.... Yes, I have been spending one heck of a lot of time visiting my sick mother, and making sure that she is receiving proper care.... The effects of her recent stroke have diminished slightly over time, and we are preparing to have her moved to a long term facility for her proper care...

Ok, now onto other matters.... I want to inform all of my readers first and foremost that my friend, Noor, who writes Snippits and Snappits at, has contacted me and let me know that she will no longer be writing her blog for sometime to come.   It has come as a shock to myself, because I have looked upon her as a very close friend in this war for our very survival, and have always admired the fine works that she has written.   However, it does appear that it will not be the end of Snippits and Snappits, because rather than abandon and destroy that blog, which to me is an absolute waste of fine work, she has contemplated in asking me to become a co-author of that blog and to be the custodian of her work in her absence.  I feel this would be such an honor, and I have said that I would take good care of her site in her absence, and it would be ready for her whenever she decides to return!  I will be putting up an article here at this blog once Noor makes her final decision..... I honestly want to wish Noor good luck in the near future, and to let her know that she can contact me anytime....

 Now onto something that has been on many peoples' minds over the last while... The Christian Identity and Christian Fundamentalists that have been working to undermine our efforts..... With the open battle still going on between Zander, aka "Zioncrimefactory" and Mike Delaney aka "Prothink", there is now an open rift in this movement due to many of these "Christian Identity" nuts and morons (and yes, I do say they are morons) suddenly bringing their religious radicalism into many arguments and trying to split the REAL truth movement along religious lines.   I say to these morons that they truly need a life, and for everyone else to not give them the time of day....... They soon forget that the Jews have it written right within their Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion about the need to control and/or to split all of their opposition.   Is not splitting their opposition along religious lines following this script?   I say to these religious nutters and clowns to wake up and get a clue!

I have honestly tried to stay away from religion, period, because I stand behind my convictions and realistic approach that ALL religions are a fraud and just another method used for our enslavement.   There have been some comments in this blog that say that I have insulted many who stand behind religious beliefs.  I say to them that I have no qualms with their personal beliefs, and I just ask them to not try to bring those beliefs into any arguments or comments here.  I will not post up any comments that argue along religious lines because I see them as a waste of time and effort.   If anyone wants to continue to believe in a "man in the clouds", be my guest, because that is your choice....My fight is definitely against criminal Jews who have obviously used their fraudulent "religion" of Judaism to bring despair on our planet.   If anyone cannot handle that, then please leave... There are many religious blogs and sites available for you to go to....

In other news... I see that the criminal Jews are still trying to push fraudulent lies and untruths across their mainstream media to the public about the innocent nation of Iran so that they can get their nice little war on Iran off and running.....One of the latest lies is the whopper that Iran is "refusing" to negotiate again on their nuclear power development plans with a commission led by the United States and members of the European Union.  I ask how Iran can "negotiate" with these obvious stooges of the criminal state of Israel, when the negotiations do not include the lifting of the criminal trade sanctions and embargo placed upon them over a year ago?   These therefore are not "negotiations" but these criminals asking for Iran to surrender, which no nation that has done no wrong should ever do!   Watch as these criminals come out of these "negotiations" and say that Iran is refusing their "offers"... I can see the media pushing this fraud to the dumbed down public as a reason for attacking Iran itself....

There is also the continued push for war on Syria that has began to heat up again..... What has been happening that is not shown in the lying Jewish controlled media is the fact that the Syrian government forces have been winning their war against the hired western mercenaries ("rebels") that have been slaughtering Syrian civilians.   I said in several previous rants that the criminals in both the United States and Israel will not give up on their sick dream of destroying Syria, and will shortly pull something out of their bag of tricks to convince the world that an invasion of Syria itself is necessary.... A false flag chemical attack by the mercenaries is still a strong possibility and could be happening sooner rather than later... Watch for it, readers, and be ready to place the blame against the real criminals who did the deed!

I also see that the invasion of Mali has gone according to the criminal planning of France and the United States, with the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent civilians..... The real laugher came this last week with the French coming forward with laughable and phoney "documents" that were "discovered" that show how "Al Qaeda" was going to use Mali itself as a base of operations for the entire western African region.... When I read the reports about these phoney documents, I laughed myself silly... How can people be so gullible?   First, everyone with any common sense knows that "Al Qaeda" itself is a fraud and was the creation of both the US  CIA and Israeli Mossad as the needed boogeyman for their equally fraudulent "war on terror".    Second, it is so obvious that these criminals need to find an excuse for their attack on Mali which has killed thousands, and what better way than to again play their phoney "Al Qaeda" card on dumbed down public?   Lets get this straight once and for all, everyone... This war on Mali is for RESOURCES, especially GOLD.  If people cannot wrap their brains around that fact, then they are again a lost cause.

I see that the disintegration of the European Union is going as expected.  This "union" was doomed from the beginning, and was only one of the stepping stones of the Rothschild sick dream of a one world government.   But just last week I saw reports that the US Government itself has been now wanting to negotiate with the doomed EU for a free trade agreement between Europe and the US.   Is this possibly the last ditch effort by the criminal Jewish Rothschilds to keep their sick dream of a one world government alive?  It is bad enough that when the EU collapses, which will happen very soon, the United States could feel the ripple effect and collapse itself shortly afterwards... To have a free trade agreement with a collapsing economy would only drag the US down the drain that much quicker!

I have been in conversations this past few weeks with my friend, Whitewraithe, who writes Pragmatic Witness, at   Most of you have probably wondered why she has not written any new articles at her site.  She has had some severe health problems over the last while, but has informed me that she is returning to writing her blog this coming week.    It has been a rough few weeks for her, especially in her battle with those in this "movement" that she had trusted and looked upon as friends for years.  

I will be on the Charles Giuliani "Truth Hertz" internet radio show (, tomorrow morning, at 7am CST to discuss a wide variety of subjects with Charles, and my friend, Gregg Kalina.  We have so much to discuss, especially with Charles' fight with the Christian Identity morons, and the Sandy Hook criminal Operation... I hope that everyone takes the time to either listen in live, or to read the archives that I will also be posting up at this site soon afterwards....

Well, I guess that is it for now.... I will probably be doing my usual family visits for the rest of the day, and I will close with my last minute tidbits:   Why the hell does anyone believe anything put forward by the Global Warming nutters any more?  You would figure that with the obvious cooling of this planet that everyone can see for themselves, that we would have seen the last of these nuts. But in spite of our best efforts, they are still trying to convince a more skeptical public to accept their lies and to hand over their money in fraudulent "Carbon Taxes"......I still see people lining up to take poisonous and deadly vaccines into their bodies at the so called "free flu shot" clinics.  All I can say is that at least I am trying to convince the public of vaccine dangers.  Are you?...... Yes, I have watched the recent meteor and meteorite strikes all over the planet this last week.  No, the sky is not falling, and this planet does periodically go through regions of space where it will have increases in these strikes. And people must understand that this planet is very long overdue in receiving a very large meteor or asteroid strike.  But fear not, because that may not happen for centuries.  I hope......I still cannot understand what Barry Soetoro will be doing in Israel?   The only explanation is that he will definitely be getting his marching orders from his masters in Tel Aviv.  It is so sad and so disgusting to see how much the US Government grovels and kisses Jewish ass......And sadly, I have not been keeping up on my Kardashian news this last week due to spending time with my ailing mother.  Honestly, Did I really miss that much?

More to come



KPRyan said...


Wachin tv done does make iq drop?

I watch tv aal daze long and I got good iq.

I learn lots to.

MaryC said...

It's not "learn" it's "lern".

Carol A. Valentine said...

"My fight is definitely against criminal Jews who have obviously used their fraudulent "religion" of Judaism to bring despair on our planet. If anyone cannot handle that, then please leave..."

I am voting for you to be the next President ;-)

Carol A. Valentine

Anonymous said...

"All religions are crap and lies".

How about religion of "world without jews"?

By the way, religions are as old as humanity and they always turn back, even in completely atheistic countries like former Soviet bloc.

Even ortodox marxism mutated itself into psudoreligion of BELIEF about creating paradise on Earth.

As long as there is death and suffering, there is also a religion, because people need some some higher meaning into their lives, besides being consuming and fornicating worker-bees.