Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Shocking Video - NHK Documentary: Lives Slipped Away

I am still trolling through reports about the still ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster when ever they become available... I am deeply shocked these days that very little attention is being paid to this still ongoing disaster and the dangers that the entire world still faces from its still spewing nuclear radiation into our atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean. 

Now I want to present something that is just as appalling as the disaster itself.   I have the following video that is a must see by everyone.  It is entitled: "NHK Documentary: Lives Slipped Away", and contains some shocking and disturbing details about how the elderly and the hospitalized near the Fukushima disaster have suffered horribly not only from radiation from Fukushima, but also from the actions of their own government.   Here is that video, and I do have some additional thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I said in a previous article that the children that live around this disaster are now suffering the consequences from radiation exposure and are showing severe signs of radiation sickness, and even dying.

Now it seems that another part of Japanese society, the elderly and the severely hospitalized, are suffering horribly from the consequences of the Fukushima disaster.   Many according to this documentary have been not only neglected, but some have even been left to die!

As this documentary states... Many hospital workers themselves have been forced to neglect their own patients in and around Fukushima prefecture, due to the fact that exposure to radiation has put them at risk of death almost as bad as their patients themselves!

Again, this disaster at Fukushima is very far from being over.   It is indeed sad that the children, the weak, the sick, and the elderly, have been left by the Japanese government to suffer the most.    And because this disaster is far from over, many more will continue to die as a result.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the alleged confrontation between China and Japan via US intervention could be a ramped up war scenario just to get the people distracted from the Fukushima on-going disaster. Obviously, the Japanese elite do not care about the demise of their elderly and children any more than the Jewish conrats controllers do in the US. Actually, who ultimately benefits when Japan goes down? The Jewish bankers?

Northerntruthseeker said...

Anonymous.. I seriously doubt it...

The Chinese/Japanese fight over those islands is about the mineral/oil rights for the area around these islands.... They have been in dispute for quite some time, but have only recently been more heated due to the possibility of oil in the ocean surrounding them....

The Japanese elite do not give a damn about their people as shown by this video.... Better to let people die than admit to the still ongoing problems with Fukushima, obviously!

Anonymous said...

I think USrael attacked Japan with a "tsunami bomb", in other words a nuke. We were recently informed that USrael ( US and Israel are now one and the same entity, unfortunately for us Americans, and many others around the world) has a "tsunami bomb".
I think it was an underhanded way to inform us the tsunami that hit Northern Japan was the work of USrael. I think the tsunami of 2004 in the Indian Ocean was the result of a nuke bomb also.