Friday, January 25, 2013

The Connecticut Elementary School Shooting: Sandy Hook Fully Exposed Part II

It definitely does appear that I can not get away from reporting about the Sandy Hook operation. That also goes for my own, and others' in what I do call the real truth movement, assertions that it was indeed a criminal operation for the ultimate goal of disarming America....  Therefore again, I will be covering more information right here that again calls into question the so called "official report" on this operation.....

A while back, I presented a great video that summarized the entire Sandy Hook Shooting exposure to that point... It contains the important video: "Sandy Hook Fully Exposed", and I have the link to that article here.... Now, I want to present the follow up to that video that I just finished viewing, and knew that it belonged here for my own readers to view for themselves... Here is that video, entitled: "Sandy Hook Fully Exposed - Official Part II, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Yes, there have been many errors made even on my own part from what was seen in Part One.... The Emilie Parker still alive part is a prime example, and seems to be a red herring...Possibly disinformation to lead researchers down the wrong path,  and we all know that there are those that will definitely distort the findings in this Sandy Hook operation just to make the alternative media look bad!

Part of the process in getting to the truth is to get over the bumps in the road so to speak that we will encounter.  It is always essential to admit that mistakes have been made along the way, and yes, I freely admit that I have made some mistakes and errors in judgment... But, I am only human, and I am in pursuit of both knowledge and the truth.

Personally, I am still shocked that there are those who cannot see the inaccuracies of the "official report" on this "shooting" that calls the entire operation into question.... We have already seen the bad actors, the strange actions by the Coroner, the lies of Gene Rosen, and serious problems with many others, as strong evidence of the fraudulence of any "official report"...These findings alone should have everyone demanding a proper investigation to get some real answers!

Yes, I still look upon this as an operation, and I have not wavered from that stance.... I smelled a rat from day one of this "shooting" and that has not changed.   It is so important that we, in this real truth movement, do not fall victim to those who have infiltrated our ranks, and are now poisoning our efforts by calling us "nutters" and "tin foil hatters".   We must not waver, and continue to use critical thinking and the ability to question in pursuit of the real truth, because in spite of the actions of those attempting to block our efforts, people do deserve the truth.

More to come



Anonymous said...

I have viewed the picassa photo albums of the Greenberg family clan when they were still up on the internet. They included very personal photos available to the public, not private. No hacking necessary. The girl supposedly shot to death in the Gifford's hoax being one of the girls in the photos. Ed Chiarini may now be considered a nutty wacko, but there are too many plausible physical likenesses between the Jewish family clan members and supposed "real" persons in the news that Chiarini has made comparisons to. We have to remember that "news" is created these days by Jewish media in the Hollywood style of fakery. And of course the MSM and the government will always be attacking those who question their lies and their crimes. Isn't that what Siberian prison gulags were for in Russia? Or mental institutions?

Anonymous said...

Any familiar faces from the news in their photos?
Aug 25, 2006
Photos: 596
Jan 22, 2002
Photos: 583
[The Phelps parents? Sexton, Greenberg]

Anonymous said...

I am a United States citizen and I have the right to ask any questions I wish and I have the right to demand an answer; especially if the government wants to change my 2nd Amendment Rights. Anyone who calls me a nut or a tin foil hatter because I question JMSM and the government is truly neither a person with critical thinking skills nor person to be trusted!

In fact, I question that person’s integrity!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Nobody should give up their first or second amendment rights..period... To do so is paramount to suicide considering how criminal the US government is rapidly becoming!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Northerntruthseeker.
I smell a rat trying to take a bite out of our second amendment. There's more holes in this story its so freaking unbelievable. You have Anderson the other week talking about and belittling the people who clam this to be a hoax. Well I wonder who is to blame for people getting these kinds of ideas? Better look at themselves and the misleading information they put out.