Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Connecticut Elementary School Shooting: Sandy Hook - Americans Try To Make Sense

Honestly, I have wanted to stop putting up any more articles about the Sandy Hook massacre, but all of the comments, and the actions by those who I had trusted for years but no longer trust in this, the real truth movement, warrants my further attention....  I am still looking at this as a criminal operation and yes, I am a "Conspiracy Theorist" if you like and even a "tin foil hatter" to others as well, and damn proud of it!

I want to present a fabulous article from a fellow truth seeker, Incogman, who writes the blog: Incogman: Sick Of All The BS!,  at www.incogman.net, entitled:  "Sandy Hook: Americans Try To Make Sense" right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves.  It gives some great facts and information about this operation that is a must read by everyone.  I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sandy Hook: Americans Try To Make Sense

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot on all the horrible events at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut. The whole mess is a quagmire of conflicting, confusing material, enough to drive any casual reader away — maybe on purpose. Much is probably due to poor reporting at the time, yet the media has completely failed to follow-up on mistakes, except for painting a few easily debunked parts as “conspiracy theory” – just like they still do with 9/11.

One good article is from Taki’s magazine, called “Asses and Assassins“ which tells us that a lot of it is indeed BS conspiracy stuff, but we still should be alarmed about some of the verifiable facts out there:
Another interesting event confluence was a FEMA “Children in Disasters” drill nearby. Several “terrorist” activities of the recent past, including  September 11 and the London bombings, all occurred on days that drills were  happening. Whether that illustrates rogue government action or terrorist  infiltration is uncertain, but it is alarming
Zio Extremist Senator Chuck Schumer congratulates Eric Holder for being confirmed as Obama's AG.
Zio extremist and liberal Senator Chuck Schumer congratulates Eric Holder for being confirmed as Obama’s AG.

Also, the embedded link above has info on a program called “Project Longevity” that Attorney General Eric Holder was working to institute in Connecticut, two weeks before the Sandy Hook event. Holder was implicated in the recent Mexican drug cartel gun running program “Fast and Furious,” as well as the investigation into Oklahoma bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building back in 1995. He advised members of congress not to look into suspicious deaths involved and worked to cover-up the FBI’s involvement with bombers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols from becoming known by other parts of the US government and public knowledge.

Holder also is seen in this video openly telling an audience, coincidentally in 1995, that we have to brainwash people into accepting gun control. Just how far will this guy go? The beaky bureaucrat is known as a big “philo-Semite,” growing up going to Jew summer camps and socializing extensively in rich Jewish circles. I think we can reasonably suspect Holder was spotted and tagged early on in his career by Big Jewry, much like the his Mulatto Highness, Obongo-STEIN.

It's often unbelievable how stupid Americans are.

It’s often unbelievable how stupid Americans are — especially “people of color.”

Ask yourself: If the majority of Americans believe nothing but what the dinner hour news tells them and are generally stupid as hell about the past (even the accepted version of history), don’t you think such people can get away with just about anything, including murder?

So, no matter what “conspiracy” debunkers say, Sandy Hook calls for serious suspicion by America, because the Second Amendment is so important (more so every GD day). One needs to calmly and dispassionately think all this out, instead of falling victim to emotional hysteria just because the victims were little children.

Likewise, we have ourselves plenty of possible nutcases or, just as possibly, Zionist disinfo operations like AKA Dallas Goldbug’s totally wacked “Wellaware1” website (his tagline: “behold the power of one, no lie) – which I fully exposed here with my post on his patently stupid Phelps/Sexton conspiracy nonsense.

Judging by the enormous photoshop and video work seen there, Goldbug is certainly more than just one guy. His operation has to have several graphics people involved, at least. I should know, because I barely have the time to do the few photoshops I do, pound out my screeds and the website work. Videos are even more time-consuming (that’s why I only got a few I’ve done).

This guy tells us he's Italian, but one look says JEW RAT!
This guy tells us he’s Italian, but one look screams JEW RAT!

Goldbug must be the public Internet “front man” to an on-going “psyops,” or purposeful program to muddy the waters and make people discount real facts, should they look into matters in a cursory way. Make note that crypto-Jew Goldbug was busted in Texas for firearm concealment (see his mug shot under his Italian marrano name, Nick Chiarini, on right).

Texas is also the home to the Alex Jones Internet conspiracy behemoth — staffed thru-out with Jews. 

Texas is also George W. Bush and Lyndon Baines Johnson home state — there is definintely something Jewy going on.

I’m not saying I’ve been perfect on the subject, either. I may have been taken in by the Christopher Rodia license plate deal. On the other hand, I did figure out on my own (along with help from readers here) that the business with the black and red dress worn by the sister of the Parker girl victim was a false lead (the photo of her with Obongo-STEIN).

Regardless of the BS, one has question the event from top to bottom. This and a whole lot more has all the earmarks of a devious third party at work today in America.

Adam Lanza was supposedly 120 lb soaking wet, suffered from Asperger’s syndrome and was locked away unseen by anyone for at least two years. He supposedly was pissed about his mother’s plans for him, shot her in the face four times with a .22 (or .223) and drives over to the school (we still don’t really know why), quickly breaks through heavy security emplacements and operates a AR-15 like a trained assassin, killing 20 kids and 6 adults in just a few minutes.

Like others, I want to know how this kid got in, was he wearing ear protection and who the others on scene and reported by police that day were. I want to see them on camera, too.

At least two rounds escaped the classroom and happened to hit the car owned by one of the teachers killed, Lauren Rosseau, a new teacher who didn’t get the keys to lock her door, allowing Lanza or the real assassin(s) to get in. Her car hit by gunfire may be just one of those bizarre, coincidental things that occurs, or something else — who knows?

In the very next class over, teacher Elisabeth Soto for some reason failed to lock her door (if the shooting was going on right next door then why?) resulting in her, the adult teacher’s helper and 5 or 6 children killed (I’ve read both numbers).

Then we have the crazy Gene Rosen all over the airwaves crying up a storm. This guy was obviously lying his wrinkled Jew ass off, either because he’s just another Jew looking for sympathetic attention (like all the supposed holocaust BS ”survivors” BS) or he had some involvement to gin up emotion. Patriotic authorities need to look as this guy closely, as well as the media reporting on the findings. I won’t hold my breath.

INCOG’S take:

Now, I fully understand guns are quite dangerous and some serious nutcases should never have access to them. Likewise, there’s plenty of criminals that should not have them; mostly all the homies shooting each other in the street over chicken bones, dime bags and getting “dissed” (America would be the safest country in the world if it wasn’t for blacks and latinos).

And we have other serious problems. Stinking Jewry in Hollywood is obviously going way overboard with violent movies and Big Pharma has all kinds of brain-twisting SSRI drugs out there (you never see much on this, do you?).

Add to all that, a NWO government obviously working to disenfranchise White America and turn us into a minority, as well as completely in the grip of Zionist, Globalist Jewry. These traitors have been milking this country for all it’s worth since before WWII. Hell, they clearly work to get us into wars all the time.

I don’t think I ask for a lot or think I’m a nutcase. Of course, those of the “Jewish persuasion” will call me that or the usual Nazi slanders. But that’s just because they suspect all these things, too. Stew on that for awhile.

What’s the worse part?

Obviously, these stinking Jews will not stop, no matter what. They will do whatever takes to further the NWO and the racial destruction of the White race. Dead Goyim mean nothing at all to these murderous freaks.

Look at the horrors they brought on with WWII. Oh, you think FDR didn’t know the Japs were coming do you? Not only did he know and keep quiet, he worked to piss them off enough to make the first strike. He wanted us to get at Hitler, just like Bush wanted to get at Saddam Hussein for his Zionist Neocon buds — paving the way for Israeli hegemony in advance of the stage we’re seeing now.

Are we going to stay stupid forever?

That being the case, expect another big massacre or false flag operation in the near future. If they can find a patsy, both pro-White and pro-Iran, these devious bastards will look for any way possible to link him or them to the event.
– Phillip Marlowe

NTS Notes:  First, I do want to thank "Phillip Marlowe", the Incogman himself for bringing this valuable information forward, especially about that known disinformation agent, "Dallas Goldbug".

Yes, I too fell for some errors of judgment in previous articles, but I am only human.... We have ALL made mistakes about some of the information that came out after this operation took place.  Only now by carefully combing over all the data can we put a clearer picture together as to what happened, and dismiss all of the other information as garbage...

I am however dismayed these days at those who I used to trust in this, the "Real truth movement", by their actions in insulting everyone who questions the official story behind the Sandy Hook shooting.  Rather than look at the information we have brought forward, they have instead been slamming our efforts and using a myriad of false labels and name calling, including the term: "tin foil hatters".... Again, I wear my tin foil hat very proudly and will never laugh or insult those who are not afraid of questioning the "official story".... I will not use names, but by now most people know who I am talking about.  It is shocking to see such individuals turn a blind eye to the obvious hard questions that everyone should be asking about this operation itself!

I have had a hypothesis about this operation that has been in my mind for days, and I want to share it with everyone... Remember, this is only a hypothesis (theory):

I do believe that the criminal Jewish Elite did plan for using their operation at Sandy Hook as a catalyst for their needed gun control of the American people... But by their own botching of the entire operation, they instead drove the American public into getting more guns and convinced the vast majority now that their own media and government are LIARS.... This operation also drove many into finally realizing that  the alternative media has been right all along....

Failing their Sandy Hook operation, these criminals always have something else up their sleeves... They began to pollute the alternative media with as much false information as possible to cloud the facts about Sandy Hook... Then they sprang their hidden agents in the alternative media into action to split our efforts and to try to turn the public away from us, the real truth tellers, by labeling us all as whack jobs, nuts, and ...."tin foil hatters".... I look upon this as their efforts to drive a wedge into our efforts and to again make the alternative media look ridiculous and stupid.... This is all by design, and necessary to thwart our efforts...

Now with people no longer having faith in the alternative media by their actions, these criminals will carry out their next operation very soon.   The result will have the public totally disillusioned, no longer believing in the alternative news, and be ripe for accepting their diabolical plans for gun control and their own enslavement...

Remember, this may be only my own hypothesis, but everything I have seen over the last few days from those who I have long had faith in and looked upon as leaders in our efforts for defeating the criminal Jewish elements, gives it strong credence....

More to come



Anonymous said...

[8:57:12 PM] gregg kalina: you sicken me mark glenn, you and tallawi and piper all ganged up on fetzer... why dont you come on his show alone and debate him toe to toe ... you have been exposed, glenn, many many people I respect will never listen to you again, I stopped years ago when you kept pushing lindhauer's BS ... hey glenn, call nurse cox, get her to say why she said nancy lanza worked there, start with that. (tried to post this on Glenn's site, seems he only lets the +++ official story lies go up.)

Northerntruthseeker said...

As I stated in my article, I did not name names.. But it does seem that some people obviously know who I am talking about...

Fred said...

Is ingog's site hacked? I can only access the front page every other page on his site returns a "404 error page not found on this server" including this article which i was first trying to read on his site.

Anonymous said...

Mark Glenn and his “merry men” are a pack of disinformation agents. Speaking for myself alone, I will never go there again or give credibility to anything that emanates from that site.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Fred... No problems getting into Incogman's site from my end...

I know that some ISP servers are now blocking some sites.... You might be in such a zone...

Anonymous said...

Johnathan Azizaha is solid. What has Mark Glenn said or done? I seem to have missed that.

Fred said...

Now I can get on weird. After I have seen other web sites disappear, no such domain etc I am always leery and it is not my IP because i got his start page but nothing else just a 404 error

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with what anon 8:51 had to say about Mark Glenn. I've actually had a problem w/Mark Glenn and company for quite a while now, especially after noticing that they are always the first to call it a "false flag" when muslims are accused (and I have agreed w/them on this), but when it's a white guy, as the case with Batman/Aurora, Sikh Temple, and Sandy Hook, which are all highly suspicious with narratives that don't hold water, they always go w/the official story, without even bothering to look at the incident with a critical eye. And they then proceed to demonize the rest of us as "conspiracy theorists" for daring to question the offical story and look at the facts presented in a critical manner. I think now is an important time for all of us to step back and observe how the personalities and websites in the "alternative media" are handling Sandy Hook. We've always known that the alternative media was infiltrated, and this is a perfect opportunity to see who is compromised and/or controlled.

Anonymous said...

This is part of my thoughts on this issue:

What if?

What if the demonization of Constitution supporters is simply a catalyst of the Divide and Conquer strategy we all know is part of the way to bring full control to our betters (the Jews and their sayanim)? What if they realize that this is the ultimate division and that the scare tactics being employed (and supported by that loud mouth sayanim, Alex Jones and the like) is simply a means to bring about some type of Civil War. Scaring the MSM masses into thinking preppers and liberty minded truthers are to be feared even more than any government issue? Until they INSIST that the government stop us?

People screaming about armed insurrection is a detriment to the cause of liberty and only used as THE last resort. Hence my post about contacting local reps and utilizing one of the last civilized methods to stop it.

What about all the character assassinations of the Founding Fathers and their motive on the likes of the History Channel? What about all the negative stuff on Discovery, et al, regarding Preppers and Conspiracy Theorists? Bil Maher, Al Sharpton, Piers Morgan, and all the other MSM sayanim coming out attacking/belittling anyone who discusses state’s rights, the Sheriffs standing up, and also using maniacs like AJ to push the “crazy” agenda?

The result has been to push citizens, especially the 2nd Amendment supporters (like myself), into buying guns. A LOT OF GUNS.

It seems to me that these maniacs are pushing for an armed confrontation with the sole reason to be a total crackdown, so to make it easy for the implementation of the Jewish/Marxist? agenda.

You can read it all here:


Jody Paulson said...

I'm sorry, but that Phillip Marlowe is so racist he makes genuine truthseekers look bad.

Anonymous said...

Even if opinions appear to be rational, that does not make them true. For anyone to state that another person cannot believe what he does not believe does not make that first person right. If apparent facts cannot be proven wrong by other contradictory facts, the original facts stand. One tactic of a disinfo agent is to ridicule the messenger, but not present a fact-based rebuttal. Opinions without factual evidence for proof are just so many words, not verifiable truth. This applies to incogman and any sources he is influenced by. The Sandy Hook crime has definitely been exposing some anti-truth gate-keepers and controlled opposition agents among alt-newsers. They have appeared to be trustworthy by much of what they report, but are really loyal to the opposition by interceding to protect them by means of silence, ridicule, and lies. At first commitment, then unfaithfulness, like a failed marriage. Truth adultery!

attu gautam said...

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anon said...

Jewishproblem.com is gone....

Gordon "the kike" Duffy claims that its an ADL funded, lol! What a piece of turd he is.


Anonymous said...

I found this comment over at Professor Tracy's memoryhole blog. I completely agree w/this comment and thought I would post it here:

YOU HAVE TO MAKE A DISTINCTION between a private tragedy and a public cause celebre. If the events at the school were left to the private grievings of the families and to local law enforcement to handle, that would be one thing. And we would be obliged to offer our sympathies and respect to the families and our support to the local investigators.

But, that is NOT the case. The events at the school have become foundational justification for a very significant (albeit, only proposed, at this point) change in public policy. Therefore, a different standard applies. Exploiting the tragedy for the purpose of changing policy burdens the advocates of the change with a very high standard of public disclosure. The public is owed photos, footage, and details — of the shooter’s history and BLOOD CHEMISTRY and of the many unresolved issues that prof. Tracy and others have raised.

Exploit such tragedies for policy ends, and you MUST ANSWER TO THE PUBLIC, because the public has a RIGHT to know.

Anonymous said...

I think your hypothesis is partially right on. Let me point out a couple of other anomolies that have arisen.
1. Has anyone seen Lanza's father who is slated to testify at the libor scandel? He has not been seen on the news or anywhere
2. The warrant filings have been blocked and extended by the court and are being kept secret.
3. Adam's computer drive has been totally cleaned out, not sure of term for stripping a computer of everything on it. He was a computer whiz.

Did he really live with his Dad, use his skills with the computer to help his dad with libor? Just asking. Adam died the day before the shooting... so who killed his mom? STripped his computer and where is his dad?

Northerntruthseeker said...

Busy yesterday, and was unable to even look at my blog!!!

Jody: Incogman may be a bit strong on the racial issues, I can agree with that... But his information here is pretty damn good in my honest opinion..

Fred.. I could get in easily.. However, for some reason, Incogman's own comment section is offline as of today...

And to those "anonymous" commentators that are coming in with insults and slurs.. You are looking like fools and making this information look more and more as the truth....

And again, I will NOT publish attacks, insults, or slurs... You are wasting your time!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Buelahman... I can see your points..

My argument is simple... Even if some in this movement are wrong, others have NO RIGHT to slander us... That creates division and animosity...

I will NOT slander others, period... I am simply pointing out the facts that their actions are unjustifiable, and absolutely atrocious....

If I have made mistakes.. Sue me....I do not pick on others for their errors, and I had hoped that they would have treated the rest of us with the same respect...

But as everyone can see by now, that is not the case...

Anonymous said...

Jody Paulson, I am sorry you are so shortsighted. Phillip Marlowe is not racist but exposes the people who are racist. I’ve been investigating this Sandy Hook business since the moment it came out and I’m not even sure an Adam Lanza exists. I think this is just another false flag that’s been concocted by DHS to take our guns away and leave us defenseless. I don’t care if people call me a “conspiracy theorist” because there isn’t a thing wrong with asking questions and anyone who believes the official narrative of the mass media has a problem with critical thinking skills.

Take a look at what the government did to the country of Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hello? If someone is going to take my guns away because of the incident at Sandy Hook – you’d better damned well supply me with evidence this “so called massacre” happened! And anyone who disses my concern with a tin foil hat and doesn’t even provide a proper argument only proves to be either a fool or Cointel Pro!

I am not a violent person and wish to live peacefully in this world but I have the 2nd Amendment Right to defend myself and those I love and I don’t need a government who steps in and tries to change the Constitution!

Anonymous said...

Ed Chiarini's site now has a lot of outlandish info--so plain awful that no one would believe it. Yet amongst some of his first postings there were quite a few thought provoking ones. Some good photo comparisons and analysis. Like the Gifford's shooting hoax. And not to spurn the Jewish actors' family involvement in criminal frauds. So the site is not taken down, but is now inundated with mostly fakery. Is it Chiarini (who could be a mind-controlled puppet) or spooks doing it so as to nullify ALL the info posted? Raye Allen once stated that her alleged CIA husband advised her to post a lot of outlandish rubbish along with serious stuff to keep gov't spooks from shutting RMNews down. Of course, she has also shown signs of being mind-controlled, too. Since Chiarini has been hounding and accusing very powerful Jewish families via photo albums and news photo comparisons, why not just suicide him? Maybe it is more productive for them to simply turn his site into a laughable circus.

Thomas Doubting said...

I looked every victim of Sandy Hook up in the Social Security Death Index. At least six did not show at all, one had the wrong birthdate, and Adam Lanza was reportedly deceased on 12/13, the day before the shooting. This along with the suspect in black and camo running in the woods who was later released, the lying nurse, the lies about the guns used, the use of crisis actors, and the fact that a judge has ordered all records sealed for at least 90 gives me all the information I need to believe it is a cover-up! Records are normally released within 14 days, especially given the only person likely to be prosecuted is dead!

This should show everyone how far Eric Holder is willing to go with his "brainwash America" agenda, and that our government is being controlled by Zionist of the Masonic order who worship the god Moloch, and are not opposed to sacrificing children as they did to Moloch in the Old Testament.

We are being systematically blindsided by people who have loyal ties to Zionist Masonry, and removing the guns is just a precept of what's to come. In the near future, these Zionist will launch an attack on America that will cripple our economy and send us into darkness. This will usher in what they've wanted for centuries; control of the world and a One world system of government, economics, and religion, and humans will be micro chipped, so they can control it all. Revelation prophecies given 2000 years ago are coming to pass at an alarming rate. There is salvation in Jesus Christ, and he is the only way to overcome these Luciferians who desire to control the world!

... said...

Regarding Mr Ed., totally agree with what you're saying. Also, I'd 'theorize' that his Wellaware campaign is more than one person and photoshop, and that he is set up to make real researchers and people questioning the media machine to look like 'nuts'...
...He's there for a reason which has nothing to do with 'truth'.

You might enjoy my tongue-in-cheek blog post about his 'theories' at http://thesignificanceofr.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/ed-chiarini-necessary-evil.html