Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gregg Aka "Pt1gard" On Charles Giuliani's Truth Hertz Radio, Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

My friend, Gregg,  also known as Youtube user, "pt1gard", appeared on Charles Giuliani's Truth Hertz internet radio show this morning (, to discuss his latest findings on the Apollo moon hoax, his book he is writing, and the Sandy Hook hoax.   I have the link to that show right here for everyone to listen for themselves:

NTS Notes:  Yes, that was me that called in during the first hour of the show to give my own assertions and views on the entire Sandy Hook shooting fraud. 

The evidence that we see now shows definitive proof that Sandy Hook was indeed a criminal operation for the purpose of brainwashing an already dumbed down American public into surrender their weapons.   It is so sad to see that most Americans still cannot see that they are indeed being played as suckers!

One other note: Yes, Gregg himself has been under constant fire over the last while by many trolls and misfits in the Apollo believer camp.  Many have even resorted to slandering him, threatening him, and falsely claiming that his book on the fraud of Project Apollo is non-existent.  I have seen many parts of the book myself that Gregg has sent me via email attachments, and even his first versions that were submitted for publication.  I can assure everyone that is interested that the finished product is most definitely coming....

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Anonymous said...

Gene Rosen now claims to be a victim of harassment, but only because he is a liar. He keeps playing his part by now being a Jewish victim. Also referenced is the likelyhood of CIA and satanic officials in control. A lot of this information is posted by aangirfan, but not much has been mentioned about the presence of nuns at the school after the alleged shooting. The police were to be on the lookout for a van with someone possibly disguised as a nun.
A thread posted at the first site talks about cross-dressing disguises used by the CIA and intel operatives;read=265022
Sandy Hook - The Nuns? - pics and video
Posted By: glasc [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 1-Jan-2013 10:34:49
(Updated) Evidence: Sandy Hook School Shooting Staged by Factions of US Government and Mainstream Media?
By Shepard Ambellas
January 9, 2013

Anonymous said...

NTS, the statements attributed to "Sally Cox", the school nurse - relative to Nancy Lanza are a problem.


License Type Registered Nurse

License Number E35858

Expiration Date 02/28/2013

Granted Date 05/06/1974

Home (203) 426-9903

4 Turtle Spring Ln

Newtown, CT 06470-2648
Age: 60-64
Associated: Bonnie G Cox, Rebecca D Cox

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian-

Thanks for posting. I actually listened twice! I thought all of you did a great job covering the problems with the official story about Sandy Hook. I think this event has the potential to show who in the "truth movement" is really about the full and total truth. Also, I wanted to pass this audio along to you b/c I thought the information and points made were excellent. This is an audio w/Joyce Riley (GCN The Power Hour) and Mike Powers, a guy who clearly has expertise in the area of military/weapons/police procedure. He and a team of others have been looking into Sandy Hook and in this audio he goes over all of the many problems with the official story. He's actually able to raise a number of points that I haven't heard any one else make. Here's the audio:

Joyce Riley Interviews Mike Powers 1-16-13 TPH Sandy Hook Special Investigation

Also, I posted some info here: that also proves how fake this whole thing is. If you scroll down to comment 365, you see some videos of one of the supposed victims being wheeled on the stretcher all the way from the school to the ambulance at the firestation--there's no way they would do that in a real emergency (by the time they got the victim to the ambulance they could die en route). Also check out the comments from EMTs who clearly recognize the BS footage!