Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Most Important Video: Sylvia Stolz, A True Heroine, Speaks!

Last Sunday was "Holocaust Remembrance Day", and I celebrated it by ignoring it.... I have long said that living in Canada, I cannot support or deny this "Holocaust" simply because true research and investigation is denied by the absolutely atrocious "Hate Crime" laws forced upon the Canadian public.  Few in Canada even realize that Jewish interest groups pushed these draconian and false "Hate Crime" laws on the citizens in 1974.... It was done quietly and with little public knowledge...  Even today almost nobody in Canada is even aware of these laws!

I came across a very important video recently, that is a must see by everyone... It contains a recent speech by a true prisoner of conscience, Sylvia Stolz, who's only crime was trying to defend Ernst Zundel a few years back in the German Kangaroo Court System for his "crime" of "Holocaust Denial".... I want everyone to watch this video, and listen to Sylvia Stolz's words.... They are absolutely true and very essential in this fight against the true criminals out for total world enslavement... Here is that video, and I do have my own comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  As usual, when it comes to the facts presented here about the Jewish "Holocaust" of World War II, I do recommend that everyone do their own research and come to their own conclusions...

Until this part of our "History" is allowed proper research and investigation, and finally freed of the outlandish and ridiculously stupid "Hate Crime" laws, I will not put up my own conclusions.... I do not want to have Canadian thought police jack-booting to my door and having me arrested on false charges based on falsehoods..

Sylvia Stolz did what a true defense lawyer is supposed to do... Defend her client... And in doing so, the German Kangaroo court system threw her into jail for defending the truth.... These criminal judges in their farcical court system claimed that the Truth is no defense!!!

We do live in Orwellian times, readers, where "Truth Is Hate To Those Who Hate The Truth".....Sadly, most people are too dumbed down and too chemicalized to stand up for the truth!

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Anonymous said...

The same cowards who are so afraid of the truth Sylvia Stolz speaks that they imprisoned her, have now silenced the video you posted.
Truth will prevail.