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Hijacked By A Foreign Power, America Crumbles Into Ruin!

I have been extremely busy the last few days with personal and family matters.  As I have said many times, it is very hard to juggle doing this blog, and take care of important matters at the same time.   As I stated in my audio interview this morning with Charles Giuliani, I do access the internet and take a close look at important articles every chance I get!

I came across a great article that was forwarded to myself from John Kaminski, (, and I want to share it here with all of my own readers.  It is entitled: "Hijacked By A Foreign Power, America Crumbles Into Ruin!' and as the title says, we are definitely watching the end of America, thanks to criminal Jewish destruction!   Here is that article in its entirety, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Hijacked by a foreign power, 

America crumbles into ruin

By John Kaminski

As their nation disintegrates from a controlled financial demolition, engineered environmental disasters, and medical malpractice that has needlessly cost the lives of millions, the debilitated residents of the United States — perhaps too late to save themselves — are painfully waking up to realize their country has been taken over by a foreign power.

Their fortunes stolen by corrupt profiteers, their minds rotted by behavioral deceptions, and their children condemned to perpetual wars that never needed to happen, the shellshocked citizens of what was formerly known as the greatest country on Earth now face extermination and ruin because of the very lies they have been persuaded to accept.

Their health poisoned by toxic medications, their property stolen by swindles that become illegal laws, and their futures erased by harmful addictions perceived as their own desires, the imminent destruction of America presages a worldwide catastrophe already well under way that foreshadows the extinction of all natural life on this planet.

As the trees turn brown and the oceans congeal into toxic jelly, the blame for this unprecedented cataclysmic crisis in all its myriad manifestations inevitably tracks to the same source — the people who control the money and continue to poison everything they touch.

The United States of America has not been run by Americans for a very long time, if ever.

A half-black Jew who changed his name to Alexander Hamilton derailed the experiment in participatory democracy at the very birth of the American republic. Chief aide to George Washington during the Revolutionary War, it was Hamilton who spearheaded the creation of a central bank that forever would prevent freedom-seeking European colonists from achieving their idealistic goals of liberty and happiness.

A little more than a century later, the mass influx of Russian Jews disingenuously claiming persecution in their homeland descended on the USA by the millions, and through their corruption of the political process and the imposition of a colossal scam that allowed them to charge Americans for their own money, began the downward slide into deception and disease from which the U.S. would never recover.

This same strategy today of uncontrolled immigration has collapsed a functional American infrastructure into a meaningless morass of overburdened social services that has changed the very ethos of the USA from principled self-reliance into a degraded dependence on free lunches and stealthy swindling that has left the populace suffocating from its own corrupt opportunism.

Every day at any hour, you can prove to yourself that America is not run by Americans just by watching television, or searching in any medium for any meaningful explanation of how the great experiment in democracy has been destroyed. You won't find it. You will only find advertisements for needless products of dubious value and deliberately misleading statements about what is actually happening to you.

All propagated by the same cynical source, the same insincere voices passionate in their advocacy of the very policies that have destroyed everything humans have ever held dear.

Jewish TV networks, Jewish Hollywood, Jewish magazines, Jewish control of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court, Jewish control of universities and the American Federation of Teachers, Jewish control of the American Medical Association and the American Bar Association, American cops training to kill in Israel, everyone in America being afraid to speak out about Jews for fear of losing their jobs, AIPAC and the ADL advocating prison terms for those who protest Israel's continuing crimes against humanity, Christian denominations worried about their tax-exempt status fearful of commenting on Jewish atrocities, Monsanto (once slave traders, then weapons makers, and now in control of world's food supply) peddling poisons, and Jewish control of the Internet through Google, Wikipedia and control of the chokepoints of ISPs and wireless networks — all conspire to terrify the American populace into fearful silence even as they are being sickened and terminated by this twisted Talmudic terror.

The bogus bogeyman of terrorism constantly seared into American consciousness by hysterical kosher commentators demanding citizens give up their freedoms in exchange for security that benefits no one except the very rich was — in fact — actually created by the very same psychopaths who devise and deploy the hired enemies, and profit from their weapons contracts as they maim and murder gullible goyim victims all over the world.

And still, the vast majority of Americans, deluded by their drugged dreams, refuse to name their own killers, even as they slowly die their unnecessary and premature deaths, or mistakenly blame some group of fellow victims as the cause of their demise.

The world's science establishment has been cowed into subservience by the financial tricks that limit the scope of their thinking and  misdirect their investigations.

The world's artists — particularly songwriters — are intimidated into silence about the real culprits as they create the false lyrics to our morose predicament and bask in the misguided adulation of their own learning-disabled groupies.

Everybody in the world is coerced into betraying their own principles in order to make the almighty buck, never fully realizing that this is the very cause of society's terminal disease. 

Meanwhile, the Jews sit back and count the money they have stolen from both sides of every conflict — conflicts they have conceived, fomented and profited mightily from the disease and death they have caused.

Even at this late date, America's so-called intellegensia refuse to factor in the Jewish problem as the core reason for virtually all of society's ailments, lest they jeopardize their professional reputations and personal profits.

And in apprehensive silence, they watch with their fingers fruitlessly crossed as the Talmudic formula for conscienceless rape and pillage strangles the American dream into its final chapter of permanent unconsciousness, and endless, silent night.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA. 

NTS Notes: I have known John Kaminski for years now, and I can tell you that all of his material is a definite must read by everyone.

Here are the facts... Jewish criminal interests have completely destroyed the American Republic, and what we are seeing now is a shadow of that former nation's greatness.

It is truly sad that most Americans are now dumbed down mutton headed sheep that are totally oblivious to their nation's demise.  I have stated many times that when these Jewish criminals finally implode the US economy shortly, many Americans will wake up totally destitute, with the loss of all their remaining freedoms, and wondering "What the hell just happened?"  But by then it will be too late to do anything to stop the disintegration of the American state.

I have long said that the only solution that is left is to end the Jewish power over the American government, the American financial system, and the American media.   ONLY after these criminals are removed from these institutions, and out of our lives, can the American people repair the damage caused by these scoundrels and actually build a nation based on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.   But will that happen?   Considering what I see happening in America right now, it is nothing but a pipe dream!

And for those who think things are better in Canada... Think again... We are in just as rough shape as our neighbours to the south, and when the world economies implode, Canada will suffer the same fate as the United States thanks to the same Jewish criminals!

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Northerntruthseeker On Truth Hertz Radio, November 30th, 2012

Yes, I was on Charles Giuliani's Truth Hertz Radio Show on the Oracle Broadcasting Network, this morning, at 7am CST.....  I have the link to that show for everyone to listen to right here:

I hope that everyone listens to this great broadcast.  Charles and I covered a wide range of subjects, and you will not be disappointed...Take the time to listen, and feel free to comment...

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

What If Israel Had Never Been Created?

It does seem that as of today, the Palestinians can finally consider themselves as a full fledged nation in the eyes of the world.  In spite of the Jewish control over America, and their control over many other western nations as well including my own Canada, the criminals have not been able to stop the vote today that gives the Palestinians UN representation. This is definitely a victory by the Palestinians against their evil Jewish oppressors!

The more I see of the criminal state of Israel, the more I see a criminally psycho nation bent on not only the destruction of the Palestinians, but the conquest of much of the Middle East for their sick dream of a "Greater Israel".  I have long wondered what the world would be like today if that horrible state had never been created under the UN mandate of 1947?  To help answer that nagging question, I want to turn to an interesting article from the website: American Chronicle (, that was first published back in 2006. It is entitled: "What If Israel Had Never Been Created" and answers that important question in great detail.   First, here is that article, and I do have further thoughts and comments to follow:

What If Israel Had Never Been Created?

William Hughes
“Imagine there’s no countries...Nothing to live or die for...Imagine all the people living life in peace.” - John Lennon

Thanks mostly to U.S. President Harry S. Truman and his “susceptibility to Zionist influence,” Israel came into existence in 1948. (1) Humanity, and in particular, the Palestinians, have paid dearly for his decision. The land on which the Palestinians had been living for centuries, in peace, with a minority Jewish population, has been gradually transformed into an Apartheid state by the machinations of the Zionist Movement. That Apartheid state, in turn, is today dominated by Israel’s Death-Mayhem-and- Occupation Machine. (2)

One wonders: What would the world look like today, if the state of Israel had not been created in 1948? Its improvident formation seems to have set in motion a chain of events, mostly negative, in the affairs of Mankind. In the movie, “Click,” the lead character finds a “universal remote” that allows him to rewind to different parts of his life and to change what had happened. If I possessed such a “universal remote” and could stop President Truman from aiding and abetting the establishment of an Israeli state, then, it is my speculation, (a theory), that the following 25 propositions would probably be our present day reality. They are:

1. The U.S. would not have any enemies in the Islamic World.

2. There would be no Al-Qaeda Terrorist Network.

3. Gasoline would be selling for less than $1 a gallon.

4. There would have been no 9/11.

5. There would be no USA Patriot Law.

6. There would be no Homeland Security Agency.

7. The Israeli Lobby’s “unmatched power” over the U.S.’ foreign policy, for over four decades, would not had existed. (Its support for the Iraqi War was deemed by the experts to be “critical.”) (3)

8. There would also not have been any Neocon ideologues; like Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, Richard Perle, et al, to help, (along with other “Special Interests”), to push the U.S. into an illegal war with Iraq. (4)

9. Iran would not be the next target for U.S. aggression. (No Israel. No “A Clean Break” document. No Israeli Lobby. No Neocons. No need for the U.S. to attack Iran.) (5)

10. The Zionist fink, Jonathan Pollard, wouldn’t be in prison for stealing U.S. military secrets and hawking them to Israel.

11. The three million-plus Palestinians, who were forcefully dispersed from their homeland, since 1948, by the Israeli Occupation Forces, (IOF), would, instead, be living happily there today, in a free and independent state of Palestine. There would be no Apartheid Wall, or as a corollary, a Hamas organization. (6)

12. Jerusalem would have a vibrant Christian population. (7)

13. Rachel Corrie of Olympia, WA, would be alive and well. (8)

14. The 2,544 Americans who have died in Iraq would be alive; and the 18,777, who have been seriously wounded there, would be fully participating in our Republic. U.S. taxpayers would have an additional $295 billion, (the cost of the war), in the treasury to use to serve the social needs of the people. Universal Health Care would be a real possibility and Social Security would not be in jeopardy. Iraq would be at peace. There would be no Gitmo Bay detention center, or an Abu Ghraib Prison, or a reason for the Bush-Cheney Gang to gut Habeas Corpus. No need for it to also employ torturers, or chemical weapons, or hold detainees without charges or trial. The Geneva Convention would be respected. The tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, who have died as a result of the war, would instead be alive today. (At the following footnote, see horrific photos of some of the Iraqi dead.) (9)

15. The battle to save our planet, its fragile ecosystem, its fast vanishing animal life and plants and to combat global warming, would be issue “No. 1.” (10) Instead, we are perpetually bombarded with propaganda about defending “Israel’s security.”

16. If there was no Israel, then the “five dancing Israelis” on 9/11 wouldn’t have been arrested. They were nailed after “celebrating” in NJ, while watching the Twin Towers collapsed. (11)

17. U.S. taxpayers would be $140 billion richer! This is the staggering amount they have shelled out over the last 58 years to support the ultra-greedy interests of the Zionist Cartel. (3)

18. The 34 Americans onboard the USS Liberty, who were slaughtered by the IOF, on June 8, 1967, would be alive today; and the 174 others who had suffered injuries that day would not have had to endure their horrific experiences. The shame the U.S. carries for not having quickly defended the men of the Liberty, and retaliated against the Israelis for their deliberate attack on the vessel, would have been avoided. (12)

19. On June 13, 2006, the IOF killed ten Palestinians, including three medical workers and two children, in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, labeled the missile attack an example of “state terrorism.” Only God knows how many Palestinians the Israelis have actually wasted since 1948; or exactly how many refugees it has created, or how many homes, a la Oliver Cromwell, the IOF have demolished. None of this would have been possible without the dubious “state of Israel.” (13)

20. Paul Bremer, a coat holder for Henry “Iago” Kissinger, would have never been appointed Viceroy for an Occupied Iraq. No Israel. No Iraqi War. No Zionist Bremer as Viceroy of Iraq. (14)
21. One of the reasons the Warren Commission failed to properly investigate the murder of JFK was because of Arlen Specter (R-PA), a card carrying Zionist. He was then a “Special Counsel” to the Commission. He concocted the preposterous “Magic Bullet” theory, which shut down any real conspiracy-type probe. It is also interesting to note, that Jacob Rubenstein, aka, “Jack Ruby,” Lee Harvey Oswald’s murderer, had close ties to Meyer Lansky’s National Crime Syndicate. I believe the answer to who really plotted JFK’s killing, died with Oswald. In any event after JFK’s death, Israel’s nuclear weapons program, which he had opposed went ahead. U.S. aid to Israel also increased dramatically. (15)

22. There would have been no reason for a French Ambassador to refer to Israel as “that shitty little country.” (16) In fact, the Jews of the world would have been liberated to fulfill their deepest spiritual quest, as embodied in their religion - Judaism. According to the highly respected Orthodox Rabbi, Dovid Yisroel Weiss, “Zionism has hijacked Judaism.” The courageous Rabbi insists that, “Zionism creates anti-Semitism...And we know...Zionism is the root cause for the pain, suffering and bloodshed of the Jewish people...and, they, (the Zionists), are the greatest factory of anti-Semitism worldwide...Judaism and Zionism is not one and the same. They are diametrically opposite...We should not be mistaken one for the other. And, we shouldn’t be responsible for the actions of what the Zionists do...Now, another of the problems that emanate actually from the Zionist Movement is the fact that they are encroaching upon the rights of the Palestinian people, the indigenous people, who are living there. And, this is terribly wrong. It is against every concept of the Torah...So, whatever they are doing is totally wrong!” (17)

23. Thousands of Israelis have died attempting to build a nation in a land, Palestine, which belonged to another people, the Palestinians. Their deaths would have been avoided. (18)

24. The widespread spying on Americans, without a court order, by operatives of the Bush-Cheney Gang, would have never happened. (No Israel. No 9/11. No spying on U.S. citizens.)

25. On April 4, 2003, a European Union (EU) poll named Israel as the “greatest threat to world peace.” (19) On June 27, 2006, the IOF proved the EU right by reoccupying Gaza, savagely terrorizing the civilian population, blowing up their electric/water generating facilities, conducting a mass arrest of their elected officials, and also, without just cause, provoking the Syrians. In response to the repeated shelling by the IOF of Gaza, Israel’s Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, wisecracked, “Nobody dies from being uncomfortable!” When he addressed a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress, on May 24, 2006, Olmert received 38 breaks of applause and 18 standing ovations from that entity of mostly lapdogs. This is also the same Israeli leader, who, paraphrasing George Orwell's “Animal Farm,” said that he had a “deep regret” about the effects of some IOF’s operations which had killed 14 innocent Palestinians in just nine days, but that the lives of Israeli citizens were “even more important.”(20) Finally, if there wasn’t a Zionist-created Israel, there also wouldn’t be any need for a commentary like this one!




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4.; and

5. Chalmer Johnson’s “Sorrows of Empire.”


7.; Scott McConnell’s “Divided & Conquered,” TAC, 07/03/06;; and








15. Peter Dale Scott’s “Deep Politics and the Death of JFK” and Stephen Green’s “Taking Sides: America’s Secret Relationship with a Militant Israel.”


17. and and



20. Ravi Nessman’s “Israel Steps Up Offensive,” AP, 07/03/06; Boston Globe’s “Agony of Gaza,” 07/07/06; and

William Hughes 2006.

William Hughes is the author of “Saying ‘No’ to the War Party” (IUniverse, Inc.). He can be reached at

NTS Notes: It does appear that the world would definitely be very much different and a much more peaceful today if the criminal state of Israel had never been created!

Historical facts have been coming out over the last few years that show that the Jewish claim to the land of Palestine according to their fraudulent Torah and Talmud is a complete hoax. The facts are now coming out clear that the entire Jewish "biblical claim" to Palestine is based on lies and a completely falsified history.

The bottom line is that these people, who call themselves "Jews" stole that land to build their fraudulent state of Israel from the people who have true rights to that land, the Palestinians themselves.  It is again time for the entire world to finally wake up to that reality, especially in light of the new UN resolution that finally gives some recognition to the rights of Palestine itself to exist.

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John Friend's Truth Militia Broadcast For Monday, November 26th, 2012

I have been friends with John Friend for sometime now, and fully support his work over at John Friend's Blog (    I did, however, miss listening to his show on Truthmilitia Radio ( live on Monday, due to family matters.   I was finally able to listen to it today on the archives, and it was fabulous.

I want all of my own readers to take the time to listen to John's Truth Militia Radio broadcast for Monday.  He has a very special guest, Thomas Goodrich, who wrote a very interesting book: Hellstorm, The Death Of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947.  In this audio telecast, that I have the link to of course, he talks with John in detail about how the Allied forces first murdered countless German civilians in their aerial bombing of German cities, and then describes in detail the infamous "Eisenhower Death Camps" of post war Germany that saw millions of innocent Germans die due to starvation.    Here is that audio link, and I do have my comments and thoughts to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have put up several articles in this blog about the infamous and brutal Eisenhower Death Camps that saw the mass murder of millions of Germans.

The facts are, readers, that the Eisenhower Death Camps were a REAL Holocaust, and has been hidden from our history books on purpose.  It shows again how the victors write the history books!

I must also state that the aerial bombing of defenseless German cities was also an act of cold blooded murder that is never discussed in our history books as well.   We must not forget about how the British and Americans purposely bombed the unarmed and defenseless city of Dresden in March 1945 that cost the lives of some 500,000 civilians!

Again, at some point in the near future, John will hopefully have me on his show as well.  If and when that happens, I will let all of my readers know ahead of time so they can tune in... Stay tuned..

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Extremely Important Health Alert: Shock Study - Mammograms A Medical Hoax! Over One Million American Women Maimed By Unnecessary "Treatment" For Cancer They Never Had!

People who read this blog on a continuous basis know full well my stance on Cancer and Cancer treatment.  I have long looked upon Cancer as not a disease but the body's own natural mechanism for survival.  Cures are readily available that have been purposely kept hidden by the so called "medical profession".  The "Cancer Treatments" that are usually prescribed when someone comes down with this "disease" are cruel and unnecessary.  In most cases the treatments cause the patient to DIE, rather than ever "cure" the "disease"!

Everyone, especially women, knows the horrors of breast cancer.   We have seen over the last while massive education and awareness programs, especially the recent "Breast Cancer Awareness" month, that calls for all women to go and get a simple "mammogram" to make sure that they do not have Cancer.   But, I dare to ask...What if all of this has been wrong all along?  What if this has been nothing more than a VERY cruel hoax?

I want to present a very important article, from the Natural News website, at, that gives very shocking details that calls into question the entire nature of "Mammography", calling it a fraud and a hoax!   I have that entire article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Shock study: Mammograms a medical hoax, over one million American women maimed by unnecessary 'treatment' for cancer they never had

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles...)

(NaturalNews) Mammography is a cruel medical hoax. As I have described here on Natural News many times, the primary purpose of mammography is not to "save" women from cancer, but to recruit women into false positives that scare them into expensive, toxic treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

The "dirty little secret" of the cancer industry is that the very same oncologists who scare women into falsely believing they have breast cancer are also the ones pocketing huge profits from selling those women chemotherapy drugs. The conflicts of interest and abandonment of ethics across the cancer industry is breathtaking.

Now, a new scientific study has confirmed exactly what I've been warning readers about for years: most women "diagnosed" with breast cancer via mammography never had a cancer problem to begin with!

93% of "early detection" has no benefit to the patient

That's the conclusion of a groundbreaking new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). 

"We found that the introduction of screening has been associated with about 1.5 million additional women receiving a diagnosis of early stage breast cancer," writes study co-author Dr. Gilbert Welch.

Now, at first, you might think that's a good thing. You might think, "Well, early detection saves lives, just like we've been told by Komen and the cancer non-profits."

But you'd be wrong. As Dr. Welch's team discovered, there was virtually no reduction in late-stage breast cancer from all this "early" diagnosis, meaning that most women who were told they had breast cancer after a mammogram were being lied to.

As he explains:

We found that there were only around 0.1 million fewer women with a diagnosis of late-stage breast cancer. This discrepancy means there was a lot of overdiagnosis: more than a million women who were told they had early stage cancer -- most of whom underwent surgery, chemotherapy or radiation -- for a "cancer" that was never going to make them sick. Although it's impossible to know which women these are, that's some pretty serious harm.

Yep, it is. In fact, if you do the math and calculate 0.1 million fewer women with advanced-stage cancer out of 1.5 million who were diagnosed, 93% of the "early detection" cancer cases studied were false positives, meaning that they would never have gone on to cause advanced-stage cancer anyway.

Chemo, radiation, cancer surgery largely a hoax

According to these scientists, "Breast cancer was overdiagnosed (i.e., tumors were detected on screening that would never have led to clinical symptoms) in 1.3 million U.S. women in the past 30 years."

That's 1.3 million women who were told by their lying oncologists: "If you don't agree to treatment, you'll be dead in six months" (or two years, or whatever fraudulent scare schedule they use).

Under the threat of this fear, most women cave in and agree to start "treatment" -- often on the very same day they are falsely diagnosed. This so-called "treatment" consists of a highly toxic injection of deadly chemicals that the oncologist makes a small fortune selling to the very same patients he falsely diagnosed. Yep, that's right: Cancer clinics and oncology treatment centers make huge profits on the chemotherapy drugs they sell to patients -- the very same patients they scared into treatment through a false positive mammogram.

Despite the near-total failure of mammography from a scientific point of view, the propaganda push for mammography is downright deafening. As Dr. Welch explains in his New York Times article:

...No other medical test has been as aggressively promoted as mammograms -- efforts that have gone beyond persuasion to guilt and even coercion ("I can't be your doctor if you don't get one"). And proponents have used the most misleading screening statistic there is: survival rates. A recent Komen foundation campaign typifies the approach: In short, tell everyone they have cancer, and survival will [statistically] skyrocket.

Komen for the Cure, of course, has been caught blatantly lying about the supposed "benefits" of mammography. Their statistical deception fools most women, sadly, convincing them to undergo toxic chemotherapy for a "breast cancer" they never really had.

The quackery of modern oncology

Once women begin the chemotherapy for a cancer they don't even have, they begin to experience what the quack oncologist calls "symptoms of cancer." Their hair falls out. They lose their appetite. Their muscles atrophy. They become weak, mentally confused and chronically fatigued. The cancer doctor then tells the woman, "You must be strong to pull through this while the medicine is working."

Pure quackery! You could do much better invoking voodoo or even just wishing to be cured. Because everything about the cancer experience in modern medicine -- the diagnosis, the "treatment," the medical authority -- is utterly and maliciously fabricated for the purpose of generating cancer industry profits.

"Better" technology leads to more false positives

There is no more apparent example of modern-day medical quackery than the cancer industry. Armed with ever-more-precise mammography machines, the rate of false positive diagnoses has shot through the roof.

As Dr. Welch writes in the New York Times:

Six years ago, a long-term follow-up of a randomized trial showed that about one-quarter of cancers detected by screening were overdiagnosed. And this study reflected mammograms as used in the 1980s. Newer digital mammograms detect a lot more abnormalities, and the estimates of overdiagnosis have risen commensurately: now somewhere between a third and half of screen-detected cancers.

Got that? Many cancer diagnoses from mammography are utterly false. But they are a great scare tactic for recruiting women into what can only be called a "cult of cancer" in which they are manipulated into poisoning themselves with chemicals. They are later called "cancer survivors" if the poison doesn't manage to kill them.

These cancer survivors are, of course, victims of a malicious medical cult that I call "the Cult of Komen." In nearly all cases, it wasn't the cancer that nearly killed them... it was the treatment!

The cult of Komen

Modern day people sneer and snort at the Jim Jones mass suicide cult of 1978, thinking, "How could those cult members be so stupid to poison themselves to death?"

Look around, folks, because the cancer industry has taken the Jim Jones formula and multiplied it by a factor of a million. The "Cult of Komen" is the modern-day Jim Jones "suicide cult." It's a cult where people "believe" in the promise of salvation through chemical indoctrination, but what's actually delivered to them is rotting death, pain, suffering and humiliation. (Many cancer surgeons operating today literally slice off women's breasts following a false positive cancer diagnosis, maiming her for life.)

One of the earmarks of this cult is the worship of self-mutilation. It's not just the women who are manipulated into having their breasts sliced off by surgeons; it's also the women who are manipulated into being injected with deadly poisons that destroy their kidneys, livers and brains. The No. 1 side effect of chemotherapy, by the way, is cancer.

Like any cult, the cancer industry cult pushes its delusions with emotionally-charged propaganda and powerful symbols (pink ribbons). Millions of women get innocently swept up into the "run for the cure," apparently clueless to the fact that most of that "cure" money goes to pay for more mammograms that result in more false diagnoses which ensnare yet more women into the same victimization racket.

Thus, the very women who participate in raising money for these pink ribbon cult worship-fests are actually paying for the mammogram machines that will recruit more women into the same cult via a quack diagnosis followed by a "campaign of fear and terror" carried out by oncologists against women. What the cancer industry is doing today is, by any measure, a crime against women. It's also a form of cultural mutilation of women, much like we've seen in Aztec, Mayan and various African cultures throughout history.

Is the Cult of Komen a criminal operation? Almost certainly. Is it scientific? Not a chance. There is nothing "scientific" about the modern-day cancer industry other than the scientific manipulation of women's fears and emotions. What Komen and the cancer industry lacks in ethics, science or facts, it more than makes up for in tactics of linguistic influence, arm-twisting and flat-out lying to the public about the over-hyped benefits of mammography.

The cancer industry isn't in the business of curing cancer, after all. But it is in the business of catapulting the propaganda of the delusional cancer cult. As Dr. Welch explains:

Screening proponents have also encouraged the public to believe two things that are patently untrue. First, that every woman who has a cancer diagnosed by mammography has had her life saved (consider those "Mammograms save lives. I'm the proof" T-shirts for breast cancer survivors). The truth is, those survivors are much more likely to have been victims of overdiagnosis.

Thus, all those women marching around with pink T-shirts that say, "Mammograms save lives" are actually declaring themselves to be the unwitting victims of a scientific campaign of targeting women, scaring women into treatment they don't need, then maiming women with toxic chemicals or surgeons' knives.

If those pink T-shirts actually told the truth, they should say, "I survived the cancer industry."

The big question in all this, of course, is: For how long will western civilization continue to live under the spell of the Cult of Komen? How many million women have yet to be sacrificed to the false quackery of mammography and the scam of modern oncology?

And more importantly, why do families allows their own mothers, daughters, aunts and grandmothers to be poisoned and maimed right in front of their own eyes, while they all sit back and submit to the false authority of profit-seeking doctors who practice nothing more than pure quackery?

Modern oncology represents the Dark Ages of western medicine

There will come a day, I have repeatedly predicted, when the modern practice of chemotherapy will be relegated to the history books of bad medicine, alongside sniffing mercury vapors and surgically removing body organs to treat mental disorders.

Until that day comes, countless numbers of innocent women will be tricked into being mutilated, chemically poisoned, and blasted with ionizing radiation by cruel doctors who frankly don't care one bit how many women they maim or murder as long as they get reimbursed by Medicare for the procedures.

That's the truth about the cancer industry you won't hear from Komen (nor from any of its pink ribbon cult followers).

The conclusion from the study authors

Despite substantial increases in the number of cases of early-stage breast cancer detected, screening mammography has only marginally reduced the rate at which women present with advanced cancer. Although it is not certain which women have been affected, the imbalance suggests that there is substantial overdiagnosis, accounting for nearly a third of all newly diagnosed breast cancers, and that screening is having, at best, only a small effect on the rate of death from breast cancer.

Sources for this story include:

NTS Notes:  This is indeed shocking, and shows clear evidence that women have been subjected to cruel and totally unnecessary punishment!

I have said it before, and I will say it again... EVERYTHING that we have been told about Cancer and Cancer treatments are massive lies.   The entire treatment business is a multibillion dollar swindle that is out to make profits by keeping their patients ill with their so called "treatments".  It definitely looks like we can add the fraud of "mammography" to the ever lengthening list of Cancer hoaxes!

The message is clear, and especially to women... Do not fall for the hoax of "mammography".   And absolutely do NOT ever subject yourselves to the cruelty of "chemotherapy" or "radiation" treatments.  These do NOT cure Cancer at all, and in almost ALL cases actually kills the patient!

I want to again in closing describe exactly what I have discovered what Cancer really is, and what can be done to treat it.   Cancer is the body's self defense mechanism when proper oxygen supplies to cells is diminished.  The usual cause of low oxygen levels to cells is from what is known as "acidosis" or when the body's own pH level falls well below the normal 7 neutral level.  (Acidosis of the body has been linked to our modern processed foods) When cells have depleted oxygen supply due to acidosis of the body, some cells will switch to a form of fermentation for metabolism to survive that does not require oxygen.   When that happens, those cells become "Cancerous".   The solution then is clear... Do what is necessary to keep the body's natural pH level as close to neutral 7 or even to the basic range above 7 as much as possible.  That can be done through a change in diet and lifestyle, and from proper supplements.    It is also a fact that even after Cancer does form, switching the pH level of the body to a "basic" level usually causes the Cancer to diminish and disappear on its own!  And...Absolutely do not go and try any of the so called "Cancer treatments" because all they do is weaken the body's own immune system and usually leads to death!

This is a very important message for all readers... Please take this article and spread it around for everyone to see!

More to come


Memo To Alex Jones: At NO Time Was Israel An American Aircraft Carrier In The Middle East!

A few articles ago, I showed Alex Jones for the disinformation agent he truly is.  In that article, I presented an amazing video where Mr. Jones said flat out that "Iran wanted to wipe Israel off the map!".  It was a startling and absolutely erroneous statement made by this clown who everyone once considered to be the leader of the fraudulent "truth movement".  Now we see him for what he is, and know that the truth lies elsewhere in the alternative media!

Just today, I came across a very good article from "Horse237" who writes the amazing blog: Video Rebel's Blog, at, that I want to share with my own readers here.  It is entitled: "Memo To Alex Jones: At No Time Was Israel An American Aircraft Carrier In The Mideast", and goes into great detail with facts that clearly shows that Israel is in NO way America's "closest ally", and is absolutely NOT in any shape or form an asset for American interests in the Middle East.  Here is that article, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Memo To Alex Jones: At No Time Was Israel An American Aircraft Carrier In The Mideast

Alex Jones actually said that it is not debatable that Israel was never anything but an American aircraft carrier in the Mideast. Israel was created by Joe Stalin and Harry Truman. President Truman was told by General George Marshall who had been Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff since September of 1939 not to recognize Israel. Truman wrote this in his personal diary on July 21, 1947:
“The Jews, I find are very selfish… When they have power, physical or political, neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the underdog.”
Yet despite the majority in Congress and his Cabinet saying No to recognizing Israel he took two million dollars in $100 bills from the Jews to recognize Israel. It would seem Israel did not start out as an American aircraft carrier in 1958 as the US military wanted nothing to do with them.
Israel was not an American aircraft carrier in 1954 when they blew up American and British facilities in Egypt to blame it on the Muslims.
Israel was not an American aircraft carrier in 1956 when Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal in ‘Operation Dignity and Glory’. He offered compensation to shareholders and to allow all nations of the world access for their ships. Israel painted crosses on their tanks so the French and English pilots would not mistake them for the Egyptian Army. The British and French ran the Canal jointly. The UK had 80,000 troops stationed there. They won the battle but lost world public opinion. President Eisenhower who was Jewish and had killed over a million German soldiers after WW II was over ordered the Israelis to go home. Eisenhower was a racist and war criminal who despite that saw the Jewish state as an extreme liability.
Israel was not an American aircraft carrier on November 22, 1963 when they and Jewish traitors inside America together with their Gentile lackeys assassinated President Kennedy. One of the reasons for killing JFK was so that their tribe could make hundreds of billions every year selling drugs to Americans. One of the reasons for killing Kennedy was so that America would go to war in Vietnam and lose it so the Jews could get white Americans hooked in drugs.
Israel was not an American aircraft carrier on June 8, 1967 when they attacked the USS Liberty killing 34 American sailors. Two American jets armed with nuclear weapons were en route to Cairo but were recalled when the survivors were able to radio the fleet telling them that Israel was attacking them. Israel was willing to risk World War III and fight to the last American, Russian, Muslim and European.
Israel was not an American aircraft carrier on April 4, 1968 when they killed Martin Luther King Jr. It was a message to all Americans that Dr King’s anti-war speech delivered at the Riverside church on New York on April 4th a year earlier would not be tolerated. He had planned to follow up by going to Washington and shutting the town down until the Vietnam was ended. If he had lived, he would have created a successful peace movement which has been forbidden.
Israel was not an American aircraft carrier in the 1973 war which only made the world less safe for Americans. Israelis do not seem to understand that they will never be safe until they make the Palestinians feel safe. That conflict did create the Petrodollar which allowed the US to finance its wars for Israel by printing dollars which they gave to foreigners to pay for the wars and occupations. American taxpayers could no longer afford as Israel and  Wall Street have run the country into the ground.
Israel was not an American aircraft carrier on October 23, 1983 when 241 US military – mostly Marines – were killed by truck bombs in Beirut while Ronald Reagan was for some reason supporting Israel’s occupation of Lebanon.
Israel was not an American aircraft carrier when they participated in the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred Murrah building in Oklahoma City which killed 168 people including 19 children in the daycare center. This was part of a long range plan to turn America into a National Security State so Americans could not be able to demand the return of more than 40 trillion dollars that the Jews of Wall Street and their Gentile co-conspirators had stolen from them.
Israel was not an American aircraft carrier when they killed 3,000 Americans on 9-11-2001. They did Americans no favors when they supplied traitors in our government with false information to lie us into invading Iraq and Afghanistan. They were behind our drone attacks in Pakistan, and Yemen. They are behind our current attacks on Syria. They are behind the campaign against Iran. The Israeli military has concluded that they cannot attack Iran except as part of World War III. These people are insane, back stabbing liars and thieves. And that is not their worst national trait. They are self-destructive to the point of wanting to commit suicide taking humanity with them.
So Mr Jones would you please explain to me when just exactly Israel was an American aircraft carrier in the Mideast?  Or when they were an ally?  Or even when they were an asset rather than a liability?
I heard you once say on air that you were thinking of sending your wife and children to Israel so they would be safe. Maybe you should join them there. Hopefully, seeing Israel up close and personal would convince you that Israel is a pariah state and that America at a minimum should sever all ties with them.
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NTS Notes:  Horse237 has shown again how Alex Jones, who I look upon as a buffoon, is absolutely an agent of disinformation that is leading people down the wrong path and away from the real criminals who are out for our destruction, which are of course the Jews themselves!

There are several other incidents that of course could be added to this list.  The one that I could think comes to mind was the Israeli assault on the USS Cole in October, 2000 using an Israeli sub launched "popeye" missile, which killed 17 US sailors and injured another 39.  

The facts are clear... Israel is in no shape or form America's greatest "ally".  The facts clearly show that that criminal nation is in fact America's most dangerous enemy that has its agents in full control of the US Government and is in the process of bleeding America to death financially!

And as for Mr. Jones... I have long recommended that people just turn "Infowars" off completely, and get the real truth elsewhere.

More to come


Monday, November 26, 2012

Exposing The Truth About Judaism: Jim Stone's Experience With The Jewish Community!

I am truly shocked the more I have been reading about what the criminals that are out for our enslavement are all about.  I want to share some of these findings in this article for everyone to see for themselves.

I have been following Jim Stone's amazing articles for a while now, at  Just recently, John Kaminski asked me to research some very interesting findings by Jim Stone himself, when he found out exactly what the Jewish community is REALLY all about.   His experience with that community almost cost him his life!

I have a great article to present for everyone to read for themselves. It comes from the website: Piotr Bein's Blog, at, and is entitled:  "Jim Stone: An Introduction To My Experience With The Jewish Community", and exposes exactly what the Jewish community is truly all about.   Here is that important article, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

An introduction to my experience with the Jewish Community

This page has been altered from the original, which had the information about the court cases. This page now has information about attempts on my life with regard to the Jewish community. These attempts on my life have happened for more than one reason, with the most recent being the Fukushima report.

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, 24.1.2012

During a period of time spanning from late 2005 to early 2008, I attended Jewish services in Montreal Canada and then in Vancouver Canada with the stated intention of converting (it was, in part, an investigation to see if all the stories of evil were true). At first they were a little stand-offish, but when I arrived in Vancouver they hired a rabbi (Schachar Orenstien) to teach me. He was a very good man. The synagogues were close together, and the one I attended was very small (Shaarey Tefila) and often had a difficult time of forming a minion (the minimum required to make proceedings formal), and I would run across the street to a larger synagogue (Beth Hamidrash) to call people to ours so enough people would be present.

Well, the high holidays came, and for the first time I got to go through ALL OF IT. It was then that I discovered that there was a special prayer book that came out, a book which NO OUTSIDER is allowed to see. It costs hundreds to attend the High Holiday services, and it is a ticketed event with security guards. In this special prayer book there was a prayer called the Kol Nidre prayer. This prayer is FILTHY. It’s like an oath to Satan himself, where you basically say to God that you intend to lie and not honor contracts during this year, that you should be forgiven for lying and not honoring contracts in the last year, because you never agreed to be honest in front of God and therefore cannot be punished!. None of the online versions say it as clearly and succinctly as it is in that book. There is no mistake that you fully intend to lie and cheat, and expect to get away with it.

Well, I am a man of honesty and honor, and even though joining the Jews would have no doubt been key to launching my music career,

The Minstrel
Sonata Of Life


Isaiah’s Lullaby

I Need You

and my photography career Photography

I was so disgusted by this prayer I began to have doubts about wanting to be Jewish.

Well, my doubts were CONFIRMED. After a small spat with someone at Sharrey Tefila a few weeks after the holidays, I went across the street and attended services at Beth Hamidrash for a day. As preparation for what will come next, I need to mention how various rabbis spoke about a Jewish victory over mankind, that was soon on the horizon but not guaranteed because the Internet was messing things up. I never got more detail than that. And, I must say that before every service they make good and sure they know if there are guests present, non Jewish people, ect, and if there are any unconfirmed people attending services, they change the nature of the service. They don’t care how many get messed up (they allowed me to mess up 2 consecutive years of services).


When I went over to Beth Hamidrash, (they all REALLY liked me over there) a special speaker arrived from out of town (as is the norm) and the call went out “do we have any visitors” and one man said NO, another said, well, what about HIM? – pointing to me, and another said No, he is not a visitor, he is one of US. And another man said, Yes, he is one of us, and the speaker said are you SURE? and they all chimed in and said YES, HE IS ONE OF US. And then, I got to see a REAL Jewish service.

The speaker cautiously proceeded

The Jews, in violation of 501C3 status, use their religious services as political and war planning venues. He spoke about how they own the media, the medical, the education, the legal, EVERY aspect of Canadian Society, and especially American society, European society, HE SAID IT ALL, that they intend to gain victory over us to enslave mankind, and that they needed to use their “EXTREMELY DISPROPORTIONATE INFLUENCE” over society to gain absolute victory. “You all have your jobs, your assignments, and you must use our EXTREMELY DISPROPORTIONATE INFLUENCE to make things go a Jewish way, and gain our ultimate victory over mankind”.

I kept a straight face despite being absolutely appalled, every bad thing I had ever heard about Jews was confirmed in a single speech, and I left the Jewish community. I was blown away by how accurate people like David Duke are with regard to the Jews.

They did not leave well enough alone. Simply having me get as far as I was with them and then leave was enough for them to put a hit out on me.

I attended an event with a girl I started dating, which she got invited to out of nowhere. She was not aware of anything like it, and did not know what to expect. We went. It was a little strange, it cost money to set up and was strange. Something was not right about it. They had great food there though, and I was offered some wine. It was horrible and bitter. I was shocked. there was a woman from one of the synagogues there in the food preparation area. I thought nothing of it though.

I was fine for about 3 days, and then started getting very strange muscle cramps. On day 5 they were severe. Day 6, I could barely walk, and was going into spasms. On that day, I got a very strange e-mail. It is a series of quotes from various books, assembled to form a message. This no doubt was to hide the writing style of the sender. This took a LOT of work to assemble. I will break it down, following the message. I knew when I received this that I had been poisoned as punishment for leaving the Jewish community, and they did not expect me to survive it. They knew when the poison would be taking full effect. The message follows:

A sweet face. She forbade her wearing cotton caps, just the trite, wellknown fact that a murderer so near the border, the assistance of this monk the position of the south was in this respect melted butter, thus flay’d pigs commonly. 6. No one told mrs. Samuel bertram of the change of plan, each buried in its bosom. These may have taken their of electronic works that could be freely shared you did, mon ami. Since then, you have changed of zoology. Unhappily you have crushed this fine such service.and now begone. If there be half stern fortitude which enabled him to hide the that we ought to do something about it try to a word for the act of complaining about something he entered one of those ginpalaces, which, like.

THAT is what a death threat message looks like, Now let’s dissect it

“A sweet face. She forbade her wearing cotton caps, just the trite”. – This is in reference to the fact that the girl I started dating was a Shia Muslim, who did not wear hijab, and that they had no respect for the relationship.

“wellknown fact that a murder so near the border, the assistance of this monk” – This could be a reference to the fact that they considered me murdered, and I was close to the border of America, and possibly the rabbi who taught me had something to do with it.

“the position of the south was in this respect melted butter, thus flay’d pigs commonly” – This is obviously a reference to America, which I left behind, was a land of melted butter which flayed pigs (arabs) often.

“6.” – This is telling. 6 happens to be the most sacred number in Judaism, especially 666. Believe it or not – it is true, and it ties into the 6 points of the star of david, which when made out of two overlaid triangles has six points, six lines, and six triangles within it.

“No one told Mrs Samuel Bertram of the change of plan, each buried in its bosom” – I never told ANYONE in the Jewish community I was leaving, and never gave an explanation as to why.

“These may have taken of their electronic works that could be shared you did, mon ami” – This is a reference to the fact that I built a beautiful web site for the Rabbi, as a gift.

“Since then you have changed of zoology” – This means that after I left the Jewish community, I changed and became an animal.

“unhappily you have crushed this fine such service” – This is in reference to the fact that the Rabbi abandoned the web site, and refused to use it.

“and now begone. If there be half stern fortitude which enabled him to hide the that we ought to do something about it try to a word for the act of about something” – I was very physically fit, and able to withstand very tough situations, which the Jews were aware of. They gave me nothing to complain about, this is true, they were VERY GOOD TO ME. Begone is obvious – I am dead.

“He entered one of those ginpalaces, which, like – This is a reference to Islam, where gin “jin” palace literally means a house of demons, from an Islamic perspective. So they said I left them and entered a house of demons, and liked it (because of the Shia girlfriend).

I wondered for a second if it was just a stupid e-mail, but realized it fit my situation exactly. There was not a line in that e-mail that did not apply to me, and it followed the sequence of events perfectly. Add that to the fact that I was doubling over with cramps and it was obvious – I had been poisoned.

I got very lucky with finding a cure. It was as if God handed it to me.

I went to Google, and entered my symptoms, and the word poisoning. (Delayed, cramps, delerium, poisoning) and the first link was to a web site that listed my symptoms and timeline perfectly. It was a slow acting alkaloidal poisoning that would be fatal due to extreme cramping to death – a hideous death, if not cured. I then typed alkaloidal poisoning antidote into Google, and it went to another web site, which had antidotes to various poisonings. (A few days later I tried this, and did not ever find those sites again). I am not sure exactly what I typed.

The antidote site said that pickeling salt, and vinegar, in conjunction with ammonia fumes would cure it. SO, I ate a large jar of pickles, and the cramps let off a little, and then took a bowl full of ammonia window cleaner, put it in a box on the floor, draped a towel over the opening of the box, put my head in and went to sleep. When I woke up I was PERFECT, with no sign of poisoning at all (other than the ickiness from the ammonia). I thought back on where the poisoning could have happened, and the only place was that event I went to, with the bitter wine. It all fit.

SO, I was back to normal. And I made a mistake. When you have a hit out on you, NEVER get into a routine schedule out in public. I did. I got into the routine of taking the same skytrain stops at the same time every day. About a week and a half into this, I noticed a young man who attended one of the Orthodox synagogues coming up the steps as I went down, and right as I went past him he pulled out a black canister and sprayed it in my face. Whatever it was had no odor or taste, it was like a clear gas. He timed it perfect, and I was breathing in at exactly the wrong time and sucked in the full blast. Again I noticed nothing immediately, but made it a point to remember that incident.

A week went by, and I had all but forgotten the event. But I started getting copious amounts of clear phlegm coming up all the time out of my lungs, and my nose started running uncontrollably. There was no fever, no muscle cramps, no sign of flu or infection, just gobs and gobs of phlegm, a good blast ever 20 feet of walking, and I had to keep a large sputum cup by the bed. On the worst three nights, I laid on the floor gasping for breath, trying to overcome the phlegm and was not sure I would survive those nights. But I started to come out of it a little. It lingered on and on, with copious phleghm for over a year, and about a month into it I lost my hearing. My hearing was GONE, attenuated by well over 100 DB. I could not use a phone, I could not hear even a nearby car horn. People had to scream into my face, and by combining what little sound I could hear with their lip movements, I could make out what they were saying.

But there was something even stranger about this – after it faded off a little, I noticed that whenever I had periods of deep analytical thinking the phlegm came far worse, or bursts of emotion would make it come a lot worse. I was in this phase when I met my wife, who is a Doctorate of Pharmacology. She diagnosed the symptoms as a neurological poisoning, and said I was not likely to ever get over it fully. Fortunately two years after the initial spraying, I was over it.

Most recently, my wife (Sarah Stone) and I were proceeding on I-15 southbound in Salt Lake City after spending a day there, and a mile before the 4500 south off ramp, a red cabbed semi with an unmarked trailer snuck up on us with his lights turned off, hooked up with the last four inches of the side of the rear of the car, on the bumper, and put the car into a spin. I noticed the rear of the car drifting sideways – there was no sound of impact because it was such a gentle nudge, and I looked and saw him back there in the dark. I knew I had to get ahead of him, so I floored it. The spin was well established, and the ONLY way for the car to go if I hit the brakes would be to get eaten by the semi. The headlights then came on, and I kept it floored, hoping the car would not roll.

Keeping it floored was the thing to do. It got me out in front of him far enough to avoid being mowed under, and with the tires screaming and burning rubber forward, I managed to pull the skid into the HOV lane and out of the path of the semi. I was then perfectly backwards on the freeway, with a forward burnout going (had I let off the gas it would have stalled the engine and probably blown the transmission), as the semi went past me. Keeping it floored kept perfect floatation going, and the car proceeded in it’s spin in the HOV lane.

Right when I was coming out of the full 360 I let off the gas, never hit the brake, and ended up going perfectly forward two lanes over from where I was to begin with. The semi floored it up to about 90, and still having about 60 mph of momentum I took off after it. I then thought, well, he could be dangerous, and there is probably minimal damage to the car. So I backed off, pulled off at 4500 south and inspected the car. The only damage was a small indentation in the side of the rear bumper where the semi hooked up.

Ever heard of all the famous controversial people getting killed in car/semi accidents? Most people hit the brakes when something goes wrong, and that is the WRONG THING TO DO when a semi nudges your rear wheels out. You will get sucked under and crushed if you hit the brakes at that critical moment, yet that is the most likely thing for people to do. My wife published the article Tainted Nightmare and they would have gotten 2 for the price of one. And this method, the gentle nudge, leaves such a small mark on the vehicle it would go totally unnoticed in the carnage. It would simply look like you lost control and got eaten by a semi. There obviously is no way to prove this event was intentional, but in light of everything else? . . . . . . . . .
I have no doubt at all that my present legal situation, where I face imprisonment for up to 15 years over NOTHING is directly related to the Jewish community, which is PISSED about me leaving them and doubly pissed about the Fukushima report and the article Nuclear Blackmail. NO DOUBT AT ALL. And since they tried to kill me twice already and failed, and possibly a third time, this new method of getting me lost in the vast American prison system is no doubt the new modus operandi.

And there is more, much more. All the times I have been followed, staked out, sabotaged, intercepted, blown off the web, the list is ENDLESS. I need protection. I have GOT TO find a new place with a new identity. It’s the only way I will survive.

NTS Notes:  If this does not convince everyone that we are dealing with a very sick group of psychos bent on world domination and enslavement of all of mankind, then nothing will.

What is truly shocking by this report is what goes on the their synagogues behind closed doors and away from the eyes of the "Gentiles".... They are on a war footing against the rest of humanity, blatantly celebrate their victories over the "Goyim", and state clearly their goals for world domination!

There are those naysayers that will of course come out and say that this is pure BS.  But from what I have seen from other works by Jim Stone, and from what I have seen from this evil community, he is telling the absolute truth.

We are in serious danger, everyone, and the masses must be awakened to this crisis.  Take this information, and spread it around for everyone to see for themselves.

More to come


Shocking Health Report: Flu Shot Given To Pregnant Women Caused 4250% Increase In Fetal Deaths!

First to let everyone know, I am doing much better than I was the last few days.  Those who know me personally, know that I suffer from bad sinuses and am very prone to getting sinus infections.  It seems that I do get these infections once or twice a year, especially when the weather changes dramatically from hot to cold and from cold to hot!  And right now, it is very cold here in central Canada!

I have avoided seeking medical help in terms of "antibiotics" to fight these sinus infections for the last few years, and instead have relied on natural cures and upping my vitamin supplements.   The result has been that I have not suffered as long as I used to when I get these attacks.

Now for the matter at hand... I have been constantly attacking the medical and pharmaceutical industries over the last while because of their constant push for having people roll up their sleeves and take their deadly vaccines into their bodies.   I have placed articles in this blog for years showing proof positive that vaccines are absolutely not the answer to diseases, and in fact vaccines weaken the immune system, and promote the diseases they are supposed to fight!

But today, I came across a very important article, thanks to a fellow truth seeker: The Vatic Project ( that I knew I had to put into an article at my own site.  It comes from the website:, at, and is entitled: "4,250% Increase in Fetal Deaths Reported to VAERS After Flu Shot Given to Pregnant Women".  I have the link to that article right here, and I do recommend that everyone take the time to read it in its entirety.   My thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  This article is definitely shocking and very disturbing.... I have tried many times to dissuade people from lining up like sheep to take their so called "annual flu shots" by telling them the truth that vaccines are deadly.   And now this new evidence comes forward showing that vaccines are deadly to pregnant women's unborn children as well!

The bottom line is that everyone must avoid vaccinations at all cost.  It is far better to fight diseases with natural and alternative treatments rather than subject our bodies to mercury laced poisons!

More to come