Monday, October 8, 2012

Shocking Declaration From Jewish Rabbi: You Are Eating Your Children In Sausages And Hamburger!

About six years ago, there was an interesting interview conducted between a Jewish rabbi, named Abraham Finkelstein, and a Pastor named Wickstrom.   I first heard about that interview just over two years ago, and the time there was strong evidence that it was totally fraudulent.  To me, the statements made by this Rabbi Abe Finkelstein were beyond anything imaginable and in my own thinking they therefore had to be fraudulent.

However, thanks to the research of my friend, Whitewraithe, who writes the blog: Pragmatic Witness (, she was able to determine that the interview was not only genuine, but there was actually a lawsuit raised by Pastor Wickstrom against Rabbi Finkelstein over monetary compensation for the interview (see article here).    Therefore, it definitely means that this interview is not only genuine, but gives some serious disgusting aspects of Judaism as a whole.

Right now, I want to present a great article from my friend, Whitewraithe, entitled: "Shocking Declaration Form Jewish Rabbi: You Are Eating Your Children In Sausages And Hamburger!" for everyone to see for yourselves.  It comes from a section of that Wickstrom/Finkelstein interview, and I want everyone to see it for themselves right here.   My own comments and thoughts will follow:

Shocking declaration from Jewish Rabbi: You are eating your children in sausages and hamburger!

This is an excerpt from an interview with Rabbi Abe Finkelstein about Jewish control of the world.
I nearly became physically ill just reading this grissly statement wondering if it was actually true.  With my knowledge of Jewish ritual customs it’s quite possible maybe even probable that this is occuring in some regions of the United States.  And with this confession it should be investigated thoroughly by law enforcement. 

The source link is below.  Be sure to read the entire interview as it is extremely revealing by one of their own.  I always say if you get if straight from the horse’s mouth there can be no denial.



You are eating your children in sausages and hamburgers

Q: Well, that’s very interesting. I understand that. But I also know the bloodletting. I know that on your Passover, which isn’t mine, that a lot of little children do disappear, and I do know that, and I know a lot of police departments and agencies have been informed. But, you’re very open, you’re very open tonight. I am very surprised that you are talking about the bloodletting of the little children that you put their blood in the Matza [Matzo bread] balls and that you eat it on sacrifice on Passover.

A: Well, there is a goyim that wrote a book about it back in the 30′s. I forget his name at the moment. But, anyway, he wrote the book, ah, people didn’t buy the book. People don’t want to listen. We’ve been doing this for thousands and thousands of years, since down to Adam’s time.

So, we take the children of our enemy, which is a white race and we bring them to the basements in the synagogues, where we drain the blood and watch them die there. It’s very similar to how we do the sacrifices that we do with a kosher butchering, and so we do that. And then we mix it with a Passover bread, and so we eat the blood of our enemies.

And the bodies, eh, we are not cannibals. So, what we do is we take those ’cause we can make some shekels, and we give them to the slaughter houses, and there’s a pounds and pounds and pounds of meat that we grind up in a sausage and a hamburger and that’s why we make those the most popular things – sausage for breakfast and a hamburger for lunch, and so all the goyim out there are eating their children. And, even when we say this outright and tell you, people, you don’t believe it. So, that’s, that’s your problem.


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NTS Notes:  Knowing now that this interview is genuine, I truly wanted to vomit knowing how truly disgusting these creatures are.  It truly does appear that they are NOT even human, and have absolutely no human decency in the whole lot of them!

For those who want to see the entire Wickstrom/Finkelstein interview for themselves, I have the link to it from the site:, right here .    Please take the time to read over this entire interview.   What is told by this Rabbi Finkelstein is truly shocking and shows exactly what kind of mindset these criminals truly have.

I for one will definitely never look at a hamburger the same way ever again!

More to come



Anonymous said...

I think the Rabbi is Wickstrom's bud Pastor Bob, IMO

Frank Fredenburg said...

That is the same article he admitted Israel was involved in 9/11. Why in the world would he make such confessions in public? He would certainly know that Wickstrom would release the interview to the public. I'm almost sure that somewhere in the Bible there is a passage that says in the last days people would be eating their own children. I've suspected for awhile now that they're doing just that. With the degree of hate they have for us, I'm sure that would give them joy.

Frank Fredenburg said...

I just listened to a podcast with pastor James Wickstrom and Pastor Bob, and Bob's voice doesn't sound like the voice in the interview to me.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond ridiculous!!!! All I can do as a Christian is pray for u devil worshipers! N try to protect my babies with that said we are living in our last days

Nico Boud said...

Are we? Since when? I mean, i'm not against you people, and i'm not jew... but i've been raised by christians people, and i'm sick to hear since.... 34 years now! that we are living the last days... and that God Intervention is soon.
Because this said, just after, there is NOTHING done. Nothing made to fight it, nothing made to make it more livable... It's just watching the decay, admitting we are living he last days, and hiding at homes and churches.

I'm trully and deeply fed up.

Anonymous said...

It's true...I believe him,

Anonymous said...

It is what it is. How many of us have eaten at McDonalds? The real question is what is anyone going to do about it? Not a damn thing like the rabbi said. People have their heads so far up their own asses that they can not see the truth. Even when they are told to their faces. This world is sick and needs to come to an end already.

Crystal Bishop said...

So what about organic. Should we stop eating all store bought meat?

OmegaMan said...

become a vegetarian.......