Sunday, October 14, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 14th, 2012

It has been a very busy week for me, considering that much of the previous week was a total write off due to illness.  I have been spending much of this week doing some major catching up on work required around my home, jobs and projects backlogged at my work, and reading and trolling around the internet catching up on what has been happening around the world.

Lets face it.. Working for a living really sucks these days.  It seems work environments these days have people working harder and harder for less and less benefits and wages.   I have seen it in my own work and I can guarantee that most people feel exactly this same way....I do remember all the hype about how technological advancements would make our work much simpler and easier, but I have not seen it!

I have not touched on the faked Apollo moon landings for a while, due to my recent concentration on NASA faking the Mars Curiosity mission.   Anyone with at least a bit of critical thinking knows by now that the entire Apollo man on the moon missions of 1968-1972 were a massive sham.  It only takes a bit of research to see that even today, they cannot put men on the moon with all the improvements and advancements in technology since the late 1960's.   All that anyone has to do is use the simple logic of... If they cannot do it now, then how in the hell did they do it then?    But in spite of the truth staring many Apollo believers in their faces, these brainwashed individuals stick to the lie of Apollo, and put their faith in the criminal organization called NASA.    Greg Kalina and I have discussed this many times, and we both have realized that we cannot reach those people who are too far brainwashed, but instead have concentrated the effort of exposing Apollo as a lie to those who actually do have the capacity to look beyond the years of brainwashing, and are open to logical analysis and critical thinking.    The day is definitely coming when everyone will finally awakened to the fraud of NASA and their phony space missions.  

I see the situation in Syria is heating up again, and everyone should be on full alert to the strong possibility of another false flag attack to get the criminal NATO led invasion of that innocent country under way.   The so called "rebel insurgency" into Syria has failed miserably for the criminals in the US Government and European Union, so their recent ploy has been to have "Syria" launch rockets or mortars into Turkey to get a massive invasion going as a response.  But in all recent cases, the evidence of who has been behind these attacks sits with the US/Israeli funded "rebel" groups.   I have long said that these criminals want a war on Syria because then they would get their nice little war on Iran off and running due to Iran's defense pact with Syria itself!

And speaking of the Rothschild controlled European Union... How in the HELL did the Nobel awards committee ever decide to give them the Nobel Peace Prize?   To me that was a travesty and shows again how stupid and ignorant this award group truly is.  We must remember how just a few years back, this same committee awarded the mass murdering Barry Soetoro the same Nobel Peace Prize.  I can guarantee that Alfred Nobel himself is rolling in his grave over these outrageous decisions...

Besides the joke of giving the European Union the Nobel Peace prize, is the joke of the so called  European Union itself these days.  It is bad enough about them supporting wars of aggression, but the Union itself is a total mess.    Spain is now totally bankrupt and the Spanish people are on the streets fighting against Rothschild imposed austerity measures.    And there is talk about even MORE austerity needed for Greece to survive.   The Rothschild led European Union has absolutely no means of fixing these critical situations other than their criminal "austerity" measures that absolutely do not save nations but leave those nations' people in perpetual enslavement.   It is only a matter of time before the ticking time bombs in both Spain and Greece spread to other EU nations which will definitely cause the break up of the Union itself.   No "Nobel Peace Prize" will save that from happening.

Yes, I finally got around to posting up a new article about the Fukushima nuclear disaster this last week.   No, I have not ignored that critical situation, but have been monitoring the situation closely hoping for some good news.  But there is NO good news at all!   Instead we have the truth finally filtering out of the liars at TEPCO and our criminal governments that they have no clue on how to even fix the situation.   The radiation levels at and around the failed reactors is way too high for any humans to even get close to the melted cores, and even machinery cannot handle the radiation for any length of time.    Therefore there is absolutely nothing that can be done at present, and any solution will require years of development.    I have heard some say that they will have to wait for at least 10 more years before the radiation levels fall to a point that anyone can get close to the failed reactors and try fixing the problem then.   But can the world wait 10 more years, especially when the spent fuel rod pools may collapse long before then, and people are actually now dying due to radiation exposure?  

I see that the Jewish controlled media has been getting their wish by pushing their criminal Willard Romney to the point that he is now "ahead" in phony "polls" for the race for the Jewish controlled office of President of the United States ahead of the other criminal, Barry Soetoro.  I really wonder how gullible and stupid the American public truly is.   A vote for either Barry Soetoro or Willard Romney means just replacing one Jewish controlled puppet with another.    But is there an alternative?    I have said that it would be better for the American public to either ruin their ballot, OR actually take a different route and actually vote for a  THIRD party candidate.   There are several third party candidates that are not pro-Israel, and those individuals should definitely have the vote of the American public, rather than voting for those Israeli shills who bend over for that criminal state...

And speaking of the criminal state of Israel... They are still working hard at preparing a new false flag attack somewhere in the world to have it blamed on the innocent nation of Iran.  They want their war on Iran so desperately, and NOW when that war comes they may yet get their slaves in America doing all the fighting and dying for them.   Few people have caught on to the treasonous push by some members in the Jewish controlled US Senate to pass a bill giving Israel "America's full support" if and when they go to war on Iran.  And with nothing but Israeli stooges sitting in the US government, that bill will definitely pass... The result will see Israel having America at war for them if and when they launch their attack on Iran!   So where is the American public in all of this?   With the Jewish control over the media, this new bill is definitely under the American public's radar....

Elsewhere, we still see the tense situation in the western Pacific Ocean between Japan and China over a few small Pacific islands.    The Chinese and Japanese are not backing down from their claims to these islands and the vast untapped resources under them.   It is my hope that cooler heads do prevail, and a solution can be obtained through proper negotiations.  Considering how much a mess the Japanese and Chinese economies are rapidly becoming, and with Japan still reeling from the Fukushima disaster, nobody truly wants war, and war should be averted at all cost.

OK, I figure that is enough for this Sunday's rant.  As usual, I do want to close with a few tidbits that I have not covered here.... The US economy is still a total mess.  But what else is new?  Most Americans are too brainwashed and complacent to even notice their own nation going to hell in a hand basket.  I guess NFL football and other crap on their Talmudvision is more appealing than actually saving their nation from total economic ruin.....  I see my friend Whitewraithe has secured some needed employment, and I want to congratulate her.  It has been absolutely horrendous for her to find some decent work in the failing US economy, and I am indeed crossing my fingers that she is able to hold onto this new job for a while at least.... In spite of others and my best efforts to convince people to NOT go and get their poisonous "seasonal flu shots", there are those who are obediently rolling up their sleeves and taking their deadly injections.  I guess no matter how hard we try,  there are those who are too far gone and cannot break the brainwashing by the criminals in the Pharmaceutical industry......Mark Glenn from the Ugly Truth put up an interesting postulation recently that Israel controls the United States by having nuclear bombs hidden in all major US cities as a form of blackmail.  Basically if the US government does not obey their Jewish masters, they may set off some of these devices and kill millions of Americans as a result.  I have never thought of this idea, due to the fact that I have never believed anyone could be that evil.  But considering what we now know about how truly evil and diabolical these monsters are, I would not put it past them to have at least considered this move....And finally, no new earth shattering news this time about America's greatest treasure, the brain dead Kardashians.  All I can say is thank goodness, but honestly.. Who cares????

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