Monday, October 1, 2012

Important Video: How The Jews Undermine America

I came across a most interesting video just the other day, thanks to a friend of mine, John Friend, who writes the fabulous blog: John Friend's Blog, at   It is entitled: "How The Jews Undermine America", and is a definite must see by everyone who wants to see the truth how these criminals have been working towards the destruction of the United States.   I have that video right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course, my own comments and thoughts to follow:

NTS Notes:  Everything presented in this video is absolutely true.   The Jewish plan for the destruction of the Caucasian race was laid out in their dastardly Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion a few centuries ago.   That sinister document states that they will have to destroy the white race,  as they see it as their main obstacle towards their long term goal of world domination.

It is a fact that since the Immigration laws in the United States introduced in 1965, we have seen a severe deterioration of the American nation to the point today that it is a shadow of its previous glory.  To me, the link between America opening its floodgates to immigration from third world nations and the present condition of the nation today is very apparent.  It can definitely be seen in the cesspools that most American cities are today.   Again, that was by design by these Jewish criminals who care not about America but to see its demise.

A great video to pass around for everyone to see for themselves.    The only solution is to obviously stop the present US immigration policies, and send every single illegal immigrant back to their country of origin.  I must state that I am not a racist, and I know that many people may not like this idea... But it is a necessity now more than ever to save the once great American nation.

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