Monday, October 1, 2012

Exposing More Of Our Hidden History: Video- General George S Patton: Jews And Germans

I have made it one of my goals to always bring forward any reports about our hidden history when they become available.  I have long said that what we have been "taught" in our so called "History" books is nothing but pure garbage.    It does appear that a certain group of individuals have purposely hijacked much of our so called History to prevent people from finding out facts about our true history....

I have put up many articles in my blog pertaining to the truths about World War II, and about a man  who I now know to be probably the greatest American General in history.    That man is of course, George S. Patton.   Patton spent much of the second World War under the belief that the Germans were the enemy, but shortly after the war he had a true awakening to the facts about exactly WHO truly were the real enemy and in fact the ultimate evil on planet Earth....

To again show some real truths about General George S Patton, and to show how he was purposely murdered shortly after the second World War because he found out the real truth about the war itself and the scoundrels behind the war, I want to present the following important video, entitled: "General George S Patton: Jews And Germans" for everyone to see for themselves.   It is short, but drives home some of the truths about that great man.  I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  George Patton was murdered by the Jewish elite because they did indeed see him as a serious threat to their push for world dominion.

There was always talk that because of Patton's popularity that he could have galvanized the American public to the truth about the criminality of the Jews.   There was even talk about him taking a shot at politics.   That did not sit well with these criminals, so they definitely were behind having him murdered while he was still in Europe.

Another right to the point video that is a must see by everyone.    Again, as more of the real truths about our hidden history come to light, I will do my best to present them here for everyone to see... Stay tuned...

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