Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Canada Is Jewish Occupied Territory: Canadians Critical Of (Prime Minister) Harper "World Statesman Of The Year Award"

Canada is most definitely Jewish occupied territory.  There once was a time when Canada was revered around the world as a country that was truly built and based on the idea of peace for all human beings, but not any more.   Now this once great nation of mine is rapidly being added to the list of pariah nations on planet Earth that includes both the criminal state of Israel, and the United States of America.

Recently,  we saw how the Canadian Israeli controlled poodle Prime Minister, Stephen Harper was announced by a pro-Zionist Jewish organization in New York City, called "Appeal Of Conscience Foundation", as their "World Statesman Of The Year Award" recipient for this year.   It was an obvious and very disgusting award given to this clown who calls himself "Prime Minister" for his sucking up to Israel and severing diplomatic ties with the innocent nation of Iran.

To show how most Canadians are actually quite disgusted by the fact that this Zio-stooge of a Prime Minister won this award for puckering up and kissing Israel's ass, I want to present the following video, entitled: "Canadians Critical Of Harper "World Statesman Of The Year Award".    I have my own thoughts and comments about this issue and this video to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have never met anyone from any of the "Occupy" movements in Canada personally, but what this man out of Calgary is stating is most probably felt by most Canadians.

Yes, Stephen Harper was in New York City last week to go and get his award.  As far as I am concerned, he should have renounced his Canadian citizenship,  boarded a plane out of New York, and went to live in his cherished Israel.  He has been putting Israel's interests above those of the Canadians who "elected" him to Prime Minister, so why not?   Canadians deserve better than this Israel ass kissing clown....

The only award that Stephen Harper should receive is the "Israeli ass-kisser of the Year award" for his blatant and disgusting actions over the last while of supporting the criminal state of Israel and their horrendous actions against both the Palestinian people and their push for bloodshed in the Middle East.

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

One can only wonder if Justin Trudeau might have a future here. I have little doubt he is as sold on Israel as Mulcair but... ANYTHING would be an improvement over dead eye Steve.