Saturday, October 20, 2012

America: From Colony To Nation To Slave!

Living in Canada has given me a unique outside perspective on what is happening in the United States. And from what I see... Things are going from bad to worse for my friends who are now living in what I used to believe as being the "most free nation on the face of the Earth".

What is truly shocking to me is the farce of the present Presidential election happening in the once free United States of America.    We have two party candidates that are totally subservient to the criminal state of Israel and are absolutely bending over backwards to please their Jewish masters at every chance they have.  It is absolutely sickening to see....

To help understand how far America has truly fallen, and how their leadership are nothing more than Israeli slave stooges, I want to present an interesting article from Michael Sheuer, through the Ugly Truth website ( entitled: "America, From Colony To Nation To Slave".   It gives some great perspectives on what is truly a farce of a US Presidential election campaign, and what the future holds for whomever is selected as the President (slave to Israel).   I have my own comments and thoughts to follow:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

U.S.–Slave To Israel

The Ugly Truth

America: From Colony to Nation to Slave

By Michael Scheuer

As Americans fixate on the presidential campaign, they also should note the status of President Obama and Governor Romney. Yes, both are presidential candidates, but both are also men who — with their predecessors and the Congress — have willingly surrendered American sovereignty and independence to Israel and its U.S.-citizen advocates (Jewish and Evangelical), their organizations, and much of the media.

In return for campaign contributions and positive media coverage, Obama and Romney have enslaved themselves and their country to Israel and some few thousands of disloyal Jewish-Americans and their equally disloyal Christian Evangelical allies. One has to wonder whether Obama and Romney refer to Israel’s prime minister as “Massa’ Benyamin,” or whether they shuffle and pull their forelocks when groveling for money from Israel’s Jewish-American and Evangelical operatives.

If independence and sovereignty mean anything for a national government, they mean that that government alone decides whether or not the country it governs will go to war. In the United States, more specifically, its means — constitutionally — that the Congress will decide via a formal vote whether it will declare war on behalf of the American people, who once upon a time were its constitutional masters. This is, at any rate, how the Founders meant the process to work.

Both houses of the craven U.S. Congress, however, have long since illegally delegated that decision to the president, and our current president regards the Congress with such contempt that he looks first to the UN to see if it is okay for him to bomb hell out of a country like Libya or some other offending party. If on the issue of war-making Israel has become America’s master — and it has, despite Obama’s cowardly ducking of a face-to-face with Massa’ Benyamin — the UN surely is becoming its overseer. Congress, at day’s end, simply and unquestioningly pays for the U.S. troops who go off to die in wars that have nothing to do with protecting genuine U.S. national interests, but do please Israel, the UN, or some figment of those militarist viragoes Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Rice, as well as of the pro-war boys McCain and Graham, such as the “democratic and human-rights-loving Libyan and Syrian freedom fighters.”

So each of us can vote as we see fit in November, but we all should recognize that neither candidate intends to restore U.S. sovereignty and independence. As president, either man will take America to war with Iran — Obama just wants it after 6 November — because that is what Israel and its U.S.-citizen advocates want. Iran, of course, poses no direct military threat to the United States, but it will exact a fierce and bloody revenge after we and Israel attack by using the intelligence/terrorist surrogates it has long maintained in the United States for just such a response. Iran’s response likewise will wreck much of what remains of the U.S. economy by disrupting the oil-tanker traffic in the Persian Gulf and perhaps elsewhere.

And all of this pain for what? Another unjustifiable and ahistorical reliance on air power to do what it has never done and cannot do without nuclear weapons — win a war. And so we will have yet another unfinished and lost war that will further stoke the fires of the aggressive cultural war both U.S. political parties are waging on the Islamic world.

When America was part of Britain’s Empire, Americans — as loyal British subjects — had no choice but to be at war when the British Crown was at war. In the two-plus centuries since we won independence from Britain, we have declined in manliness, commonsense, and allegiance to our Constitution to the point where we will go to war at the behest of a foreign nation and in direct violation of U.S. national interests. In addition, our major mainstream and cable networks use the public’s airwaves to routinely act as agents of a foreign power by supporting Israel’s prime minister against the U.S. president, while disloyal American citizens enthusiastically corrupt the U.S. political system in support of Israeli interests, Evangelical fanaticism, and the one-world fantasies of the super-national and super-corrupt UN. … Who knows, perhaps we were better off with the Crown. It fought often, but only for genuine British interests.

Michael Scheuer is the author of ‘Imperial Hubris’ and former chief of the CIA’s Bin Laden Issue Station –

NTS Notes:  Many quickly forget that America fought a revolutionary war back between 1774-1783 to free itself from British criminal Jewish controlled banking interests out of London, and fought a civil war from 1861-1865 to prevent these same criminal Jewish banking interests from reinserting themselves into the American nation.   It is truly sad that that once proud nation basically surrendered their sovereignty to these same criminal Jewish bank fraud criminals when their own government allowed the passage of the US Federal Reserve act back in 1913.   We now see the result of that surrender with a nation in destitute and on the verge of complete economic collapse, while the so called government does anything possible to appease these same criminal Jewish banking interests.

I am shocked to see how far America has fallen when a small horrific nation of some 7-8 million psychopaths has total control over some 330 million US citizens, and calls all the shots when it comes to American foreign policy.   Israeli control over the once free United States of America is now complete.

This again should be a definite wake up call for all Americans.... If either of these kiss ass Israeli slave clowns gets selected for the office of President of the United States this November, then war on Iran will definitely follow very shortly afterwards.   The consequences of that war, including the spectre of World War III is truly frightening!

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hans said...

Iran, of course, poses no direct military threat to the United States, but it will exact a fierce and bloody revenge after we and Israel attack by using the intelligence/terrorist surrogates it has long maintained in the United States for just such a response.

What do you think the USA does in Iran.