Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Upcoming War On Iran: Is A False Flag Definitely Coming? Watch This Revealing Video!

The Israelis are definitely at the point of desperation in getting their war on Iran off and running.  Their diabolical plan has always been to launch a false flag attack on an American target, have it blamed on Iran, and as a result get their American puppet slaves to launch the war themselves, and in the process do the fighting and the dying for them.

I came across this very revealing, and yet very disturbing video, entitled: "Breaking!! Israel Lobbyist- We Need A False Flag To Start War With Iran!", that shows how the psychotic pro-Israel lobby groups in America are now openly talking about the need for a false flag attack to get their sick war off and running to destroy the Iranian nation.  First, I have that video right here for all of my readers to view for themselves.   I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  OK....I really need to ask why this shill has not been arrested for inciting violence and openly calling for an attack on America?

 Readers, it is imperative that you take this video and copy it to your own blogs, to emails, and everywhere possible for everyone to see just how sick these maniacs truly are.

These criminals are now openly talking about a false flag attack for them to have war on Iran that could cost the lives of millions of innocent people.   Again, it is imperative that everyone know that if any false flag attack occurs anywhere on the Earth over the next while, that Iran is definitely not to blame.  Everyone must be made aware immediately after the attack, that the full blame for any attack lies squarely with the criminal state of Israel and their psychotic Mossad operatives around the world.

Today, September 25th, marks the Jewish celebration of death and destruction called Yom Kippur. We know that many wars and terrorist attacks by the criminal state of Israel have occurred during their previous celebrations of death and destruction...Therefore I do suspect that they may pull off their next "Pearl Harbor" against the United States sometime within the next few days.  Be prepared, everyone...

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John Friend said...

Un-freaking-believable... these traitors are openly calling for a false flag, they need to be arrested and hung for treason. ALL OF THEM!

Anonymous said...

According to blog Mami's Shit the speaker's name is Patrick Clawson of the influential neo-con Washington Institute for Near East Studies. I think it's important to get names out there. I hadn't heard of this warmonger before.

We now know 911, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Lusitania, the Maine were false flags. Was Sumpter a false flag too? Are all wars false flag wars?

Franklin Ryckaert said...

An "announced" false flag is ipso facto no false flag. I think therefore we don't have to worry. It's the same as that Jewish journalist who called for Obama's murder.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have received multiple same comments that I am "losing my credibility" because of the poor quality he/she is experiencing when viewing this video...

Sorry, but the facts speak for themselves... This is a must video for EVERYONE to see, and shows exactly what the criminal Jews will do to have a war... Very sickening indeed!