Sunday, September 2, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Time again for my weekly Sunday rant, and right now, I am really pissed.... We just witnessed this week the atrocious "not guilty" verdict handed down against the Israeli Defense Forces, by the truly criminal Justice System in Israel, in regards of course to their cold blooded MURDER of Rachel Corrie back on March 16th, 2003.  Since that time, her family had sought justice in a civil trial against the Israeli Defense Forces for that unjustifiable act of outright murder, and now with this laughable verdict, there shall never be justice for Rachel.

Lets face it once and for all, what happened to Rachel Corrie was indeed cold blooded murder.  The IDF soldier driving the Caterpillar armored Bulldozer on March 16th, 2003, did indeed see her standing in front of the bulldozer's scoop, and rather than halt, gunned his engine and proceeded to run her over, crushing her body.  Then he had the audacity to drop the bulldozer's front scoop to the ground, and then back over Rachel's dying body.   There is absolutely no way in hell that this was anything else other than cold blooded murder.

What we have in respect to the murder of Rachel Corrie is the sickening and evil thinking process of these monsters.  They picture any life, other than the lives of Jews, to be subhuman and not worth a Jewish fingernail.   We are nothing to them other than the "Goyim" and to be their slaves if and when they finally reach their goal of world conquest.

This week also saw the sad 15th anniversary of the murder of Princess Lady Diana by the lizard Queen of England's personal hit squad, MI6, on August 31st, 1997.   Yes, it indeed was murder, and shows how evil these criminals truly are.   They have killed thousands over the last century alone, and many more will continue to die by their blood dripping hands.  

I have for a very long time said that the United Kingdom should dissolve the fraudulent monarchy and become a republic.   Those criminals that are sitting on the British throne right now are frauds, pedophiles, and mass murdering psychopaths.  They should all be in jail instead of being glorified by the British people.   Canada, and other countries of the so called "Commonwealth" should do the same, and rid themselves of all links to  the British fraud monarchy once and for all.

On the criminal and terrorist state of Israel... We have the ever increasing threats coming from their insane leadership that they will be attacking the innocent and peaceful nation of Iran very shortly.   Their insane Prime Minister, Benyamin Milikovsky (Netanyahu) is going to go to the United States shortly to speak in front of the United Nations General Assembly, with his newest set of lies to seek the UN support for an attack on Iran.  At the same time, this maniac will of course go to the US Government and give his slaves there their marching orders.   Israel wants the US to either attack Iran alone, or to fully support an Israeli assault.  This fool wants war, and cares not that this conflict could easily spread due to the Russian and Chinese alliances with Iran into World War III.   Again, as I have stated before, I am not ready to see my world come to an end through nuclear war, and I hope everyone else feels the same way...

Speaking of Iran...I see that the non-aligned nations of the Earth had their meeting in Tehran Iran, and most gave full support to the innocent nation of Iran itself.   This shows that in spite of the fraudulent Jewish media and Jewish controlled government rhetoric of Iran being a threat to world peace, that most nations are not fooled.   I also fully support the Iranian call during this meeting for the elimination of all nuclear weapons.  That sure flies in the face of the criminals in both Israel and the United States continuously harp about Iran building a clandestine nuclear weapons program!  

I also noticed no news reports of this meeting of some 120 nations in Iran by the Jewish controlled media anywhere this week, but are we surprised?  Most of our Jewish media outlets are busy vilifying Iran constantly and harping the false threat of non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons.  These liars in our media are doing everything possible to brainwash everyone into the false belief that Iran must be destroyed,  almost exactly the same way they tried to brainwash the public in 2003 that Iraq had to be destroyed.   We already have seen how we were lied into the war against Iraq in 2003, and now they are doing the same lies nine years later against Iran.  We would have hoped that people will not be fooled again, but people do have very short memory spans.. At least that is what these criminals are hoping for.

When it comes to Syria, I had hoped that everyone by now would have been up in arms, especially in the United States, and calling on our governments for an immediate end to the escalation of hostilities there.   But again, we have the Jewish controlled media working overtime in trying to vilify Syria.   Now there seems to also be a secret agreement by the members of the Rothschild controlled NATO countries for an invasion of Syria.  It does seem that we will shortly see a NATO led "humanitarian mission" into Syria, just like their "humanitarian mission" into Libya last year.   I can only hope that people are not fooled by this.. But again, the criminals do hope that people have very short memory spans...

I have received a great deal of comments about my articles revealing the NASA Mars Curiosity Rover to be a massive fraud.   Most have been positive, but a few that I refused to post, because of the language enclosed, were a bit disturbing.. These negative comments, once I got passed the swearing and insults, actually were quite laughable.  One sad comment accused me of somehow being "jealous (!)" of NASA and their great "space achievements".   I had to laugh, for it is not jealousy, but the need for the truth about NASA being a criminal group of crooks and liars that has driven me for years.  NASA has distorted real science and space technology by both their fraudulent Apollo missions, and now with their equally fraudulent Mars missions, and the truth must be told.

Speaking of Curiosity... The lie of it being on Mars continues.   I have looked at their pictures from the "Martian" surface, and I see the continuing false promotion of Mars having a "pink" sky.   I have already shown in previous articles that the idea of Mars having any sky color other than Black is preposterous considering there is not enough atmosphere at Mars' surface to even promote a sky color.

I have been in contact with a good friend of mine, Gregg Kalina, who has been in a pitched battle recently with many of the "Apollo man on the moon" supporters, on several internet talk shows, and even over Youtube.   The fact is that sometimes I do feel sorry for these Apollo believers, for they have not taken the time, nor used any critical thinking, to come to the obvious conclusion that Project Apollo was a complete and utter fraud.  The continuing false belief of man walking on the moon is due primarily today to the power of constant propaganda and brainwashing.   Gregg and I have discussed this many times, and we noted that most of the shows on our Talmudvision still promotes the Apollo lie readily and constantly.  Brainwashing indeed.

Recently, I have come under fire by obvious agents of Israel, by putting up comments on several alternative media sites, claiming that I am a "white supremacist", and even an "agent of Israel".   After reading their comments, I did not know whether to laugh or to cry.  The ridiculousness of their false accusations did call for an appropriate response, but I will not stoop to their level.  Instead, I have been making a bunch of joke responses which have made them look like fools.   I do enjoy the funny statements made by these JIDF and Hasbara clowns, so as far as I am concerned, if they have nothing better to do, then keep the outrageous comments coming.. I need a good laugh, and they are the only ones who are looking like idiots.

I said in my previous rant that I would cover the religious aspects of Judaism very soon... Patience, because it will definitely cover almost an entire rant.  With so much to cover, including how that religion was fraudulently invented,  I might just put it up as a separate article instead.

Well... I guess that is enough for today... But again, I will close this rant with my usual tidbits.... Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons, and the sooner people wake up to that fact, the better..... The economic meltdown is happening right now, and I can see the acceleration towards full economic collapse coming very soon.  The only solution is to end all criminal Jewish debts, and take away the power of the Jewish bankers.  Fat chance though, because these criminals control our governments..... Nothing new from Fukushima Japan, other than the government of Japan and TEPCO continuing to lie.  I really wonder how many people actually have to die before some real action is taken to fix this life threatening problem?.....I have again been requested to come on air as a guest on several internet radio programs.  I am seriously considering taking up many of their offers, but only when time to me is available.  Work and family does come first.....Someone said to me recently that the Kardashians are Jewish.  I checked, and they all Armenian, and supposedly not Jewish.  I do feel sorry for the Armenians!

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