Saturday, September 8, 2012

Newest Video By Anthony Lawson: American Democracy - The Funeral

I have long said that America is finished as a nation.  There once was a time when the once great American democracy was pictured as the "shining beacon on the top of the hill" that all nations should strive to emulate.   Now I see how that once proud nation has fallen prey to evil and parasitic Jewish interests, and as a result today is nothing more than a shadow of its past glory.

I have long been a fan of the video works of Anthony Lawson who hails out of Australia.  His previous works showing the truths about our governments and about the attacks of 9-11 are a must see by everyone.  Now, he has just released his latest work, entitled: "American Democracy - The Funeral" that I have right here for all of my readers to view for themselves.    I do have my own comments to follow, as usual:

NTS Notes: Anthony Lawson, you sir are so right... It does not matter who wins this fall's laughable and disgusting Presidential "election", Israel wins again, and the American public will definitely lose.

That horrendous vote last week at the laughable American Democratic Convention was already decided and set in stone well before that Israeli suck up went to the podium and asked for an "aye" or "no" vote.   I can guarantee that his teleprompter had the Jewish demanded vote result displayed right before his eyes even before he called for the vocal vote....  So much for the democratic vote and now so much for the Palestinians themselves...

I am truly sickened by how much the nations of this planet grovel to Jewish interests and how much we are now seeing the death of democracy in all nations, including Canada and the United States.  I had hoped that there would be a general awakening by the people against the sick Jewish want for world domination.   That awakening has sadly not happened, and it may be too late now to save the entire planet from enslavement or our total destruction.

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