Thursday, September 27, 2012

Israeli Prime Minister IS Insane: Presents Laughable Diagram Of An Iranian "Bomb" During Speech To UN!

I actually sat down at my computer just a while back, and listened to the entire UN General Assembly speech by the insane Israeli maniac, Benyamin Milikovsky (Netanyahu), and I honestly could not believe what I was hearing... All we heard from this insane lunatic is constant false rhetoric of what dangers the world faces from a "nuclear armed" Iran.   Then to top it all off, he presents a diagram of what he claims is an Iranian nuclear "bomb" that is not only laughable, but I actually laughed so hard I fell off my chair.

To show just how ridiculous and yet extremely dangerous this nutjob truly is, I want to present the following article from Kenny over at Kenny's Sideshow (, entitled:  "Netanyahu Steals Bomb Diagram From Boris And Natasha... Or Was It From Donald Duck?".   In this article, you will see just how truly ridiculous and insane this clown has made himself out to be by his laughable assertions and the diagram he presented.   I have my own comments to follow:

Netanyahu Steals Bomb Diagram From Boris and Natasha.....or Was It From Donald Duck?

The yahoo says it is Iran's plans but we know better.

Rocky and Bullwinkle cry "Copyright Violation!"

Donald Duck claims Bibi stole the plans from him.

The full UN Speech...

What Israeli CRIME MINISTER BETTY NUTTYAHOO Should {Have Said} at the UN


The lawyers for Wile E. Coyote are now saying the plans are from their client's custom and proprietary blueprints with Bibi altering the shape in an attempt to hide his dastardly theft. Wile E. is calling for the Acme Co. to suspend all bomb shipments to Israel.

Posted by kenny at 3:25 PM

NTS Notes:  I could not agree with Kenny any more.  I am still laughing now even as I type this article!

The Warner Brothers' Produced "Roadrunner Show" has its serious competition now, thanks to the clown who calls himself the Prime Minister of the criminal state of Israel.   Wile E Coyote could not have done better!

But beyond the laughable presentation, we have this absolutely insane nutjob trying to draw a "red line" towards Iran building nuclear weapons... But he fails to mention his own criminal nation with its 350+ nuclear weapons that is NOT a signor of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, or a member of the IAEA.  The hypocrisy showed in him giving his "speech" to the UN Assembly!

So we now have the criminal state of Israel laying down the gauntlet, and putting up its conditions for it to launch its war against Iran.    All I can say is that if they are that insane to carry out their threats and actually attack Iran, then go ahead but do not expect the rest of the world to come to your assistance when you get your nose bloodied!    A nation of blood thirsty psychopaths like Israel does NOT deserve any sympathy....

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Anonymous said...

"But when evil dominates, one will find irreconcilable disagreements with Canada." Stephen Harper in the Waldorf. Makes you want to puke....

Could someone find out (a) how much money goes from Canada to that SLC 'israel' annually? and (b) how much is lining the pockets of Harpy, Baird & Kenney? It must be a lot of money!

Anonymous said...

Lol, this "diagram" is like straigh out of Money Mouse comics... :D

They surely don't overestimate american public intelligence level.

Anonymous said...

Here's the peace, civility, human rights and respect that the Crime-Minister was talking about:

Rabid Zionist shills beating a diplomat in the streets of NY. What's the difference between that and Benghazi? N O N E!!!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

You know, if this were not so hilarious, we might be in a tough situation.

Oh! He is not a comedian with an artistic handicap?

Covering my mouth and chortling.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I listened 10 min into his speech and then my tummy threatened to ... well... empty itself.

HOW DARE HE go on as if HIS effing ancestors included King David when he is from Eastern Europe! OMG... that was all I could take.