Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fantastic Article: A Thorough, Detailed History Of Zionist Crimes

In my own research into the criminality of the so called "Chosen Ones", I have found that our entire history is rife with their dirty work and their crimes against humanity.  Anyone who spends the time to look closely at all the wars, strife, and even the so called "terrorist" attacks over the last few centuries definitely finds Jewish fingerprints all over them.  It is a fact that if you dig deep enough into every major criminal act committed against humanity, you usually find the parasitic Jews somewhere in the mix.   That, sadly to say, is absolute fact.

I came across a link to a fantastic article from a fellow real truth seeker, Digger, who writes the blog: "Digger For Truth" at www.diggerfortruth.wordpress.com, that comes from the website:"Gnostic Liberation Front", at www.gnosticliberationfront.com, entitled: "A Thorough, Detailed History Of Zionist Crimes" that is absolutely amazing reading for everyone.  

Because of the very long length of the article, I have not duplicated it here, but instead have the link for everyone to click on and read for themselves right here.... My comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  Just like Digger, I want to thank John Kaminski for bringing this amazing article to light.  

The information presented in this amazing article is very factual, and can be easily proven by just a little research.  It is extremely well written, and gives a very long chronological history of the criminal Jews' terrible crimes against humanity for centuries!

I do recommend that everyone take the link above and copy it for their own blogs and articles, before the criminal Jews attempt to take it down.   The criminals will definitely stop at nothing to make sure that the general public is kept in the dark about their evil actions, and their goal of world domination!

More to come



Anonymous said...

Great and comprehensive article indeed. Web content saved.

Anonymous said...

Truth is a wall that you can't blow down and it won't be laughed away - Harry Chapin

what is interesting currently is the division/schism in the so-called "Jewish" people, who are incidentally not Israelites.

Most, 90% of so-called "Jews" are proselytes to the anti-mankind/Anti-Israelite religion called Tamuldic Judaism...

Many so-called "Jews" have simply stopped being a "Jew" by finding out and KNOWING TRUTH...many have accepted Christ {ianity} and become what some call Christians..


most so-called "Christians" are actually oxymoronic "Jew" worshipping Morons unwilling to examine the Facts concerning the Talmud and "JEWISHNESS"...


Terrorism is JEWISH...only a clear and laser beam specific understanding of where evil emanates from will allow for its' complete eradication from the family of man...


100% of people who don't owe taxes to an evil zionazi crime syndicate shouldn't PAY TAXES to a GLOBAL JEWISH TERRORIST GANG....right ?


which kinda begs the question...why isn't the good news reported that 90% of so-called "JEWS" can just stop being "JEWISH"...?

truth is not subjective, it doesn't wait around for jew worshipping NEOCONNED morons to agree with it...

only one "RELIGION" hates Truth as a fundamental tenet of its stool sculpture deity cult that is Talmudic Judaism...