Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Canada Is Israeli Occupied Territory: Get Ready To Puke - Israel Butt Kissing Canadian Prime Minister Named "World Statesman Of The Year" By Jewish Organization!

I put up an article just a few days ago, where I stated that I was absolutely ashamed to be a Canadian.  It was in response to the Jewish controlled government in Ottawa doing the despicable act of cutting diplomatic relations with the peaceful and innocent nation of Iran.   The Jewish shills that run the Canadian government stated that they decided to cut ties with Iran based on outright lies and falsehoods about the Iranian nation being a "terrorist state".

Now, I want to present a shocking article from Penny For Your Thoughts, at, that comes courtesy of my friend Noor, who writes the blog "Snippits And Snappits" at, that will just make all of my readers, and especially those in Canada puke.  It  appears according to this article that the Israel kiss ass Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has just been named "World Statesman Of The Year" by very obvious New York Jewish organization called "Appeal Of Conscience Foundation".  I have that article right here for everyone to view and be disgusted for themselves... And of course, my additional comments to follow:

Tuesday, 11 September, 2012


Most soulless eyes in Canada.  
Obviously dead-eye Steve is pleasing his masters.
September 11, 2012

Here is another one that is guaranteed to make you want to hurl. Especially if you’re a Canadian!

But, not solely if you’re a Canadian, because these type of gratuitous "awards" are given to many leaders for their "services"
Services of what type?
Services to whom?
The ACF, founded by New York-based rabbi Arthur Schneier, has previously given the award to former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as well as to France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Mr. Harper’s foreign policy has certainly had critics, at home and abroad, who have charged he shifted towards emphasizing the military, oversaw a losing bid for the UN Security Council, and aligned Middle East policy with Israel’s conservative leadership.

The G&M article is surprising short on details about this "Appeal of Conscience" Foundation

I went to do a bit of digging- It didn't take long
The rabbi....

Rabbi Arthur Schneier

Affiliation: Founder and President, Appeal of Conscience Foundation
Fields: Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism; terrorism and hate groups; the Holocaust; Catholic-Jewish relations
Tel.: 212-535-5800
Web site:

To put it plainly this "award" is being given to PM Harper, not because he has a conscience, or a soul, for that matter. He is being given this award, so he is perceived to be a man of conscience. Clearly, he is being given the award because he is servile to Israel. Judging by the comments at G&M, people are not fooled- 
That's the Prime Minister's reward for outsourcing Canada's Middle-East policy to the Israelis.

I guess "Boot Licker of the Year" was too obvious

The ACF, founded by New York-based rabbi Arthur Schneier, what a surprise Harper being given an award by his jewish/israeli masters 


How ironic that a man who appears to have no conscience should receive this award.

NTS Notes:  After reading this, I definitely needed to get a barf bag very quickly...This action was obviously to thank Stephen Harper for doing his Jewish masters' bidding by doing the bonehead action of breaking diplomatic relations with Iran.

The picture of the shill Stephen Harper in this article says it all... Definitely puckering up to kiss some more Jewish butt!!!

To name the Israeli butt kissing Stephen Harper as "World Statesman Of The Year" is an insult to anyone with even a small amount of intelligence.  This is an insult to all humanity, and ranks right up there with giving a criminal mass murdering freak like Barry Soetoro the Nobel Peace Prize several years back!

Here again we see how much the Jews have total control over Canada.  And once again, I am truly ashamed today to be a Canadian citizen!

More to come



Ed said...

I love your blog, you so tell it like it is!

Penny said...

Hello NTS
Thanks for the link to via Noor
It's enough to make one shudder
Harper cares not on whit for Canada or Canadians
That much is obvious
Hopefully we can wake the fellow canucks up?!