Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amazing New Video: The Road To World War 3

Storm clouds are definitely gathering over much of the earth at this moment.  Right now, the criminal state of Israel, and their useful idiots and minions in the once great United States of America are looking for any excuses possible to attack the innocent and peaceful nation of Iran.  The pretexts for such an attack have already been proven to be totally false.  Iran has no nuclear weapons program what so ever, and there is no other logical reason given to anyone as to why an attack is therefore necessary.  So the question does become again... WHY is there such a rush to go to war against Iran?

A while back, I put up several articles claiming that the upcoming attack on Iran was for economic reasons only.   The US is entirely dependent on the survival of their criminal Petro-dollar as the means for exchange of Petroleum on world markets.   Without the almighty power of the Petro-dollar as the only method of oil trade, the US economy would quickly collapse.  The US will go to war to save their dollar at all costs, and it shows in their attack on Iraq back in 2003, shortly after Saddam Hussein tried to break the power of the Petro-dollar by trading his nation's oil in currencies other than US dollars.

To bring home the facts that I have stated, and to show how dangerously close to World War 3 we truly are, I want to present the following video, entitled: "The Road To World War 3", by Youtube user: StormCloudsGathering.  It hammers home the fact that the war on Iran is for economic reasons to save the United States from economic collapse.   Here is that important video, and I do have additional thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It does appear that my assumptions that the upcoming war against Iran is to save the Petro-dollar monopoly, and to prevent the destruction of the US dollar,  have been correct after all.

This video does show everyone that the criminals behind the banking system are the ones that are pushing for a world war, but it does not name the criminals by name.   Readers of this blog and others in the REAL truth movement know that these criminal bankers are Satanic Jews, who have ruined this world through their criminal debt usury system, and will do everything possible to maintain their control, even if it means a world war.

I do have a few problems with the last part of this video, and I will state them here.  Germany in the 1930's was able to free itself from the grip of evil Jewish bankers, and they turned their nation into an economic miracle.   These monstrous Jewish bankers launched World War 2 for the purpose of re-enslaving Germany to their sick banking system, and they cared not for the fact that war cost the lives of some 55 million human beings.   Therefore the vilification of Germany in this video is a bit off target and uncalled for.

When peaceful revolution is no longer possible, then violent revolution follows very quickly.   I have always hoped that people by now would have awakened to these criminal psychopaths that are seeking the death of much of mankind.  But now the only way to save mankind may indeed be a violent revolution.  My only hope is that if violent revolution does take place,that the revolutionaries stay focused on taking out the criminal elite Jewish bankers that created the mess in the first place.

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Quex said...

A little comment about that video:

12:46 Looks like a staged photograph. That "nazi" looks very much like a soviet soldier, dressed in german officer's uniform, and look those smiling faces behind those raised hands, these are not people who are dragged into gas chambers, they are just enjoying the specticle. I suspect that this photo was fabricated after the war , when Norman Mailer and buch of hollywood jews run to Germany to roll their greatest movie masterpiece - "HOLOHOAX" tear jerker!

But main reason for destruction of Iran is establishing Israels total superiority in Middle East and thus in rest of the the World, with help of US military like usual. Then every country's banking system is under jewish control. They dont dive a damn about United States or their dollar.

Anonymous said...

great video until the guy went to the nazi stuff, we all know who is running this world and who was expelled 109 times ... I cant believe he is this ignorant ... he should remake this or state his true mission.