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The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: As Truth About Fukushima Radiation Emerges, Japanese Authorities Struggle To Maintain Cover-Up!

I have been doing my best over the last year to get as much information out to everyone concerning the TRUTH about exactly what is and has been happening with the still deadly situation at Fukushima Japan.  I have informed everyone that what we have been told by the Jewish controlled media, and our own governments, is nothing but complete and utter BS...Everyone deserves the truth, no matter how dire that truth may be!

I came across a most interesting report from the Natural News website, at, that I wanted to share with my own readers here.   It is entitled: "As Truth About Fukushima Radiation Emerges, Japanese Authorities Struggle To Maintain Cover-Up!", and as the title indicates, we have been fed absolute BS by our own governments about the dangers from Fukushima that is still going on to this date.  I have that entire article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own comments and thoughts to follow:

As truth about Fukushima radiation emerges, Japanese authorities struggle to maintain cover-up

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The cat is out of the bag, as more evidence continues to emerge proving that clean-up workers at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility in Japan deliberately covered up high radiation readings at the order of their superiors. And as more people become aware of this disturbing fact, Japanese authorities are trying to maintain the facade that the cover-up was an isolated incident, and that there was not a larger conspiracy to hide legitimate radiation readings from the public.

The Japanese news source Asahi Shimbun (AS) reports that a senior official working for Build-Up, a subcontractor hired during the Fukushima clean-up efforts, has admitted to instructing his workers to wear lead coverings over their dosimeters in order to shield accurate radiation readings. Dosimeters measure an individual's exposure to radiation, and indicate when it is no longer safe to be in the presence of a radiation source.

Recordings uncovered from a December 2 conversation between the official and his employees reveals that he coaxed them to use the lead coverings by claiming that he had used them many times before without issue. He also apparently told them that they would have to use them in future clean-up efforts as well, and implied that they should get used to using them now.

According to AS, the senior official also came up with an alibi that the workers could use to explain the coverings, should anyone inquire about the unusual presence of tape on their torn radiation protection suits. All the bases were covered, in other words, which was enough to convince four of the workers to go along with the plan.

Senior official's confession makes no sense, appears to be even more cover-up

But now that the media has blown the lid off the story, the senior official in question is now claiming that the incident was isolated, and that he came up with it himself on the fly in order to protect him and his team from radiation. What? Even though this explanation makes absolutely no sense, as dosimeters cover up radiation readings, not the radiation itself, this is the story he is now telling, and the mainstream media appears to be buying it.

When asked about this obviously contradictory statement, the senior official followed up his answer with another nonsensical one about how his workers were new at the job, and how he thought that telling them to wear lead coverings over the only thing that would have alerted them to dangerous levels of radiation would somehow quell their fears. Again, this explanation makes no sense, and appears to point to a cover-up as to who really instructed him and his team to wear the lead coverings.

So a senior official takes the hit for a cover-up intended to deceive the public into thinking that radiation levels were lower than they really were at the Fukushima plant. When asked to explain what he was thinking when he made this decision, he offers up senseless explanations that make no sense, and insists that he was the only one involved, for some unknown reason. Suspicious? You be the judge.

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NTS Notes: I am absolutely not going to gloat that I have been right all along about how we have been purposely deceived, and spoon fed nothing but complete and utter lies about how bad this disaster truly is.

I have long been sickened by the thought that everyone across the Northern Hemisphere is STILL being bathed with high levels of radiation from that ongoing disaster, and through the liars in our media and governments, we have been told that there is no problem at all and nothing to worry about!

The fact is that this disaster is definitely still ongoing, with absolutely no long term solutions anywhere in sight.  The officials at TEPCO have been purposely covering up the truth about the high levels of deadly situation, and in doing so have basically doomed millions of Japanese people to a very painful death from radiation poisoning.   We here in North America do not know the long term effects from the Fukushima fallout as weel!

I have long called on everyone to go after their own governments and officials demanding that they tell everyone exactly what type of danger they face, due to radiation and radioactive fallout from Fukushima.  That time is very long overdue!

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