Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Important Article By John Friend: Greetings From The JDL

I was informed just today, via email, from a good friend of mine, John Friend, who writes the very important blog: "John Friend's Blog" at www.johnfriendsblog.blogspot.com, that he received a very shocking and disturbing e-mail from someone who claims that he is a member of the "Jewish Defense League" or the "JDL" for short.    I read its contents, and I was just as shocked as he was...

To give all of my readers the exact content of that e-mail, I have it right here, courtesy of John's own website for everyone to view for themselves.  I have my own comments to follow:

Monday, August 20, 2012

Greetings From The JDL

I received the following email today from Danny Levi of The Jewish Defense League. I believe this is the same guy who contacted Mark Glenn a while back.

From: Jewish Defense League 
Date: August 20, 2012 11:51:23 AM PDT
Subject: Greetings From The JDL

Mr Friend,

In the middle of the last century, Jews had no right or means of response when they were demonised, persecuted and attacked by your ideological soulmates. Today, the world is a very different place. When we are attacked by nazi filth like you, we respond with all the resources at our disposal, and with extreme prejudice. You have been waging a campaign of anti-semitic terror for a long time, but the time has come for you to pay for your crimes against the Jewish people.

There are three things that you should remember: the code that we live by is 'never again'; our hatred of nazi scum like you is stronger than your hatred of us; we didn't choose you as an enemy, you chose us.

Danny Levi

The Jewish Defense League

NTS Notes:  This is indeed a very startling and disturbing development, and I can understand why John is now pursuing legal actions against such individual.

I have already sent John the message to not give up hope, and to continue this fight.

The entire gist of this article is absolutely a threat.   This person claims that John must now "pay the price" for his crimes against the Jewish people?   I am wondering exactly what crime has John committed, other than to expose and make everyone aware of real history, and true crime?

This is definitely a wake up call for everyone in the real truth movement that we are all coming under increasing fire by these groups for exposing their criminality.   The question now becomes... At what point do these criminals start coming after the rest of us, and attempt to shut us up... By even using force if necessary????

We have not seen the last of this.  If any further information becomes available, I will present it right here for everyone to see for themselves.  Stay tuned...

More to come



John Friend said...

FBI has been contacted. I am going to follow up with them tomorrow. Apparently, this guy has done this to like 3 or 4 other people as well. He needs to be arrested immediately.

Anonymous said...

And they wonder why they invited hatred and destruction upon themselves no less that 31 times in history.
Compared to this: http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/12811391-six-palestinians-including-children-injured-as-israeli-settler-throws-molotov-cocktail-at-palestinian-car
John Friend should get the Pulitzer Prize for Truthtelling!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Do you remember when the leader of the Canadian JDL actually consulted with Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper to advise them to keep TERRORIST George Galloway out of Canada and succeeded?

The guy got air time too!

Anonymous said...

One Would think that if the JDL thought that Mr. Friend's analysis was tripe and unsupportable, they would simply ignore Mr. Friend or at least try to discredit him without lending extreme credence to him. That is the typical approach to blogs by having a government troll or a hasbara agent discredit or at least attempt to discredit the thread.
Way beyond the accusation of anti-semitism, the criminal element, realizing his predicament, seeks to limit a discussion of what Mr. Friend reveals as his truth, by threatening Mr. Friend. In Europe, in certain countries, they seek to limit discussion and threaten truth with jail time, etc. Because that can't be done in the United States, they seek to limit a discussion of reality by other means- controlling the debate, undermining free expression and the constitution, other less nefarious means than threatening someone because they simply tell what they believe to be the truth.
What the JDL fails to realize, is that by their actions, they acknowledge the truth, something they should think about as they attempt to limit the discussion of same.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I am glad to see that John is not going to sit idly by and take this.

To me, this is an insult to anyone's intelligence, and shows that we have been on the right track all along in exposing Jewish criminality!

Peter Loud said...

I received a threatening email from Danny Levi, Jewish Defense League, two or three weeks ago.

The full text of it is on one of my webpages at,