Friday, August 31, 2012

The Upcoming War On Iran: Iran LIE Same As Iraq LIE!

Anyone that turns on their Talmudvision these days gets a constant dose of lies coming from the Jewish controlled Mainstream media about the peaceful and innocent nation of Iran.  It is so sick to see these maniacs clamouring even more loudly now for an attack on Iran based upon fraudulent and non-existent "evidence" of Iran possessing "nuclear weapons".    

I have been looking for a while for an article or video that best summarizes the entire push for this unjustifiable war against Iran, and one was just produced that really gives all the facts straightforward for everyone to see.   It is a Youtube video, by Youtube user: "TheParadigmShift" entitled: "Iran LIE Same As Iraq LIE", and I definitely want everyone who reads this blog to watch it carefully.   I have it right here for my own readers to view, and of course, I have my own comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Yes, the narrative voice of this video is Michael Rivero, who produces the website: What Really Happened" at    I have had my odds at times with Michael, but this information video is absolute dynamite!

Some may ask, why did I put up this video, considering that Michael Rivero is considered by some to be an "agent of disinformation".    As a person always interested in the truth, it is my own opinion that some very important issues and truths are indeed covered by individuals such as Michael, and we should not easily dismiss that information.   Therefore I have no qualms about putting up this very truthful and insightful video for everyone to see.

The bottom line is that we are being played by suckers again into a senseless and unjustifiable war on Iran by the same individuals that fooled the public into going into an unjustifiable war against Iraq.   It is time for everyone to just say NO and stop these maniacs in their tracks....As the old saying goes: Fool me once, shame on you... Fool me twice, shame on me!

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Lady Diana Murdered 15 Years Ago Today: Important Video Exposing Major Aspects Of This Murder - "Lady Die"

With all the other issues going on in the world today, especially with the absolutely horrendous rush towards war with an innocent Iran,  other issues sometimes do fall by the wayside.  One issue in particular is the murder of Princess Lady Diana Spencer, who was senselessly put to death by the Queen of England's own hit squad, MI6, exactly 15 years ago today.

There have been many reports, and videos, released over the years that give us important information about how and why Diana was put to death on August 31st, 1997.   But the best video that really puts all the pieces together nicely is one called "Lady Die".    For this solemn occasion, I want to present that Youtube video right here in its entirety for everyone to watch for themselves.  It is quite long, but contains a lot of shocking revelations for everyone to see if they truly want to understand all the facts behind Diana's senseless death.  I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I recently discussed Lady Diana's senseless murder with Whitewraithe, who writes the very important blog, Pragmatic Witness, at   Some of the information that Whitewraithe passed on to me just made me sick.   She informed me of the reason that the ambulance was delayed for several hours after first picking up Diana out of the crushed vehicle and when it actually arrived at the hospital.  It seems that the time was spent to carry out a Satanic ritual where Diana's unborn child was ripped out of her dying body!    I could never fathom such a morbid and sick act, but knowing now how truly evil the entire British royal family truly is, I do not put it past them to carry out such a horrific act.

There are still some major questions some 15 years after this senseless murder, especially the exact reasons why the Queen of England would authorize a hit by her MI6 death squad on Lady Diana.   I am not one to speculate, but since I have become fully aware of only some of the many people in the last century alone have been put to death by these creatures, I absolutely do not doubt that they ordered the hit on Diana.

15 years, and no justice for Diana's senseless death.   How many more people must die before we finally put an end to the evil actions of these criminals?

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

NO Justice For Rachel Corrie: A Reminder That Rachel Corrie Was Not Alone

I, like everyone with any common sense and decency, am truly shocked by the absolutely ridiculous not guilty verdict handed down by the criminal and absolutely abominable Israeli court system to the Israeli Defense Forces for their outright murder of Rachel Corrie.   I guess its perfectly OK to take an American built armored Caterpillar bulldozer and callously and deliberately run over a fully seen International Solidarity Movement protestor, and then after running her over, drop the bulldozer's front scoop and back up over her body for good measure.  Happens all the time, right?

There have been countless articles about Rachel's senseless death over the last few years, and a deluge of articles over the last few days about the outrageous Israeli court verdict concerning the Corrie family's civil trial.   I want to share one article in particular with my own readers, that comes from a fellow real truth seeker, Desert Peace, who writes the blog: Desert Peace, at  It is entitled: "A Reminder That Rachel Corrie Was Not Alone".  This important article shows how there have been others, especially other Palestinians, that have endured the same injustices by the criminal Israelis, and they too should not be forgotten.  I have that entire article right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves, and of course some of my own thoughts and comments to follow:


They died so Palestine can live!
Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff
Such occasions make us cry but also because we start to remember others: the first three that came to my mind were Vittorio Arrigoni, Bassem and Jawaher Aburahma, then to be followed by a flood of faces and names.  
When will this injustice end and the murders stop?

Rachel Corrie

Prepared by Mazin Qumsiyeh PhD
It is hard to believe that we lost Rachel Corrie in March 2003.  Our pain makes it feel like only yesterday especially when this week a consistently biased lying Israeli judge justified his unjust verdict exonerating her killers by vilifying the International Solidarity Movement (see links below). As a Palestinian who happens to also hold a US passport and most importantly as a human being, I found the silence of the Obama administration on the murder of a US citizen particularly revealing.   Such occasions make us cry but also because we start to remember others: the first three that came to my mind were Vittorio Arrigoni, Bassem and Jawaher Aburahma, then to be followed by a flood of faces and names.  When will this injustice end and the murders stop?
As for hundreds of years, colossal injustices must be and are answered by people. Not just in the case of Rachel but the tens of thousands of civilians murdered since the beginning of the Zionist invasion of Palestine. In a short while we commemorate the massacres of Sabra and Shatila where over 1300 Palestinian refugees and Lebanese were brutally murdered by mercenaries of the Israeli state in 1982 (see).  In the subsequent 30 years, with US direct and indirect support, the killing spree continues and the ethnic cleansing continues.  7 million of us are now refugees or displaced people.  In the middle of this darkness always come bright lights like Rachel and thousands of others.Rachel lived her ideals and taught us to live based on these ideals.   In our last fleeting thought before we die, we never consider that we should have worked for more money or more power but we do think that the good that we do in life must have meant something.  Rachel reminded us of this.  Rachel’s good deeds and memory will live long after her killers and the Israeli judge die in obscurity. Her memory will live long after apartheid ends in Palestine and we have return and freedom.  In that future, Muslims, Christians, Jews and others will join hands and hearts to remember this young girl and all the other martyrs along the way to equality and justice.
A poem I wrote March 16, 2008

Of humanity

People get shot, Rachel spoke
I am afraid, she wrote
Want to Dance
I can’t believe
and so many of her remain
in the world
in her words
in our hearts
But today, with a lump in my throat
what paces in my thought
That strange phrase from a holy book
“they plan but God is the best of planners”
Nervously I ask it to slow down
explain yourself to a refugee spirit
what do you plan for the wretched souls
Why Rachel
Or Hurndall
Why Hiam and Marwa?
Why Faris and Al-Durra?
And who is this divine?
In us all?
Do I learn something on this fifth anniversary
of death of another innocent
Is it misery and pain?
Love and action?
Questions or answers?
Or will all I am left with is that smell of the air of Palestine
and the soil, that soaked soil
that Rachel’s last breath took in
to give us the Spring
of our understanding.

 Rachel’s mother: Clearing the Israeli army in this murder is a bad day for :my family, for human rights, and for humanity”
Video shows it was cold blooded murder

Jewish Voices for Peace deplores verdict
Worthewhile rereading Rachel’s letters
What has become of our nation? Netanyahu regime has destroyed our livelihood, dreams, values and future; turned Israel into racist, violent state by Yael Gvirtz

NTS Notes:  I have definitely been seething over the last few days with absolute outrage at the laughable and disturbing "verdict" handed down by the most evil Israeli kangaroo court system.   As I stated before, that verdict was already set in stone the moment Rachel was murdered by the criminals in the IDF.

But again, we must not forget the other innocent Palestinians themselves that have been murdered by these monsters.   There have been countless innocent women and children alone that have been shot and killed in acts of senseless murder by the IDF in the illegally occupied territories, and those murders will continue until everyone says enough and cuts off all aid and support for the criminal state of Israel itself.

I will say one thing about the laughable verdict in the murder of Rachel Corrie.  I can guarantee that by taking this route, more and more people than ever before are now seeing the criminal state of Israel for what it really is.   These monsters think they have won this battle, but in the long run their own stupidity will see them losing this war against the rest of humanity!

Rachel Corrie... I for one will never forget you...

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Mars Curiosity Rover Fraud: What Color Should The Martian Sky Be?

I put up my weekly rant on Sunday, with a revelation about NASA's Curiosity Rover that I felt had to be told.   I received many emails and comments afterwards asking me to further elaborate on my thoughts and findings that showed that we are being suckered again by NASA by this fraudulent Curiosity Rover on Mars...

First, I must state it clearly for everyone to know... I firmly believe that this Curiosity mission to Mars is a massive fraud.   I have already said in previous articles how the way that NASA claims they "landed" this rover on Mars did not make sense.  First, the aerobraking that they claim was performed to decelerate the craft from some 13200mph to around 900mph to deploy the "supersonic parachute" did not make sense.  So many variables were not taken into account including the fact that Mars' atmosphere is ultra thin, and varies from season to season.  For Example...Much of the atmosphere in the Mars northern hemisphere actually freezes out in the Martian winter into its frozen ice cap at its pole.  That means that the atmosphere of Mars is theoretically thinner in the Martian winter!  NASA did its calculations of the atmospheric density for its aerobraking maneuver calculations without taking into account such variables...That and, I was never sold on their "supersonic parachute" which I firmly believe was not able to deploy in the ultra thin atmosphere, as well as their "skycrane" that we find was never first tested here on Earth!  How in the heck would NASA send such a contraption 150 million miles away to an alien world, without testing it many times over here on Earth?   So many questions.. So few answers....

Now comes the other factor that I do believe should blow the entire Curiosity fraud wide open... The true color of the Martian sky....

First, lets face the facts.. We live on Earth, and are very much "Earth-centric" in our thinking of our world and what standing on an alien world would be like.  We have grown up with a blue sky that is caused by sunlight hitting Nitrogen molecules in our THICK atmosphere.  Nitrogen's color spectrum is blue, and the effect of sunlight hitting these molecules scatters the blue light of that Nitrogen spectrum making our sky blue. 

But an amazing thing happens when you rise to above 100,000 ft above the Earth surface.  The air pressure dramatically falls, and there are less Nitrogen molecules at that elevation, and therefore the ability of Nitrogen molecules to scatter that light to create a blue sky diminishes.  What we find in fact, is a black sky.   That has been proven again and again by high flying planes, high altitude balloons, and even seen from low Earth orbit. This is logical.

Now comes Mars, with its surface air pressure of CO2 gas at about 0.5 % of Earth's surface pressure.  That air pressure is almost exactly what we would experience at above 100,000 ft above the Earth's surface.  OK.. Now the tricky part... How then can the Martian sky be any other color than black?   We already see that equivalent sky on Earth at that air pressure ,at 100,000ft altitude above the Earth is black, due to lack of Nitrogen molecules, so why is that not also true for Mars' low atmospheric pressure surface sky, which lacks enough air molecules?  Why is the Martian sky not black as well???

I came across an amazing video from a fellow researcher out of Australia, named Jarrah White, entitled: "The Martian Sky" that I want to share with everyone right here.  Jarrah also asks the hard questions in this video about how the Martian sky can be anything else than black!  Here is that video, and I have some more comments and thoughts to follow:

NTS Notes:  So we are left with a serious quandry.... How can there even be a pink Martian sky on its surface, when there are not enough air molecules to scatter the incoming sunlight to make it pink?

I do recall when the original Viking missions of 1976 landed on "Mars", the original photos that were released to the public showed a BLUE sky.... But shortly afterwards, NASA claimed that they had the wrong "filter" on the camera lens, and voila, shortly afterwards they sold us the idea that Mars has a "pink" sky!   It must also be noted that all subsequent missions to Mars also have this improbable "pink" sky as well.... Does anyone else smell a fraud?

I will state it right here... We are being sold a complete lie again by NASA about their Mars missions, just like they sold their fraudulent Moon missions.   They faked the first Viking missions with the fake pink sky, and had to continue the same lie with each subsequent fraud mission.   Now we have this Curiosity rover on "Mars" with the same pink sky, and I say the con is continuing...

What I see is the fact that NASA was in danger of having much of its funding cut by the US Government, and they got desperate for something to sell to the American public so that the funding continues.  Lo and behold, here comes Curiosity, and its "amazing pictures" of Mars..... I noticed that last week, NASA said that they got their funding for their next mission to Mars as well!  Will wonders never cease?

Bottom line... This Curiosity rover on Mars is a fraud.  We are being played as suckers again by NASA just like they suckered the American public with their fake Apollo missions.   They have always hoped that the public would never take a closer look at their so called "science" and accept their claims at face value.   Sorry, but I for one can see the fraud, and by simply applying real practical science, I am not fooled!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Knew This Was Coming: Israeli (Kangaroo) Court Rules: Rachel Corrie "Victim Of "Accidental" Murder"!

After Rachel Corrie was murdered by an armored American made Caterpillar bulldozer driven by a murderous IDF soldier back on March 16th, 2003, I and others knew that the criminals in the Israeli government, along with their useful idiots in the US Government would work hard to spin and deflect all criminal charges to make sure that the Israelis were not found guilty of this horrendous act.  

Rachel's whole family has endured years of trying to seek justice in a civil suit in the absolutely laughable Israeli court system for her murder.  I and others have said many times that these monsters would continue to drag that civil trial out until either the Corrie family gave up their pursuit of justice, or they finally declared that the Israeli IDF soldier responsible for that act of cold blooded murder would be found "not guilty".

Well, lo and behold, we are right again.. For according to this new article that comes courtesy of a fellow truth seeking blog, Desert Peace, at, the absolutely laughable and disgusting Israeli criminal court has just ruled that Rachel Corrie's death was "A regrettable accident (!)".   I have that article right here for my own readers to view and contemplate, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:


 In a ruling read out to the court, judge Oded Gershon called Corrie’s death a “regrettable accident”, but said the state was not responsible because the incident had occurred during what he termed a war-time situation.

Israeli court: U.S. activist Rachel Corrie’s death was an accident

Family of Corrie, who was crushed by an IDF bulldozer during a pro-Palestinian protest in Gaza in 2003, filed lawsuit in Haifa accusing Israel of intentionally killing their 23-year-old daughter.

By Jack Khoury and Reuters
Rachel Corrie - AP
U.S. activist Rachel Corrie, who died in 2003 in Gaza after being crushed by an IDF bulldozer. Photo by AP
The Haifa District Court rejected on Tuesday accusations that Israel was at fault over the death of American activist Rachel Corrie, who was crushed by an army bulldozer during a 2003 pro-Palestinian demonstration in Gaza.

Corrie’s family had accused Israel of intentionally and unlawfully killing their 23-year-old daughter, launching a civil case in the northern Israeli city of Haifa after a military investigation had cleared the army of wrong-doing.

In a ruling read out to the court, judge Oded Gershon called Corrie’s death a “regrettable accident”, but said the state was not responsible because the incident had occurred during what he termed a war-time situation.

At the time of her death, during a Palestinian uprising, Corrie was protesting against Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

“I reject the suit,” the judge said. “There is no justification to demand the state pay any damages.”

He added that the soldiers had done their utmost to keep people away from the site. “She (Corrie) did not distance herself from the area, as any thinking person would have done.”

Corrie’s death made her a symbol of the uprising, and while her family battled through the courts to establish who was responsible for her killing, her story was dramatized on stage in a dozen countries and told in the book “Let Me Stand Alone.”

“I am hurt,” Corrie’s mother, Cindy, told reporters after the verdict was read.

Corrie came from Olympic, Washington and was a volunteer with the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement.

Senior U.S. officials criticized the original military investigation into the case, saying it had been neither thorough nor credible. But the judge said the inquiry had been appropriate and pinned no blame on the army.
Rachel Corrie’s family outside the Haifa District Court.   Photo by Abdullah Shama
Written FOR
From BBC News:

NTS Notes:  Personally, I am so angry right now, and very saddened for the Corrie family.   These people have lost their daughter to these monsters, and now these monsters have made a mockery of Rachel's life.

But again, as I said many times before, we are nothing to these criminals... We are the "goyim", which means in their sick twisted religious beliefs to be subhuman.... So the death of Rachel can be chalked up to these monsters as just another "goyim" biting the dust!

Nine and one half years of pain and suffering for the Corries.   They definitely deserved so much better than this, and there shall be no peace for Rachel.    We shall never forget!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Important Health News: Video - The Truth About Sunlight, Cancer, And Vitamin D!

One of the major subjects that I cover in this blog is of course important health issues.  I have long been showing strong evidence of the association between Vitamin D deficiency and the increasing amounts of diseases that we see in our societies today, especially when it comes to Cancer!

I was not even aware of the following video, that comes from Mike Adams the "Health Ranger", who is chief editor at the site: Natural News, at, until today, thanks to a fellow truth seeker, "Digger", who writes the very important blog: Digger For Truth, at  This video is absolutely right up my alley, and I want to share it here with my own readers to view for themselves.  It is entitled: "The Truth About Sunlight, Cancer, And Vitamin D", and contains some absolutely important information about the important links between Nutrition, Sunlight, and Vitamin D.   I have my own additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  First, I want to again thank Digger For Truth for coming across this very important video.

OK, Yes, there are some naysayers that are right that the Natural News site promotes the sale of some questionable chemicals.   I absolutely do not support the site for its sales pitches, but instead support the information that the site promotes for proper nutrition and health.  Those are the important aspects that everyone should focus on.

I have long shown that by taking Vitamin D, we can put a lot of the criminals in the fraudulent Pharmaceutical industry out of business by not having to take their absolutely poisonous vaccines.  It is no wonder that these criminals are out to promote the concept that "Sunlight is bad for you" when the truth is the opposite.

Readers, Take the time to do as much research as possible into the importance of  Vitamin D to the human body, if you continue to be skeptical of the facts presented by myself, and others.  I already have plenty of articles in this blog's archives about Vitamin D for you to consider viewing for more information.

And in case you need to ask,  I personally have been taking Vitamin D as a major supplement now for years, and I have avoided or have seen reduced outbreaks of major illnesses such as Influenza during that time period as a result!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Another Sunday, and time again for my weekly rant....

First, I want to begin by saying that I am feeling so much better now, and what ever hit me at the end of last month that lasted for the better part of 3 weeks has passed... I am still chalking it up to burnout, and trying now to take it more easy on myself...

I see that the criminals in that insane asylum known as Israel are still preparing for an attack on Iran.  But it seems that now they are having serious opposition to such a stupid move by their own citizens.   I say, its about time!   Israel wants to commit suicide by attacking a nation that is not only about 10 times larger than itself, and is heavily armed and perfectly capable of massive retaliation against the Jewish state itself.  There is also the ominous risk of any attack on Iran triggering the onslaught of global thermonuclear war as well.    These facts show that the leadership in Israel is absolutely insane and cares not about the repercussions of their actions...  Lets hope that their madness is ended as soon as possible!

Neil Armstrong passed away just yesterday, and I see that many so called news channels are doing shows paying tribute to what they claim was the "first man on the moon".   I say that this man has never told the truth about the fraudulence of NASA and the entire faked Apollo missions, and took that information to his grave.  It is too bad, because I was hoping that for his epitath, and his final message to the world, he would have spilled his guts about the lie of Apollo.

The fraudulent Curiosity mission on "Mars" is continuing to send back fake pictures from the "Martian" surface, I see... I have always been curious about one aspect of these photos, and I want to share that thought here...  The Martian sky color has always bugged me,and I want to share my own thoughts here....

We know about NASA playing with the original Viking photos of the Martian sky way back in 1976 by using a red filter on the camera to change the sky "color" from blue to pink, but I discovered something recently that really made me pause and think...

The Martian surface air pressure, according to NASA is around 5/1000th that of Earth's surface pressure.   The Mars' equivalent pressure here on Earth would be at an altitude of some 120,000 ft above the Earth's surface.   What high flying aircraft, and even the balloon trips into the high stratosphere back in the early 1960's, discovered as they approached that altitude, an amazing thing happens to the Earth sky... It turns from a blue to black.  This makes perfect sense if you stop and think about it... Our sky's blue color is due to sunlight hitting Nitrogen molecules in our thick atmosphere, thus scattering the light along Nitrogen's light spectrum, and turning the sky blue.   But, as you go higher into the stratosphere where there are less air molecules, and approach a vacuum, there are not enough Nitrogen molecules to scatter the light, and voila, the sky becomes black...

So...The question becomes... If Mars' atmosphere at its surface is the same as Earth's at 120,000 ft, and here on Earth when you go up to 120,000 ft,  the Earth sky turns black by the lack of air pressure and molecules to scatter sunlight.... Then WHY is the Martian sky not pitch black as well at its surface, due to the same lack of air molecules to scatter the light???

I therefore am again calling NASA a bunch of fraud artists, who purposely tried to show the fake Viking missions back in the 1970's having an alien "pink sky", when in reality there should be no sky color at all due to an extremely thin atmosphere!  Because of the fraud back then, they have been forced with all subsequent fraudulent missions to have the same fraudulent "pink" sky as well...

What that means, is that the entire photo gallery being presented by Curiosity is busted as well.. Simply because they are continuing with the very fraudulent pink alien sky... NASA has much explaining to do, indeed!

Ok, enough Science 101 for now... On to other matters...   The so called Syrian "rebels", who are actually US/NATO/Israel paid invaders, have now started to launch attacks at or near the Syrian capitol of Damascus.  We have also seen this past week where the criminal US government was "warned" Syria against its "deployment" or even "moving" of its (non-existent?) chemical weapons. It does appear that the criminals in both Washington and Tel Aviv are going to great lengths to get their nice little war on Syria off and running and are now considering having a false flag take place that will see the criminal "rebels" use some US provided chemical weapons on Syrian civilians.  In such a way, the criminals in Washington and NATO will have their "excuse" to go into Syria on the false grounds of needing to eliminate Syria's "chemical weapons".... Lets hope everyone understands this latest sick ploy, and stops them in their tracks!

I also see the sick state of Israel now making moves towards another invasion of southern Lebanon, under the false guise of trying to remove "Hezbollah" as a threat to itself.  The truth is that Israel is still eying the waters of the Litani River which flows through southern Lebanon as a means of solving its very serious water crisis that they themselves created through their selfish and stupid inability to conserve water in a region that is mostly desert at the best of times... There is a very strong possibility that we will be seeing an invasion of southern Lebanon very soon, in which the invading Israelis will go all the way to the Litani River to grab that resource and then start diverting that river's waters south into Israel itself...

I see that the US Presidential "elections" is entering its final phase with the so called "Republican Party Congress" now meeting in Tampa Florida to formally select its representative in the equally laughable Presidential "election" this fall.... All I can say is.... The entire electoral process is a sham, and the people of the United States would be better off marking their ballots this fall with a simple "no confidance" instead of selecting Israeli kiss ass A or Israeli kiss ass B for the Presidency.    Lets face it, it does not matter who you vote for, America, because Israel wins again!

I have had many critics always ask me what I have against the Jewish people?  I have long studied and researched these people and their tribal mentality, and have long come to the conclusion that we are dealing with a sick group that claims that they are morally and ethically superior to all other people on the planet.   But the real question is .. Why???  I will touch on several of these points right here...

I have to ask why a certain group of people thinks that it is somehow superior over all others?   As human beings and as we have grown to supposedly be more "civilized", I had hoped that we would have already crossed that bridge and reached the understanding that true morality rests with helping each other out, and to treat everyone as our equals on this entire planet.   However, it seems that this tribe of "chosen ones" continues with the immoral assertions that they are racially, intellectually, and morally, superior over all others.   Does anyone else see the problem with that?

And about the idea that this tribe is somehow intellectually superior over all others... I have long shown that many of their greatest minds are in no way intellectually superior over the so called Gentiles.  We have evidence that shows even their greatest mind that they claim, Albert Einstein, was a thief, who stole many of his supposed findings off of others!  It is also a fact that many Jews picture themselves as intellectually superior over others because of their positions of influence and power.  But that comes due to their control over finances, and their ability to therefore give their own the best of schooling and intellectual studies.  I can guarantee that if others were given the same ability to attend such teachings and institutions, then they would also have the same level of influence and power as well....

Ok, now about the idea of "Race".... That one has always been the toughest to crack when it comes to this tribe of "chosen ones"... They have always claimed that the Jews are an exclusive race... But I am troubled... For when you put an Ethiopian, a Sephardic, and an Ashkenazi, Jew all side by side, they are definitely not of the same race at all!  Just by common sense we can see that we have three very distinct races... So, how can they even make the outlandish claim of being a separate race, and make it stick??? 

In terms of moral values... I am equally puzzled... We have a group that claims that they are superior to all human beings, and will eventually control the world.   Again, I see a dangerous group that has not outgrown the sick idea of empire and enslavement of others.   It is sad that their own teachings within their Torah and Talmud have not been modernized into the understanding that we are human beings that share this planet, and we have the true moral obligation towards helping each other and doing what is best for all people.   Again, to me, their belief in the eventual enslavement of all others is what makes them dangerous to the entire human race.

One of these days,  I will delve deeper into so called religious aspects as well.. That in itself could take up an entire rant!

Well... I guess that is it for now... But of course in closing, I want to touch quickly on a few other subjects here... The world economic situation is going from bad to worse almost daily, and I am sticking to this Autumn as the time when the entire fraudulent economic system implodes....There is nothing new coming out of Fukushima Japan concerning any change in the status of that disaster.  The reactor cores are still melted down, and there are reports that they have been leaching their melted fuel into the Pacific Ocean for quite a while now.  I still feel very sad for the people of Japan that have endured this disaster...I am still working on doing more podcasts and possible interviews on some internet radio shows.  I have a very busy personal schedule, and it has been hard to find the time to do such shows.  I will inform everyone if and when they are done, so stay tuned.....I see "Facebook" is continuing to make headlines with its share value crashing and burning.  Like I said before, everyone should be closing their "Facebook" accounts immediately, and not give the criminals behind that data mining operation any credibility.... And to top it all off, a friend of mine sent me an email that said laughingly that Kim Kardashian was pregnant again.  I guess that means more of that braindead family of skanks to dumb down the braindead American public for at least another season... My brain hurts!!!

More to come


The Aurora Shooting: Important Article By Jim Stone - All The Evidence Behind Why I Believe No One Died At The Theater!

With so much happening right now all over the world, most people have already almost forgotten about the shooting of 12 people at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, last month.   It does definitely seem that shooting was indeed a setup just to condition the American public into accepting gun control legislations.  The criminals behind the push for confiscating the guns of the American people failed however, leaving many questions still unanswered about the circumstances behind that shooting in the first place...

I have been following the interesting reports from "Jim Stone", since the time he showed strong evidence last year that the Fukushima nuclear disaster was not as it seemed, and that the Fukushima nuclear facility was actually a nuclear weapons breeder reactor for making nuclear bombs for the Japanese government.  Now, Jim Stone, who writes reports under his site:, has come forward with some interesting allegations about the Aurora Shooting, in a new report, entitled: "All The Evidence Behind Why I Believe No One Died At The Theater".   I have that full report for my own readers to look at, and there is much credence to Jim's assertions as you will see right here... My own thoughts and comments to follow:

All the evidence behind why I believe no one died at the theater

Jim Stone, August 22 2012
If you listen to the mainstream press, and even the alternative press, both state that people died at the bat man shooting. I now believe that people probably did die, but not at the theater. I believe that a drill took place at the theater, and inconvenient people the government wanted eliminated were murdered elsewhere and blamed on the bat man shooting. 

This is in contrast with my earlier posts, where I believed no one died at all. But new evidence has surfaced which includes the nurse who drowned in a lake near her home after tending the injuries of one or more of the victims. Regardless of what you have been told about bird shot, bloody little girls, people hitting the floor, etc take a look at what is here, and consider the evidence.

First, the easy stuff.

At no point did we ever get any CCD footage out of the theater. None for the emergency exit, none from inside the screening room, none from the lobby, none from the parking lot, we got NADA. None from a cell phone cam, absolutely NOTHING. Furthermore, the theater was a very nice modern theater which would have had those things in working order, and what about the mall itself? No footage from the mall either? Think about that. Why not?

On top of that, we got no pictures after the fact from the inside of the theater. NONE, NADA. No bullet holes, no gas canisters, no shell casings, no blood on the floor, NOTHING. Why not?

On the outside of the theater, in the back, there was blood on the sidewalk. But there is one problem with it. First and foremost, the spatters were CLEAN. NO FOOTSTEPS in them. People with some exposure to forensics who have posted on my forum have said that at crime scenes the blood ALWAYS has footprints in it, because it is impossible to stay away from it. 

Purportedly the blood on the ground was from someone carrying the little girl. In that case, whoever was carrying her would have stepped in the blood while carrying her, leaving bloody footprints and there were NONE. Furthermore, the blood spatters lead TOWARD the emergency exit, not away from it.

The only way these two things could coincide is if a setup team laid the blood scene out and screwed up doing it. This scene could have happened as photographed only if the blood was in a container at the end of a handle, keeping whoever was dumping it on the sidewalk far enough away to not get it on themselves or walk in it. Stupid as they were, they started in the parking lot and worked their way toward the door, rather than starting at the door and working their way out into the parking lot. It's obvious in the following two photos. 

So we have photos of blood outside, but none from inside. Perhaps because the theater owner did not agree to having a setup crew make a mess of his carpet.

Another thing that should be easy for most people to grasp that it was only a drill is the fact that the police tapes show that the police were discussing where to put the victim's families and press for photos, WHILE THE SHOOTING WAS IN PROGRESS. At that point they would be clueless as to who the victims families even were, or how to get ahold of them, let alone GET THEM TO THE THEATER AT MIDNIGHT. 

In fact, why would the families even go to the theater? would the hospital be a better place for that? or do families let Bobby bleed out before getting into the ambulance just for a photo op? This simple statement in the police tapes proves it was all a pre planned setup, with the families and press already on scene before it even started. If you have been bamboozled into believing people died in that theater, you really need to look at the evidence and switch on your B.S. detector.

Now that we have discussed the obvious, let's talk probabilities.

Two of the victims hit the social security death index before the others. They were Jessica Redfield/Ghawi and Alexander Teves
In the case of Jessica redfield, who I have no doubt is sipping on a pina colada somewhere after a multi million dollar payout, we have a damning tweet where she was laughing about making people believe there is gunfire. Right from her twitter account.

I found this during a deep dredge of the evidence. Getting stuff like that is what I am known for. Ok, now that we have seen this tweet, let's talk about the other mass shooting Jessica supposedly witnessed.
Supposedly Jessica Redfield, a budding media presense, was in Toronto during a mass shooting there in a mall only a month before being "killed" in another "mass shooting". First of all, if she really did witness a mass shooting in Toronto a month before this tweet, why would she laugh? Pehaps if THAT shooting was fake as well? You don't laugh about things like that.

Second of all, figure the odds. Mass shootings happen about once every five years across the total population of the U.S. and Canada of approximately 370 million combined. With mass shootings occuring once every five years in that big of a population, witnessing two in such a short time span is technically impossible. Let's do a little math here. 

She gets the first one FREE. So over the course of your lifetime there will be a total of 80 years divided by five, or 16 mass shootings. If 150 people witness each one, that's 16X150 or 2,400 possible witnesses. 370 million divided by 2,400 is a 1 in 154,000 chance of witnessing ONE mass shooting. Now let's figure the odds of witnessing a second one. Take that 154,000 and multiply it against itself. That equals 1 in 23 billion (23,710,000,000) and that does not factor in the fact that the two shootings were so close.

So we have two damning things against Redfield, the tweet and those odds. How about a third little tidbit? In her tweets, she talked about moving into a new place with 7 swimming pools and a lake two weeks before the second shooting. She was an intern. How does an intern accomplish that? Perhaps a multi million dollar payout? If I had no morals, I'd love that job. 7 pools and a lake would be great for laying low until things settle down. After that, a facelift and a life in politics, because you proved your ability to keep your mouth shut about corruption. 

Now on to other improbablilites. When doing a search of the names from Aurora on even a small search engine a week after the shooting, ALL VICTIMS FROM AURORA HAD:

1. A complete shutout of the first 50 hits on even a small search engine, as proven by this photo. Search engine hits
2. A memorial page on facebook.
3. A donation page, in their honor on facebook.

Let's contrast that with a real murder scene, the Sikh temple shooting.

2 of the people shut out the first 10 hits on Google, and one of them was the father of the Emmy award winning director Arm Kaleka, who was producing a major disclosure movie about government corruption, stealing of energy technologies, and hidden contact. These hits were because the alternative press covered the story. 

The others who died did not show up on Google at all. Arm Kaleka had received numerous threats that if he did not stop producing the movie, members of his family would be killed. 

NONE of the people at the Sikh temple had a facebook page set up in their honor, nor were any donation pages set up. And attributing this to culture is not good enough, because Sikhs attend Bat Man movies, and not EVERYONE at Aurora would have put up a facebook page in the honor of their lost loved one. It just does not work that way unless it's all a pre planned psy op. These pages were made ahead of time, before the shooting and were simply posted at the "appropriate" time.

Let's look at the difference between the photos coming out of Aurora which was fake, and the Sikh temple where people actually died:

Now onto the harder details.

Let's look into this nurse who died in a lake near her home after tending to the injured from the "bat man shooting". I will tell you where the 10 victims who did not make the social security database early most likely came from. But before doing so, consider this - If the bat man shooting really happened, why would you need to kill a nurse who tended the victims? Anyone who actually got shot in a theater would not know what was going to be said, they would just say it like it was, and there would be no reason for the media to differ on those details and no need for a coverup. But WHAT IF:

What if they staged a phony bat man shooting to frame up Holmes so he would be facing a death sentence at the same time his dad was going to hang the bankers with his testimony at the Libor scandal hearings? What if THEY wanted real bodies? Why have ANY of them come from the theater? Why not just get rid of incovenient people to maximize the benefit from the staged event? If a nurse spoke to someone who was dying, and that dying person,who (for example) had the goods that could have jailed a state senator said something like "I was just getting out of my car after picking up a pizza, was grabbed and shot and now I am here" THAT would be worth killing her for.

Consider the fact that 9 of the "hijackers" from 9/11 were alive later, and consider the fact that representatives from our own governement flew to Egypt and apologized on national television there for this "screw up". The video works, if Youtube says it does not, just click the link above. Youtube often blocks embedded videos on this site:  

Consider the fact that NONE of the supposed hijackers were on the boarding logs for the airplanes. There is also no record of any of them even having tickets. And then, ask yourself, if there were 19 hijackers and 9 of them were found alive, WHERE DID THE OTHER ONES GO, IF THEY WERE NOT ON THE PLANES?

911 may paralell Aurora in this way, with the exception of the fact that in the case of 911, someone screwed up and as a result some of the patsies lived. Since the elite have proven that they will vanish people in the name of a psy op as they did on 911, why would Aurora be any different? I believe the bodies they came up with to tag on the bat man shooting were inconvenient people the government wanted eliminated. Once they hit the hospital or coroner's office shot full of holes, who is to say WHERE they really came from before arriving?

This would explain WHY:

There was no CCTV or cell phone footage;
No pictures from inside the theater after the fact;
Why the blood spatters were clean and went the wrong way;
Why the police were talking about where to put the families and press WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING
Why the photos of the mourning family members looked like actors,
How Jessica Redfield witnessed the highly improbable two mass shootings in 1 lifetime,
Why Jessica Redfield hit the SSI database early, after moving to "7 pools and a lake",
The damning tweets,
The dead nurse,
The perfect shut outs on Google and other search engines (IMPOSSIBLE),
WHY the Aurora victims ALL got facebook profiles and donation pages in their honor while the Sikhs got NONE,

AND the fact that there really may have been dead bodies.
The fact that the bankers benefited so much from this alone is damning in and of itself; and really, if people did or did not die in the theater the point is irrelevant when even a drugged llama would be able to see that both of these shootings were government staged, the first to save the bankers, the second to shut down the release of a damning disclosure movie, and BOTH serving the purpose of restricting or banning guns. And if you can't agree with me that it's highly probable that no one died in that theater, at least you should be able to see the other motives. No matter what, neither of those shootings were as seen on TV.

The police tapes are still linked farther down this page, the one of greatest interest is the final one.

UPDATE:  8/8/2012


The trail of blood leads TOWARD the emergency exit!

All of you have probably seen this photo:

This blood trail was supposedly left by the little girl who was rushed from the scene. Problem is, that the SETUP CREW dropped the blood while WALKING THE WRONG DIRECTION!!!! So the splashes all go TOWARD the door rather than away from it. Furthermore, it was NOT a double back, because there would have been an outgoing and returning blood trail if that was the case.


The facts about the Sikh temple shooting are below. It all panned out

This one was a real shooting, and there were 4 gunmen, not one. To top it all off the FBI media show staged a search on "Holmes avenue" which was widely published until the alternative press hopped on it and yelled PSY OP (obviously the elite think we are simpletons living in a Sesame Street world), and to tie in anything Holmes with this false flag was an act of sheer stupidity. I don't think even Elmo would have bought that line.

Since then, they have pulled the Holmes reference in most publications, but I found one with the original content and archived it, and it is also still up HERE

As the result of my take on the bat man shooting, I also got a major breakthrough from a media whistleblower, it's a damning indictment which states that the media records many events Hollywood style and puts them on the shelf for future broadcast, and then just pops in a tape come showtime and lets it rip. According to this whistleblower, they have many news reports ready to go, and I am sure there are a few more phony terror attacks waiting for the play button.

This testimony will be posted as soon as I make contact with the whistleblower again, and if, (as usual) my communications are blocked and I cannot make contact by the end of the day, I am posting it as is. This whistleblower spoke to me because obviously from what is on this web site I am NOT compromised and this whistleblower knew that if I got the message, it WOULD get published.

After seeing this testimony I believe all the news reels and articles related to the Bat Man shooting were produced ahead of time and simply run like a mini series and this is also corroborated by Jessica Redfield in the following referenced tweet where she laughs about "being able to make people think there is gunfire". 

Also, in other tweets she made, only two weeks before showtime Redfield said she moved into a new living accomodation with "7 swimming pools and a lake" - a perfect place to hang out while the dust settles afterward. Any side details, such as memorial web sites, can easily be handled by CIA-tards who can't understand why some things should not be done for a paycheck. Any funds collected could be funneled off to the same pit the Haiti earthquake relief funds fell into.

I think the Sikh Temple shooting was real and impromptu, staged by a Mossad sleeper cell; there are not many Sikhs in the elite Jewish circle and therefore they would view that group as expendable and not needing a lot of caution applied before shooting them up. Hate to say it, but that is simply the way it is.

When they have an entire news sequence canned ahead of time, there will be no witnesses and they don't have to deal with the variables of a live scenario. So from a "witness" perspective the Bat man shooting held up. The temple shooting fell apart really fast because it was a rush job, a live scenario, and real witnesses were present.

Whoever is on Holmes Street - their "lone gunman", a scenario widely refuted by witnesses, is the next patsy and they simply profiled him and had him ready to go ahead of time in case he was needed as another face to pin their murderous corruption on.

When individuals in the alternative media discovered the Libor scandal tie in with the batman shooting, it nearly fatally damaged that story all by itself, and this, in conjunction with the tweets I found and made public made a second shooting necessary because the first was too badly damaged. This new shooting was uncovered for what it was much sooner, the "elite" were simply too sloppy with the whole thing. So who knows WHAT they will do next? it's obvious they are getting desperate.

Once I get all this stuff sorted out to a final answer, I will post it along with the whistleblower testimony that is really very damning. I would like to speak to the whistlblower again before publishing the story, but censorship of mail is a daily obstacle and if I cannot contact this individual again, I am publishing it as I have it now. Most likely this will be posted tomorrow (to allow time for contact, but not allow a huge delay).

Don't fall for the lone gunman scam

We might have had 3 agents and ONE patsy. In fact, after shooting up the place, the agents may have killed the patsy themselves and then went on to fake being police officers. Israeli intelligence would NOT be questioned, and neither would the CIA. This man tells it as he saw it. "One gunman killed, 3 still inside!" Any deviation from this on the scene witness account is corruption of facts. On top of that, the 4 shooters were in the congregational area. The people there would NOT have messed up their observation of that.

Any story creep after the initial report is likely due to coercion during cross examination.


Shooting "victim's" tweet throws poison on official story

Jessica Ghawi, one of the "victims" of the bat man shooting had a different name on Twitter. That name is Jessica Redfield. And here is one of her tweets!!!

Why the creepy Buhahahahah response?

Another detail which relates to the above tweet - she was supposed to have witnessed another shooting at a mall in Canada the month before. Said tweet would be an indication that it's an inside joke, anyone tweeting her, knowing her, would never have put the quote in that perspective unless the Toronto shooting was fake as well, and he knew about it! The odds just do not stack in favor of the "official" story - such a response from her would NEVER have happened if she really bore witness to another shooting a month prior. She's fake, and she is laughing about it.

Here is her twitter account: GUNFIRE??!!??

"Make up" shooting at Sikh temple in Wisconsin was probably due to this discovery by this web site severely damaging the entire bat man story

The Libor connection did not do the Bat Man shooting story line a whole lot of good either!
MORE TO COME, I have additional goods on this woman that are being ironed out. Seems like she may have received an ENORMOUS payoff for lying in Toronto, but there are many rabbit holes to find and flood. For starters, she was an intern, and after Toronto, moved to a new place with 7 pools and a lake! (possibly for hiding out after the next gig)


A little suggestion from forum member Glitch led to the following:

A tribute to those who died in Aurora

Much of this section has been removed out of respect because people NOT at the theater may have been killed and pegged on the shooting
THIS SHOOTING WAS MAXIMIZED FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT THE SAME WAY THE DATE 911 (AN EMERGENCY NUMBER) IS UNFORGETTABLE So in court, Robert Holmes, who was going to testify before Libor, now has a son with NO MEMORY of the shooting facing a death sentence at the MOST opportune time possible, for a crime that NEVER OCCURRED. But in the world of corruption, actors, and fake news, that won't matter. He will be punished as if it really happened and the bankers are now likely to RUN FREE.

To clarify my position that the Bat man shooting may have never happened at all:

The plot is ridiculous, and at a minimum the event was a false flag. To accomplish a political objective, it did not need to happen at all. Actors could have been in place across the board, and all the blanks filled in by a lying media. Got any other source for this than CNN and FOX? Did they post the police tapes? WHY NOT? I have presented some really good info here that tells a different story than you will find elsewhere. Perhaps there were bullets fired in the theater. In that case, Holmes could not have possibly done it. The entire event was sanitized, there WAS a second shooter, and the following posts and articles, AND the police tapes PROVE IT. The fact that the police DID NOT pursue the other car leaving the scene would indicate that it was all supposed to be a DRILL and the second car was not part of that drill and was therefore permitted to leave, possibly with the real killers inside. Perhaps there was a drill at the same time a real black op shooting took place. Either way it was a false flag and Holmes is virtually assured to be innocent.

Holmes put on trial WAY TOO SOON

Just about everyone knows the line "you have a right to a speedy trial". Fewer people know the line "you will be allowed time to prepare a defense". And in the case of Holmes, this did not happen. WHY?

When I first heard that Holmes went to court within three days of the shooting, I thought that it had to be for a bond hearing. Evidently it was not. Too many questions were asked, bond hearings are short, and if proper procedure had been followed what should have happened in the first court appearance?

Holmes would have been given an amount he had to put up for bail, or been told bail was denied and sent back to jail with a court appearance date a month from now, and if he plead that he needed more time than that to prepare a defense, more than a month would have been allowed.

This did not happen with Holmes, who has been held without bond, and the fact that he is being held without bond proves that he is being rammed through the court system post haste. And there is a reason for it. That reason is, that they want as many of the court proceedings AS POSSIBLE to go by, with Holmes still stoned out of his mind from whatever they drugged him with.

It is obvious that Holmes was heavily drugged before the shooting, and was in a total stupor when arrested; a condition which would have rendered him unable to do it. It is proven by the police tapes linked on this site that there was a second individual in the theater - a fact that got silenced, which means a total of THREE people were at the scene of the shooting: 

1. Holmes, drugged out of his mind, sitting in his car, 

2. The gunman who shot everything up, and 
3, an accomplice to the gunman who opened the emergency exit door and let the gunman in. I think in the original plot (that is, if the shooting even happened at all, see below) Holmes was supposed to shoot up theater 9. There was a drill going on at the time of the shooting that matched the scenario, and that drill had theater 9 getting attacked as well. Nothing happened there.

A brown SUV fled the scene from behind the theater and the police did not pursue. I wonder why? Perhaps that boils down to the fact that that the chief of police was an import from New York, a city famous for major police corruption. It is also possible that the police knew they were doing a drill, and the brown SUV was not part of the drill, so why bother with it?

Had the shooting been real, the police most likely would have blown away Holmes as he sat in his car. Even a casual youtuber would know how trigger happy the police are by now - WHY is Holmes even alive? Was he totally zonked? Not even conscious at all when found?

And then there is another connection. The Libor connection. As it turns out, Holmeses dad was a programmer for Darpa and the credit reporting agency FICO. Rumor has it that his dad had the goods on the bankers, and was going to testify before congress and hang the bankers in the upcoming Libor scandal hearings.

So let's separate cold hard fact from rumor here, so we can know where this all stands:

FACT: Robert Holmes really did work for Darpa as a programmer and really is a senior programmer for Minneapolis based FICO, a company which specializes in credit reporting and has developed special computer algorithms (compliments of Robert Holmes, who wrote them). 

These computer algorithms were able to track the entire Libor scandal down to the names and addresses of the perpetrators, and deliver it to FICO in a neat little package that could hang powerful people.

Here is his linkdln account:

Robert Holmes on Linkdln

FACT: It is obvious that his son, James Holmes, was doing EXCELLENT in college, and showed up for an exam totally stoned out of his mind, and subsequently dropped out of college, all within a span of only two months. From brilliant straight A's in neuroscience to total stoner flunkie in only two months. Very fishy.

FACT: James Holmes had never touched a gun in his life, knew nothing about them. Supposedly then, from that position, he skillfully booby trapped his apartment while totally stoned out of his mind and ordered an arsenal and paid for it with his credit cards and successfully operated the weapons the first time he ever touched them, well enough to totally shoot up a theater.

Hmmmmmmm . . . . I will tell you from experience, that if you NEVER shot a gun in your life, and then had to use SEVERAL to pump off hundreds of rounds YOU COULD NOT DO IT. Guns are not the hardest things to use, but to do that across several the first time you ever tried to use a gun, and have all of them work is a joke of reason. 

I remember buying a semi auto .38 handgun once and it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to load it and fire it because the entire top of the gun had to be slid back to allow access to the chamber, and I had never seen that before. THAT is after having MAJOR experience with long rifles. I felt stupid of course, but it did happen. Operation of a new weapon is not always obvious, and from a point of no experience with ANY gun, Holmes would never have figured out 3 in the course of 90 seconds.

THE BAT MAN SHOOTING STORY READS LIKE SOMETHING AN ELITIST IDIOT WOULD WRITE - someone who wrote fiction and had no real knowledge of the variables at hand. A colorful story, to be sold to the masses.

FACT: The entire theme of the bat man movie that got "shot up" involved the villain BANE, who was on a quest to imprison the elite of Gotham, who had ripped the common people off with scams, and Bane wanted to hold them accountable before the people. The parallel to Libor and Goldman Sachs was obvious. What a great theme to have, IF the father of the man who did the bat man shooting really was going to appear before Congress as a key witness who could name names and addresses of the bankster perpetrators of the Libor scam.

FACT: Someone held the emergency exit open, to allow the shooter in, and no alarm sounded. ALL emergency exits are alarmed, and the theater was NOT a poorly maintained piece of trash. Furthermore, ALL theaters have CCTV cameras in them. Why are we not being allowed to see the footage from the emergency door, the INSIDE of the theater, or out in the parking lot? No CCTV footage? Why? Could it be that it was OBVIOUS in the footage that Holmes just sat there in his car, in a drug induced stupor while a pro shot the place up?

FACT: Holmes knows NOTHING about the shooting and is suffering from amnesia. A good indicator of being drugged, and also a good indicator that it was nothing but a drill and he is being held in court under entirely false pretenses. All it takes is actors when the "suspect" has no memory. With regard to the drugging, please read the second link below; I really think that writer NAILED IT.

UNCONFIRMED: Robert Holmes had been called before Congress to testify for the prosecution in the LIBOR scandal.

To the unconfirmed note, I will post these two links and simply state that I absolutely believe this, but cannot confirm it:

Here is a careful take: Careful take

And Here is one that takes chances with accuracy, but I really believe this is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED, though it is unconfirmed: Take this creativity to the bank, I bet this guy nailed it!

Addressing the second shooter - An alternate take on Holmes

In the original scenario, the original report, a second shooter shot up Theater 9. That was probably the one Holmes was supposed to hit. And though I do not believe anything happened other than a drill, I am posting this alternative scenario because there is some evidence to support it.

There are some inconsistencies in the initial reports that leave room for an alternate scenario. Of course, this has all been buried since they ironed out the story for public consumption. In the original scenario, there was a second shooter and bombs in theater 9. So Holmes may have been given that one to do, but did not. This alternate take puts that possibility into perspective
The alternate take is,

He met people he thought were friends. They drugged him over a period of time - this can be easily accomplished by spiking food and drinks.

He goes into a black hole haze, and during this time, his hair gets dyed, and they work on him HARD to get him as nutty as possible while stoned. This likely took place over a course of days, during which his apartment is set up with tons of booby traps by a pro who actually would know how to do it, while Holmes, who is living away from people who knew him, people who would know something was fishy with him not being around for days, gets the workover at another location

-A package is mailed in the name of Holmes, with all kinds of nutty stuff in it,
-They set up the hit.    
- He sits out in his car and drools through the whole thing because he is stoned, and they could not get him to actually do the shooting.
- A well trained hit man, who knows all about the weapons goes in and really does shoot up theater 8.
- He takes off in a brown SUV (this was recorded)
- Witnesses say the gunman in the theater looks nothing like the patsy, (this happened, but will probably devolve as witnesses are worked on during cross examinations)
- Police come, the patsy has been pre programmed to say he did it, (he is still just sitting in the car drooling, that's where they found him)
- He takes the rap

That's the alternate scenario. And it could explain why NO ONE got any video, not even the CCTV cameras in the theater. It's all just a black hole. NOTHING came out of that theater. That alone is fishy.

You mean to tell me, that during the opening premier of Bat Man, NO ONE WAS SITTING THERE WITH A CELL PHONE RECORDING IT? Come on now, people do that all the time! And by default they would have captured the shooting, without even thinking about it!


Don't think it's possible for them to Wag the dog with the entire thing? Read this!

CNN caught RED HANDED faking the news

Take a look at this video. CNN is FAKING A NEWS REPORT.
I just hate that agency, which I cannot call news, Oh, the Creative News Network.
This video should show a CNN news reporter, waiting for a connection, trying to cue gunfire for background effect, getting bored, asking for a mattress to sit on, and FINALLY once CNN is on the line, he is suddenly in a "war scene".

This video had to be hotlinked, because Youtube denied embed on this web site..

And down the page a ways at Youtube, there is a comment - This video is not translated correctly, I speak Arabic. Well, that's a lie, because in Arabic he asks for gunfire, the translation says "just tell him to shoot", he fires one shot, and the news reporter does not jump, he just gets confirmation that the background gunner can get the message.

Furthermore, they are right in the middle of Isha prayer, as evidenced by the soundtrack and you won't have that if everything they mentioned later in the newscast really happened, the mosques would be shuttered and silent, with people praying in their homes.

In Arab countries, the mosques all play the prayers over loudspeakers that are mounted high up in the minarets, and can be heard for very long distances. So you can hear several of these mosques in the broadcast. The fact that this was going on in the background proves that it was business as usual that day, and that this video really was as presented - a TOTAL FRAUD. Towards the end he gets connected and look at what they broadcast!

Ok, here is another video. This one focuses more on Aljazeera. Aljazeera was set up by the Rothchilds, it came out of London, and is a zionist news channel which serves to make the Arabs believe they have mainstream representation. Of course, Aljazeera is not as stupid with Arab issues as CNN, because Arabs know too much about their own world. SO Aljazeera is tuned perfectly to make Arabs believe they have representation, while dis informing them as much as possible. This is an important video:


I am holding my ground about Aurora being a wag the dog

I have received several e-mails now, where people claim to have been witnesses. My take on those mails? First of all, my sites combined only get about 500,000 page views a month. So there is no way so many people from a small community would EVER find my site - 500,000 / 8,000,000,000 people. That calculates down to a 6.25 to the negative 5th power chance that ANYONE who witnessed the Aurora shootings would ever find my site to send me a mail telling me they saw it all. To get several mails means all are b.s.

They have the elitist catch phrases in them, which I am familiar with. That's a red flag. Also, consider the first two videos I posted at the top of this page, which PROVE the media fabricates news. Also, consider the police tapes linked below. And most of all, when you see those photos now of bloody little girls with their feet blown off, I ask you to FIRST send those photos provided by the MSM through the crap filter, after the alternative press caught them red handed using the injured face of a man killed somewhere else in the Arab world and copying those injuries to the face of Osama for mass consumption:

And that's my final answer!

It does not have to be real to accomplish a gun grab if the masses fall for it.
Consider this article as well! I STRONGLY recommend you read this article. Scroll down to it, the tops of Whatreallyhappened pages are long.

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE caused an ENORMOUS number of attacks against this site.   (VN: boy am I familiar with that problem, its almost continuous now.)

Police radio communications CONFIRM - Bat Man shooting STAGED, PHONY, A DRILL.

I have received two e-mails from people saying that witnesses to the shooting posted their accounts of it at a game forum and at Yahoo answers. I am not changing my take on this, and here is why - It's because the CIA hired over a million goons to go around the social forums re-enforcing stories like this and spread disinfo. 

If there ever was something that said it's all fake, it's the look on the face of the shooter afterward, and the photo op photo farther down this page. I don't buy it, and even if I am wrong about this and there really was action the rest of the story does not wash, this event was staged, pure and simple. And either way, these police tapes are worth a listen, because they have details which do not match the whitewash in the press. No shootout with the Joker and the police afterward? GET REAL.

In THE FIRST intercepted police radio tape, (which is silent for the first 11 minutes, indicating nothing was being said for those 11 minutes) at minute 11 the police units involved in the drill check in, and say all are present. Then, right around 13 minutes it is discussed where one of the centers will be. Then, starting at minute 14, they are discussing where they will be at the Aurora mall for the start of the drill at the Aurora theater.


I then skipped to the last of these, where they are talking about setting up the press, where to put the ambulances, where to put the "victims" families, etc for their photo ops. This MP3 has the police communications in the left speaker, overlapped with the Fire department communications in the right speaker It's OBVIOUS what is going on here. Keep in mind, that because this is a drill, bodies and injured WILL be mentioned and played as real, but it's ALL FAKE as confirmed by recording 1, and the overall attitude in this MP3, where they are talking about WHERE TO PUT THE PRESS AND FAMILIES AND AMBULANCES FOR PHOTOS!
My original suspicions were confirmed by these tapes. 

The bat man shooting NEVER HAPPENED AT ALL! These MP3's were posted by, which is begging people to download these and re-post them elsewhere so they do not get shut down. So these are coming off my servers now. I suggest you download them from here to distribute the server load, (I have headroom to spare right now) but if there are any problems they might still be at the source. And I thank for sticking their necks out to spread the truth. Here are ALL files from Aurora. The first and last are linked above (as well as down here), those are the ones I took a peek at.

I took more of a look at these than I planned to. It is mega obvious the drill was not even of primary importance to the police department, it's just a side thing.

1. Setting up the drill
2. The drill in progress (boring police tape with other stuff mixed in)
3. The drill in progress (boring police tape with other stuff mixed in)
4. The drill in progress (boring police tape with other stuff mixed in)
5. The drill in progress (boring, supposedly the shooter is in this one)
6. The drill in progress (boring, a second bomb is supposedly in this one)
7. Where should stuff go for the photo ops?

MANY THANKS to forum member Kwai_Chang for linking to in the forum, absent that I would have never found this.

Bat man shooting CONFIRMED a wag the dog

There are serious problems with the story surrounding the "shooting" in Colorado.
There is no evidence being presented of: DEAD BODIES, A SHOT UP THEATER, NO CCTV FOOTAGE, RIDICULOUS PLOT (How does an unemployed college student get ahold of $20,000 worth of extremely controlled military gear) or anything else he had. You don't need any dead bodies to put an ambulance on camera and have a dozen or so actors cry for a camera. Why ONE BIG AMBULANCE, not many? Easier to manage. Cheaper. WHY were the police there INSTANTLY? This is a WAG THE DOG, COUNT ON IT!!! 

And in the end, it will work JUST AS WELL. AND, why this shooting, so close to the previous in Colorado? Not plausible either, unless you have a community there that has been assigned by the power elite to pull these stunts. I do not believe it ever happened. PROVE ME WRONG. Oh, the elite stronghold under the Denver airport - the new base for everything. Cute. Consider that as well.

SO far documented, 1 ambulance 1 fire truck, several police, one Joker getup, a shirt with a bullet hole and a total of about a dozen crying people in photos. No stretchers, No CCTV footage, NO shot up theater pics, No bodies being carried out, NO pictures of people with any bandages or injuries present, NOTHING. 

This is a lazy cheap fake at best, being rammed down the throat of the public by a scamming media. And after being quickly nailed by viewers of Aljazeera, and having people point out immediately that the dead osama photo published in the U.S. was fake, it seems they did not want to take chances with stock photography and therefore we are seeing NOTHING OF PROVABLE SUBSTANCE.

"No plane theory" anyone? Possibly rightfully so!

Looking over the pictures published thus far, it really does look like a mega stupid fake once you realize the things I mentioned above. Capture this moment, because if people wake up to this they will have countless fake photos made to order. For now, they are resting easy.

NTS Notes:  I want to thank the Vatic Project, at, for bringing this article to my attention.  The findings are indeed astounding!

When I read this report the first thing that came to my mind was... "Dallas Goldbug" and how that disinformation agent has been stating for a while that most recent shootings in America were complete frauds and the victims were actually actors.   I will not give Mr. Goldbug any credit, however, because he sticks to strange and outrageous allegations about many people that are absolutely ridiculous.   But  the thought that we are being played as suckers and fools, by the Jewish power elite in all of these alleged shootings, has definitely crossed my mind...

I leave it up to my own readers to take this very interesting piece of information by Jim Stone and do their own research.   The Aurora Shooting itself has been wrought with very strange circumstances, and the facts that we have been presented by the so called mainstream media is pure and utter bull crap.  Therefore, the idea that it was nothing more than another psy-op by criminals is very possible indeed!

More to come