Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Mindset Of The "Chosen Ones": American Rabbi Predicts That "Antisemites" May Soon Be Targets Of The IDF!

For this article, I have enclosed a video that when I found to be one of the most disgusting pieces of trash that I have seen in quite a while.

In this video, courtesy of Youtube user: "iseetheevil", you will see how an American Jewish Rabbi is predicting that all "anti-Semites" may soon be targets for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)!.    I have the entire video right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course, my own comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I am really floored by the words spoken by this delusional individual.  It is almost laughable, until you realize this maniac is actually serious.

This racist individual speaks so highly of the Jewish people being so loving and caring.  I guess the Jews show how much they love and care about all other peoples, by their brutal treatment and murdering of the Palestinian people, and especially Palestinian children!

I can guarantee that if anyone other than this maniac was to threaten others, they would be soon arrested for such threats.  But because this is a Jewish rabbi, he will be able to get away with his horrific statements due to the fact that there are two sets of laws in our lands... One for the so called "chosen ones", and one for everyone else...

I leave it up to my own readers to take this video and pass it around to others to see exactly what these criminals are truly all about.   And I would really love to hear from my greatest fan club, the naysayers and JIDF agents who infiltrate these blog sites, and see them defend the statements made by this rabbi.

More to come


*Original video was removed by Youtube on morning of July 18th. New version was sent to me, thanks to a reader, and  is as seen above...Please take and copy this video ASAP to your own files, because Youtube may again try to remove it shortly!


sog said...

can you believe this shit from a delusional lazy worthless turd rabbi....trash ...these jews are not or never were related to hebrews ///ashkanz trash ..it seems that the concensus is true that the criminal rabbis are the motivating force of fake jewdom..
why are ther no other comments on here ..where are people ...the idf has already murdered hundreds of our troops in iraq and set the ied's and we are anti semitic for mentioning the brazen truth ..jews demand special treatment usuially because they are busy breaking thousans of laws in all areas of american life ...medical ,financial ,etc and we are bad for saying the fake jews are committing crimes ...these rabbis need to be locked up

Saladin said...

the video has been removed!

Northerntruthseeker said...

New copy was forwarded to me just after you sent in your comment, Saladin... I have incorporated it in the article, and recommend readers copy it to their own files asap before Youtube attempts to remove it again.

Northerntruthseeker said...

sog... It is typical of them that they spew out such hatred, while call US the "haters"... When will people finally learn?