Monday, July 30, 2012

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Latest Update From Arnie Gundersen - Not Good News!

It has now been over 500 days since the initial disaster at the Fukushima Daichii nuclear power station at Fukushima, Japan, on March 11th, 2011.  Since that time,we have witnessed at least 3 of the nuclear reactors on site go into complete meltdown, with horrible amounts of radiation released into the air, and the Pacific Ocean, as a result.  We are still seeing the devastating effects of that disaster even today with high levels of radioactive fallout all over the northern hemisphere, and the still strong possibility that most of Japan may have to be evacuated and left uninhabitable for centuries!

I have been following the reports of Arnie Gundersen, who writes articles for Fairewinds online, at  He is a nuclear expert who has been keeping everyone up to date on the still dangerous situation at Fukushima, and just a while ago gave his most recent evaluation of that deadly situation via an on air conversation with Dr. Helen Caldicott, available on Youtube.  There are many shocking revelations in this important conversation that I have right here for everyone to hear for themselves.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  The most shocking part of this conversation occurs about 15 minutes in, where Arnie comes out and tells it straight that there was almost a ton of Plutonium in each of those spent fuel pools above all three crippled reactors.  The worst thing is that when Reactor#3 blew sky high, it released all that Plutonium stored in its fuel pool into the atmosphere.

One ton of Plutonium is approximately 1000kg.  It is a fact that it takes about 2 micrograms of Plutonium to kill an average person.  Therefore, there was enough Plutonium released into the atmosphere, and in the immediate area around Fukushima, as a result of the explosion of reactor#3 to kill every single person on this planet!

Now we know that not everyone will be in contact with the spent Plutonium residue from that explosion. However, I can almost guarantee that we will see millions of people dead over the next few decades from exposure to that deadly residue, especially in Japan itself.

It does trouble me that we are still being kept in the dark by the criminals in both our governments and the so called media about what exactly is happening at Fukushima right now.  Again, it has been the work of bloggers and alternative media outlets that everyone is being kept aware of the dangers we still face.   As more important information comes forward, I will do my best to put it right here for everyone to see for themselves... Stay tuned...

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