Sunday, July 15, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Yes, I am back... The trip to the United States was a well deserved vacation, but a real eye opener.  As I stated in my last article in this blog, what I saw during my trip south was very disturbing indeed.  But on to other matters...

I have seen very little information over the so called "mainstream media" about the upcoming passage by the United States on the 27th of this month concerning gun control legislation passed by the United Nations.   I sure wish that most Americans would wake the hell up and realize that it is real and it is definitely coming.  After the 27th of this month, the criminals in the US Government will definitely be working against their own citizens in trying to confiscate all of the guns owned by American citizens under their rights according to the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution.   They will try to use the UN gun control laws as their method of taking the guns away.... Unless the American people get the message about this criminal act and finally stop their own government in its tracks.    I have long said that the idea of having guns is not to protect the public from each other, but to stop the criminality of their own government from taking place!

The few comments that I have received during my vacation break again strangely focused on me being what they claim as "antisemitic".... I again challenge them to prove it... I am absolutely not so called "antisemitic" but actually pro-semitic!   I fully support the actions of the real Semites, the Palestinians, in their fight against the criminal and absolutely NON-Semitic Israeli Khazars.    It is a fact that these criminals have used the term "antisemitism" to halt all criticisms of their criminal activities, and what is needed is for the people to be educated on the total falsehood of that term...

Speaking of "antisemitism"... I see that there is a push by the criminals in the Canadian government to have all criticisms of the criminal state of Israel to be dubbed as a criminal offense.    It is amazing that these criminals here in Canada are now associating antisemitism with the criminal and evil actions of a foreign government.  It shows that they are desperately trying to make sure that Israel can get away with any criminal activities, and if anyone criticizes these acts, they could face jail time here in Canada.   NEVER in all recorded history has there ever been such an attempt to block criticism of evil... But they sure are working hard here in Canada to make it so.

I see that nothing has changed with the situation in Fukushima.   It appears that only now are we getting some factual evidence of exactly how deadly the situation truly is, and that is thanks to the never ending attempts by bloggers such as myself in getting the message out.   I will be covering some important information on the Fukushima disaster very soon in new articles, so stay tuned...

I have not covered much in the last while about the American laughable elections coming up, and I wonder why even bother.... We already know that the criminal Jewish elite has selected their puppets Soetoro and Romney to run against each other this fall in the farcical American "election" of November 2nd, and the winner has already most probably been pre-selected.   Again, as I said before, it does not matter if the American public selects the homosexual communist Israeli puppet, Soetoro, or the hawkish Israel butt kissing big corporation bought and paid for Romney, because Israel always wins in the end!   I was truly surprised during this vacation break that most Americans are totally unaware that their nation is not their own, and that their so called "elected" officials have already sold their souls for their Jewish masters!    Oh, and by the way... For those who are still sticking to their faint and lost hope of a Ron Paul victory... Forget it, because the good Dr. Ron Paul has done his job well in suckering in those Americans hoping for a savior and will finally pull the rug out from under them!    Why must I repeat that if the good people of America are looking for a savior, they should stop and actually try to save the nation themselves!

I have seen countless news reports on the BS American news shows while sitting in watering holes on vacation concerning the situation in Syria, and I was astounded.  How Americans can swallow the bull crap is beyond me.... I watched the criminal Jewess Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, come onto the national news saying that Assad had to go countless times, and I just shook my head.   This mass murdering bitch wants blood for her cherished state of Israel, and she wants to see American lives sacrificed for her sick dream of a Greater Israel.   We saw how she laughed when Muhammar Gadafi was killed by American forces, so we know already how psychotic and murderous she truly is.   It also appears now that most Americans are either too blind or too stupid to stop the push for war now in Syria, without realizing that such a war could lead to a greater war against both Russia and China.   But what the heck, their masters in Tel Aviv want war, and their American puppet slaves in the US Government are almost too willing to oblige.

It was also only over the internet that I found out that the US has moved even more forces into the Persian Gulf region for the upcoming Israeli attack on Iran.  Oh yes, that attack is definitely coming, and I can see the mass murdering Benyamin Milikovsky (Nut-and-yahoo) launch the attack this fall.   And again, we have found no evidence of Iran building any nuclear weapons, which has always been the excuse for such an attack.   And again, the world is told to overlook the criminal state of Israel itself with its estimated 400 nuclear weapons... What hypocrisy indeed!

I see that Europe is still a financial nightmare, and I wonder why the hell the good people of Europe just don't say so long to the criminal Rothschild controlled European Union, and tell the Rothschild controlled IMF to take their "austerity measures" and shove it up their asses!   All criminally obtained debts should be ended by these nations immediately, and the criminal bankers responsible for the mess in the first place put behind bars immediately.   It is still troubling to me that these nations don't just do what Iceland did and refuse all payments to these criminals.   It is no wonder that Iceland is projected to be one of the most financially stable nations on Earth for the next few years at least.   When the hell will people learn that criminal Usury and debt based monetary systems just don't work, and only lead to the eventual demise of the nations that use these systems of finance?

In other matters... I am glad that my friend, John Friend, ( has been putting up some amazing articles recently on the truths about the second World War, and about one of the most vilified persons in history, Adolf Hitler himself.   In my view, John has it right, but it is a slow ongoing learning process.... Most people have been too heavily brainwashed throughout their lives into the false belief of the evils of the "Nazis" and "Adolf Hitler".  It will take a long time to undo all the damage of the false "historical" information put into peoples' brains through our false education system.  What is needed is proper education and facts to lead people down the right track of thinking that what Hitler did for the German nation in the 1930's was the right path to break the shackles of their enslavement to the criminal Rothschild bankers and the Jewish elitists.   It is a slow process, but people do deserve the truth!

There is so much to cover that I have missed over the last few weeks, and I will be doing some catching up with some upcoming articles.... Until then, I want to close this Sunday rant with my usual closing tidbits:   Alex Jones is a fraud and a con-artist, and I am troubled by how many people still think of him as somehow being the "leader" of the so called "truth movement".  As far as I am concerned, this clown is a buffoon, and a massive disinformation agent who is well paid to lead the sheep down the wrong path and definitely away from the real criminals responsible for the troubles this world faces today.....I see that my friend, Greg, aka "pt1gard", is going to be on the Charles Giuliani show, "Truth Hertz", this Tuesday morning, July 17th, at 7am CDT on the Oracle Broadcasting Network (   I do recommend that those who still stick fast to the massive lie of NASA's Project Apollo putting men on the moon during the period of 1969-1972, to tune in and listen.  I can guarantee that it will be a fantastic show.  I may even call in myself to the show!.....I may be doing another podcast very soon with my friend, Whitewraithe (, and am very much looking forward to it.  Whitewraithe and I always seem to click when it comes to our discussions, and I can guarantee it will be another great show.....And in closing, for those who figured I would be spending my evenings during my vacation watching American mind destroying programs about the Kardashians, forget it!  I did not want my mind to be turned into mush like so many minds of Americans that I saw first hand.  It wasn't worth it.

Its good to be back...

More to come


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