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11 Signs That Time Is Quickly Running Out For The Global Financial System!

With the world presently distracted by the hoopla of the London Olympics, there are few that are paying attention to the fact that not only is the world financial system in extreme turmoil, but all the indicators are now pointing to a full world wide economic collapse happening very soon.. Many estimations are that that collapse will happen as early as this autumn!

I am truly amazed how people do not have a clue that their way of life, especially here in North America, is quite possibly about to change very soon.  To help explain that a full economic collapse is coming very soon, I want to turn to an important article that I came across today, from the website: The Economic Collapse, at www.theeconomiccollapseblog.co,, entitled: "11 Signs That Time Is Quickly Running Out For The Global Financial System".   I have that entire article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and as usual, my own thoughts and comments to follow:

11 Signs That Time Is Quickly Running Out For The Global Financial System

Are we rapidly approaching a moment of reckoning for the global financial system?  August is likely to be a relatively slow month as most of Europe is on vacation, but after that we will be moving into a "danger zone" where just about anything could happen.  Historically, a financial crisis has been more likely to happen in the fall than during any other time, and this fall is shaping up to be a doozy.  Much of the focus of the financial world is on whether or not the euro is going to break up, but even if the authorities in Europe are able to keep the euro together we are still facing massive problems.  Countries such as Greece and Spain are already experiencing depression-like conditions, and much of the rest of the globe is sliding into recession.  Unemployment has already risen to record levels in some parts of Europe, major banks all over Europe are teetering on the brink of insolvency, and the flow of credit is freezing up all over the planet.  If things take a really bad turn, this crisis could become much worse than the financial crisis of 2008 very quickly.

All over the world people are starting to write about the possibility of a major economic crisis starting this fall.

For example, a recent article in the International Business Times discussed how some economists around the globe are fearing the worst for the coming months....
The consensus? The world economy has entered a final countdown with three months left, and investors should pencil in a collapse in either August or September.
Citing a theory he has been espousing since 2010 that predicts "a future lack of policy flexibility from the monetary and fiscal side," Jim Reid, a strategist at Deutsche Bank, wrote a note Tuesday that gloated "it feels like Europe has proved us right."
"The U.S. has the ability to disprove the universal nature of our theory," Reid wrote, but "if this U.S. cycle is of completely average length as seen using the last 158 years of history (33 cycles), then the next recession should start by the end of August."
The global financial system is so complex and there are so many thousands of moving parts that it is always difficult to put an exact date on anything.  In fact, history is littered with economists that have ended up looking rather foolish by putting a particular date on a prediction.

But without a doubt we are starting to see storm clouds gather for this fall.

The following are 11 more signs that time is quickly running out for the global financial system....

#1 A number of very important events regarding the financial future of Europe are going to happen in the month of September.  The following is from a recent Reuters article that detailed many of the key things that are currently slated to occur during that month....
In that month a German court makes a ruling that could neuter the new euro zone rescue fund, the anti-bailout Dutch vote in elections just as Greece tries to renegotiate its financial lifeline, and decisions need to be made on whether taxpayers suffer huge losses on state loans to Athens.
On top of that, the euro zone has to figure out how to help its next wobbling dominoes, Spain and Italy - or what do if one or both were to topple.
#2 Reuters is reporting that Spanish Economy Minister Luis de Guindos has suggested that Spain may need a 300 billion euro bailout.

#3 Spain continues to slide deeper into recession.  The Spanish economy contracted 0.4 percent during the second quarter of 2012 after contracting 0.3 percent during the first quarter.

#4 The unemployment rate in Spain is now up to 24.6 percent.

#5 According to the Wall Street Journal, a new 30 billion euro hole has been discovered in the financial rescue plan for Greece.

#6 Morgan Stanley is projecting that the unemployment rate in Greece will exceed 25 percent in 2013.

#7 It is now being projected that the Greek economy will shrink by a total of 7 percent during 2012.

#8 German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble says that the rest of Europe will not be making any more concessions for Greece.

#9 The UK economy has now plunged into a deep recession.  During the second quarter of 2012 alone, the UK economy contracted by 0.7 percent.

#10 The Dallas Fed index of general business activity fell dramatically to -13.2 in July.  This was a huge surprise and it is yet another indication that the U.S. economy is rapidly heading into a recession.

#11 As I have written about previously, a banking crisis is more likely to happen in the fall than at any other time during the year.  The global financial system will enter a "danger zone" starting in September, and none of us need to be reminded that the crashes of 1929, 1987 and 2008 all happened during the second half of the year.

So is there any hope on the horizon?
European leaders have tried short-term solution after short-term solution and none of them have worked.
Now countries all over Europe are sliding into depression and the authorities in Europe seem to be all out of answers.  The following is what one eurozone diplomat said recently....
"For two years we've been pumping up the life raft, taking decisions that fill it with just enough air to keep it afloat even though it has a leak," the diplomat said. "But now the leak has got so big that we can't pump air into the raft quickly enough to keep it afloat."
The boat is filling up with water faster than they can bail it out.

So what is the solution?

Well, some of the top names in economics on both sides of the Atlantic are urging authorities to keep the debt bubble pumped up by printing lots and lots more money.

For example, even though the U.S. government is already running trillion dollar deficits New York Times "economist" Paul Krugman is boldly proclaiming that now is the time to print and borrow even more money.  He is proud to be a Keynesian, and he says that "you should be a Keynesian, too."

Across the pond, the International Business Editor of the Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, is strongly urging the ECB to print more money....
Needless to say, I will be advocating 1933 monetary stimulus à l'outrance, or trillions of asset purchases through old fashioned open-market operations through the quantity of money effect (NOT INTEREST RATE 'CREDITISM') to avert deflation – and continue doing so until nominal GDP is restored to its trend line, at which point the stimulus can be withdrawn again.
But is more money and more debt really the solution to anything?

In the United States, M2 recent surpassed the 10 trillion dollar mark for the first time ever.  It has increased in size by more than 5 times over the past 30 years.

Unfortunately, our debt has been growing much faster than GDP has over that time period.

For example, during the second quarter of 2012 U.S. government debt grew by 274.3 billion dollars but U.S. GDP only grew by 117.6 billion dollars.

Our problem is not that there is not enough money floating around.

Our problem is that there is way, way too much debt.

But this is how things always go with fiat currencies.

There is always the temptation to print more.

That is one of the big reasons why every single fiat currency in history has eventually collapsed.

Printing more money will not solve our problems.  It will just cause our problems to take a different form.

In the end, nothing that the authorities can do will be able to avert the crisis that is coming.

A lot of people are starting to realize this, and that is one reason why we are seeing so much economic pessimism right now.

For example, according to a new Rasmussen poll only 14 percent of all Americans believe that children in America today will be "better off" than their parents.

That is an absolutely stunning figure, but it just shows us where we are at.

Our economy has been in decline for a long time, and now we are rapidly approaching another major downturn.

You better buckle up, because this downturn is not going to be pleasant at all.

NTS Notes:  We have all heard that of the financial crisis that occurred back in 2008, and I can say that we have never "recovered" from that crisis, and are still in extreme trouble today.

I must repeat that throughout history, any nation that has adopted the Jewish Usury debt based monetary system has always collapsed.  That is exactly the situation that is happening today, and with the entire planet subjugated to that criminal Usury system, we are looking at a world wide collapse coming very soon.

Many will be asking... "What can be done to fix the situation?"  I will say what has to be said right here... The situation is beyond "fixing" and the solution is to say "screw it" to paying the debt, let the entire corrupt Jewish Usury debt based economic system collapse, arrest those responsible for the collapse and the mess in the first place, and forever ban the criminals responsible from reestablishing any foothold in the financial system. Once the fallout from that collapse is cleared up, we can then start all over again with a system NOT based on the criminal Jewish Usury debt system, but based on a debt free monetary system.   The alternative is to watch the same corrupt system be put back into place and have the world back in the same mess within a few decades...

Very dangerous times are rapidly approaching, and we must be ready for the upheaval that will certainly change our lives forever.   Again, I can see this happening as early as this autumn... So be prepared!

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Whitewraithe On Truth Hertz Radio With Charles Giuliani July 31st, 2012

I have long been a supporter of many others in what I call the REAL truth movement.  One of them, is of course my friend Debra who hails from the Christian Zionist bible belt region of southwestern Tennessee.  Her blog is: Pragmatic Witness, at www.pragmaticwitness.com.  She has long been known as the "Whitewraithe",and has been in this fight against the criminals out for world domination for over a decade now.

Whitewraithe was on Charles Giuliani's "Truth Hertz" radio show, this morning, (7am CDT) on the Oracle Broadcasting Network (www.oraclebroadcasting.com) and I want to present to everyone the link to that show right here:


NTS Notes:  Yes, again that was me that called into the show at about the 45 minute mark...

Whitewraithe did a very good job during this broadcast, and I can definitely see Charles having her on again on his show in the very near future...

Again, take the time to look over the articles and archives over at Pragmatic Witness, at www.pragmaticwitness.com.  I am sure that you will not be disappointed!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Latest Update From Arnie Gundersen - Not Good News!

It has now been over 500 days since the initial disaster at the Fukushima Daichii nuclear power station at Fukushima, Japan, on March 11th, 2011.  Since that time,we have witnessed at least 3 of the nuclear reactors on site go into complete meltdown, with horrible amounts of radiation released into the air, and the Pacific Ocean, as a result.  We are still seeing the devastating effects of that disaster even today with high levels of radioactive fallout all over the northern hemisphere, and the still strong possibility that most of Japan may have to be evacuated and left uninhabitable for centuries!

I have been following the reports of Arnie Gundersen, who writes articles for Fairewinds online, at www.fairewinds.com.  He is a nuclear expert who has been keeping everyone up to date on the still dangerous situation at Fukushima, and just a while ago gave his most recent evaluation of that deadly situation via an on air conversation with Dr. Helen Caldicott, available on Youtube.  There are many shocking revelations in this important conversation that I have right here for everyone to hear for themselves.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  The most shocking part of this conversation occurs about 15 minutes in, where Arnie comes out and tells it straight that there was almost a ton of Plutonium in each of those spent fuel pools above all three crippled reactors.  The worst thing is that when Reactor#3 blew sky high, it released all that Plutonium stored in its fuel pool into the atmosphere.

One ton of Plutonium is approximately 1000kg.  It is a fact that it takes about 2 micrograms of Plutonium to kill an average person.  Therefore, there was enough Plutonium released into the atmosphere, and in the immediate area around Fukushima, as a result of the explosion of reactor#3 to kill every single person on this planet!

Now we know that not everyone will be in contact with the spent Plutonium residue from that explosion. However, I can almost guarantee that we will see millions of people dead over the next few decades from exposure to that deadly residue, especially in Japan itself.

It does trouble me that we are still being kept in the dark by the criminals in both our governments and the so called media about what exactly is happening at Fukushima right now.  Again, it has been the work of bloggers and alternative media outlets that everyone is being kept aware of the dangers we still face.   As more important information comes forward, I will do my best to put it right here for everyone to see for themselves... Stay tuned...

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Is it just me?  Or does anyone else see the power of the Jewish elite that controls the world all over the so called London Olympics?   We all can see the "ZION" in the logo for the 2012 Olympics, which is bad enough.. But I was hoping that others would have noticed by now the pyramid lighting units on top of the Olympic Stadium... How can anyone miss the all seeing "Eye Of Horus" symbolism in both the pyramids and the light at the top of the pyramid?  It seems that the criminal Rothschilds are flaunting their total control over us by displaying it right in our faces at these Olympic Games...

It is in my opinion that there will NOT be a so called "false flag" attack at all during these games... It is not in the interests of the criminals to pull off such a deed during these games at all.  Instead as noted in the previous paragraph, they will use the games to present their power and control over all of us.... But once the games are over, all bets are off....

I see that the United States government has "postponed" their signing of the dastardly UN Gun Control Treaty which was to have been signed off last Friday, July 27th...  Good!   It  does appear that finally the people of America have been awakened to the criminality of this so called "treaty" and how it is nothing more than an attempt to take away the rights of the American public to bear arms to keep their own government from becoming too tyrannical.   However, I do recommend that all Americans keep up their vigilance, because the criminals will NOT quit until they are able to disarm the American public!

The Aurora shooting gets stranger and stranger by the day...I have been reading a lot of reports over the last few days about how this is definitely a psy-ops operation, and that this James Holmes is nothing more than a patsy to take the fall... I have also noted in my last two articles, that James Holmes' father is absolutely linked to the investigation in the greatest financial scandal that the world has ever seen..The LIBOR scandal!  Now, I must again ask anyone with any common sense... What are the odds that this shooter is the son of the one man who could blow the lid off of the LIBOR scandal and possibly see the criminals involved lose trillions of dollars?  What are the odds?????

And BTW... Yes, I did initially call the shooter in my last article, John Holmes, instead of James Holmes... Hey, I am only human, and it was a minor error.. I did fix the article this morning....

I see that the Bulgarian shooting death of 7 Israeli tourists has suddenly disappeared from the mainstream media.... Gee, I wonder why?   The Mossad goes and kills some of their own people in Bulgaria just to have the Iranians blamed for the killing.  But everyone quickly got wind that it was NOT an Iranian shooting, and suddenly it quickly died down.  The only result was that the criminal Prime Minister of Israel, Benyamin Milikovksy, was left with egg on his face for ranting and pushing hard for an excuse to attack Iran because of this shooting, when all the evidence quickly showed that it was not Iran at all!

The war in Syria is going badly for the criminals in both the criminal state of Israel and their minions in the US Government... Good!!!  Everyone must be brought up to speed about the fact that the so called "rebels" are actually hired mercenaries who have invaded the sovereign state of Syria just to stir up enough trouble as to give the criminal Israelis and their American puppet slaves their "excuse" to go in and "stop the bloodshed".    But Assad has not done any wrong at all, and is in the process of defeating the mercenaries as I type this report...

And..We see the same outrageous claims coming out of the laughable media that Syria has a magical dangerous stock pile of chemical weapons, much like what Iraq magically had!   Nobody except the most gullible people are buying into this lie, because we have already seen how the criminals successfully used that lie as the excuse for America to invade Iraq back in 2003.   And of course the Americans found not one bit of the chemical weapons that they claimed Saddam Hussein had after they had destroyed that country.   Fool me once, shame on you... Fool me twice, shame on me!

I see that as the world is being distracted elsewhere, that the criminal state of Israel is pushing even harder to swallow up what is left of the West Bank by putting in even more illegal Jewish settlements financed by the gullible American taxpayers.   Lets not kid ourselves.. There never was a chance of a Palestinian state being created in the West Bank.  Israel has always had their insane biblical belief that the entire region of Palestine is theirs, for their glorious Jewish state.  In such an insane thinking, there never was any room for the rightful owners of the region, the Palestinians themselves.    I have long said that the only option left for the proud people of Palestine is to fight for their very survival as a people, because the alternative is extermination.

The situation at Fukushima has not changed, and as I have said before, may yet become much much worse.   We have new reports about a large plume of radioactive water that is approaching the Canadian and American west coast that could be deadly, and even more reports about high levels of radiation still going on in all of the damaged reactors, even after TEPCO had assured the world that they were in supposed "cold shutdown".

I am still waiting for any reports about how and when TEPCO is going to start withdrawing all of the damaged fuel rods in that damaged fuel pool above damaged and melted down reactor#4.   We are still in a very perilous situation where that fuel pool could still fall over, exposing all the fuel rods, and causing an outbreak of radiation that will definitely doom not only Japan, but possibly a wide swath of the entire Northern Hemisphere.  I am truly surprised by the lack of any reporting coming from the fools in the mainstream media about this situation.. But what the heck...The Olympic Games are on!!!!

On another note... My friend, Whitewraithe, who writes the blog: Pragmatic Witness, at www.pragmaticwitness.com, will be the guest on the Charles Giuliani "Truth Hertz" radio show, tomorrow, Monday, July 30th, at 7am, CDT.   Everyone can easily access that broadcast, by going to www.oraclebroadcasting.com, and either listen to it live, or in the archives that will be posted up shortly after the show.   I can guarantee that this show will be fabulous, and everyone will not be disappointed, because Whitewraithe is one heck of a fine speaker who really knows her stuff..... I was surprised that Charles Giuliani himself was not even aware of her fine work, until I made it aware to him last Wednesday....

Some people who have heard me on shows have asked why I do not do more radio shows, or be on as a guest... Most of the problems lies with timing.   I do have a personal life, and a tough work schedule.  It is hard enough at times to even come in here and post up articles at the best of times.   I will be on more shows in the near future, and will keep everyone in here posted..

Well, I figure that is enough for now..... I will close this rant with my usual tidbits... First, I must ask the people of America why they are even bothering to vote in the upcoming November elections for one of two men who have pledged their souls to the criminal state of Israel?  All I have seen in the last few days is reports of Willard Romney or Barry Soetoro sucking up to the Jews in that criminal state!  Another alternative news writer, Mike Rivero, has always said that America needs leaders who put America first, second, and third.  Neither of these two clowns even comes close to fitting that bill.....There are still those who are clinging to the fading hope of their hero, Ron Paul, to save America. I truly feel sorry for these fools, because to save America, they should be out saving that once great nation themselves!....I have not covered the catastrophic drought happening in America right now, and I may in future articles.. The fact is that the American government has itself to blame for this situation by getting into bed with the criminals at Monsanto with their false claims of their GMO crops being drought resistant.  Now we see the terrible result, and this disaster will be devastating to the American people come this fall with sudden food shortages and the resultant higher food prices.....The economic situation in Europe and America has not changed, and will probably become worse in the next few weeks.  Spain is already talking about austerity measures along the lines of what was forced and has failed in Greece.  When will the world finally learn that debt based Usury monetary systems are doomed to failure?......In closing, I figure that I would finally get away from, and avoid mentioning America's first family, the braindead and absolutely useless Kardashians, in this article.  Oops, Sorry about that!

More to come


Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: Follow Up For Last Article: Colorado Massacre Linked To Historic Bank Fraud

I am about to go deeper down the rabbit hole, so to speak...When I did my last article, I launched an interesting supposition and theory that we are all being played as fools by this Aurora Shooting, and that the patsy involved, James Holmes, is definitely being used as a tool to prevent his own father from exposing the entire LIBOR scandal for what it is.. .The biggest swindle and financial fraud ever concocted on the people of this planet!

To back up much of what has been claimed in the last article about James Holmes' father, Robert Holmes, and his links to the LIBOR scandal, I want to turn to an important article from the website: Four Winds10.com, at www.fourwinds10.net, entitled: "Colorado Massacre Linked To Historic Bank Fraud".   I have that entire article right here for everyone to see for themselves how Robert Holmes is definitely linked to the LIBOR scandal, and how there is evidence that his son is being used as a pawn in the criminals behind this scandal's twisted game to prevent Robert Holmes from exposing the entire LIBOR fraud for everyone to see!  First, here is that very interesting Fourwinds10 article, and I have my own comments and thoughts to follow:


Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

July 25, 2012

A highly disturbing Ministry of Finance report on the largest bank fraud in history that is circulating in the Kremlin today warns that it is “within the realm of possibility” that the shocking movie massacre in Colorado this past week is but another “integral part” in the deliberate plan put in place by Western banking elites and their allies to collapse the global economy.

The massacre cited in this report is being referred to as the “2012 Aurora Shooting wherein suspect James Holmes [photo 2nd left] is purported to have opened fire during the playing of a movie killing 12 and injuring 58 in one of the worst mass shootings in recent US history.

Interestingly, this report notes, James Holmes is extremely intelligent, a gifted scientist and grew up in an affluent neighborhood; an eerie similarity he shares with other noted American killers of the past 3 decades including Andrew Cunanan, John Gardner, John Hinckley, Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

Most important to note about James Holmes, however, this report says, is that his father, Robert Holmes, was said to have been scheduled to testify within the next few weeks before a US Senate panel on the largest bank fraud scandal in world history that is currently unfolding and threatens to destabilize and destroy the Western banking system.

Robert Holmes, whose “blueblood” family links go back to the Mayflower, is known throughout the global banking community as being the creator of one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed and is credited with developing predictive models for financial services; credit and fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models.

Educated at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University, Robert Holmes is currently the senior lead scientist with the American credit score company FICO, which was formally known as Fair, Isaac and Company, and which every American citizen is beholden to should they need to borrow money.

The massive banking crime being investigated by the US Senate is called the LIBOR Scandal where UK banks fixed the London Interbank Borrowing Rate with the complicity of the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve (which knew about this crime for 4 years and didn’t report it) and many other major Western banks.

Not known to the majority of those affected by this LIBOR rate scandal (which is everyone in the world) is that its historically low setting of interests rates since the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2012 has done more to destroy the life savings, stock investments and retirements of Americas middle class than any other single event in their entire history.

Even worse, according to this report, Holmes recently completed his work on what is called one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed that not only uncovered the true intent of this massive fraud, but is, also, able to trace the Trillions of Dollars “lost” to the exact bank accounts of the elite classes who have stolen it.

Ministry intelligence officials note in this report that it is “no coincidence” that this Colorado massacre occurred within minutes of London’s Guardian News Service releasing their shocking report this past Saturday (21 July) titled “Wealth Doesn't trickle Down – It Just Floods Offshore, Research Reveals” as Robert Holmes algorithms were said used to discover this massive fraud scheme.

Equally curious to note about this massacre is that the American intelligence website TheIntelHub.Com in their 23 July article titled “Hallmarks of a False Flag: Colorado University Held Identical Drill on Same Day as Aurora Theater Mass Shooting, Mind Control, and Multiple Suspects” states that just mere hours before this shocking crime was committed the Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine was holding an identical drill that simulated a shooter in a movie theater.

The popular InfoWars.Com website further notes that “false flag” events such as the Colorado massacre are actively planned for by the US Army as noted in their training manual titled “Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces”.

Even though the true objective of this massacre was may never be known, it is more than interesting to note that some in the “mainstream” US media are not accepting the “official line,” such as Fox News reporter Ben Swann from their WXIX-FOX19 station out of Cincinnati, Ohio, who asks:

“Why did Holmes go to the expense and trouble of rigging his apartment with an array of deadly explosives and then immediately tell police about the bombs when he was arrested? If Holmes wanted to kill as many people as possible, why warn the cops ahead of time?

Given the fact that Holmes was a graduate student in neuroscience, where did he obtain the skills to create a maze of bombs so complex that it took the FBI two days to disarm them? According to experts, the intricacy of the bombs was reminiscent of war zones – how could Holmes have set all this up without help from an explosives expert?

Despite police claiming “every single indicator” tells them the shooting was a lone wolf attack, numerous witnesses have described accomplices. Initial police reports that suggested the involvement of two or more shooters were quickly buried and the lone wolf narrative aggressively pushed.

As Swann points out, eyewitnesses interviewed after the shooting such as Corbin Dates state that Holmes received a phone call from someone while he was inside the theater and responded by moving to the emergency exit, suggesting the call was an accomplice coordinating the attack.

Dates also said he saw Holmes by the exit door “signaling somebody or looking for somebody to come his way.

Another eyewitness added, “From what we saw he wasn’t alone – he had someone with him. Because the second can of tear gas didn’t come from his side.”

July 25, 2012 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]

NTS Notes:  I want to thank one of my "anonymous" commentators for bringing this information to light.

I put into bold and italics the one section of this report that should have everyone's eyebrows raised...

Again, as in my previous article, we are living in very dangerous times, everyone.  The criminals who want to put us into servitude and are responsible for the entire world's financial mess do not want their criminality exposed.  Therefore, the scenario that they are using the Holmes as the pawns in their twisted game does hold credence!

I have made it my duty to get as much truth about this Colorado shooting out for everyone to see for themselves.  There are those who may not agree with the scenario that I have presented, but the evidence shows that what we have been presented as the facts behind this massacre are nothing but bold faced lies.  Therefore, do not dismiss this scenario as fiction, yet...

As more important information surfaces, I will present it here again for everyone to see for themselves.. Stay tuned...

More to come


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: James Holmes' Father Exposed!

Ever since the shooting at the Aurora Colorado movie theater that occurred last weekend, that cost the lives of some 12 movie going patrons and injured some 58 others, I have been watching, and observing the mainstream media lies, and the facts being presented over the alternative news, about the shooting, and the man supposedly responsible for this massacre.  I have long come to the conclusion that what we have here is a classic MK Ultra type hit, where Holmes is either a programmed stooge, or possibly the patsy to take the fall, while the real perpetrators responsible for the murders are long gone...

Everything about this shooting does not make any sense.. We have a young medical student that supposedly got his hands on some $40000 of guns, explosives, and ammunition, and was able to wire up his entire apartment as well with a series of explosives.   He also received a phone call just before his "rampage" (from his controller to switch his mind into kill mode?) and was able to exit the theater through an emergency exit door (without the alarm going off???), and then was able to re-enter through the same door (emergency exit doors are set up for exit only), toss in several tear gas canisters, and then proceed through the smoke to kill 12 and injure 58 more (fine shooting from an amateur through dense smoke!).   He then quietly surrenders to the police (who happened to respond within 90 seconds... a world record!).. and appeared to be absolutely oblivious to what he had just done (MK Ultra mind control??). 

I want to thank my friend, Noor, who writes the blog: Snippits and Snappits, at www.snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com, for coming out today with an important article that may blow the lid on this entire "James Holmes" being the so called "lone gunman" that the media and the authorities are claiming did this movie theater shooting... It is entitled: "James Holmes' Daddy Exposed", and is a must read by all of my own viewers....I have that entire article right here, and I do have some of my own comments to follow:


Composite photo found at  
I immediately realized when I saw the court appearance that this was not the same man but this proves it.

Thumbs up to Beulahman for this one. It seems young James Holmes is NOT the son of a simple scientist at all. In fact, his daddy is a very famous man and high level government type asset. Read on.

Once again breaking news on the Colorado shooting from dutchsinse. And yes, this HUGE news that you will not ever hear about in the mainstream media unless a million of us begin to raise a fuss. And even then, perhaps not.

James Holmes’ (the Colorado shooter) father is Robert Holmes who is set to testify at the LIBOR banking scandal hearings a SENIOR SCIENTIST at the famous "FICO" ~ the people who determine credit scores!

Here are the father’s details:

First.. here is what he looks like (seen arriving at the Denver airport after the shooting caught by paparazzi TMZ):

Here is more information on James Holmes father Robert:


Here is the basic search ..

An article that came to me via email that led me to look into this a bit deeper: thanks Karla Miller !

Read about the basic ICC LIBOR case against Barclays:

NTS Notes:  I also want to thank both "Beulahman", and "dutchsinse" for coming forward with this absolutely fabulous information...

Readers, something is terrible wrong here, and this entire Aurora shooting now stinks to high heaven....

While the world focuses in on the Olympic Games, the Mossad shooting in Bulgaria, this shooting in Aurora, and even the impending criminal US/Israeli attack on an innocent Syria, one of the most important financial scandals in all of history, the LIBOR scandal, has been badly overlooked.... Now we find out that the shooter, James Holmes' own father, Robert Holmes, is linked to that scandal that has Earth shattering implications!  What are the odds????

I want to put forward a thought of my own, and the following scenario... I may be wrong about this... Suppose that the shooting was truly a setup to scare the American public into blindly accepting new gun controls, and that the masterminds behind the shooting decided they would get a "two for the price of one deal" by having James Holmes take the fall as a method of blackmailing Robert Holmes to shut him up, and/or prevent him from testifying, about what he knows about the entire LIBOR scandal.  I would not so quickly dismiss this scenario, because these criminals that are responsible for the ruination of nations through their crooked financial systems would not hesitate to pull of such a stunt...

We live in a dangerous world indeed, readers, where criminals will stop at nothing in pursuit of our enslavement.   The Aurora shooting should be a wake up call for everyone!

More to come


Friday, July 27, 2012

Important Video: Zionist Jews Behind US Financial Collapse

Everyone is well aware right now that the United States of America is in severe economic meltdown.  That meltdown started back in late 2007, and accelerated during 2008 with the full scope of the sub-prime mortgage crisis coming to light.. Most Americans as a result watched their American dream disintegrate as they lost their entire life savings and their homes as a result.  Many are still asking themselves how that happened and exactly WHO is responsible!

My friend, Whitewraithe, who writes the fabulous blog: Pragmatic Witness, at www.pragmaticwitness.com, put forward an article the other day that contained a very important video from Press TV.  After reading her article, and watching the video, I knew that it belonged here for my own readers to view... In it, you will see some experts on the US economic crisis come out and say clearly that it is the Zionist Jews responsible for the US economic collapse!  

Here is that Pragmatic Witness article for everyone to see for themselves.  I have my own comments and thoughts to follow:

Video: Zionist Jews behind US financial collapse

Posted on

Millions of American families lost their homes to foreclosure over the past five years.

According some reports, close to 9 million homes entered the foreclosure process between January 2007 and last month. Out of those, 4-point-3 million properties ended up foreclosed-upon.

Now, activists are calling for a moratorium on foreclosure and proper action against the banks that they hold responsible for creating the crisis in the first place.

PressTV interview with Caleb Maupin from the International Action Center, Tighe Barry of Codepink, and Joachim Martillo – Financial Analyst.

NTS Notes:  Gee, what else is new?  When you dig deep enough into any criminal activity in the financial world, you always seem to find the chosen ones behind it....When the hell with the good people in America finally wake the hell up and see the truth about the criminals behind their demise? 

It is a fact that almost ALL banks in the United States today are fully under the control of Jewish interests.  And it is these criminal Jewish bankers that created the mess that caused the economic collapse to take place that will eventually destroy America itself.

It is truly amazing that there was never an uproar in the United States after these same criminal Jewish bankers were "bailed out" to the tune of tens of TRILLIONS of dollars.   What has happened as a result is destitution and poverty exploding in America, and not a chance of any economic recovery on the horizon.

It is a fact that throughout history, any economic system that adopts criminal Jewish debt usury eventually collapses.   What we are watching is the end of America financially, thanks to these parasites. Again, when the hell will the American people wake up, and put an end to their tyranny before it is too late?

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The Upcoming War On Iran: Documentary On Iran: Iran Is NOT The Problem. Stop The War On Iran!

The criminal state of Israel is definitely wanting their nice little war against the innocent country of Iran off and running sooner than later.  We have seen their slave minions in the United States government move a multitude of military ordinance into the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean, and nations bordering Iran,  in preparation for an attack that is definitely coming... It seems now only a matter of when that this attack does take place. 

I have long been putting up articles showing everyone the proof that Iran is absolutely NOT a threat to anyone.  The facts are that our governments and our Jewish controlled media, are promoting this war on a bunch of lies and falsehoods, especially the absolute lie that Iran is in the process of building, or obtaining, nuclear weapons!

Right now, I want to present an important documentary that was actually made back in 2007, entitled: "Iran Is Not The Problem.  Stop The War On Iran", for everyone to see here in its entirety.  It is 79 minutes long, and contains many important facts that were known back in 2007, but is missing some key issues, that have come to light since, that I will discuss in my comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  OK, the major issue that is definitely overlooked in this entire documentary is the fact that it is the criminal state of Israel that is the REAL threat in the Middle East, and absolutely not Iran.

What is missing in this documentary is the fact that Iran is not, and never was, in the process of ever building one single nuclear weapon, period.   What is purposely overlooked by our own governments and our sick media, is the fact that the criminal state of Israel has some 400 nuclear weapons and a wide variety of delivery systems for that weaponry that could take out 1/2 of the world.   So while they scream about Iranian non-existent nuclear weapons, they turn a blind eye to the real danger in that region....

What is also not mentioned in this documentary is the fact that the concept that the world is running out of oil is a scam.  There is and never has been any "Peak Oil", period.   That fear has been done to boost prices of petroleum artificially high world wide, and to somehow justify wars of aggression as a means of grabbing "what is left" of "vital" oil resources!

So why the war on Iran?  It seems that what we have is another war for Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East.  If Iran is eliminated, who will stop Israel from pushing for its long dream of total control over the entire region, as well as expansion into a "Greater Israel"?    And we cannot forget on top of Iran's threat to the almighty US Petrodollar, that Iran has one of the last non-Rothschild controlled banking institutions left in the entire world.   Once Iran falls, and is forced into the same criminal banking scheme that has enslaved all other countries, then the long awaited dream of world Jewish domination can finally be achieved...

It is again important that everyone be up to speed on the real truths about why the criminal state of Israel, and their slaves in the US, want this war on Iran.  What is especially of concern is of course that once they launch an attack on Iran, what will Russia and China do?  I do not like the prospects of an attack triggering World War III, with the possibility of it becoming a global thermonuclear war.... And I do suspect that many others feel exactly the same.....

More to come


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Important Health Alert: Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ!

I have been trying for years to get everyone to understand the dire importance of getting our bodies into a proper state of health.  The old saying that a "Healthy body means a healthy mind" is absolutely true, and everyone must do their utmost to keep themselves fit in this war against those criminals that are out for our enslavement.

I came across the following report from The Wall Street Journal Marketwatch, at www.marketwatch.com, entitled: "Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ", and I definitely want to have it here in my own blog for everyone to see for themselves the dire importance of getting all Fluoride out of our food and water immediately!   First, here is that important article, and I do have some of my own comments to follow:

July 24, 2012, 8:44 a.m. EDT

Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ - Published in Federal Gov't Journal

NEW YORK, July 24, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Harvard University researchers' review of fluoride/brain studies concludes "our results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children's neurodevelopment." It was published online July 20 in Environmental Health Perspectives, a US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences' journal (1), reports the NYS Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF)
"The children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ than those who lived in low fluoride areas," write Choi et al.
Further, the EPA says fluoride is a chemical "with substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity."
Fluoride (fluosilicic acid) is added to US water supplies at approximately 1 part per million attempting to reduce tooth decay.
Water was the only fluoride source in the studies reviewed and was based on high water fluoride levels. However, they point out research by Ding (2011) suggested that low water fluoride levels had significant negative associations with children's intelligence.
Choi et al. write, "Although fluoride may cause neurotoxicity in animal models and acute fluoride poisoning causes neurotoxicity in adults, very little is known of its effects on children's neurodevelopment. They recommend more brain/fluoride research on children and at individual-level doses.
"It's senseless to keep subjecting our children to this ongoing fluoridation experiment to satisfy the political agenda of special-interest groups," says attorney Paul Beeber, NYSCOF President. "Even if fluoridation reduced cavities, is tooth health more important than brain health? It's time to put politics aside and stop artificial fluoridation everywhere," says Beeber.
After reviewing fluoride toxicological data, the NRC reported in 2006, "It's apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain."
Choi's team writes, "Fluoride readily crosses the placenta. Fluoride exposure to the developing brain, which is much more susceptible to injury caused by toxicants than is the mature brain, may possibly lead to damage of a permanent nature."
Fluoride accumulates in the body. Even low doses are harmful to babies, the thyroid, kidney patients and heavy water-drinkers. There are even doubts about fluoridation's effectiveness (2). New York City Legislation is pending to stop fluoridation. Many communities have already stopped.
Infant formula when mixed with fluoridated water delivers 100-200 times more fluoride than breastmilk. (3)
More information on fluoride's impact on the brain is here.
Contact: Paul Beeber, JD, 516-433-8882 nyscof@aol.com
SOURCE NYS Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc.
Copyright (C) 2012 PR Newswire. All rights reserved 

NTS Notes:  When the hell will the people finally learn, and absolutely demand their governments get this poison out of our food and water?

It has been shown for years that Fluoride does serious damage to our bodies and to our immune systems.  Now you can add evidence that it causes a lowering of Intelligence to that list!

It is no wonder that when you look at America today, and all you see is a bunch of dumbed down zombified people that have not a clue about the impending destruction of their nation they face.  It does appear that having them drink Fluoridated water is a major culprit!

Please take this information,and again as always, pass it around for everyone to see for themselves.  We must have Fluoride removed from our food and water.   The criminal poisoning of our bodies must be stopped immediately!

More to come


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Syrian Detour: Syria Threatens No One

I have not put up an article about the situation in Syria for a while.   I have long called the war by the criminals in both the United States and the criminal state of Israel the "Syrian Detour" because it should have been obvious that these monsters want a war against Syria due to its military alliance with Iran.  They have always hoped that by triggering a war against Syria, they could get their long sought and cherished war against Iran off and running.  It does not matter to these sick twisted maniacs that such a war could also see Russian and Chinese involvement in a global thermonuclear war that will see absolutely no winners, and billions of innocent people dead!

I have been watching and listening to all the puppets in the so called "mainstream media" the last few days clamor more and more loudly for a war on Syria and I have wondered.. What exactly has Syria ever done that warrants its destruction?... To help answer that important question, I want to turn to a new article by Stephen Lendman, through the Rense online site, at www.rense.com, entitled: "Syria Threatens No One".  I have that entire article right here, and my own comments to follow:

Syria Threatens No One

By Stephen Lendman

Media scoundrels specialize in distorting comments and meaning.

They're hyperbolic over Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi saying Syria would only use chemical weapons against external aggression.

His message was clear. Distortion, misinterpretation, and willful lying about it followed. Inflammatory headlines blared. More on what Makdissi meant below.

At the State Department's daily press briefing, Victoria Nuland commented on Syria's chemical weapons, saying:

Talk about using chemical weapons "is horrific and chilling." Syria "has a responsibility to the world (and) its own citizens to protect and safeguard those weapons."

Any "kind of loose talk just speaks to the kind of regime that we're talking about."

"I think we've been absolutely clear where we stand on this issue, which is that any possible use of these kinds of weapons would be completely unacceptable."

"We’ve been making our position clear for many, many days now, and we’ve also been working with all of our allies and partners to monitor the situation, to compare information, and to send the same messages."

Syria "knows where we stand." Asked about securing them, Nuland said "warnings that we have given with regard" to these weapons have "been absolutely clear."

Asked about warning regime opponents, she added nothing further. Asked also to comment on Washington's position on a potential Israeli attack, she said "obviously I'm not going to walk into hypothetical scenarios."

"Like all countries in the neighborhood, it makes sense for there to be prudent planning for self-defense."

Reports suggest Washington and Israel discussed destroying Syria's stockpiles. Both countries know where they're held. Allegedly they're in dozens of locations. Bombing them would unleash a firestorm of toxins. Everyone nearby would be harmed.

The threat of a chemical weapon false flag attack blamed on Syria is real. On June 10, Russia Today headlined "Syrian rebels aim to use chemical weapons, blame Damascus - report," saying:

Opposition fighters have chemical weapons. Libyan sources supplied them. Allegedly they're planned for use "against civilians." The scheme involves blaming Assad.

DamPress "claims the opposition group in possession of the weapons is being trained in its use inside Turkey. No further details on the alleged conspiracy is given."

"The Libyan stockpile of chemical weapons was a matter of great concern during last year’s civil war in the country. There were fears that they may end up in the hands of the terrorists and used elsewhere in the world."

Independent analysts also fear a possible US-led NATO/Free Syrian Army (FSA) false flag chemical attack on Syrian civilians blamed on Assad.

Doing so would provide Washington an easy way to circumvent Security Council authority to intervene militarily and enlist popular support for it.

If harmful enough, it could be Syria's 9/11. American strategists may find that scheme too tempting to pass up. Regime change is longstanding US policy.

NATO and regional allies head closer to war. A casus belli remains to initiate it. The horror of chemical attack mass casualties looks perfect. Whether it's planned or not remains to be seen. The possibility is real.

Media War of Words

On July 23, The New York Times headlined "Syria Threatens Chemical Attack on Foreign Force," saying:

"Syrian officials warned Monday that they would deploy chemical weapons against any foreign intervention...."

"The warning came out of Damascus, veiled behind an assurance that the Syrian leadership would never use such weapons against its own citizens, describing chemical and biological arms as outside the bounds of the kind of guerrilla warfare being fought internally."

The Times cited CIA reports saying:

"Syria has had a C.W. program for many years and has a stockpile of C.W. agents, which can be delivered by aerial bombs, ballistic missiles, and artillery rockets."

"We assess that Syria remains dependent on foreign sources for key elements of its C.W. program, including precursor chemicals."

Syria's arsenal includes "the nerve agent sarin, which can be delivered by aircraft or ballistic missile."

On July 24, Reuters headlined "After bloody week, West warns Syria on chemical arms," saying:

"Western states expressed alarm" after Syria acknowledged its capability for the first time. Makdissi said chemical weapons won't be used against insurgents "regardless of (internal) developments."

"These weapons are stored and secured by Syrian military forces and under (their) direct supervision and will never be used unless Syria faces external aggression."

The Mossad-connected DEBKAfile (DF) published various reports hyping an alleged Syrian chemical weapons threat.

It's latest July 23 one headlined "Syrian chemical threat targets Israel. Obama warns Assad against 'tragic mistake,' " saying:

Makdissi's statement indicated "a direct threat (against) Israel." On Sunday, Netanyahu said preventing Syria's chemical weapons from "falling into the wrong hands" was key to Israel's security.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered the IDF to prepare possibly attacking their storage areas because "Israel cannot accept the transfer of advanced weapons from Syria to Lebanon."

Nothing, of course, suggests Assad plans this. Hyping the threat advances the ball for war.

Guilty parties include US officials, Israeli ones, Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague, France's Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UN/Arab League Syria envoy Kofi Annan, and Human Rights Council High Commissioner Navanethem Pillay, among others.

DF is part of the regime change campaign. It cited an unnamed Israeli official saying Assad "holds all the cards on when and against whom to use its chemical weapons."

Assad gave "himself carte blanche for resorting to chemical warfare at a time of his choosing by (saying) his government is subject to external Arab and Western aggression."

Indeed he's very much threatened. Alleging he's hyping what doesn't exist ignores reality.

DF cited an unnamed US military source saying Assad is "preparing to expand the Syria war into Lebanon whence his troops can threaten northern and Mediterranean areas of Israel."

In a Monday speech to veterans, Obama said Syria "will be held accountable by the international community and the United States should they make the tragic mistake of using those weapons."

Hyping fake threats conceals real ones Syria faces. Distorting comments by its officials advances the ball for war. Washington planned it years ago. Electoral politics influence its timetable. Whether it comes before of post-election doesn't matter. Regime change policy remains unchanged.

Syria Responds to Western Distortions and Deceit

On July 23, SANA state media headlined "Information Minister: Foreign Media and Diplomatic (Sides) Misconstrued Foreign Ministry Statement and Put it Out of Context," saying:

Makdissi's meaning was clear. Since early 2011, Syria's been a battleground. Western-generated violence continues daily. International law legitimizes self-defense.

Syria's in a war for survival. Its people know the stakes. They deplore becoming another Afghanistan, Iraq, or Libya. They expect their government to do what it takes to prevent it. Makdissi and other officials vow to do so. It's their right and duty.

Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi told Sham FM Radio about "an international campaign led by US-Israeli diplomacy under the guise of warning against alleged chemical weapons that Syria supposedly possesses, and that this campaign is part of ongoing pressure to pass an international resolution under the pretext of preserving world peace."

For over two decades, he added, Syria called for abolishing all regional WMDs. Israel's open secret is well known. Its formidable nuclear, chemical, and biological arsenal poses the most significant threat.

It has hundreds of warheads and sophisticated long-range delivery systems. It never signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT).

It signed the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), but didn't ratify it. It never signed the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC). Its policy is CBW ambiguity, but worse than that.

Analysts most familiar with Israeli strategy acknowledge that it won't hesitate using nuclear or other weapons to advance its regional imperium.

Against Lebanon in 2006, Gaza during Cast Lead, and other attacks, it used direct energy weapons, chemical and/or biological agents. Injuries and symptoms followed never before seen.

The Palestinian health ministry said Israel used a new type explosive in Gaza. It contained toxins and radioactive materials. They burned and tore victims’ bodies from the inside. They also left long term deformations.

Since the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel's been using depleted uranium weapons. Washington initially supplied them. America's military and Israel use them freely.

They're used in bombs, shells, missiles, and bullets. They spread deadly radiation like nuclear bombs. Vast areas get contaminated. Water, air, soil, and food become unsafe. Cancer and other disease rates soar. Locations far from target sites are affected.

No evidence suggests Syria used WMDs of any kind or plans to except in self-defense against external aggression. Washington and Israel use them freely in all wars they wage and other belligerence.

Fingers pointing the right way would blame them. Media scoundrels say nothing. Cheerleading war instead of forthrightly denouncing it threatens to embroil the entire region.

Perhaps Washington, key NATO partners, and regional allies won't be satisfied until it's incinerated. Unless years of belligerent madness stops, end game consequences may demolish it from one end to the other.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book is titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War"


Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


Likud, Kadima, Labor, or new centrist party leadership hardly matters. Israel remains hardline, belligerent, and repressive. Arab citizens have no rights.

They and most Jews chafe under neoliberal harshness. Instead of improving conditions, they're worsening.

Malcolm X once said "I see America through the eyes of the victim. I don't see any American dream - I see an American nightmare."

Israelis face similar harshness. Remaining rights are eroding en route to being lost altogether. Populist change demands sustained public rage. Nothing else can work.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book is titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War"


Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


NTS Notes:  When I read the reports about so called "chemical weapons" that could be used by the Assad government in Syria, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry....Why can't people see that we are seeing the exact same lies by our governments that were used against Saddam Hussein back in 2003, when the US falsely claimed that he had "weapons of mass destruction" and a vast "chemical arsenal"?    We all know by now that when the Americans and British marched into Iraq in 2003, they found absolutely NO such "weapons of mass destruction".    History is definitely repeating itself...

I fully agree with Stephen Lendman's assertions in his article that the real threat to that whole region, and the entire world itself, is the criminal state of Israel with its massive arsenal of some 400 nuclear weapons and a vast assortment of chemical and biological weapons.  But that is conveniently overlooked by our governments and the media due to the fact that these are nothing more than Israeli and Jewish puppets...

We are being led falsely (again) into another unjust war for the criminal state of Israel...This time against the innocent nation of Syria.  It is time for everyone to get the truth out about Syria, and stop the madness immediately.

More to come