Thursday, June 21, 2012

US And Israel Behind "Flame" Cyber-Attack On Iran (Is This Not An Act Of War?)

When news came out weeks back that a new malware virus had been discovered by the Russians, I and others immediately smelled a rat... We had already witnessed the massive damage done by the Israeli Stuxnet virus to the Fukushima nuclear power station in Japan,  and when this new virus, called "Flame" came out of the woodwork, it appeared to be another case of "Here we go again" in the psycho Israeli and their American puppets' attempts to ruin the nation of Iran.

Now, we have a new article that comes from Press TV, at, entitled: "US And Israel Behind "Flame"  Cyber-Attack On Iran" that gives the damning evidence that this latest creation, called "Flame" was intended to be a vicious attack against the peaceful nation of Iran itself.  I have that entire article right here, and my own comments and thoughts to follow:

 US and Israel behind cyber attack on Iran

In the 21st century, a battle doesn’t always stick to the conventions of troops and hardware to gain an advantage. These days, cyber warfare is done electronically.

That point -- made clear this week with reports that Israel and the US conspired to create a computer virus called the “Flame” to interrupt Iran’s nuclear program.

Experts say the “Flame” virus was likely created by the same state responsible for the Stuxnet virus that targeted Iran’s nuclear power plant in 2010. Many suspect that Stuxnet was the work of Israeli intelligence.

Experts say the Flame virus has a complex design with a wide range of capabilities. It essentially collects information to send back to the sender by monitoring keystrokes, audio equipment, and camera equipment. It can even track conversations and data from wireless Bluetooth devices.

The Flame virus is reported to have affected at least 600 computer systems in Egypt, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Palestine. Experts say Western interests are aggressively gathering information over Iran’s intentions despite the Islamic Republic being a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and its constant insistence that its nuclear program is for peaceful, energy purposes only.

The information obtained from the Flame will be fielded by the NSA.
The CIA is also involved in the cyber-campaign.

The Flame, Stuxnet and other types of malware won’t be last we’ll hear of computer viruses for military purposes. Experts say cyberspace is now the latest frontier in warfare between states.

NTS Notes:  It is true that many nations in the Middle East found the criminal "Flame" virus in their computer systems... But I can guarantee that the primary target of this latest sinister act of aggression was the state if Iran itself.

Again, I must ask everyone:  Is this not an act of war?   The use of malware viruses in today's society against peaceful nations can definitely be called an act of aggression against those nations.   What we have therefore is a blatant attack of aggression by the criminal and terrorist state of Israel and their useful idiot puppets in the United States against a sovereign nation, Iran.

It is thankful that the Russians were able to first expose the existence of "Flame" a few weeks ago, and were able to alert the Iranians to this latest act of sabotage by the criminals in both the United States and their masters in Israel.    We also witnessed how the "Flame" virus mysteriously suddenly committed "suicide" in many of the machines that it had already infected.  I do suspect that when the criminals in Israel found out they had been caught red handed, they conveniently sent out a signal that destroyed the evidence... How convenient is that?

But what is next?    I can guarantee that we have not seen the last of these criminal acts of aggression by both the criminal state of Israel and their puppets in America on Iran.   These maniacs want war and bloodshed so badly that they are now trying anything to either weaken or destroy Iran itself.   People must be made aware of this type of aggression and demand their own governments to stop this madness...Again, we have witnessed the world wide damaging result when the sinister Israeli developed Stuxnet virus got loose and did horrific damage to Fukushima, so what will happen the next time?

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