Sunday, June 24, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 24th, 2012

First, I want to alert my readers that I am officially on vacation starting this week... What this means is that there will be fewer articles in this blog, for the next three weeks, due to the need to much overdue rest and relaxation...

OK, where to begin..... I have been very disturbed over the last few days from the newest reports coming out of Japan about the continuing crisis at Fukushima.   I put up a recent article that to me was absolutely shocking.  We find that the Japanese government has been lying to their own people for over a year now, by not divulging some serious American researcherss` radiation level data that they had obtained shortly after the initial disaster of March 11th, 2011.   What this means, by their negligence, is that they have doomed thousands of people to potential death from radiation poisoning by not acting on the American researchers' data.   To me, this is tantamount to genocide!

And what about the continuing situation with the spent fuel pool sitting above failed reactor #4 that from all indications is about to topple over?   We have seen recent reports of TEPCO building a cover over the spent fuel pool, that has been revealed to not be able to withstand typhoon winds....This is outrageous because that region of Honshu island is just entering this year's typhoon season!    So why the cover?  I suspect they do not want prying eyes to see what exactly is going on there, because TEPCO itself has tried to put an end to independent journalist reports about the failed facility, and has suddenly "accelerated" their plans to remove all the spent fuel rods in that crippled pool one year ahead of schedule... Is it just me or does something absolutely stink about this entire situation?

We also see reports of more and more debris from that "tsunami and earthquake" washing ashore on Canada's west coast, as well as the American west coast.  The debris is only the prelude to the massive amount of radioactively contaminated water that is only now beginning to make its presence there as well.  More and more highly radioactive fish are also being caught in these waters, all of which are absolutely not safe for human consumption.   I have said in previous articles that we are definitely seeing the destruction of the North Pacific Ocean, and I have found no evidence to sway me from that statement.

So again, what is the civilized world doing to alleviate the situation with the Fukushima disaster?   I have seen nothing from Canada's federal government at all, as well as nothing pertinent from the US government.     It does again appear that these criminals will only act if and when Fukushima becomes a life or death situation!

Speaking of life or death... WHY have the countries of Europe not done the right thing and let the European Union die?    It was an experiment from its inception that was always doomed to failure.  I have long believed that it was the Rothschilds' first attempt at their evil twisted One World Government plan,  and the plan has definitely gone awry...    We see more and more nations of this failed union on the brink of total economic collapse, and instead of letting the union collapse to allow nations to lick their wounds and go their own way, we see constant meetings about "austerity" measures, and bailouts.....Greece and Spain are the prime examples...

I see that the Greek election fraud went as the criminal IMF planned... It was my hope that the people of Greece would have seen through the criminal plans for more "austerity" which is nothing more than slavery, and told the IMF to take their austerity and shove it.   They would have been better to look at the Icelandic model and tell these criminals to go to hell.   Instead, we see an Rothschild IMF puppet government in Athens that will do their masters' bidding and give the Greeks perpetual enslavement.

People everywhere must understand the entire nature of our present financial system that has always been doomed to failure from the start.  You cannot have a system where more money is required as payment than what is actually in circulation.  What happens over time is that the "debt" owed to the banking criminals that run the system grows to the point that it crushes the nation itself.  This system of Usury debt is absolutely ridiculous and again throughout history, any nation that adopts such a criminal system has always collapsed.

Some people have asked me what the cure is for our economic crisis and our failing financial systems.  I have always said that nations must have the courage to end their system of Usury debt and take the power away from the criminal Jewish bankers that run the corrupt system.   The problem lies in the corrupt governments that we have that are in the back pockets of these banking criminals, and will NOT act in the benefit of the people who are actually stupid enough to elect them to power!

And speaking of the one nation that has said "NO" to these banking monster, Iceland.... Has anyone noticed the lack of news on the Jewish controlled mainstream media about how Iceland now is projected to be one of the fastest economically growing nations on Earth over the next few years?   The Icelandic people have done wonders in actually arresting all the banking criminals behind their economic collapse in 2008, and now with that nation free from their criminal system of debt, their nation has not only recovered, but is excelling!   But again, we will not see reports over the criminally controlled mainstream media about this, and I can see why... If the rest of the world got wind of how Iceland has done it right, then more nations would actually follow.... Therefore, a major media blackout of Iceland's recovery is purposely taking place.  

In other matters, and on a lighter note... I have periodically been watching the Euro 2012 soccer (football) matches from Poland and the Ukraine... I have always wondered why, to increase scoring in matches (I used to get either sick and/or sleepy when watching some Soccer matches that take 90 minutes, and end in 0-0 ties), the FIFA officials do not at least increase the size of the goals. to allow more scoring.  Either that or do something really radical like removing or revamping the offside rules (I can hear a collective gasp from Soccer purists right now)..... And what is with all the diving?   I have watched as some players get lightly hit, fall over, and act like they are dying! To me, FIFA has always needed to cutout that behavior from these high paid athletes, and seriously penalize them more heavily for their overacting....

Well, I see all the Ron Paul supporters now scrambling to find out the logic in his entire campaign.  I have to laugh sometimes that they will stick to the idea that this man is still the savior for America, when the truth has always been that his campaign was a fraud from the beginning.   The criminals who control America have had it planned for months now that the American public will be selecting either the Jewish controlled homosexual war-monger Barry Soetoro, or the Jewish controlled corporate elitist war-monger Willard Romney in the upcoming November "election".    Again, there is no choice for America because both of these criminals are firm Israel firsters that would do anything to please their Jewish masters, including launch Israel's much desired war on Iran.    When the hell will Americans finally realize that they are being screwed royally, and actually do something to change the corrupt system.   They have to stop looking for a "savior" for America, and instead save their nation themselves!

And speaking of Iran.... What have I been saying all along about the so called "talks" between Iran and the "P5+1" nations?   They were always doomed to failure from the start, and they were only brought in to make it look like Iran was not willing to bargain in good faith.   What good faith?  Iran was asked to surrender from the very beginning and to have nothing in return.  Many of the so called "deals" called for Iran to immediately give up their peaceful nuclear power program, and at the same time to not have any of the sanctions lifted on them.   Wow, what a deal!

It does seem that I have to say it again and again... Iran is absolutely NOT building any nuclear weapons.  They have no need to, and to even attempt to do so would only give the sick criminals in both Israel and the Israel slave nation United States, their long sought excuse to actually destroy their nation.   Therefore for Iran to go for nuclear weapons is suicidal.

AND... It does appear that everyone is still kept in the dark to the fact that Israel itself has hundreds of nuclear weapons and a vast variety of delivery systems for threatening the entire world with their nuclear might.    It is especially sickening that we hear calls from world leaders that they will defend Israel first and foremost and not bothering with defending their own people who actually elect them to power!   Why the hell is there the need to defend a criminal nation that is already armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons?  It seems obvious that because of the massive power that the criminal state of Israel possesses, such a defensive stance from other nations is not required!

I need not to repeat here much about what is happening in Syria, because it should be obvious to everyone by now... Israel wants Syria destroyed, and they will get their slave puppets in the US, and Nato to do it for them.   If anyone questions this as fact, just ask them to take a good hard look at Libya and how that nation was "liberated" by the US and NATO as the prime example...

I have not put up any articles over the last while about the situation in Egypt.    I see that the Muslim Brotherhood's main man is now the newly "elected" President of that country, and I have seen some articles in the alternative media saying that it may be that the US has one of their lackeys back in power in Egypt..... So has there been any real change since Mubarak was removed last year from power?   It is wait and see now, but it should be obvious that the Americans and the Israelis will not give up their power of Egypt by a long shot...

Well... That is it for now.... There are so many other subjects that I could be covering, but instead I will give my usual closing tidbits.... I see there is a new effort for flying private citizens to the moon in Russian built capsules.  Good luck with that, because I want to see how they are able to solve the longstanding issue of the high radiation of the Van Allen belts, that has prevented man's journey to the moon so far...... The Global Warming scam artists are presently not saying much, because all evidence is coming out now that the planet is definitely cooling.  However, these fraudsters will come up with something new as their excuses and I will be there to expose them again if and when they do....We see more alternative news coming out about "Obama Birth Certificates" and who this man's real father is.  I say to them that where were they 4 years ago before that clown got to be elected President?  Kind of late in the game, don't you think?.....I see that my friend Noor, in British Columbia, Canada, has come down with serious carpal tunnel syndrome.  I talked with her via Skype and told her to take it easy or else it will get worse.  However, from what I am seeing over at "Snippits and Snappits", she is still pouring out articles and not allowing her hand to heal.   I will not call it being stubborn.... As I said in the beginning of this article, I am officially on a long needed vacation.  The brain drain from my work has seriously affected my output in terms of articles in this blog, and I will be spending some time for a bit of recharging..... In closing, the American economy is still going to hell, and total collapse is definitely coming.  As I have said in previous rants, it is so sad that some Americans would rather worry about ridiculous fluff and garbage like the lives of the brain dead Kardashians, than care about what is actually happening to their once proud nation.  Does anyone else see the problem with that?

More to come



Anonymous said...

Hmmm . . . I'm not sure what you mean by Paul's campaign being a fraud, but it's obvious that the powers that be will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that they need to do to keep him out of the Oral Orifice. He'd better stay off of small planes.

That being said, however, I've often wondered how it is that a guy, with a voting record that would have the Founders carrying him around like a Super Bowl-winning coach, had nothing to say about the bankster bailouts, and why he wasn't on the floor of the House every single day demanding the impeachment and removal of every single member of the Bush administration. That is the sort of thing that, I must say, just doesn't seem right.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Definitely an excellent rant, mon ami. Enjoy your time away so ~ why don't you all (as in lady and kid)leave all your electronic devices at home and take a road trip? You can do a lot in 3 weeks, even though it is over before it begins.

Your segue, "Speaking of life or death..." cracked me up. Sigh, my humour is so dark at times.

"Rothschilds' first attempt at their evil twisted One World Government plan." Not quite. The Sabbateans have been at this for a long time. A very very long time. And this family is high level Sabbatean, among many other unsavory things.

What do you think wars of conquest have been over the past few thousand years? Of course there are lots of other factors, but....
Who corrupted and brought down Egypt? Rome? Istanbul? Venice? Paris? Belgium and Russia? Last few centuries they primarily used Great Britain, sucked it dry and then moved on to America where they are again into the sucking process.The Rothschilds have been growing through their financial prowess buthis goal has been behind so much of the world's history for so long. Look behind the corporate interests that ruin and destroy, guess what you will find.

The European union has not failed. Not according to the plan that has been laid for it by the Rothschilds and other old families. Breaking down of walls and nations. UNION under the control of the UN, the whatever. And this means financial destruction and time for them to take back what they feel is theirs to take. The eventual most likely violent dissolution of the Union is a few steps off although nothing ever goes to plan for them at times.

Believe me my friend, I am taking good care of my hand and wrist. It is improving quite well. There was a video game I played that involved a lot of wrist action so I removed it. No more on line mah jong for me. And typing with a brace is slow involving a lot of corrections.

Your entire rant was very informational. Now get outta here and relax.