Friday, June 1, 2012

New Video By Anthony Lawson:International Bureau Of Double Standards- The CNN/Iran File

The criminal and terrorist state of Israel, along with its obedient puppet slaves in the United States, are still  pushing as hard as possible to convince a very skeptical world of the need to attack and destroy the peaceful and innocent nation of Iran, due to its absolutely non-existent nuclear weapons program.  

We are constantly inundated these days with absolute lie by the criminal Jewish controlled media still claiming that Iran must be stopped BEFORE they are able to pursue the development of nuclear weapons.  This is an insane notion, due to the fact that some 50 nations on Earth are very capable of acquiring nuclear weapons, but have always never pursued that avenue.  It is indeed sickening how the rhetoric for war is constantly changing....Almost daily!

To again show how insane our media has become in their lies and falsehoods for convincing the public that war on Iran is a necessity.... I want to present the newest video from Anthony Lawson, entitled: "International Bureau Of Double Standards - The CNN/Iran File" right here for everyone to see for themselves.    I do have some further comments to follow:

NTS Notes:   I fully agree with Anthony Lawson's assessment of the real situation when it comes to Iran's non-existent nuclear program.

What is always conveniently overlooked in all of these lies by CNN is the FACT that Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons, and would definitely use them against Iran and many of its neighbours in the Middle East in a heartbeat.   But the criminals at CNN of course missed that key issue in this entire fraudulent and almost laughable report!

What we have from CNN is pure propaganda Bull crap, pure and simple.   They are using the fear factor of Iran being a "threat" to Israel constantly throughout this report, and I find that absolutely disgusting.  It does appear that these reporters have forgotten that they work for an American news channel, and not an Israeli one.  In short, this video shows who controls the US government and its media, which is Israel itself.   These CNN propagandists have exposed themselves in this pure piece of fiction about Iran as nothing more than high paid shills who have absolutely no credibility at all.

Iran has opened up its peaceful nuclear program to full IAEA inspections and these inspectors have found nothing wrong with their program.   They have no intention of ever possessing nuclear weapons, because to do so would only bring about the wraith of the criminals in both the US and Israel immediately.

The bottom line is that Israel wants Iran destroyed because it is one of the last major obstacles to Israel's pursuit of full hegemony in the Middle East.   They will get their nice little war on Iran off and running soon and definitely have their American puppet slaves doing all the fighting and dying for their glorious little crappy evil sick twisted psycho state on the Mediterranean Sea.  It is about time that everyone sees this as the absolute truth and does their part in stopping this pursuit of pure madness.

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