Saturday, June 2, 2012

Important Video By Snordelhans: Did Israel Just Kill Us All?

I have not touched into the uproar over the last few days concerning the new revelations about the Stuxnet virus, and the facts coming out now that Israel, and their puppets in America, purposely developed this horrific computer worm to destroy Iran's peaceful nuclear power program.   But there is no time better than now...

We now know that this computer worm got loose from its original target, and spread all over Asia, and especially into Japan.   It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the Stuxnet virus caused the shutdown of the Siemens safety systems at Fukushima, and caused the reactor cores there to melt down. 

I want to present the following video, from Patrick Willis..aka..Snordelhans, that gives an ominous summary of the result of the Stuxnet virus getting loose and causing the disaster at Fukushima.  It is entitled: "Did Israel Just Kill Us All?" and the question posted speaks for itself.  Here is that video, and I do have some of my own comments and thoughts to follow:

NTS Notes:  The question posted in this video again speaks for itself, and the context of this video shows the deadly consequences to the rest of the world from Israel's insane push for Iran's destruction.  It does appear that these maniacs may have in fact brought an end of the world scenario right at our door step with the impending collapse of the spent fuel pool sitting above Fukushima reactor#4.   If and when that pool comes tumbling down, we could see life in most of the northern hemisphere of this planet cease to exist.

I am surprised by the lack of outcry from the mainstream media about the newest revelations coming out now about the truth behind the Stuxnet virus.   People everywhere should be up in arms and turning their attention to bringing both the US and Israel to justice for causing possibly the greatest disaster in human history.  However, again, due to the total control over the so called media and governments by Jewish criminals, don't hold your breath that any of the criminals in these two countries will be brought up on charges any time soon...

We have not heard the last about this Stuxnet virus and its links to the Fukushima disaster.   I have many reports coming soon... Stay tuned..

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