Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great New Video From Dr. David Duke: The Outrageous Racist Hypocrisy Of Israel And World Zionism!

Readers, I have been under attack over the last while from others in the real truth movement that say that I have been "soft" on failing in my articles to constantly hammer home and call the criminals by their real name.. Jews...  I have always said to others that to take an overpowering approach against these criminals can only lead to many who are just learning the truth about their criminal activities to see US as so called "haters" instead, and turn away from our efforts to educate them with the real truth.  

It has taken me a long time to come to the conclusion that the Jews are responsible for the majority of the crimes against humanity for at least the last 500 years, but that realization came after years of personal discovery that our entire history is a massive lie, primarily from pouring through alternative news, information, and historical documentation.  

It definitely is a long learning process for those who are just starting down the path to the truth to take before they come to the realization about exactly what group is responsible for the crimes against humanity.   I for one want those who yearn for the truth to have as much information available to help them discover the facts for themselves. This allows them to come to their own conclusions about who the criminals really are.  If that makes me "soft", then so be it.....

Now that I have that out of the way, for this article I want to present the following new video from Dr. David Duke entitled: "The Outrageous Racist Hypocrisy Of Israel And World Zionism".   This is an absolute must see video by everyone that especially exposes some real truths about Israel's racist policies... I have that video right here, and I do have my usual additional comments and thoughts to follow:

NTS Notes: Dr. David Duke has been in an uphill battle for years in trying to get people to understand the truth about these criminals. Many still label him as a "white supremist", a "racist", and a multitude of other fanciful names. But as you can see from this video, he is showing again exactly WHO the real haters and racists are!

I may not agree with all of David Duke's views, but this video is indeed very well done.  I do recommend that everyone take this video and show it to as many others as possible.  

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Anonymous said...

People like Duke do nothing but create race hate and division themselves by extolling the 'virtues of race'.
While he condemns Zionism and its stranglehold on the world at large he takes a leaf out of their own Talmud delusions by claiming that the white race are somehow the chosen ones and should never mix with 'other races'. ???????!!!!

Thats a Red Flag raised straight away.

Now this is what the 'Jews' also believe. Except they encourage multiracialism but not with their own which is somehow forbidden. This accusation of 'ethnic mixing and its evils' is totally insane to me.
How can one ever learn about humanity and its diversity if one only breeds and resides with one's
own kind?

Surely the more one travels and builds relations with a multitude of cultures, knowledge and wisdom
increases. Otherwise we become inbreds passing on our genetic stagnation from one generation to the next resulting in the most horrible diseases.

Lets look at the plant kingdom as an example. Stamens disperse their pollen across the widest of grounds ensuring they are picked up by the healthiest and most diverse of species. This is why there is so much beauty and variety in their kingdom. And so it should be for all life on earth.

I'm not advocating mixing race but nor am i condemning it. What i am pointing out is the gigantic flaws in Duke's argument which is the same as Zionism and the Nation Of Islam in their advocacy of racial apartheid.


There is no arguable scientific reason for it whatsoever. It is a medieval concept with roots in ignorance, fear and superstitions and certainly not what Christ would advocate. After all we are all created in the image of God right Dave?????? So attacking race is akin to attacking God himself as we are ALL part of His handiwork right Dave??????

One last thing racists like Duke and Farakkan overlook is LOVE. When you fall in LOVE with someone have you noticed how unimportant race and culture is???? In fact it is LOVE that transcends everything, even the ground beneath you!