Monday, June 4, 2012

Further Proof Of Exactly What Nation Is The Real Threat To World Peace Today: Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons On German Built Dolphin Class Submarines!

We are daily inundated with the Jewish controlled media screaming that Iran must be destroyed before it is even able to attempt building any nuclear weapons.  It seems that the world's attention must stay focused on Iran being somehow a nuclear threat to the world, while the REAL threat to world peace, the terrorist state of Israel that actually has nuclear weapons, is conveniently overlooked...

But the truth about Israel's nuclear capabilities does leak out in the press elsewhere from time to time... According to an article that comes from the German online news service, Der Spiegel, at, the Israelis have been deploying nuclear weapons on the Dolphin class submarines that Germany has been providing for them!

First I have that Der Spiegel article right here in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves, and I have some additional comments to follow:

Secret Cooperation Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons on German-Built Submarines

The Dolphin class submarines are built for Israel in a shipyard in Kiel (March 2012 photo).Zoom
The Dolphin class submarines are built for Israel in a shipyard in Kiel (March 2012 photo).

A German shipyard has already built three submarines for Israel, and three more are planned. Now SPIEGEL has learned that Israel is arming the submarines with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. The German government has known about Israel's nuclear weapons program for decades, despite its official denials.

Germany is helping Israel to develop its military nuclear capabilities, SPIEGEL has learned. According to extensive research carried out by the magazine, Israel is equipping submarines that were built in the northern German city of Kiel and largely paid for by the German government with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. The missiles can be launched using a previously secret hydraulic ejection system. Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak told SPIEGEL that Germans should be "proud" that they have secured the existence of the state of Israel "for many years."

In the past, the German government has always stuck to the position that it is unaware of nuclear weapons being deployed on the vessels. Now, however, former high-ranking officials from the German Defense Ministry, including former State Secretary Lothar Rühl and former chief of the planning staff Hans Rühle, have told SPIEGEL that they had always assumed that Israel would deploy nuclear weapons on the submarines. Rühl had even discussed the issue with the military in Tel Aviv.
 Israel has a policy of not commenting officially on its nuclear weapons program. Documents from the archives of the German Foreign Ministry make it clear, however, that the German government has known about the program since 1961. The last discussion for which there is evidence took place in 1977, when then-Chancellor Helmut Schmidt spoke to then-Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan about the issue.

The submarines are built by the German shipyard HDW in Kiel. Three submarines have already been delivered to Israel, and three more will be delivered by 2017. In addition, Israel is considering ordering its seventh, eighth and ninth submarines from Germany.

The German government recently signed the contract for the delivery of the sixth vessel. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, Chancellor Angela Merkel made substantial concessions to the Israelis. Not only is Berlin financing one-third of the cost of the submarine, around €135 million ($168 million), but it is also allowing Israel to defer its payment until 2015.

Merkel had tied the delivery of the sixth submarine to a number of conditions, including a demand that Israel stop its expansionist settlement policy and allow the completion of a sewage treatment plant in the Gaza Strip, which is partially financed with German money. So far, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has met none of the terms.

Check back on SPIEGEL International on Monday for the full English-language version of SPIEGEL's cover story on Germany's cooperation with Israel over its submarine program.

NTS Notes:  OK, THIS article reveals a truth that has been conveniently left out of the American press... The fact that Israel is actually armed to the teeth with hundreds of nuclear weapons!

This should also alert the American public of the fact that according to the Symington Amendment of 1976, any nation that develops nuclear weapons and is NOT a signor of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NNPT), must automatically be cut off from ALL American aid immediately. 

Israel has nuclear weapons, and has never signed the NNPT, ever.   That means that every dime of aid or military support given to that terrorist state since 1976 is ILLEGAL according to the Symington Amendment.

What must happen now is for every American citizen be brought up to speed about the truth about Israel's vast nuclear weapons stockpile, and they must demand their criminal government in Washington enforce the Symington Amendment and instantly cut off ALL aid to the criminal state of Israel immediately.

Readers, what we have here is admission of Israeli nuclear weapons that the rest of the world has known for decades... But has been purposely kept away from the American public because of the terms of the Symington Amendment.   This shows not only the double standard of the criminals in the US Government, but also the power of Israel's total control of the US that they can have laws circumvented or overlooked.

Again, how can Iran, which has absolutely no nuclear weapons at all and has no plans to ever build even one nuke, be a threat to the world, when we have this insane nation on the Mediterranean Sea armed to the teeth with a wide variety of nuclear weapons that would use them in a heartbeat against other nations?   The hypocrisy never ends, does it?

The real irony is that the Germans are building and giving these criminals these weapons of mass destruction, that many Israelis have said would be used against German cities and other cities in Europe if Israel was ever at the point of its own destruction.  Basically, the Germans are supplying the Israelis with the means of their own demise....

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What must happen now is for every American citizen be brought up to speed about the truth about Israel's vast nuclear weapons stockpile

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