Friday, June 1, 2012

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: This Is Absolutely Insane - US University Sending Students To Clean Up Debris At Fukushima!

I have been following the disaster at Fukushima Japan for a long time now, and I know for a fact that the situation has not changed, no matter what the clowns who run our governments, and the liars in the
Jewish controlled Mainstream media continue to promote.   We know that the area around the crippled reactors is extremely high in deadly radioactivity, and it is a fact that much of northern Japan itself may be declared uninhabitable for the next few centuries at least.

However, what I came across today in the alternative media really made my head shake.... According to an incredibly shocking and ridiculous article, that comes from the website: DNJ, at, it appears that Middle Tennessee State University is going to be sending 10 University students, and two Professors, to Fukushima Japan this coming week to help clean up debris in the vicinity of the failed nuclear power station!

First, here is that article from DNJ news, and I do have some additional comments to follow:

MTSU students set to depart for 

Fukushima cleanup detail

11:28 PM, May 31, 2012 

MURFREESBORO — A contingent of 10 students and two professors from Middle Tennessee State University will leave Nashville early Monday, June 4, to participate in the cleanup and rebuilding mission in Fukushima, Japan.

Three of the students are from Rutherford County: Bridgette Gleaves of Smyrna and Mark Wester and Justin Bingham, both of Murfreesboro.

On March 11, 2011, an earthquake registering 9.0 on the Richter scale created a tsunami that killed nearly 16,000 people and left more than 3,000 missing on the main island of Honshu. In addition, ocean waves engulfed the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, sending three reactors into meltdown.

“MTSU has assessed the current situation and consulted with Fukushima University,” said David Schmidt, vice provost for international affairs. “At no time while engaged in program-related activities will students be in areas where the U.S. government recommends its citizens avoid travel.”

The triple catastrophe left behind an estimated 23 million tons of debris in the hardest-hit coastal areas of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures alone. The Japanese government announced Feb. 21 that the country has cleaned up only five percent of the rubble more than a year later.

The MTSU students will hear presentations from Fukushima University students, work with other volunteers to clear debris and prepare meals in the Soma district. At the program’s conclusion, they will exchange observations with the Fukushima students.

Not only are the MTSU students intrigued by the opportunity to witness a national disaster firsthand, but they are compelled to help by persistent images of the damaged lives left behind.

“I remember a Japanese woman crying over her lost family member at a function I went to in Nashville,” says Preston Nalls, a mass-communication major from Franklin. “All I could do was just watch … as other Japanese comforted her. I didn’t know her, so although I felt compelled to say something, I just clenched my fist and grieved for her from afar,” he said in a press release.

“Sure, we are only going to Fukushima, but that will resonate all over Japan,” adds Justin Bingham, a liberal-studies major from Murfreesboro. “So, in a way, we 10 students are going to help an entire nation. That’s something worth smiling about,” he said in a press release.

Each student will pay a fee of $1,000 to cover all instruction fees, lodging and international airfare from Nashville to Japan. The group is slated to return June 15.This education-abroad program is a joint effort of MTSU International Affairs and Fukushima University with support from the Japanese Ministry of Education. 

For more information, contact the MTSU Office of International Affairs at 615-904-8190 or Schmidt at

NTS Notes:  The first question I have to the idiotic Middle Tennessee State University officials is.. Are you people truly insane?    These students and two professors are going to an area that is absolutely inundated with high levels of toxic radioactive fallout in the air, the soil, as well as in the debris.   To risk these peoples' lives in this insane fashion should be considered an act of crime!

I also wonder about the intelligence of these University students, and the two Professors who should know better, if they are this stupid that they have not been reading all the factual reports coming out of the real news, and not the mainstream media lies, about how deadly the region around Fukushima truly is.   Or are they that brainwashed by the liars in the mainstream media and their own criminal governments that they are truly unaware of how deadly the situation is that they are going into?

It is bad enough that these students are going to be exposed to deadly levels of radiation, but the real irony is that they also are PAYING out of their own pockets to go there to have the privilege of helping to remove radioactive debris...

I would hope that people who live in Tennessee, and know the truth about the situation at Fukushima, will contact this stupid University to warn these students before they fly on Monday, June 4th, about the dangers that they face.    To go off to that deadly region is not worth the risk of a future of radiation sicknesses and Cancer!

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Mouser said...


Rivero live yesterday revealed some very ominous facts. Obama gave the green light to israel to infect the Iranian nuclear power closed computer net with the USrael Stuxnet virus against Siemen's control systems. The virus was unknowingly downloaded on a laptop, taken out of the closed system net and thereby released into the wild - including Japan's nuclear power plants. The emergency systems at Fukushika were incapacitated when the tsunami hit - when the nuclear power plants needed them most. Result was core melt down.

Now cesium and a host of other lethal nuclear isotopes have been released into the Pacific food chain. These will cause cancer and leukemia in the years to come. These will cause infertility and congenital mutations.

To recap. israel wants Iran immobilised. Obama agrees to nuclear power plant sabotage. The virus escapes and causes Fukushima meltdown. The marine food chain becomes nuclear infected. Millions of people will experience cancer and infertility.

Good job Obama. Good job israel.

The (over 18 adult) students going to 'clean up' Fukushima are a corporate media ploy to pretend nuclear energy is okay. Bullshit by GE, Westinghouse, Siemens and all the other corporations who fear a popular moratorium on all nuclear energy.

Will backfire (if there really are any students actually going), they will develop cancer and/or leukemia and/or infertility and fetal abnormalities.

The 'authorities' knew one year ago the bluefin tuna were infected with radiation but didn't want to alarm the public. Translation the corporate fishing industry in California, Oregon, British Columbia and Alaska would have lost profits.

End nuclear energy world wide. Fire the governments run by the corporations run by the zionist central banks world wide.

This revolution of truth has begun. We must all do our part.

The new world to come must make private central banking 100% illegal.

Voting by the people must be transparent, fraud free and respected by those entrusted to lead the people.

Don Mega said...

experts studying this virus says it shows professional development only manageable by a major corporation or by country. it's no simple virus created by a single person, not at all.

if this virus is found in the computers when they investigate their hard-drives it's bad news for the developer

Don Mega said...

what parent on their right mind would send their chilren in the nuclear contaminated hot zone wasteland!? they should be arrested for child endangerment!

japanese would love the idea of having US kids clean up their mess so no japanese need to suffer from the cancer at old age.

they sent retired people clean up there earlier, just for the reason that they would die soon anyway so it's not a considerable loss for them. sending kids there is the worst!